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  • ...For 25 years, MEMOLUB® has been a benchmark for all types of applications and industries: bearings, open gears, chains, linear guides, etc. Lubricant level visible remotely. Lower consumption of lubricant. Supplier of: Lubrication equipment and machinery | Lubricants, industrial | chain lubricants | lubricants | pumps for centralised lubrication systems [+] lubricating system | lubricant system assembly | lubrication | automatic lubrication system | decentralised lubrication system | gas lubrication system | Greases, industrial | Greasing equipment | Oils, industrial | Oilers

    Brands : CASTROL | Memolub

    BELGIUM - Bruxelles
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  • We develop, manufacture and internationally distribute optical laser measurement systems for the power sports industry, as well as for drive technology and industrial applications. Profi Products... Supplier of: chain lubricants | chain lubrication and cleaning agents | Polishing equipment and materials | polishing powder | motorcycle accessories [+] quick maintenance for motorbikes | spray polishing | surface care | replacement chain cleaners | e-bike chain oil | dry film chain spray | motorbike chain spray | fuel system cleaners | motorbike measuring instruments | measuring instruments for special purposes
    GERMANY - Trippstadt
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  • We have always been involved in the distribution of lubricant oils for all sectors and have adapted to comply with the most specific requirements. We provide lubricants for farming machinery and... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | Lubricants for cars | chain lubricants | agricultural lubricants | speciality lubricants [+] lubricants for motor vehicles | lubricant | lubricating oil | heating lubricants | lubricant for boats | lubricant for motorcycles | lubricants for the food industry | lubricants for the mechanical industry | lubricants for gasoline and diesel engines | lubricants for turbines
    SPAIN - Esparraguera-Barcelona
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  • Optimol Lubrication has built its reputation on solutions that cut maintenance costs. Major savings are obtained by using lubricants that inhibit wear and improve surface states. Greasing and oil... Supplier of: Lubricants, graphite | Lubricants, industrial | chain lubricants | lubricants for the automobile industry | lubricating oil [+] lubricants for the mechanical industry | speciality lubricants | industrial lubricants | aviation lubricants | lubricant | pumps for centralised lubrication systems | lubricants for high loads | Oils, industrial | Greases, industrial | Industrial maintenance

    Brands : Castrol | Memolub

    BELGIUM - Bruxelles
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  • Wessely GmbH has been selling special lubricants and been involved in contracted coating of bonded coating systems since 1975. The high quality of the high-performance lubricants produced in-house... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | chain lubricants | high-performance lubricants | lubricants with molybdenum disulphide | precision lubricants [+] lubricant spray | lubricant, synthetic | dry lubricants | lubricants, biodegradable | lubricants for cold forming | lubricants for warm forming | lubricants for the food industry | lubricants for metal processing | cable lubricants | special lubricants
    AUSTRIA - Korneuburg
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  • With a great amount of expertise and a vast product range, TIPP OIL can provide you with the right oil for any application. Our products are "Made in Germany" and are manufactured by experienced and... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | chain lubricants | adhesive lubricants | lubricants for motorcycles | automotive lubricants [+] industrial lubricants | lubricants for the plastics industry | lubricants for metalwork | universal lubricants | transmission oils | diesel fuel | gas engine oils | engine oils for combustion engines | specialist fuels | special petrol
    GERMANY - Elmshorn
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  • For over 80 years, ADDINOL has been developing and producing high-performance lubricants at their company headquarters in Germany. Thanks to the expertise of our chemists and engineers, our... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | chain lubricants | lubricant manufacturers | industrial lubricants | lubricants for the food industry [+] cooling lubricants | Oils, industrial | Greases, industrial | hydraulic oils | diathermic oils | gas engine oils | industrial transmission oil | turbine oils | marine engine oil | motor oil
    GERMANY - Leuna
