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    FRANCE- Fontaines Les Gres
    NORELEM FRANCE - Verified by Europages

    Every success story starts with an idea. From standardised components to tooling systems, norelem offers its expertise to meet your machine construction and installation objectives. For over 60...

    Supplier of: Transmission elements | Industrial maintenance | zippers | tube assembly | standard mechanical components [+] product innovation | precision mechanical tools and industrial supplies | industrial subcontracting work | modular clamping system | pneumatic clamping system | vices for clamping system | tooling system | flexible standardised parts system | aluminium profile mounting components | systems for machinery and plant construction

    • L-profiles unequal grey cast iron or aluminium L-profiles unequal grey cast iron or aluminium Profiles
    • Eccentric clamp modules Eccentric clamp modules Special elements
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    TURKEY- Istanbul Turkiye
    OZKA ENDUSTRIYEL - Verified by Europages

    Ozka group companies have more than 30 years experience in metal forming business. All of our companies target to be a partner more than being a supplier. We are serving tailor based solutions. All...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Stamping - steels and metals | Cast iron items | Nuts and bolts [+] Screws | Fasteners, metal | saucepans | pans | powder painting | metallurgy | fastener | cast iron part | cold forming | screws for automotive

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  • Turcont Engineering & Manufacturing Co Ltd is a family-run company serving in machining industry as one-stop shop for all needs of its clients since 2002. It is based in the city of Konya in Turkey....

    Supplier of: casting | contract manufacturing of cast iron castings | Cast iron items | precision casting | contract manufacturing [+] metal turning | foundry | bar turning steel and metals | cast iron foundry | cast-steel | sand casting foundry | grey cast iron | 3- and 5-axis cnc machining | cast spheroid graphite iron | ductile cast iron

    • Cast Aluminium Rung Cast Aluminium Rung
    • Investment Casting Automotive Parts Investment Casting Automotive Parts
    • Investment Casting Tool Parts Investment Casting Tool Parts
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    GERMANY- Iserlohn
    HUGO ARENS GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    ...the development and production of cast aluminium parts. Our Arens tubular fittings are highly versatile and have set new standards in quality and design. Our RoHS and REACH compliant products are...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | chill-cast aluminium | Foundries, aluminium | Pipe and tube fittings - non-ferrous metal | plastic pipe connection pieces (fittings) [+] aluminium injection | plumbing fittings - non-ferrous metal | railings | shell mold casting | shopfitting and installation | c.n.c milling | safety rails | aluminium profiles | aluminium railing | aluminium profiles

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    GERMANY- Lüdenscheid
    SCHMALE & SCHULTE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...were produced by aluminium chill casting. At the start of the 1980s, zinc die-casting became an established part of production. Shortly afterwards, production was expanded to include the field of aluminium die-casting. Our successful company development is still shaped by a...

    Supplier of: aluminium die-casting | aluminium casting | aluminium chill casting | aluminium alloy casting | Foundries, aluminium [+] aluminium injection | pressure moulding | cast iron parts for the automobile industry | shell mold casting | high-pressure zinc die-casting | assemblies for vehicle construction | assemblies for mechanical engineering | module assembly | precision fitting of assemblies | contracted moulding

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    GERMANY- Wurzen
    GIESSEREI WURZEN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Our foundry boasts a long history dating back to the Schütz & Hertelhat engineering works, Mafa Wurzen for short, founded in 1879. This was followed 74 years later by the company VEB Maschinenfabrik...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | aluminium investment castings | aluminium alloy casting | earth casting | cast iron casting [+] Iron, special grade and pig iron | Foundries, aluminium | Cast iron items | Model making | hand-mould castings | pig iron | cast spheroid graphite iron | lamellar graphite cast iron | investment castings | prototype castings

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  • Precision casting solutions from Bürstlein: The perfect synthesis of cost-effectiveness, freedom of design and aesthetics. Anyone who offers you precision investment casting solutions, needs – in...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | aluminium investment castings | aluminium alloy casting | precision casting according to the lost-wax casting process | Foundries, aluminium [+] aluminium injection | cast-steel | stainless steel precision casting | investment castings | precision cast steel | cast stainless steel | precision castings | machined castings | surface treatment (service) | parts moulded in steel

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    GERMANY- Tönisvorst
    AS-KA QUALITÄTSPRODUKTE E.K. - Verified by Europages

    ...of profiles, tubes and moulded parts, as well as cast or turned metal and aluminium products, which are divided into the main groups of forged parts, turned parts and die-cast aluminium parts. So as to be...

