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  • ...this has been extended to include new types of special steels and other particularly high-performance alloys, obtained from the right combination of the steel's toughness and wear-resistance... all... Supplier of: Steel, special | Steel | steel for special uses | melting of special steels | special manganese steel [+] Crushing and grinding machinery | Rolling machines | steel mills | steel and alloys | forged steels | forging metals | heat treatment | stainless steel terminals | manganese steel | wear-resistant steel
    ITALY - Reana Del Rojale
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  • Specialist in 450 HB and + wear resistant or anti-abrasion steel plates and sheets, very high tensile sheet steel - VHTS - (S690QL, S700MC and higher). Distributor for: Ruukki, Raex®, Optim®. Working... Supplier of: Steel, special | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | scratch-resistant steel | wear-resistant steel | trading in steel [+] plasma cutting | wear-resistant plates | scratch-resistant sheet steel | wear-resistant panels | steel cutting | very high tensile construction steel | ballistic protection steel | precision cutting of parts from sheet steel | oxygen cutting of parts to plan | sale of very high quality steel plates

    Brands : Raex | Ssab | Strenx | Ramor | Armox ...

    FRANCE - Sainte Luce Sur Loire Cedex
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  • Manufacturing of spare parts for excavation machinery and hot-moulded parts, using special high-quality steels. Supplier of: Steel, special | Construction machinery | earthmoving machinery | blades for earthmoving machines | steel spare parts for earthworks machinery [+] steel wear-resistant spare parts for earthworks machinery | teeth for excavation machinery | blades for tracked mini-diggers | bucket blades | manufacturing of spare parts for excavation machines
    ITALY - Idro
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  • C.M.G. di Botti & C. have been providing precision mechanical engineering services since 1993. This highly dynamic company delivers the fruits of a technical and design collaboration between two... Supplier of: special steels | Milling - steels and metals | tube machining machines overhauled | overhaul of machines for the electroerosion of metals | overhaul of machine tools for sheet metal working [+] mechanical seals | welding | structural metalwork | metal drilling | foundry | milling | filleting | metal bending | metal profiles | aviation-grade steel
    ITALY - Reggio Emilia
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  • Lebronze alloys Group was born from the integration of different companies specializing in copper alloys, copper, nickel alloys, aluminum alloys, specialty steels, stainless steels, titanium and... Supplier of: Steel, special | Copper and copper alloys | Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | Pipes and tubes, copper | Bars - non-ferrous metal [+] Sections and bars - ferrous metal | Bars - ferrous metal | Steels and metals - machining | copper alloys | brass pipes | metallurgy and metal work | alloy and copper bars | copper nickel tube | speciality brass profiles | copper aluminium bar
    FRANCE - Suippes
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  • We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Certified and Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC Certified Manufacturer, Supplier, Stockist, Stockholder and Exporter from Mumbai, India. Material:... Supplier of: Pipes and tubes, stainless steel | Pipe and tube fittings - ferrous metal | Fasteners, metal | stainless steel pipes | manufacture of steel tubes [+] stainless steel flanges | nickel-plated tubes | titanium flanges | stainless steel tube fittings | inconel pipes | inconel tubes | monel pipes | monel tubes | nickel tube fittings | nickel pipes
    INDIA - Mumbai
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  • For over 80 years, Höver & Sohn has stood for unrivalled quality. Yet this does not mean that we're beating the same old drum even now – the fire of passion for stainless steel is still part of our... Supplier of: Steel, special | special materials | special flanges | rings, forged | bar steel [+] bar steel, stainless | stainless steel rings | stainless steel caskets | stainless rods | bars made from titanium and titanium alloys | stainless steel rings | rolled rings | forged nickel alloy products | rolled titanium rings | rolled nickel alloy rings
    GERMANY - Lindlar
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  • ...bronze and aluminium foundry. It started out by specializing in bronze, and subsequently adapted and modernized its production facilities. Today, Fonderie Péna casts steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Fonderie PENA from... Supplier of: Steel, special | Casting of special and high-grade steels | Casting, steel | Foundries, aluminium | light alloy foundries [+] aluminium moulding | alloy forging | machining | ferrous metals and alloys | casting of non ferrous metals | sand moulding | wood model modelling | bronze casting | stainless steel foundry | mechanical test laboratory
    FRANCE - Mérignac
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  • We have operated for more than 25 years as a partner and developer for industry, providing high-quality products throughout that time . Our first products were simple sheet metal parts, but today we... Supplier of: Steel, special | special steels | special tubes | Steels and metals - machining | Sheet Metal & Tubes [+] metal deformation | deep-drawn metal parts | stainless steel | stainless steel sheet work | processing of stainless steel | aluminium | forming technology | spun metal parts | deep-drawn aluminium parts | deep-drawn stainless steel parts
