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    GERMANY- Henfenfeld
    VOGT GMBH CERAMIC COMPONENTS - Verified by Europages

    ...developing and manufacturing technical ceramic components for more than 35 years. Modern moulding machines and sintering systems with temperatures of up to 1750 °C make it possible for us to manufacture high-precision and high-quality...

    Supplier of: Ceramics, industrial | ceramics for technical and industrial use | technical ceramic | industrial ceramics | ceramics for technical applications [+] Ceramic, components - electric | alumina | ceramic tubes | high-performance ceramic | cordierite | ceramic nozzles | ceramic | ceramic forming | aluminium oxide ceramics | engineered ceramics

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  • ...of technical and construction ceramics and ceramic components used in industrial plants. Offer: Ceramic valves; Ceramic pumps; Ceramic screws, nuts and washers; Ceramic plungers; Ceramic bearings; Screw feeders;...

    Supplier of: Ceramics, industrial | ceramics for technical and industrial use | technical ceramic | ceramic nozzles | ceramic insulators [+] components, ceramic | structural ceramics | screw feeders

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Kidderminster

    EARTHWATERFIRE.COM is a technical and industrial ceramics on-line service for all your technical ceramics needs e.g. alumina tubes, crucibles in various material compositions, rods in alumina,...

    Supplier of: Ceramics, industrial | ceramics for technical and industrial use | industrial ceramics | furnace tubes | refractories and crucibles

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  • We are a leading manufacturer of advanced ceramic products from China. We supply quality technical ceramic materials and components with competitive price. Our fine ceramics were exported to Japan,...

    Supplier of: Ceramics, industrial | ceramics for technical and industrial use | ceramic

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    NETHERLANDS- Willemstad Nb

    Supplier of: ceramics for technical and industrial use | Pumps

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  • ...and components made of technical-grade ceramic. We are an innovative company which has now been operating successfully on the market for 15 years. We supply products to well-known customers from the electronics and...

    Supplier of: Ceramics, industrial | machining of technical-grade ceramic | Transformers | high-performance ceramic | ceramic forming [+] ceramic tubes | anti-wear | precision parts made of oxide ceramics | cnc special parts from drawings | machining of all core assemblies | drilling from 0.25 mm | surface and profile grinding | centreless grinding | special air gaps | al value measurements

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  • ...ship building and plant building industries since 1920. Our products range from small wheel sets with wheel diameters of 250 mm for transporters or turntables through to crane wheels of up to 1600 mm in...

    Supplier of: Wheels, castors and rollers | pulleys | pulleys for goods lifts | lift wheels | handling wheels [+] wheels and castors | rubber rollers | crane construction | railroad vehicles | cranes | rollers | wheels and wheel sets for light rails | wheel sets for rail-bound vehicles | axlebox bearings | crane wheels

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    GERMANY- Stadtoldendorf
    SCHOTT DIAMANTWERKZEUGE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...plastics processing as well as for the optical industry. The tools manufactured for our customers are adapted to: •The materials to be machined •The machines used •The required production targets. History: The...

    Supplier of: Diamond tools | diamond disks | diamond hollow drills | diamond grinding tools | cbn tools [+] cnc glass machining | dental drills | diamond polishing tools | microdrills | diamond tools for ceramic and glass processing | dental tools for laboratories/dentists | diamond tools for medical technology | diamond tools for brittle hard material processing | ultrasonic tools | diamond and cbn special tools

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    FRANCE- Sorbiers
    MARTEAU & LEMARIE - Verified by Europages

    ...and other precision balls (tungsten carbide, ceramic, glass, bronze and brass balls). Precision steel and stainless steel balls are defined by their nominal diameter, the raw material from which they are made and by their...

    Supplier of: Precision balls | grinding balls | plastic balls | ceramic balls | polishing ball [+] carbide balls | balls made of special alloys | industrial balls | carbon balls | aluminium balls | control ball | metal balls | hollow balls | industrial, high-precision balls | cleaning bearings

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  • well when it is needed. Our design team and technical team (consisting of engineers) are capable of solving complicated dust filtration processes. We have built more than 200 dust collectors and bag house filters so far. We are...

    Supplier of: Dust extraction installations and equipment | Air treatment - equipment and systems | Air purification - equipment and systems | Air filtration equipment | air treatment systems [+] air treatment | air purification | air purifiers | air filtration system | fume collectors for ventilation ducts | air filters | cartridge filters | centrifugal filters | centrifugal fans | cyclones for air cleaning

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    FRANCE- Collegien

    ...customized components from technical ceramics, glass or quartz, using high-precision machining and micro-laser machining processes, as well as ceramic-metal assemblies. We also produce 3D interconnect ceramics...

    Supplier of: Ceramics, industrial | silicon carbide bushings | ceramic tubes

    • Components for lasers and optoelectronic devices Components for lasers and optoelectronic devices
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    GERMANY- Jestetten

    ...a specialist in the field of technical ceramics. Our work includes processing high-performance ceramic materials, providing advice relating to materials for use of various types of ceramic materials. Design and implementation of customer-specific components with an emphasis on precision...

    Supplier of: Raw materials for ceramics industry | Ceramics, porcelain and earthenware - industrial products | Ceramics, industrial | ceramics, electrical ceramics, technical | Ceramics, refractory

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  • As a manufacturer of technical ceramic products, Innovacera main business is produce metallization ceramics and ceramics components as customer request.Innovacera offer you a wide range of production facilities like extrusion,...

    Supplier of: Metallization | Insulating seals | Ceramic, components - electric

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  • ...has become one of the leading companies of this industry all over the world Our company manufactures various plastic and metal processing molds in its own high-tech mold processing machines with its experienced technical...