    Supplier of: aluminium die-casting | Rubber - technical items for industry | rubber profiles | moulded rubber parts | undercut parts [+] water proofing systems | elastomer seals | extruded | moulded hoses | blow moulding | forged parts | forging technology | precision parts | seal systems | rubber-metal parts

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  • Our patented casting resin system, ALWA MOULD D, is the fastest curing casting resin system in the world. It is very easy to process and does not need to be post-tempered. Our easy to use system has...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | aluminium casting mould | Model making | thermoformed | suction tables [+] vacuum pressure casting | moulds production | cast resins | thermoforming | deep drawing | deep-drawn parts | porous plates | sinter plates | porous aluminium | aluminium block

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    GERMANY- Lüdenscheid
    HORST PIELHAU GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages the field of aluminium die casting guarantees you the highest degree of efficiency and quality. With our expert consultation, we support you from the set-up to the economical manufacture of the...

    Supplier of: aluminium die-casting | aluminium casting | aluminium alloy casting | Foundries, aluminium | Aluminium alloys [+] pressure moulding | aluminium | aluminium injection | aluminium machining | aluminium/light metal processing | aluminium parts | aluminium rings/din 1052 ring wedge dowels | machined cast parts | light metal processing | cnc machining for aluminium

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    TURKEY- Maltepe / Istanbul
    ISTANBUL VIZYON - Verified by Europages

    ...Turkey's leading Mold and Aluminum Die Casting company with many years of experience, longevity and high quality standards in the products it manufactures. Since the establishment, it has offered solutions, designed...

    Supplier of: aluminium die casting | pressurized aluminium casting | mould for casting | Aluminium alloys | Casting, steel [+] Die casting moulds | Lighting | special steels for molds | aluminium injection | aluminium moulds | aluminium moulding | moulding | foundry moulds | injection moulding | moulds

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    SLOVENIA- Kamnik
    KOFRA - LIVARNA D.O.O. - Verified by Europages

    ...treatment and custom-made products made from aluminium alloy. Our main activity of the company Kofra - livarna d.o.o. is die casting of aluminium. We are working with different types of aluminium alloys, but we specialize in alloy...

    Supplier of: aluminium die-casting | aluminium casting | aluminium die casting | casting | die casting [+] Die casting moulds | Aluminium and aluminium alloys | Machine tools - metal machining | aluminium alloys | fitting accessories | hydraulic component assembly | custom-made | aluminium and its alloys - aluminium tubes | aluminium alloy metallization | machining

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    SLOVENIA- Ljubljana
    ERO PROJEKT D.O.O. - Verified by Europages, aluminium and zinc die casting and casting trimming tools, injection moulding, vulcanisation, powder compaction, various prototypes as well as control and measuring devices. Also,...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | aluminium die casting | Industrial sheet metal work | Stamping - machine tools | Industrial design [+] Fabric design | aluminium moulds | sheet metal | dies and moulds | dies for machining sheet metal | steel dies | metal forming | transfer moulds | zinc cast iron | injection moulding

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  • ...and zinc parts by means of a die-casting process as well as plastic injection moulding. G.A.Röders supplies small series of injection-moulded parts, made in Soltau with surfacing and processing, and large...

    Supplier of: aluminium die-casting | Plastic material processing | pressure moulding | ultrasound welding | tool manufacturing [+] high-pressure zinc die-casting | training | plastic injection moulding | module assembly | design work (service) | plastic injection-moulded parts | metal precision parts | injection-moulded parts, technical | pressure-die casting suitable for welding | pressure die-cast structural components

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    BULGARIA- Sofia
    MARIMEX - Verified by Europages

    ...Bulgaria specialized in the casting of aluminum parts under high pressure and low pressure, production of aluminum alloys per block and machining of parts from different materials. We serve...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | aluminium die casting | aluminum casts | casting of aluminum parts | aluminium details casted under high pressure [+] aluminium details casted under low pressure | die-casting foundries | casting | Foundries, aluminium | Aluminium and aluminium alloys | cast parts | mechanical engineering | industrial engineering | cnc processing | cnc machining

    • Aluminium castings Aluminium castings Aluminium castings
    • Aluminium details casted under high pressure Aluminium details casted under high pressure Aluminium details casted under high pressure
    • Casings Casings Castings
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  • Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen GmbH produces components for electrical mechanical engineering, alternators and generator systems in two factories. Metallwarenfabrik Gemmingen GmbH was founded in 1961....

