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  • We manufacture embossing tools for the graphics industry and the plastics industry. Our tools can be used to refine plastic and paper surfaces to the highest standards in quality and functionality....

    Supplier of: adhesive tapes | Stamps and seals | Embossing machine tools | Stamping, plastics - machinery | relief printing stamp [+] metal stamps | moulding plastic materials for the watch industry | braille label | rubber stamps | silicone sheets | thermal transfer ribbons | foil-stamping | industrial engraving | puncture engraving | stamping machine

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  • NINESUN is a company based in Xiamen, China. Since 1992, we are specialized in the manufacturing and processing of non-ferrous metal materials. Besides China, we export our countries all over the...

    Supplier of: Cold rolled steel strips | Import-export - steels and metals | tungsten carbide | carbon steel | aluminium bronze [+] aluminum manganese | aluminum zinc | aluminum copper | brass bar tube tape | bronze bar tube tape | zinc galvanized steel | hot dipped steel | 304 stainless sheet | stainless coil plate | wolfram oxide

    • Aluminum Foil Double Sides Adhesive Tape Aluminum Foil Double Sides Adhesive Tape Aluminum Foil Double Sides Adhesive Tape
    • nursing bra pad nursing bra pad Natural organic disposable anti-galactorrhea pad breast milk pads
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    GERMANY- Hamburg
    VALDEMAR KROG GMBH - Verified by Europages

    For 100 years, we have been providing a varied, high-quality range of equipment for storage and business purposes. We are specialists, focussing our high quality, practical products on a number of...

    Supplier of: Furniture for Business | lifting column | pallet labelling | ground markings | mesh box labelling [+] magnetic pockets | clear pockets for transport containers | wire hanger pockets | label holders | for labelling, magnetic | warehouse identification | aisle signs | shelf signs | shelf labels | information frames

    • Floor marking tape - standard Floor marking tape - standard PVC, 50 mm x 33 m
    • Floor marking pocket,  with self-adhesive tape Floor marking pocket, with self-adhesive tape differend colours available, DIN A4 / DIN A5
    • Label holder SBA / SBB Label holder SBA / SBB with self adhesive tape or magnetic stripe
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    GERMANY- Selb
    IPS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Our top priority when developing our products is designing and orienting them for the market and for your individual requirements. Using state-of-the-art systems, we develop and produce solutions for...

    Supplier of: adhesive tapes | Hook-and-loop fasteners | synthetic caps | strip fastenings | hook and loop fasteners [+] insect net | insect repellents | adhesive hook-and-loop fasteners | custom-made fly screens | tear strips | mosquito blinds | plastic plugs | plastic fasteners | standard caps | plastic hook and loop fasteners

    • Self-engaging Fastening System SelfLock 50 Self-engaging Fastening System SelfLock 50
    • Self-engaging Fastening System SelfLock 300 Self-engaging Fastening System SelfLock 300
    • Mushroom Fastening Tape FastLock 50 Mushroom Fastening Tape FastLock 50
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    SWITZERLAND- Lotzwil
    WMC SINTERSTAR AG - Verified by Europages

    As a Swiss carbide manufacturer, we are active in the production of workpieces in small and medium production runs. Our daily business involves manufacturing individual parts and complex series....

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | Abrasive discs | tools in hard metal | precision tools | special tools [+] diamond disks | cutting blades | carbide milling cutters | hard metal cutting tools | carbide forming dies | carbide plates | carbide rods | carbide machining | carbide special tools | carbide erosion blocks

    • Flexible endless abrasive belts + holder Flexible endless abrasive belts + holder Abrasive belts + holder
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  • ...are made of paper or crepe, fabric (Gaffa armour tape duct tapes), aluminium and PET or PE films. Crepe, fabric (gaffa armour tape duct tapes), aluminium and PET or PE films. We have glass fibre, PTFE and polyimide tapes for the electronics industry. We have...

    Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | adhesive masking tapes | two-sided adhesive transfer tapes | transparent and colour adhesive tapes | dielectric adhesive tapes [+] technical adhesive tapes | industrial adhesive tape | adhesive tapes, heat-resistant | adhesive assembly tape | foam adhesive tapes | water-soluble adhesive tapes | printed self-adhesive tapes | adhesive tape for packaging | fabric adhesive tapes industry | self-adhesive fabric tape

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  • ...and double-sided tapes. Production of adhesive tapes from all renowned manufacturers in reels from 3 mm to 1550 mm. Production of laminates and composite materials using almost every flexible material in reels and sheets. Packaging tailor-made to the materials we supply, including...

    Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | adhesive tapes | self-adhesive fabric tapes | transparent and colour adhesive tapes | adhesive masking tapes [+] two-sided adhesive transfer tapes | self-adhesive silicon tapes | adhesive tape for installation protection | paper tape | film tapes | metal tape | Bands, woven - industrial | third-party packaging | double-sided adhesives | self-adhesive materials

    Brands : CLOSE-IT

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  • is an owner-managed company and is characterised by a large selection of various straps and accessories. We keep over 300, 000 m of straps and 50, 000 m of cords in stock at all times,...

    Supplier of: adhesive tapes | Rubber bands | Threads, elastic | Ribbons and ropes | zip fastener [+] buttons | ribbons, industrial | plastic hook and loop fasteners | zip fastener | linings | straps, technical grade | straps made from synthetic fibres | cords for bags | tailoring requirements | woven straps – industrial

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  • Bickers – For many years our name has stood for innovative products, universal solutions and complete solutions in the adhesives and sealants segment.

    Supplier of: adhesive tapes | industrial adhesive tape | Glues, adhesives and applicators | gluing tables, automatic | chemical adhesives [+] hot-melt adhesive | coupling machines | hot melt application systems | hot melt adhesive applicators | adhesive applicators | spray adhesives | putties, glues and silicones | industrial glues | adhesive application | coupling machines for paper and cardboard

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    GERMANY- Elmshorn
    MAX STEIER GMBH + CO.KG - Verified by Europages

    ...technical labels and rolled goods from a comprehensive adhesive tape range. STEIERPLAST manufactures ring binders, folders, envelopes and booklets individually according to customer requirements.

    Supplier of: adhesive tapes | special adhesive tapes for industry | expanded rubber adhesive tape | self-adhesive tapes saturated with ptfe | reinforced adhesive tape [+] high-performance adhesive tape | heat-resistant adhesive tape | Folders - office equipment | Staplers, office | manufacturer of transparent plastic pouches | plastic envelopes | office file cabinets | paper staplers | ring binders | self-adhesive labels

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Sheffield
    ANCHOR MAGNETS LTD - Verified by Europages

    With over 35 years’ experience and technical knowledge, Anchor Magnets is one of Europe’s largest stockholder of flexible magnetic products. We also manufacture bespoke magnetic profiles to suit a...

    Supplier of: magnetic tape | steel tape | Magnets | magnetic sheets | neodymium magnets [+] magnetic accessories | digifilm® – ferrous media | attract partitioning system | magnetic display system | flexible ferro sheet | magnetic pads | rubber-coated magnets | pot magnets | adhesives | sign grippers

    • Steel Tape Steel Tape Steel tape is and simple way of creating a magnetically receptive surface.
    • Adhesives Adhesives We apply tesa® and our own adhesives in-house.
    • Magnetic Tape Magnetic Tape supamag® magnetic tape - when when quality and performance are paramount.
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  • Multi-Foil New Materials Co., Ltd is a company based in China specialized in foil laminating since 2001. Since we expanded our production capacities over the years, we produce spray-bonding wadding,...

    Supplier of: Thermal insulation materials | Cavity walls - insulating materials | insulation foil | laminated foil for insulation | foam insulation [+] multi-foil insulation | fire retardant aluminium foil insulation | reflective bubble foil wrap | multi-layer insulation quilt | sound insulation materials | vapor barrier | reflective thermal insulation | acoustic insulation | multilayer reflective insulation | glass fiber felt

    • Aluminium Insulation Tape Aluminium Insulation Tape Aluminium Tape
    • Metalized Foil Tape Metalized Foil Tape Aluminium Tape
    • Aluminium Fiberglass Tape Aluminium Fiberglass Tape Aluminium Tape
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    RUSSIA- Lipetsk
    ELECTROMA, LTD - Verified by Europages

    ...of aluminum foil of various thicknesses, - duct tape, - double-sided self-adhesive tapes, - foamed self-adhesive tapes. Self-adhesive products are tested in its own accredited laboratory and meets international quality standards:...

    Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | adhesive tape | adhesive tapes for permanent fixings | self-adhesive fabric tapes | self-adhesive tapes [+] polyester adhesive tapes | technical self-adhesive tapes | dielectric adhesive tapes | two-sided adhesive transfer tapes | adhesive and biadhesive tapes for mirrors | reinforced adhesive tape | polypropylene adhesive tapes | textile adhesive tapes | adhesive and double-sided adhesive foam tapes | single-sided adhesive tapes

    • Industrial combined tapes Industrial combined tapes Single-sided adhesive combined tapes
    • Aluminum adhesive tapes Aluminum adhesive tapes Metal tape made of aluminum foil with rubber adhesive coat
    • Reinforces aluminum tapes Reinforces aluminum tapes Adhesive aluminum tape reinforced with polymer network
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    GERMANY- Solingen
    CARDPLUS SYSTEM GMBH - Verified by Europages

    CardPlus is a global provider of secure identification and licence documents – our product range comprises all kinds of plastic cards, chip cards, RFID cards as well as the corresponding software...

    Supplier of: Business cards | Identification - cards | printers for plastic badges | access control | alarm system [+] video surveillance | rfid cards | card printers | chip cards | employee id cards | plastic cards | id cards | membership cards | ink ribbons | cardpresso

    • Color Ribbon Nisca Ymcko Color Ribbon Nisca Ymcko
    • Color Ribbon Nisca Black Color Ribbon Nisca Black
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  • AKSA ACOUSTIC SOUND INSULATION MATERIALS is a company based in Istanbul specializing in acoustic sound insulation solutions since 2004. We manufacture acoustic panels for walls and ceilings, acoustic...

    Supplier of: Sound insulation materials | sound insulation | acoustic insulation | acoustic booths | acoustic foam [+] pet polyester panels | acoustic felt panels | acoustic underlay | fabric wrapped acoustic panels | acoustic glasswool panels | acoustic doors | wooden acoustic panels | acoustic metal ceiling | acoustic tile carpet | acoustic suspended ceiling

    • Soundproofing Tape Soundproofing Tape
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  • ...caps, as well as tapes in the form of adhesive points, rectangles and polyester and crepe customized shapes on backing films. In addition to our standard range, we can also manufacture customised...

    Supplier of: adhesive tapes | adhesive tape for installation protection | adhesive tapes, technical | Seals and packing material | Rubber seals [+] Inner tubes | flexible rubber tubes | rubber stoppers | plastic stopper | advice on surface treatments | sealing profiles | plastic moulded parts | surface engineering | silicone seals | silicone rubber hoses

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    RUSSIA- Kazan
    PARITET-RK - Verified by Europages

    ...tape, laminating sheets, luminous tape for making indoor evacuation signs and signalling panels and boards. Main products and services of the company: • photoluminescent film and sheets for direct printing...

    Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | Signs and signalling panels and boards | Signs - indoor | Fire protection equipment | Plaques and signs [+] aluminium strip for profiles | protection and safety plans | accident prevention signs | photoluminescent signage | emergency plans | sign strips | evacuation systems | safety articles | security articles, equipment and systems | luminous navigation signals

    • Photoluminescent tape Photoluminescent tape Photoluminescent tape according FES-24 with an image in a roll 50 mm wide
    • Photoluminescent tape Photoluminescent tape Photoluminescent tape according FES-24 with an image in a roll 50 mm wide
    • Photoluminescent tape Photoluminescent tape Photoluminescent tape according FES-24 without image in a roll 50 mm wide
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    GERMANY- Steinfurt
    KRASS + WISSING GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Since 1958, we have been quickly, competently and flexibly delivering bands, ribbons and bindings from our warehouse – in over 25 materials and more than 1000 colours. We can offer custom cuts using...

    Supplier of: adhesive tapes | cotton tapes | binding tapes | Ribbons and ropes | satin ribbons [+] bias binding | rolls of fabric | ribbons made of artificial fibres | bands made of polyester | ribbons for the garment industry | ribbons, printed | ribbons, industrial | faux leather binding tape | velvet ribbons | textile printing, digital

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    GERMANY- Geilenkirchen
    SPANSET SECUTEX GMBH - Verified by Europages

    SpanSet secutex Sicherheitstechnik GmbH was founded in 1982 by Heinz Franke and SpanSet GmbH. secutex, which stands for "secure textile", has become one of the largest manufacturers and processors of...

