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    GERMANY- Wildau
    WHITE STEEL GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We are a leading manufacturer of machines and production lines. WE THEREFORE CREATE SOLUTIONS FOR ALL YOUR PRODUCTION LINES. In addition, White Steel GmbH is one of the largest technology suppliers...

    Supplier of: Bottling and filling - machinery and equipment | Cartoning machinery | Labelling machines | packing machines | rubber mixers [+] 3d mixer machines | process reactors | 3-side labelling machines | detergent production systems | automatic liquid filling and labelling machines | balling machines | barrel filling sealing and capping machines | milk cooling tanks | rotary filling machines | vacuum reactor machines

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    GERMANY- Hamburg
    GEORG FLES GMBH - Verified by Europages

    For over 130 years, Georg Fles GmbH has made a name for itself as a reliable supplier of high-quality raw foodstuffs for the food industry. We have a variety of products of diverse origin that...

    Supplier of: Cheese | dried vegetables | meat extracts | proteins | organic products [+] fruit powder | fish powder | crustacean powder | fish extracts | herbs, dried | dried fruits | hvp – hydrolysed vegetable protein | dried pineapple | dried mango | artichoke powder

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    GERMANY- Bad Bramstedt
    AXEL BRINKHAUS GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    ...its second generation, manufactures speciality cheese. Since 2013, at our site in Bad Bramstedt, in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, we have been manufacturing our vegan cheese substitute, Veggi...

    Supplier of: Cheese | organic cheese | grated vegan cheese | cubed vegan cheese | sliced vegan cheese [+] vegan soft cheese | cheese substitutes | vegan cheese | vegan alternative to cheese | Food Processing | gluten-free product | organic foods | organic products | vegan food | vegetarian food

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    GERMANY- Lennestadt
    WESTMARK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    In 1956, Hubert Deimel founded the "Hubert Deimel Haushaltwarenfabrik". It manufactured the "famous" potato peelers. The product was a sales hit and formed the basis for the company's successful...

    Supplier of: cheese graters | Tin openers | baking tins | nut crackers | measuring cups [+] pepper grinder | mincers | basketwork | table placemats | stoppers | garlic press | kitchen aids | baking accessories | household goods | egg cutters

    • Westmark Westmark Cheese slicer »Gallant«
    • Westmark Westmark Cheese slicer »Fromarex«
    • Westmark Westmark Cheese slicer »Rollschnitt«
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    FRANCE- Auros
    MAISON VOISINE - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 2002, MAISON VOISINE is a family-owned company. We are a manufacturer and wholesaler of craft foodstuffs from France's Aquitaine region. MAISON VOISINE was founded to provide a local and...

    Supplier of: Cheese | traditional cheese | sale of cheese products | Meats, cooked and cured | Pork meats, tinned [+] Ham | Foods, precooked and gourmet | raw ham | fresh butchered products | butchers - meat | salami | chorizo | rillettes | cooked ham | cheesemaking

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    FRANCE- Rouffiac-Tolosan
    ROUFFIAC DISTRIBUTION S.A.S - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Cheese | Food - import-export | Beverages - import-export | Livestock and poultry - feed | Drinks [+] Coffee and tea | Dairy products | Pet foods | Agricultural Production | Vegetable oils | Dried fruits | Pulses | Spices | Baby foods | Non-alcoholic drinks

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    BRUNNER-ANLIKER AG - Verified by Europages

    Brunner-Anliker is a leading manufacturer of machines used to slice, chop, grate, grind and separate foodstuffs. The company's around 80 members of staff create a quality product which is produced in...

    Supplier of: Cheese | parmesan cheese | cheese grater | Dried fruits | mango [+] potato crisps | tomatoes | legumes | coffee | mill | chopping | grating | peeling and shelling | fruits | sultanas

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  • Since 1990, we have been one of the most successful food wholesalers in the Berlin wholesale market area. Our sales area of over 5500 m2 includes the following extensive selection of products: Fruit...

    Supplier of: Cheese | Food - import-export | Fish, tinned | Vegetables, preserved | Olives [+] Spices | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | fresh vegetables | ketchup | milk derivatives | tomatoes | peeled tomatoes | sweet peppers | corn flours | packaging material

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  • Die Beste Köchin is a family business based in Munich, which was founded in 1994 by Athina Navrosidu, and has since then been making first-class, high-quality products according to Greek and...