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  • ...all you need for your compressed air network, etc.). Our core trade: automatic oilers, belt and plate lubrication, centralised greasing, chain lubrication, micro-lubrication, drip feed lubricators, spray lubrication. Supplier of: Cooling and lubrication pumps | chain lubrication | lubricants | belt lubrication | plate lubrication [+] drip feed lubricators | spray lubrication | Greasing equipment | Oiling - machines and systems | automatic greasers
    BELGIUM - Ingelmunster
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  • ATS Electro-Lube is a manufacturer of high quality automatic lubrication systems. Our products are suitable for virtually any industrial application, and offer more long term benefits to your... Supplier of: Lubrication equipment and machinery | rail lubrication | centralised lubrication | systems and equipment for lubrication and greasing | automatic lubricators
    UNITED KINGDOM - St Martins
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  • Manufacturer and supplier of corrosion inhibitors, lubricant additive packages and solid lubricant dispersions (graphite and molybenum disulphide dispersions). Our corrosion control additives are... Supplier of: lubricant additive package | Anti-corrosion products, chemical | Cleaning, industrial | washing of metal parts | antifreeze additive
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  • ...designed in such a way that several lubrication points (bearings, chains, etc.) can be connected to a system of any size. The construction of our system allows 50 or several thousand lubrication points to be automated on each system. Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | conveyor chain lubrication systems | lubricant system assembly | lubricators | lubrication technology for industrial applications [+] centralised lubrication units | conveyor belt lubrication systems | lubricating pumps | lubricant metering systems | grease lubricating fittings | grease lubricating pumps | dry lubricant metering systems | Gear pumps | Greases, industrial | hydraulic gear pumps
    GERMANY - Wurzen
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  • . • Chains in either lubricated with split link for bulldozers or grease lubricated for excavators with headed easy fit master pins on large excavators according to the manufacturer's original... Supplier of: Mining, surface - machinery and equipment | accessories and spare parts | caterpillar-komatsu-case-volvo-liebherr etc | tools for hydraulic hammers and wear elements | hydraulic hammers and attachments
    ROMANIA - Bucuresti
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  • For more than 70 years, the name bielomatik has been synonymous with installation and machine construction in the lubrication technology and plastic lubrication system sectors. With more than 350... Supplier of: conveyor chain lubrication systems | lubrication | lubrication systems | central lubrication technology | lubrication technology systems [+] central lubrication systems | centralised lubrication | automatic lubrication | fully automatic lubrication | progressive lubrication system | introduction lubrication system | lubrication technology | lubricant dispensing | Oiling - machines and systems | oil/air lubrication system
    GERMANY - Neuffen
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  • With over 100 years' experience, Unil Lubricants NV represents solid value as the producer of lubrication products, motor oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, greases, liquids for treating metals... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | Oils, nonfood | Fats, nonfood | Oils, industrial | Oilers
    BELGIUM - Sint-Pieters-Leeuw
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  • wire drawing machines, cold laminating lines for electro-welded mesh wire, mechanical descalers, lubricant distributors, lamination cassettes, multipass straightening wire drawing machines. Supplier of: Wire drawing and wire rod working machines | horizontal spoolers | online wire drawing machines | horizontal laminating monoblocks | introducers pre-rectifiers [+] developers pre-rectifiers | vertical spoolers | double automatic vertical spoolers | vertical laminating monoblocks | sharpening machines | puff pastry lines
    ITALY - Valgreghentino
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  • ...shaft seals , o-rings and v-seals, NILOS bushes, belts and pulleys, chains and sprockets, ball bearings, rollers bearings, needle bearings, self-lubricating bushes, LOXEAL and LOCTITE adhesives. Supplier of: Mechanical transmission systems and components | Bearings - ball, needle and roller | microbearings | precision bearings | ball bearings [+] bearings | needle roller bearings | joints | self-aligning supports | industrial bearings | cpm bearings | needle roller bearings | transmission bearings
    ITALY - Bologna