    Supplier of: Slings, hoisting and stowage | polyurethane scenery accessories | rubber approach ramp bumpers | collision protection systems | anti-slip coating material [+] anti-slip products | loading and unloading systems | coil handling systems | coil mats | fork tines | technical-grade plastics | forklifts | moulded polyurethane foam parts | buffer pads | collision protection (safety barriers)

    • Secugrip 75 Laminate Secugrip 75 Laminate
    • Secutex Secugrip-90-laminate Secutex Secugrip-90-laminate
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    UNITED KINGDOM- Maidstone
    VITAL PARTS LTD - Verified by Europages

    VITAL PARTS are Plastic, Rubber & Metal Component manufacturers and the cheapest providers of Silicone Products in the UK. At VITAL PARTS we supply a huge range of essential Plastic, Rubber & Metal...

    Supplier of: Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Extrusion of rubber and plastic | furniture components | industrial components | tube components [+] feet for furniture | masking | plug inserts | plastic plugs | cap | heat-proof masking tape | component manufacturing | custom moulding | plastic parts and components

    • High Temperature Tapes High Temperature Tapes Powder Coating Masking Tapes, High Temp Film Tapes
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    TAIWAN R.O.C.- Taoyuan City
    FRANK & ASSOCIATES PLASTIC CO., LTD. - Verified by Europages

    Frank & Associates Plastic is a premier plastic film provider, with over 24 years of experience in the custom made specialize film area. F&AP has been a trusted supplier of high-quality customized...

    Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | Films for packaging | Films, plastic | Plastic packaging | Films, solar protection [+] Food packaging | Laminates, plastic | Packaging | Pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment | Films and sheets, plastic | protecting film for display | recyclable plastic film | plastic films | biodegradable films

    • Substrate For Wafer Uv Tape Substrate For Wafer Uv Tape
    • Tape film Tape film Tape film
    • Holding tape - MOPET film Holding tape - MOPET film Holding tape - MOPET film
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  • Cixi Wellfund Sealing & Packing Co., Ltd is a Chinese company founded in 1995. We are the main manufacturer and supplier of a wide array of industrial sealing and thermal insulation products in our...

    Supplier of: Chemical industry - machinery and equipment | expanded ptfe tape | expanded ptfe sheet | ptfe yarn gfo | expanded ptfe joint sealant [+] ptfe packing | ptfe round rope | graphite packing | spun aramid packing | carbon packing | gasket sheet | graphite sheet | fiberglass yarn | ceramic fiber yarn

    • Wf- Fg 3102 Texturized Fiber Glass Ladder Tape Wf- Fg 3102 Texturized Fiber Glass Ladder Tape
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    ITALY- Arcore
    VELCRO ITALIA - Verified by Europages

    VELCRO Italia srl, the Italian branch of the Velcro group, offers a vast range of Velcro-branded products applicable to countless areas across all sectors of the market. The innovative solutions,...

    Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | adhesive tape | fabric adhesive tape | protective adhesive tapes | textile adhesive tapes [+] packing tapes | strip fastenings | perforated velcro | adhesive velcro

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  • ...technical adhesive tapes. Glass fabric tape with acrylic or silicone adhesive. High temperature resistant tapes. Single-sided adhesive foams with various hardnesses. Aluminium tapes. Double-sided tapes. Transfer tapes...

    Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | adhesive tape | kapton adhesive tape | high temperature adhesive tape | aluminium tape [+] foam tape | cloth tapes | double sided tape

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    ITALY- Verdellino
    ICMI SRL - Verified by Europages

    ...economical and durable security seal) or self adhesive tapes. ICMI guarantees solutions to packaging problems, offering flexible and reliable machinery, but also designing and making “customised”...

    Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive | neutral and personalised adhesive tapes | Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | Explosion-proof - equipment | Cardboard for the packaging industry [+] dampers for packing | earthing pins | taping machines for packing

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    TESA TAPE SCHWEIZ AG - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive

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    GERMANY- Kirchlengern
    WILHELM GOLDSTEIN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive

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  • Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive

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    AUSTRIA- Althofen-Mölbling
    SSA EUROPE GES.M.B.H. - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive

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  • Supplier of: Tapes, adhesive

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