    Supplier of: Cheese | feta cheese | fresh cheeses | Olives | Foods, gourmet [+] Olive oil | delicatessen products | sun-dried tomatoes | chilli pepper | figs | export | chick-peas | seafood | antipasti | mediterranean delicacies

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    AUSTRIA- Königsdorf
    MATTES KG - Verified by Europages

    TRADING B.V. is a private trading company in the Netherlands with headquarters in Rotterdam. We provide our valued customers with worldwide business solutions and high-quality branded products at...

    Supplier of: Olive oil | Construction machinery | Cereals and grains | Spices | Pork [+] Fats, edible | meats | sunflower oil | biological oils | wood trade | lamb | farm machinery | linseed oil | seafood | fresh fruits and vegetables

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    BELGIUM- Nivelles
    CHEVRARDENNES - Verified by Europages

    ...experimental plant dedicated to producing goat's cheese in Bastogne, in the heart of Belgium's Ardennes region. The plant was then taken over by Vache Bleue, enabling it to benefit from the Loicq family's expertise...

    Supplier of: Cheese | goats' cheeses | cow's milk cheeses | fresh cheeses | cheeses and dairy products [+] organic cheese | wholesale cheeses | semi-hard cheese | cheese refining | farm-fresh cheeses | cheese making and maturing | organic cheese dairy | soft goat's cheese | organic milk cheeses | hard cheese

    Brands : ChèvrArdennes | VIEUX LIEGE | WATERLOO

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    SERVI DORYL - Verified by Europages

    Specialised in plastic manufacturing applied to cheese-making technology, Servi Doryl designs, manufactures and sells worldwide moulds, mould blocks, curdling tanks, draining trays, and many other products for all types of...

    Supplier of: Cheese | cheese moulds | moulds for cheese production | cheese making facilities and equipment | dairies and cheese makers - machinery and equipment [+] hard cheese mould | soft cheese mould | cheese moulds | cheese-making equipment | cheese-making equipment and materials | cheese-making mould blocks | cheese mould blocks | cheese moulding | cheese-making equipment | cheese draining trays

    • Double bottom block-moulds Double bottom block-moulds
    • Square, rectangular, oval shaped moulds and block-moulds Square, rectangular, oval shaped moulds and block-moulds
    • Moulds and blocks-moulds special shapes Moulds and blocks-moulds special shapes
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    FRANCE- Aboncourt-Gesincourt
    PATURAGES COMTOIS - Verified by Europages

    The Hauts du Val de Saône cooperative has exported since the early 90's with 60% of its soft cheese production for export (30% outside EU)

    Supplier of: Cheese | Dairy products | Import-export - food and agriculture | Food - import-export

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    FRANCE- Chambray Les Tours
    SEREM SOCOREM - Verified by Europages

    ...for the food industry. We are manufacturers of cheese packaging machinery. We also retrofit and update packaging machines: electrical systems updated, mechanical guards fitted, CE standards. Our packaging machines...

    Supplier of: Cheese | cheese packaging lines | cheese packaging | cheese-making machinery | servicing of cheese packaging machinery [+] cheese packaging machine repair | distributor of cheese boxes | cheese rack unstacking machines | cheese conveying | cheese boxing | cheese packaging machines | Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | alpma reconditioning | reconditioning of packaging machinery

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    BELGIUM- Celles
    MATHOT - SOFRA - Verified by Europages

    Rochefort cheese and butter maker. Our company packs "extra" quality dairy products. They are wrapped to the strictest hygiene standards! We select the best regional, national and European butters, and pack...

    Supplier of: Cheese | rochefort cheese | belgian cheese making factory | abbaye cheeses | Dairy products [+] butter | rochefort butter | blondel butter | saint jacques butter | floreffe butter | belgian butter-making plant | celles sur lesse butter | val de lesse butter | butter made for own-label brands

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    ITALY- Sant'ilario D'enza
    DALTER ALIMENTARI S.P.A. - Verified by Europages

    ...selection and packaging of grated and portioned cheeses: the range includes mature Italian DOP cheese (Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Pecorino Romano), cheeses similar to grana padano, mixes and other hard...