    GERMANY - Ahlen
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  • Latofres specialises in the production and assembly of small, medium and large very high-precision metal parts, machined via turning and milling. Latofres works in many sectors: mechanical... Supplier of: special steels | machining of special steels | Turning - steels and metals | mechanical constructions | milling [+] metalworking | machine shop | contract services | precision turning | machining of steels and metals | precision machining | aluminium | subcontract working | machining | aluminium accessories for furniture
    ITALY - Praturlone-Pordenone
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  • Space and wear parts for blasting machines. We are a leading provider of blasting machine spare parts made of highly wear-resistant cast stainless steel and hardened tool steel. In addition to direct... Supplier of: Steel, special | Steel, tool | accessories for blasting systems | heat-resistant steel | manganese steel [+] bar steel | featheredge grit blasting machines | rough-machined tool steel | cast iron part | foundry models in metal | pressure blasting machines | precision castings | spare parts for blasting machines | heat-resistant cast iron | precision flat steel
    GERMANY - Solingen
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  • KALPATARU PIPING SOLUTIONS is an ISO 9001: 2008 & PED Certified Company takes an immense pleasure in introducing ourselves as Manufacturer, Exporter, Stockists & Supplier of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous... Supplier of: Pipes and tubes - non-ferrous metal | compression ferrule instrumentation tube fittings | rounds bars hollow bars hexagonal square bars | ball valve manifolds mono flange needle valve check | welding electrodes filler wire [+] perforated sheet wire mesh | capillary tubes & surgical tubes | olets weld olet sock olet thread olet nippo let | fasteners stud bolt nut washers j bolt u bolt | flanges weld neck blind flange slipon flange lap joint | plastic end caps gaskets | molybdenum round bars molybdenum wire molybdenum sheet | bimetal shims sheets washers | welded pipes - seamless pipes - erw pipes - efw pipes | stainless steel plates / coils / shims / sheets
    INDIA - Mumbai
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  • Special steels, rolled, drawn, peeled, ground, chromium plated, free cutting and stainless steel. Retail sales, suppliers: ABS, ACENTA, TATA STEEL. Supplier of: Steel, special | Steel | Steel, structural | forged steels | drawn steels [+] ground steels | rolled steels | plated sheet steel | stainless steel caskets | bar steel | supplier of steel | trading in steel | steel sheet | cold-worked steels
    ITALY - Rescaldina
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  • ...forged parts from plans, weighing from 15 to 3, 500kg, in the following materials: carbon steel, low alloy steel, steel for hot working, special steel, martensitic and austenitic stainless steels, duplex. Supplier of: special steels | Steel, structural | Steels and metals - machining | carbon steel | forging metals [+] records | low alloy steels | hubs | precipitation hardened stainless steels | martensitic stainless steel | flanged shafts | duplex and super duplex stainless steel | corrosion proof austenitic stainless steel | austenitic stainless steel
    ITALY - Canegrate
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  • SMS Group S.p.A. was founded in 1969 as a private company specialising in the design and construction of equipment for steel, section and cable machining. From the outset, our success has been... Supplier of: special steels | machining of special steels | Mechanical engineering - custom work | Iron and steel industry and foundries - machinery and installations | overhauling systems and machines for steel making and metallurgy [+] machining | metallurgy and machinery
    ITALY - Tarcento
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  • Firm founded in 1966, specialising in manufacturing small metal bar-turned parts to order for the engineering, electromechanical, electronics, automobile and motorcycle accessory industries. A vast... Supplier of: special steels | machining of special steels | Steels and metals - machining | steel and alloys | steel mills [+] ferrous metal and alloy machining | metal turning | mechanical small parts | precision machining | precision turning | small parts for precision turning factories | bar turning | custom execution | machining on computer-controlled lathes
    ITALY - San Vendemiano
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  • Your supplier of cast special steel and iron parts, a company with experience serving its clients. JADOT Castings is your supplier of cast and machined parts made from all types of cast iron, steel... Supplier of: Casting of special and high-grade steels | special steels | special alloys | stainless steels | heat resisting steel and cast iron [+] manganese steel | corrosion wear shocks | mechanical high temperature | casts | steel foundry | 316 stainless steel sales | 304 stainless steel sales | 304l stainless steel sales | 316l stainless steel sales
    BELGIUM - Tournai
