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    GERMANY- Markt Bibart
    RAUCH SPANPLATTENWERK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    In 1959, Wendelin Rauch & Sohn in Freudenberg am Main took over the chipboard plant of Otto Kreibaum & Co which went into operation in 1953. This plant was built in Markt Bibart (Franconia) was...

    Supplier of: building materials | Panels, wood | Consultants - construction and civil engineering | Panels, chipboard | doors [+] wood carpentry | wood for stairs | sawn timber for furniture manufacturing | timber for furniture factories and joineries | wooden items for furniture | wooden interior furnishings | timber | furniture | wood and paper | furniture boards

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    AUSTRIA- Niederkappel
    AICHBAUER TRANSPORTE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    At Aichbauer, we have experience in silo transport, dump truck transport and crane work. Founded in 1974, we have ensured our customers' satisfaction for generations to the best of knowledge and...

    Supplier of: Building materials | building materials | building materials, mineral | bulk transport | transport [+] logistics | open carrier transport | crane work | silo transport | animal feed transport | silo cleaning | all-terrain (at) cranes | prefabricated structures for the construction industry | big bag filling | installation of construction cranes

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  • HAOBO STONE COMPANY LIMITED is a company based in Quanzhou, China, specialized in the manufacturing of stone products. We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of monuments and...

    Supplier of: Building materials | Sculptures | Funerary monuments | Funeral urns | manufacturer of statues and sculptures [+] stone products for construction work | exterior stone products | plaques | manufacturing of funerary urns | cinerary urns | urns | urn manufacturers | marble tiles | marble slabs | garden decorations

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    RUSSIA- Kazan
    STROFIBER FACTORY - Verified by Europages

    Strofiber factory - manufacturer of polypropylene macrofibre. Founded in 2015, in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. Macrofiber сomposition: 110, 000 PCs. fibers in 1 kilogram. We use only...

    Supplier of: Building materials | bracing for building | Construction Materials | Metal screens for reinforced concrete | Concrete constructions [+] Concrete, ready-mixed | Fittings, metal | flooring laid | special treatment for reinforced concrete | industrial floors | polypropylene fibres | concrete flooring | plastic yarns | shotcreting for concrete and mortars | fibrous product

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  • Since 1936, KORODUR has been producing mineral hard materials for laying heavy-duty cement-based industrial floors. We have laid more than 550 million square metres of KORODUR flooring worldwide. We...

    Supplier of: Building materials | Soil drainage | bentonite | litter boxes | hardening and tempering [+] concrete repair | dry shakes | screeds | screed refurbishment | hard material | dry shake hardeners | hard aggregate dry shakes | hard aggregate screed | hard material layers | industrial floor

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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    PROMSTROIKONTRAKT - Verified by Europages

    "PromStroiKontrakt" is a large industrial and construction company engaged in the development, production, implementation and delivery of construction materials, equipment and technologies, as well...

    Supplier of: Building materials | Bridges - construction | Concrete forms | Concrete constructions | Scaffolding and ladders [+] concrete formwork | concrete formwork panels | construction material | forms for bridge arches | formwork | formwork for the building industry | formwork for pillar construction | formwork sheets for the building trade | metal formwork | metal formwork for concrete

    • PSK-DELTA formwork system PSK-DELTA formwork system Universal formwork system for monolithic construction
    • Special formwork PSK Special formwork PSK Special formwork systems for complicated forms and projects
    • PSK-MSK formwork system PSK-MSK formwork system Modular light steel panel formwork
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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    ALTERNATIVA LLC - Verified by Europages

    Alternativa is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of facade systems. Mainly Alternativa produces and supplies components for suspended ventilated facades: from structures and cladding...

    Supplier of: Building materials, manufacture - machinery and equipment | Building materials | Façade bricks | Stoneware tiles | Roofing materials [+] Construction Materials | Tiling and paving - firms | aluminum facades | architectural façades | ventilated fronts | decorative solutions | clincker paving | metal facades | quilting/padding work on behalf of clients | facade decorations

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  • POLIMER MEGAPOLIS LLC is a Moscow manufacturing company founded in 2004. The company conducts activities for the production and sale in the Russian and foreign markets of high-quality acrylic-based...

    Supplier of: Building materials | Paints and varnishes | Construction - Finishings | Emulsion paints | Finishing work [+] Plaster | Varnishes | Wall coverings | colours and paints | decorative covering | decorative paints | decoration plaster stuccos | ecological paints | finishing work for the home decoration sector | industrial colourants and pigment

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    RUSSIA- Khokhlovo
    KENZA-WOOD LLC - Verified by Europages

    Kenza-Wood LLC is Russian manufacturer of impregnated and unimpregnated pine and spruce stakes, and half-round rails. The company produces cylindered and debarked stakes, which are deeply...