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  •, chain gears, greasers and oilers, plates for technical uses, lubricants, pressure gauges, traction springs, springs, pneumatic sector, pressure switches, pumps, gear reducers and motor reducers. Supplier of: lubricants | Bearings, ball | waterproof bushes | joints | valves [+] rubber sheets | pipes | vibration absorbers
    ITALY - Ravenna
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  • ..."Spectro".. Some of our major brands are : - Chains EK Enuma, - Pads & rotors PREMIER, - Drive gears CHIARAVALLI, - Batteries HAIJIU & YUASA, - Wheels FALCON, - Special products TAKEGAWA & KITACO,... Supplier of: Motorcycle parts and accessories | Motorcycle clothing | motocross spare parts | motorcross accessories | motorcycle accessories [+] motorcycle replacement parts | motorcycle riding gear | motorcycle spare parts
    GREECE - Nea Filadelfeia
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  • ...Tension – Pulleys, Timing belts, Throttle cables, Timing chain kits, Water pumps, Wheel bearings Brakes, Set Timing Belt, Needle Roller, Transmission Belts, Industrial Spare Parts, Transmission Bearings. Supplier of: Bearings - ball, needle and roller | brakes for transmissions | automobile transmission bearings | braking system spares | transmission belts
    GREECE - Athens
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  • ...knowledge and experience with supply chains and take the strain off customers by regularly operating on Kanban systems whilst still providing quality products at competitive prices (consistently better priced than eBay and Amazon)... Supplier of: biodegradable lubricants | Horticulture & Forestry | refined industrial greases | agricultural oils | oil suppliers
    UNITED KINGDOM - Redditch
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  • ...Our list of supplies includes Stainless Steel, Brass, Plastic, Galvanized fittings, Ball Valves, Gauges, Filtration Systems and Clamps, Hi-Temp Hose Protection, Spill Kits, Oil and Lubrication Equipment. Supplier of: systems and equipment for lubrication and greasing | Hydraulic equipment | Pumps | stainless steel | filters and filtration systems
    CANADA - Mascot
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  • ...greases Multi purpose greases Automotive greases Plastic greases High temp. greases (for Steel Industry) Low friction & EP Silicone greases & Silicone compounds Paste & Spray Oil(chain oil, gear oil, etc.) Supplier of: Lubricants for cars | specialty greases for automotive industry | specialty greases for electric and electrialc industry | specialty greases for steel and food and bearing industry | specialty greases for general and various industires
    SOUTH KOREA - Seoul
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  • ...panel wire and pipe fasteners, seals, disc springs, circlips and threaded fasteners through to lubricants and bonding substances. Single Source Solution, to help you streamline your supply chain. Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | wave springs | fasteners
    UNITED KINGDOM - Heathfield
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  • ...coating ingredients. Use used for bicycle chains, automobile noise, clutches, bearings, machine shafts, motorcycle chains, gear boxes, pivots and various tools Effects: lubricating, dehumidifying, extending the life span Features the... Supplier of: lubricant | Diamond tools | cutter
    SOUTH KOREA - Seoul
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  • come.The people behind HanCole are some of the most competent, reputable, and experienced professionals in oleochemicals, international marketing, and supply chain management in the Asia-Pacific Region. Supplier of: Inorganic bases and compounds
    HONG KONG - Central
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  • ...slides Overload clutches Guides Clutches Belts ETP Toothed chains Elevator buckets Toothed bars Noise-suppressing materials Lubricants Pneumatic equipment We are looking forward to doing business with you! Supplier of: Transmission belts | conveyor belts
    POLAND - Lublin
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  • ...used in special low or high temperaturethe theory is the reaction of alcohol with acid.mainly used details products is: fire resistant hydraulic oils, high temperature chain oils, air compressor oils.etc. Supplier of: ester for synthetic lubricants | Hydrocarbons and derivatives
    CHINA - Qingdao
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  • Supplier of: Lubrication equipment and machinery | Chains | Chains, iron and steel | Transportation chains | Electric and electronic components - machines for manufacturing
    GERMANY - Marktheidenfeld
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  • Supplier of: Chains | Lubrication equipment and machinery | Oilers
    POLAND - Bilgoraj
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