    Supplier of: Cheese | aged cheeses | grated cheeses | cheese wholesalers | grana padano cheese [+] cheese in single-portion packs | cheese in single-portion packs | parmigiano reggiano | grana padano | parmigiano producer | grated parmigiano reggiano | grated grana padano | single-portion parmigiano | single-portion parmigiano reggiano

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    ITALY- Contignano-Radicofani
    CASEIFICIO VALD'ORCIA - Verified by Europages

    The production of Cacio di Pienza is an age-old tradition that's been handed down from generation to generation. The milk producers have come together to form the Cooperativa di Cotignano,...

    Supplier of: Cheese | fresh cheeses | pienza pecorino cheese | sardinian pecorino cheese

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    ITALY- Breda Di Piave
    CASEIFICIO TOMASONI SRL - Verified by Europages

    ...Tomasoni creamery produces soft and firm cheeses, hard and semi-hard, by processing milk sourced from local farms. The main products are Crema del Piave, a popular cheese enjoyed for its smoothness,...

    Supplier of: Cheese | cheese | fresh cheeses | stracchino cheese | buffalo milk cheeses [+] regional and typical cheeses | cheese factories | main lines are crema del piave, a popular creamy cheese, pannarello and casatella trevigiana pdo; | casatella trevigiana pdo

    Brands : CREMA DEL PIAVE

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  • SARCA S.R.L.
    ITALY- Soragna
    SARCA S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    Sarca is based in Soragna and vacuum packages hard and semi-hard cheeses including Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano using thermoformed and modified atmosphere Cryovac process, in film and bags....

    Supplier of: Cheese | vacuum-packaging for hard cheese | vacuum-packaging for cheese | Packaging contractors | contract packaging [+] vacuum thermoforming | parmigiano reggiano | enveloping | grana padano | subcontract packing and packaging for maritime transport | subcontract packing and packaging for rail transport | subcontract packing and packaging | packaging for export | subcontract packing and packaging for air transport

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    ESTONIA- Tallinn
    DANA EUROPE OU - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 2002, DANA Dairy is a major producer and provider of various milk products to the world’s market. Through the years, we have come to take pride in the quality of our dairy products and the...

    Supplier of: mozzarella cheese | cheddar cheese | Baby foods | milk for babies | uht milk [+] evaporated milk | flavoured milk | goat's milk | drinking yoghurt | powdered milk | infant formula | sweetened condensed milk | long life yogurt | baby cereals

    • DANA Cheese DANA Cheese Creamy Soft Processed Preportioned Spreadable
    •  Slice cheese Slice on Slice packed Slice cheese Slice on Slice packed SLICE-ON-SLICE (SOS) CHEDDAR CHEESEOur Dana Slice-on-Slice
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    INNOFOOD COMPANY - Verified by Europages

    Inno Food Company BV is an agent, distributor and wholesaler of (new) brands and products in the food sector, founded in 2009 in the Netherlands. Creator and supporter of food concepts to improve...

    Supplier of: perro léon no-cheese cubes pizza flavour | perro léon no-cheese filled peppers | Foods, health | gluten-free dishes | vegan friends candies [+] vegan frozen food | perro léon cheezy vegan bread | perro léon vegan tapas | perro léon no-meat garlic slices | vegan friends ice cream | vegan friends crackers | noya drinks chia | lactose free dishes | perro léon

    • Vegan No-cheese Filled Pepper Vegan No-cheese Filled Pepper 1 jar is 80 gram no-cheese filled pepper
    • Vegan Tapas No-cheese Cubes Mozzarella, Cheddar Of Pizza Flavour Vegan Tapas No-cheese Cubes Mozzarella, Cheddar Of Pizza Flavour 1 jar is 100 gram no-cheese cubes
    • Vegan Tapas No-cheese Cubes Gouda Flavour Vegan Tapas No-cheese Cubes Gouda Flavour 1 jar is 100 gram no-cheese cubes
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    POLAND- Warszawa
    FOODCOM S.A. - Verified by Europages

    Trading company operating in foodstuff and feedstuff industry. We specialize in trade of dairy products; vegetable proteins; food and feed additives. Offer is directed to companies in the B2B...