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  • for Northern Italy selling on behalf of the Swedish steel maker UDDEHOLM. Selling special steels, for tools and construction, with a vast stock that can satisfy the highest quality requirements. Supplier of: special steels | machining of special steels | Milling - steels and metals | precision machining | qualified aeronautical supplier [+] grinder blades | small parts for the nuclear industry | surface grinding | gas and ionic nitriding | heat treatments | in house metalworking workshop | dimensional control | deep drilling | precision components
    ITALY - Motta Di Livenza
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  • In 2004, by extending the thirty year-old Fumagalli family tradition in the foundry sector, the company 2M started specialised production of steel parts through smelting. Our production covers a vast... Supplier of: Steel, special | quality and special steels | Extrusion - steel and metals | Casting, steel | Petroleum extraction - systems and equipment [+] Pipes and tubes, stainless steel | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Perforation of steels and metals | Pipes and tubes, steel | Drilling and test boring - equipment | precision casting | common steels ( basic ) | plated sheet steel | low carbon iron
    ITALY - Pozzaglio Ed Uniti
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  • We have been marketing carbon steel, alloys for construction and non-corrodible metals for over fifty years. We have at our disposal a vast range of hot-rolled parts in various dimensions, in... Supplier of: Steel, special | Steel | special steels | Steel, carbon | Steel, tool [+] Stainless steels | Steel, structural | stainless steel | carbon steel
    ITALY - Solbiate Arno
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  • EOS offers industry- and customer-specific solutions to complex additive machining/industrial 3D printing challenges. The components of the modular solution portfolio are optimally coordinated with... Supplier of: Electricity - distribution equipment | Electric and electronic components - machines for manufacturing | 3d printer | direct metal laser sintering, rapid prototyping | selective laser sintering [+] dmls | eos | industrial 3d printing | additive machining | laser sinter
    GERMANY - Krailling / München
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  • ...been trading in special and standard steels for over 30 years, all manufactured only by the finest Italian and European steelworks and meeting the standards of quality and reliability that the market demands. We supply carbon steels, machining steels, forged... Supplier of: Steel, special | trade in special steels | case-hardened steels | rolled steels | carbon steel [+] aisi 4140 | steel cut | astm a182 | hot creep resistant steels | 41cralmo7
    ITALY - Flero
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  • ACNIS International is a stockist and distributor of Titanium and Titanium alloy-based products. ACNIS International provides a wide range of shapes and shades of this metal for various industries.... Supplier of: Steel, special | Polyethylene | titanium screw goods | titanium grade 2, titanium grade 4 | titanium ta6v eli [+] iso 5832-12 chromium cobalt | titanium bars, titanium sheets | chromium cobalt discs | stainless steel 17-4ph | stainless steel 316lvm
    FRANCE - Villeurbanne
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  • The company was founded in 1988. Its founder, Claudio Bertoli, wanted to create a lean organization to distribute excellent quality, hard to find materials. In addition to its sales activity, Fb... Supplier of: Steel, special | tungsten | niobium | zirconium | molybdenum [+] tantalum | steel for tools
    ITALY - Milano
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  • ...laminated, forged, enriched, case-hardened, tempered, nitrided, with silicium, cast, stainless steel pipes, drawn steel pipes, polished pipes, stainless. Special sheet steels, aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, all types of plastics. Supplier of: Steel, special | special steels | stainless steel | chrome steel | nickel steel [+] steel sheet | stainless steel sheets
    ITALY - Giulianova
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  • Supplier of: Steel, special | Boilerwork | Boilers, stainless steel | boring | shearing
    BELGIUM - Ampsin
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  • Supplier of: special steels | Mechanical engineering - custom work | milling | number control rolling | ferrous metal and alloy machining
    ITALY - Guidonia Montecelio
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  • Rolling of special grades of steel, special profiles, steel rods, cold rolling, cold forming, skinned, ground, roughed, round wire-drawn, square, hexagonal and special profiles. Supplier of: Steel, special | carbon steel | ground steels | cold working | hot working [+] manganese steel | rolling | rolled steels | round metal bars | square metal bars
    ITALY - Ghedi
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  • Guangdong Xiongfeng Special Steel Co., Ltd. established in 1986 and headquarted in Shunde. It has been specializing in special steel industry nearly 30 years.As one of the largest suppliers of mould steel & special steel in China, our market share in China is... Supplier of: special steel | Steel, tool | mould steel | tool steel | alloy steel
    CHINA - Shunde
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  • Wincoo Special Steel is a leading special steel supplier specializing in manufacturing, distributing, stockholding, importing and exporting special steel products in mainland China. Adhering to the business principle... Supplier of: Steel | special steels
    CHINA - Shenzhen
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