    Supplier of: building materials | building boards | Wood products | Wood treatment products | Gardening and horticulture - machinery and equipment [+] Wood - sawn and treated | treated timber | garden beams | wood | pine | timber | planks | sawn timber | wholesale of work timber | wooden enclosures

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    RUSSIA- Vyazniki
    BAUMAK LLC - Verified by Europages

    Baumak company is one of Russia's largest manufacturers of formwork and its components. The main production facility is located in Stavropol city. Baumak is a family company that was founded in...

    Supplier of: Building materials | Building materials, manufacture - machinery and equipment | building shores | building tools | building supplies [+] Concrete forms | Scaffolding and ladders | Construction Materials | spring clamps | timber for reinforced concrete | scaffolding fasteners | metal formwork | metal formwork for concrete | multipurpose formwork | equipment for building yards

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    FRANCE- Dunkerque Cedex 2
    DISTRIPLAST - Verified by Europages

    Specialised in extruding polypropylene corrugated sheets used as protection, packaging (plastic inter-layers, container separetors), signage, building (formwork). DISTRIPLAST is a subsidiary of the...

    Supplier of: Packaging contractors | Plastic packaging | Crates, plastic | Boxes, plastic | Sheets, plastic [+] polypropylene sheets | extruded polypropylene sheets | protection plates | honeycomb slabs | sheets of honeycomb polypropylene | global packaging solutions | plastic separator | pp cellular sheet | screen printing sheet | floor protection

    • Corrugated sheet Serie B for Building Corrugated sheet Serie B for Building Beamform, floor protection
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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    CAGCELIK A.S. - Verified by Europages

    We are CAG CELIK iron and steel co., a Turkish leading manufacturer (Steel Mill) of Hot Rolled Angle bars, Flat Bars, Serrated flat bars, Round Bars, Square Bars, UPN/IPN/IPE/HEA/HEB beams and...

    Supplier of: Steel | Steel & Metals | round metal bars | square metal bars | metal nails [+] steel nails | construction materials | steel wires | steel profiles | manufacture of steel profiles | bright wire | round bars of special steels | flat bars of special steels | metal products | hot rolled steel products

    • Hot Rolled Equal Angle Bar Hot Rolled Equal Angle Bar Hot Rolled Merchant bars
    • Hot Rolled Profiles Hot Rolled Profiles steel profiles
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    GERMANY- Wipperfürth
    CBG COMPOSITES GMBH - Verified by Europages

    CBG Composites GmbH develops, produces and sells innovative refractory, heat and sound-insulating composite building materials for various industrial applications such as Ship and offshore, civil...

    Supplier of: Building materials | Partitions | soundproof panels | fire protection | basalt [+] soundproofing | fire protection plates | fire protection panels | sandwich panels | fire protection plates | fire breaks | thermal insulation | composite panels | drywall | ship disassembly

    • fako® glass fibre adhesive 9119Xtra fako® glass fibre adhesive 9119Xtra solvent-free plastic dispersion one-component adhesive, with high elasticity
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    UKRAINE- Zaporizhzhzya, Vilnyansk City
    BONUSTRADE - Verified by Europages

    Production of graphite products and other industrial materials. Realization of high-quality raw materials and finished products on the territory of Ukraine and abroad. Work on full or partial...

    Supplier of: Carbon and graphite - electrical components | Lubricants, graphite | Steel, carbon | graphite | coal and graphite processing [+] graphite for electroerosion | cast spheroid graphite iron | graphite elements | kaolin | colloidal graphite | carbon raw materials | cryptocristalline graphite | lubricating graphites | silica fine flour

    • Construction soot Construction soot
    • Powder quartzitic Powder quartzitic Natural building materials and stones
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    ITALY- Padova
    STIFERITE S.P.A. - Verified by Europages

    Italy's leading manufacturer of thermal insulation products. Pioneers in 1963 in the production of panels made from polyurethane foam, in 2000 we established a new line of lamination able to produce...

    Supplier of: building materials | building insulation | Sound insulation materials | Thermal insulation materials | thermal insulation for construction projects [+] insulating panels | supplies for public works | insulation material | heat insulation | polyurethane foam | heat insulation panels | polyurethane | insulation products for the building trade

    Brands : STIFERITE

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    ITALY- Udine
    M.M. GRIGLIATI - Verified by Europages

    M.M. has been operating in the FRP (fibreglass reinforced plastic) sector for 40 years, manufacturing high-quality gratings, profiles and composite structures. FRP's intrinsic properties (e.g....

    Supplier of: Sections and bars - non-ferrous metal | Handrails and bannisters | Boilermaking, heavy | gratings | railings [+] fencing | staircase | fibreglass | fibreglass profiles | walkways | fibreglass gratings | non-slip gratings | structural fibreglass

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    ITALY- Gricignano Di Aversa
    MALVIN SRL - Verified by Europages

    MALVIN is one of today's main building materials and technology companies on the strength of its forty years of experience. It adapts to the ever-changing market and aims at the highest quality...

