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  • Mechanical Engineering & Industry - Equipment
  • Supplier of: Wine growing, machinery and equipment | Agriculture and forestry - machinery and equipment
    UNITED STATES - Sebastopol
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  • FOLDIMATE designs and manufactures a machine outfitted with a conveyor belt, several robotic clothes-folding arms, and an adjustable tray that spits out the perfectly folded garment once finished.... Supplier of: Laundry and dry cleaning machinery and equipment | shirt folding machine | robotic clothes folding | robotic laundry folding machine | automatic clothes and laundry folding machine
    UNITED STATES - San Mateo, Ca
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  • Therma-Tron-X, Inc. designs, fabricates and installs custom paint finishing systems for industrial clients. From inspiration to design, from design to application, TTX’s experienced engineers and... Supplier of: Painting machinery and equipment | ecoating painting systems | powder and liquid paint systems | water and wasterwater treatment systems | custom design conveyors
    UNITED STATES - Sturgeon Bay
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