    Supplier of: aluminium die-casting | casting | Electricity generators | Tripods | Generating units [+] current generators | rotors | reducer gear casings | generator systems | emergency power supply | emergency power | blackout | din | emergency services | units

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  • the production of grooved pulleys in aluminium alloy and take care not only of metal casting but of the whole machining process, up to the finished product ready for assembly. To date, skill,...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | aluminium alloy castings | Precision mechanics | Foundries, aluminium | Aluminium and aluminium alloys [+] aluminium foundries | precision casting | aluminium injection | precision mechanical workshop | pulleys | cone pulleys | poly-v pulleys | pulleys to measure | aluminium | aluminium alloys

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  • G.M.S.
    ITALY- Arzignano
    G.M.S. - Verified by Europages

    G.M.S. has been producing aluminium moulded parts and hot-stamped brass parts since 1985, producing ready-to-use parts to client specifications. We have a wide network of sub-contractors providing...

    Supplier of: aluminium die-casting | die-casting foundries | die casting | Extrusion - steel and metals | Foundries, aluminium [+] foundry | aluminium injection | pressure moulding | diecasting foundry products | accessories for electric motors | automotive sector | burners | iso certification | clamps | terminals

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    GERMANY- Leonberg
    RICHTER FORMTEILE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Having production sites around the world enables us to make use of individual skills and local traditions, which guarantees maximum quality and cost efficiency. Thanks to our experience with and...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | precision casting according to the lost-wax casting process | Wrought iron | pig iron | forged steel parts [+] cast-steel | permanent mould castings | cast iron parts for the automobile industry | stainless steel precision casting | precision castings | drop forged parts | machined castings | precision parts using mim technology | special steel closed-die forged parts | plastic moulded parts, customer-specific

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    GERMANY- Heiligenhaus
    THORMANN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    In January of 1992, two successful companies in the metal-working industry joined together to become an even more attractive partner for old and new customers with an expanded range of services. The...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | aluminium die casting | pressurized aluminium casting | White malleable cast iron | aluminium punched parts [+] customised forged parts | cnc turned parts | cnc milling | machining of metals | metalworking | printing on aluminium | stamping parts | forged steel parts | anchoring nuts for formwork | formwork accessory parts

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  • Tubular connectors and aluminium casting direct from the manufacturer We produce our tubular connectors exclusively from high-quality marine weatherproof aluminium alloys with low weight, maximum stability and natural...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | Pipes and tubes - ferrous metal | Pipes and tubes, cast iron | bulk hand railing and stair products | balustrades [+] plumbing fittings - ferrous metal | aluminium railing | industrial railings | fall prevention systems | tube clamp connection | tube clamp fittings | machine safety railings | system railings | fittings made of aluminium | metal handles

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  • Flexibility is one of our top priorities. If you are looking for fixed dates, short lead times, prototype production or you want to have large or small quantities of wide-ranging geometries...

    Supplier of: aluminium die casting | Electroplating - machines | surface finishing, galvanic | galvanic coating of aluminium | high-pressure zinc die-casting [+] plating metals | chrome-plating (service) | gloss nickel-plating (service) | contract polishing | metal treatment | surface treatment of metals | surface coating, chrome (vi) free | surface engineering | gilding (service) | nickel plating (service)

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  • EUROBALT ENGINEERING MANUFACTURING METHODS AND PARTS/TECHNOLOGIES We Manufacture different Assembled hydraulic cylinders as well as hydraulic cylinder parts at our facilities according to OEM. Our...

