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  • Supplier of: Sheets, rubber
    SPAIN - Aspe
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  • Supplier of: Sheets, rubber | Rubber - transformation into semi-finished products
    SPAIN - Riba-Roja De Turia
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  • Development and manufacture of conveyor belts and rubber sheets, BeltSiFLEX bandabords. Supplier of: slabs of rubber | Conveyor belts | conveyor belts | ribbed belts | belts with transverse reinforcement [+] lateral retainer edge strips | grease resistant belts | flame resistant belts | belts with heat vulcanised sides and reinforcement | conveyor belts | maintenance, assembly and repair of conveyor belts | hot vulcanisation | heat resistant belts | cold glue for rubber and conveyor belts
    SPAIN - Abanto y Ciervana-Abanto Zierbena-Vizcaya
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  • International company involved in the preparation and supply of non-standard rubber composites for the manufacture of rubber articles. Supplier of: Rubber products | Rubber and derivatives | rubber moulding | rubber | rubber [+] non-standard rubber | rubber powder | metals - rubber | rubber derivatives | rubber waste | accelerated rubber | non-accelerated rubber | sheets | Rubber and plastic - processing | Rubber - transformation into semi-finished products
    SPAIN - Cañada-Alicante
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  • MICROTEST designs, manufactures and develops testing equipment and equipment testing systems for a wide range of industrial, commercial and institutional end-users. Our line of testing machinery... Supplier of: Quality control and certification | quality assurance devices | test machines | tribometry | control test [+] testing equipment | measuring equipment | calibration laboratories | control instruments | control software
    SPAIN - Madrid
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