    Supplier of: building gravel | Coatings, insulating | Coatings, putties and sealing products | Additives, cement and mortar | Mortar for construction industry [+] Paints and varnishes | premixed plasters | damp curing plaster | biobuilding | special mortars | washable paints | fire resistant plasters | heat insulation and soundproofing materials | waterproofing materials for construction work

    • Premixed adhesive and levelling INTOCOL PP LIGHT Premixed adhesive and levelling INTOCOL PP LIGHT Compliant with UNI EN 998-1
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    GERMANY- Hagen
    SCHAKE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    “Made in Germany” is the basement for common business-relationship The company Schake GmbH is a producer and competent supplier of Building equipment and Blocking technology. The production with a...

    Supplier of: Fastening devices | Roadlaying - contractors | door jambs | waste containers | barrier technology [+] production tool integrity prevention | wire fencing | gates | mobile fences | traffic cones

    • Trench shoring Trench shoring Trench shoring brown finish, different sizes and load-bearing capacity
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    ITALY- Saccolongo
    EUROLATTONERIA VENETA - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 1993, the Eurolattoneria Veneta company deals with various types of metal sheet working and installation. Thanks to the expertise and reliability we have always shown, we have conquered...

    Supplier of: Building materials | wall coverings | granite for construction work

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    ITALY- Prato Allo Stelvio
    INTERFAMA - Verified by Europages

    INTERFAMA was established in 1984 by its founder Franz Ohrwalder, whose intention was to create a formwork system capable of optimising production, combining efficiency, rationality, rapid assembly...

    Supplier of: Building materials | Construction site installations and equipment | Industrial equipment hire | metal formwork for concrete | formwork [+] forms for bridge arches | formwork | tunnel formwork | formwork for pillars

    Brands : INTERFAMA

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    BELGIUM- Kortrijk
    AVL METAL POWDERS N.V. - Verified by Europages

    AVL METAL POWDERS n.v. is a 4th generation family-owned company with decades of expertise! The company was founded in 1937 by André Van Lerberghe. We are experts in effect pigments and functional...

    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | Plastics - packaging | bronze alloys | metallic colours | effect pigments [+] printing inks | coatings | metallization powders | copper powder | aluminium powder | metallic effect pigments | metallic functional powders | gold bronze pigments | silver aluminium pigments

    • Metallic Functional Powders for Building Industry Metallic Functional Powders for Building Industry
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    ITALY- Morgex
    MORGEDIL SRL - Verified by Europages

    Created in 1980, the company Morgedil srl sells building materials in both retail and wholesale. Over the years, it has developed its range of products which are carefully selected in accordance with...

    Supplier of: building materials | Bulk materials for construction | granite for construction work | construction components | marble and allied materials [+] stone | outdoor stone flooring | flooring

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    ITALY- Grammichele
    MURGO SRL - Verified by Europages

    Murgo is a leader in the fields of iron machining and forming, which it then delivers to work-sites using truck cranes. Our ultramodern equipment consists of the latest high precision machines. This...

    Supplier of: Building materials | Metal structural work | metal structures | electro-welded gratings | iron forming [+] machining of iron for reinforced concrete | reinforcing rods for buildings | reinforced concrete rods

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    ITALY- Gravina In Puglia
    GRAVINA TUFI SRL - Verified by Europages

    Situated in Gravina, Puglia (in the province of Bari), the company Gravina Tufi works in the quarry sector, particularly in the extraction and production of tuff-stone and tuffeau stone for the...

    Supplier of: building materials | Tufa | Magnesite | tufa | column [+] stone products for construction work | tuff-stone powder | tuff-stone blocks

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    ITALY- Roma
    FRAN.D.I. CASA - Verified by Europages and white PVC tubes, SN4 sewerage pipes. Building hardware and equipment. Possibility of tailored favourable payment terms. Architectural assistance and graphic rendering of the areas involved.

    Supplier of: Building materials | Ceramics | Hardware, building construction | Bathrooms - furniture and fittings | bathroom furnishings [+] thermohydraulics

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    SPAIN- Sant Josep De Sa Talaia (eivissa) (illes Balears)

    We are Materials de Construcció S'arenest, a family company in the business for over 30 years. In our store you'll find top quality products, including tools and equipment. We're in Sant Josep de Sa...

    Supplier of: Building materials | ceramics | cement | natural stonework | prefabricated concrete structures [+] aggregate | iron | mortars

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    FRANCE- Alfortville
    BIOSTART.EU - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Building materials | wholesale of building materials | construction materials

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    BELGIUM- Hotton
    MABEGRA - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Building materials | Concrete, ready-mixed | Construction Materials | concrete pipes | pvc pipes

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  • Supplier of: Building materials | building materials and products | Bulk materials for construction | construction material | wall coverings

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    ITALY- Talsano-Taranto
    COMMERBIT S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Building materials | building materials and products | Waterproofing construction products | construction material | pre-packed concrete

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