    Supplier of: aluminium die casting | Hydraulic equipment | Sintering - steels and metals | Cylinders, hydraulic | powder metallurgy [+] hard chrome plating of hydraulic cylinders | sintered metal products | hydraulic cylinders & components | sintered metal plain bearings | hydraulic cylinders | drawn steel pipes for hydraulics | hydraulic and pneumatic components

    Brands : Eurobalt Engineering | EUROBALT

    • Die Casting service for LED Lighting Companies Die Casting service for LED Lighting Companies
    • Die Casting parts Die Casting parts Die Casting Manufacturing Examples
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    BELGIUM- Huy
    DRADIN ET FILS - Verified by Europages

    ...specialising in aluminium alloy shell-casting, primarily magnesium types. We manufacture your aluminium parts with you. Aluminium parts design, part prototypes in aluminium and surface treatment of aluminium parts....

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | aluminium casting | cast aluminium | chill-cast aluminium | cast anodisable aluminium [+] Foundries, aluminium | shell mold casting | chill-cast | anodised aluminium | aluminium injection | manufacturer of aluminium parts | gravity die casting | shell gravity moulding | gravity moulding

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  • ...castings in sand- and permanent mould casting. In 1997 subsidiary Aluthix (ATX) was founded as a high pressure die casting and squeeze casting foundry. At this moment 70 people are employed by the both companies. AGO and ATX produce castings with the following processes: - Machine moulded...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | large aluminium castings | aluminium low pressure casting | aluminium core package casting | Aluminium and aluminium alloys [+] Foundries, aluminium | aluminium diecasting | aluminium sandcasting | aluminium machine-moulded sandcasting | aluminium gravity diecasting | aluminium hand-moulded sandcasting | prototype casting | light metal casting | iatf 16949 aluminium foundry

    • HAND-MOULDED SAND CASTING - Part radar system HAND-MOULDED SAND CASTING - Part radar system
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    ITALY- Sala Bolognese
    FONDERIA V.S. S.R.L. - Verified by Europages making gravity clamshell cast aluminium, which is ideal for all those who want to produce parts characterised by their quality external finish and high mechanical properties. At Fonderia V.S., passion for...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | Foundries, aluminium | mould design | shell mold casting | metal casting [+] mould building | foundry | machining | microfusion | railway sector | custom production

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    ITALY- Castelgomberto
    FRIBER S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    Our company aims to satisfy our customers' requirements through proficient internal organisation and by effectively using our industrial plant to smelt aluminium, bronze and brass for products with...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | sand casting | Foundries, aluminium | mould building | metal casting [+] foundry cores | sand casting | bronze casting | green sand casting | resin sand casting | mechanical parts cast | casting for rotational moulding | creation of prototypes | heat forming

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  • the production of castings from aluminium alloys. We are experts in the processes ofhigh pressure die casting, low pressure casting and gravity casting. We design and manufacture casting tools and devices for...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | aluminium die casting | high pressure aluminium die casting | low pressure aluminium casting | aluminium gravity casting [+] casting of aluminium alloys | die-casting foundries | casting | Foundries, aluminium | aluminium foundries | chill-cast | machining of castings | casting tools for machining | casting devices for machining

    • Aluminum  casting Aluminum casting high pressure die, low pressure, gravity, Machining of Castings
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    ITALY- Bergamo
    FONDERIA FASSI - Verified by Europages

    ...and mechanical resurfacing. We work with zinc, aluminium, zinc alloys and zamak. Mould design and production. We also manufacture aluminium components, components and accessories for lamps and light fittings, metal boxes...

    Supplier of: aluminium die-casting | die-casting foundries | zamak die-casting | Foundries, aluminium | aluminium foundries [+] precision casting | aluminium alloys | lighting accessories | tumbling | electronics industry | pneumatic industry | die-cast zamak | deburring | specific technical issues

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  • ...has been working in the aluminium die casting sector for more than 30 years. Our firm offers its customers a comprehensive service: it has a specially-equipped department, for everything from design to...

    Supplier of: aluminium casting | aluminium die-casting | die-casting foundries | mould for casting | Foundries, aluminium [+] brioche moulds | aluminium foundries | pressure moulding | mould design | lighting | equipment design | equipment manufacture | qualified staff | finishing operations

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