    Supplier of: industrial cheese | Protein additives | Powdered and condensed milk | amino-acids | powdered milk [+] full cream powdered milk | potato protein | milk powders | skimmed milk powder | fat filled milk powder | plant-based proteins | feed additives | whey powders | dairy industry

    • Maasdam 45% Maasdam 45%
    • Cheddar Cheddar
    • Edam 40% Edam 40%
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  • The Podere San Vincenzo cheese factory produces Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO. 800 open-grazing buffaloes. Company with certified quality and traceability, the first Italian Buffalo Farm. Buffalo...

    Supplier of: Cheese | smoked provola cheese | fresh cheeses | cheese factories | scamorza cheese [+] caciocavallo cheese | Dairy products | Food - import-export | household products distribution | buffalo-milk mozzarellas | buffalo ricotta | mozzarella di bufala campana | lactose-free mozzarella | typical italian products

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  • ...wrapped in linen strips. The next stage is pressing. Once the ideal acidity has been reached, the cheeses undergo salting until the cheese absorbs the right amount of salt for subsequent maturation.

    Supplier of: Cheese | cheese | fresh cheeses | hard cheeses | aged cheeses [+] Milk | ageing | parmigiano reggiano | grana padano | gorgonzola | butter

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  • ...mozzarella, braided mozzarella, smoked provola cheese. Ciliegina mozzarella, mozzarella balls, mozzarella, "nodini" mozzarella, braided mozzarella, provola cheese. Burrata, stracciatella, caciocavallo,...

    Supplier of: cheese | regional and typical cheeses | wholesale cheeses | cheese factories | caciocavallo cheese [+] Food - import-export | Dairy products | buffalo-milk mozzarellas | wholesale of dairy products | foodstuffs export | supplies for pizzerias | mozzarella for pizza | italian pizza ingredients | mozzarellas

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  • ...Syry is a producer of foods: hard and semi-hard cheeses, soft cheeses, butter, ghee oil. The factory produces and provides wholesale of the following food products under the Sarmatia and Byelovezhskije Syry brands: —traditional and exclusive cheeses...

    Supplier of: Cheese | cheeses and dairy products | semi-hard cheese | hard cheeses | Food - import-export [+] Miscellaneous products of animal origin | gouda | foodstuffs - import/export | farm-churned butter | dairies | foodstuffs | wholesale foodstuffs | producer of food products | fresh wholemilk butter

    • Cheese Queen of Spades with walnut flavor Cheese Queen of Spades with walnut flavor
    • Cheese Sarmatia Gruyère Cheese Sarmatia Gruyère
    • Cheese Sarmatia Gramercy Cheese Sarmatia Gramercy
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    SPAIN- Olmedo-Valladolid
    MOZZARELLA NAPOLI - Verified by Europages

    Choose the type of cheese you like and we will mix it for you. Thanks to the continuous advice of an Italian team of experts, we have organized our production mode to match current criteria, yet have...

    Supplier of: Cheese-making machinery | Cheese | cheese shops | cheesemaking | mozzarella [+] cheesemakers | dairy preparation

    Brands : Napoli

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    SPAIN- Sant Feliu De Guixols-Girona
    CAN KIKU ARTESANOS DE LA CARNE - Verified by Europages

    Maximum quality at prices accessible to everyone. This is our philosophy and we work everyday to provide you fresh quality products. We work with a wide variety of meats, from Gerona veal to pork,...

    Supplier of: Cheese | Meats | veal | pork | mutton [+] poultry meat | hamburger | botifarras

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  • Battistella Fromages ripens and sells the best cheeses. The Battistella family hit on the winning idea of marrying cheeses with the best wines from Venetia and with Italian beer. Ripening is the path to improvement....

    Supplier of: Cheese | aged cheeses | regional and typical cheeses | cheese factories | ageing [+] parmigiano reggiano | household products distribution

    Brands : GRANA PADANO

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    ITALY- Aidone
    CENTRO FORM SRL - Verified by Europages

    The company has existed for more than a century. In keeping with the most authoritative tradition, it selects the finest milk from the province of Enna and Sicily and exploits the climate for natural...

    Supplier of: Cheese | cheese factories | aged cheeses | italian cheeses | flavoured cheeses [+] unripened soft cheeses | pecorino siciliano | piacentinu ennese

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