    Supplier of: Bathroom installations - items for the disabled | connectors for hydraulics, heating and sanitary systems | plumbing and bathroom fixtures | accessories for bathroom fixtures | sanitaryware

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    CZECH REP.- Zacler

    ...manufacturers of technical and foundry ceramics with an uninterrupted tradition of production since 1878.The primary product lines today are ceramic filters for filtration of molten iron and non-ferrous metals. The filters from Pyrostat material are...

    Supplier of: Ceramics, industrial

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  • ...kinds of un-shaped refractory, which are widely used in iron and steel smelting、cement matrix composite、 glass-ceramics 、petrochemistry、garbage incineration and other industries, they also used as furnace lining and  heat...

    Supplier of: Refractory materials and products | zirconia refractory brick | bubble zirconia brick | bubble alumina brick | corundum mullite brick

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    ...coating services for plastic, glass, metal, and ceramic substrates. Mirrors, reflectors, beam splitters, and infrared optics. First company in the US to provide evaporated metal thin film coatings. Leading manufacturer of synthetic...

    Supplier of: Semiconductors | infrared optics and optical coatings | corning fused silica | synthetic crystals for security defense and medical | radiation detection and monitoring

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Wimborne

    ...of a wide range of materials including glass, ceramics, minerals, ores and furnace slags. Our flexible processing methods allow processing plants to produce crushed glass that is sharp free and, after being screened and...

    Supplier of: Processing and recycling of waste | Waste water recycling | manufacture of recycling machinery | implosion technology | glass crushers

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  • ...etc, which are widely used in plastic industry, rubber industry, paint and coating, paper-making industry, ceramic industry, water treatment, Feed and Food additive, Fertilizer, etc. We have the advantage of owning...

    Supplier of: Chemicals - import-export | copper oxide | titanium dioxide

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  • ...non-stand- ard bearings, which are extensively used in precision machine tools, rolling mills, aviation, mines, metallur- gy, coal, oil, chemicals industry, ceramics and power, etc, with a high reputation...

    Supplier of: Bearings, roller | bearings | rolling bearings

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    SOUTH KOREA- Gimhae-Si, Gyeongsangnam-Do

    ...and Steel manufacture and Processing industry through our customers’ encouragement and advise. We do the best for making customer satisfaction with high quality product development and technical innovation. Our...

    Supplier of: Refractory materials and products | monolithic refractories | shaped refractories

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  • ...widely used in bulk material handling industries including mine, power generation, cement, metallurgy, chemical and other fields. Our main products include Conveyor Impact Beds, Impact Bars, Conveyor Belt Cleaners,...

    Supplier of: Conveyor belts | conveyor belt accessories and equipment | equipment for conveyor belt system

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  • ...Ceramics and Metals for industrial applications.CM-HighTec is your strong german partner for demanding tasks in the area of metal forming and machining applications. With our expertise we will find the most cost effective...

    Supplier of: Ceramic, components - electric | components, ceramic

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  • ...products at better price with best service and technical support.H&X’s business focuses on a variety of abrasive grains, powder for abrasive tools, grinding, polishing, sandblasting, etc. Refractory materials for melting, foundry,...

    Supplier of: Abrasives, mechanical | alumina abrasive | carborundum abrasives

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  • ...cellulose products (HPMC), the product is widely used in construction materials, food, pharmaceutical, oil drilling, daily chemical, ceramics, paper, detergents, oil additives and many other fields. The factory located in...

    Supplier of: Chemistry, organic - raw materials and derivatives | hpmc cmc putty powder jinyi

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  • ...product nspection systems. They are widely used for food additive, paper, cosmetics, ceramic, dyeing, painting, rubber, plastics, water treatment, softening agent, detergent & soap, textiles...

    Supplier of: Organic oxides and peroxides | caustic soda flakes | titanium dixoide

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Ipswich has amassed over 230 years of combined industry experience, enabling us to offer unrivalled technical support and advice to all customers. With over 280, 000m of stocks in our 50, 000 ft National...

    Supplier of: Tiles

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  • Since its foundation in 1865, Morgan Advanced Materials Haldenwanger GmbH has grown into a globally leading manufacturer of high-tech ceramics. We offer a wide range of oxidic and non-oxidic...

    Supplier of: Ceramics, industrial | machining of technical-grade ceramic | machining of industrial ceramics | ceramics for technical applications | Mineral oxides and peroxides [+] Ornamental ceramics | ceramic tubes | high-performance ceramic | alumina | zirconium oxide | silicon carbide | ceramic pipes made of aluminium oxide | precision parts made of oxide ceramics | engineering ceramics made from aluminium oxide | laboratory porcelain

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  • We develop high-performance ceramic solutions in conjunction with our customers. Our team offers extensive knowledge for choosing ceramic materials, the product design and project implementation –...

    Supplier of: Ceramics, industrial | ceramics for technical applications | technical ceramics | products made of technical ceramics | ceramics, electrical ceramics, technical [+] Sensors | waste air cleaning | waste water neutralisation units | workbenches for laboratories | high-temperature ceramics | ceramic-metal feedthroughs | ceramic tubes | oxide ceramic products | high-performance ceramics | insulators


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  • It's not just our products that demonstrate great flexibility, it's our experienced staff too. Customer-oriented, tailored advice and support (including at international trade fairs, for example)....

    Supplier of: Fabrics for technical use | Technical textiles for industrial applications | insulating fabrics for technical and industrial use | Compensators | Wadding material, waterproof [+] Technical textiles | industrial fabrics | asbestos-free string, packaging, tapes | technical fabrics for thermal insulation | protective cover | tube components | piping accessories | pipeline construction | fastening parts | tube clamps

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