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    GERMANY- Karlsruhe
    ABCR GMBH - Verified by Europages

    abcr. Good chemistry. Our service makes all the difference. abcr is your full service provider for the production and distribution, research and development of organic, inorganic and organometallic...

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | chemical catalysts | inorganic chemicals | organic chemicals | fine chemicals [+] catalysts | chemical products | chemical and pharmaceutical | Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | Chemistry, organic - raw materials and derivatives | Zirconium | Chemicals - import-export | Chemistry - laboratory products | fine chemistry | amino-acids

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    SOUTH KOREA- Seongnae-Ro 6-Gil, Gangdong-Gu, Seoul
    EC PLAZA - Verified by Europages

    Since it's creation in 1996, ECPlaza has grown as a N.1 leader in providing online and offline service. Based on export marketing, we operate not only as a B2B website, EDI service and trade...

    Supplier of: chemicals | Agriculture - import-export | Make-up | Beauty products | Cosmetics [+] Skin-care products | Bags | Textile - import-export | E-business - services | Leather Goods | Tools & Hardware | construction material | electronics | accessories for pets | packing

    • Natural Biocide (MSK-NE150) Oxidizing Biocide Natural Biocide (MSK-NE150) Oxidizing Biocide Natural Biocide
    • Catalyst - TWC, DOC, DPF, SCR, AOC Catalyst - TWC, DOC, DPF, SCR, AOC
    • Master batch Master batch
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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    NANOCOM LLC - Verified by Europages

    Nanocom LLC is a developer of quasicrystalline powder modifier for reducing friction coefficient and the technology of its commercial production. The company has developed a technology that reduced...

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | catalyst for methanol reforming | Anti-vibration supports | Iron alloys | Metallurgy - machinery and installations [+] anti-wear coverings | development and innovation | special alloys | metallurgy | powder metallurgy | composite materials | hydrogen storage | composite coatings | bioactivator for chlorella growth | additive in lubricants

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    GERMANY- Neuenrade
    SCHNIEWINDT GMBH & CO.  KG - Verified by Europages

    Schniewindt was founded in Westfalia in 1829 and is an independent, performance-oriented family business. Since the invention of the “Schniewindt grid” in 1902, we have produced electrical...

    Supplier of: Elements, electric | Burners, industrial | cartridge heaters | flow heater | steam wand [+] brake resistors | electric heaters | heating rods | air heating | electric air heaters | flange heaters | space heaters | pipe heaters | cartridge heaters | immersion heaters

    • Petrochemical Industries Petrochemical Industries
    • Chemical Equipment Chemical Equipment
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    GERMANY- Mönsheim
    ATN WASSERAUFBEREITUNG - Verified by Europages

    We have been engaged in water treatment for over 25 years – clean, safe and sustainable. ATN stands for maximum flexibility to implement your individual customer requirements. No matter whether you...

    Supplier of: Water retreatment - equipment and installations | water treatment advice | plant construction | activated carbon filter | cooling water treatment [+] water conditioning | water conservation | filtration | membrane filtration | process water treatment plants | ultrafiltration plants | industrial water | water treatment plants for the drinks industry | water treatment plants for the food industry | well water treatment

    • Ion Exchange Ion Exchange Sous-titre 2
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  • ...rhodium nitrate and other precious metal catalysts - sodium benzoate and benzoic acid - sodium molybdate and ammonium molybdate - Turkey-red oil, rapeseed oil, fish oil and other sulphated fatty acids - carbon black -...

    Supplier of: chemical catalysts | Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | titanium dioxide | boric acid | carbon black [+] chromium oxide | cobalt oxide | copper oxide | benzotriazole | tolyltriazole | cryolite | fluorspar | silver nitrate | silver sulphate | turkey-red oil

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    GERMANY- Ingelheim
    MIDAS PHARMA GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Midas Pharma offers products and services that cover the entire pharmaceutical value chain. As a medium-sized pharmaceutical company, we offer a full range of expertise while connecting companies,...

    Supplier of: chemical and pharmaceutical | chemicals | Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products | Pharmaceutical products | Biotechnologies [+] parapharmaceutical products | packing for the pharmaceutical industry | biological activators | trospium chloride | ketoprofen | trifluoroacetic acid | sodium borohydride | amfepramone | sterile production

    • Trifluoroacetic acid Trifluoroacetic acid 2,2,2-Trifluoroacetic acid; CAS 76-05-1
    • Sodium Borohydride Sodium Borohydride Sodium Borohydride; Intermediate; CAS 16940-66-2
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    ITALY- Prato
    TOSCOCHIMICA SPA - Verified by Europages

    Since 1961, Toscochimica has been marketing and distributing chemical products on a wholesale basis, destined to customers in various industries such as textile, paper, tanning, goldsmithing, glass,...

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | Chemical binders | chemical product | Strippers and abrasives, chemical | Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives [+] Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | Salt, industrial | Water treatment products | swimming pool chemicals | alcohols | thinners | industrial salts | solvents | water softener salt

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    CZECH REP.- Praha
    PENTA CHEMICALS - Verified by Europages

    Czech company PENTA CHEMICALS was established in 1990 under the trade name Ing. Petr Švec – PENTA s.r.o. The Czech family company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of pure, laboratory,...

    Supplier of: Chemistry - laboratory products | Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | Liquors and spirits

    Brands : Penta

    • Ammonium Acetate Ammonium Acetate Chemicals
    • Amidosulfonic Acid Amidosulfonic Acid Chemicals
    • Aluminum Sulfate Octadecahydrate Aluminum Sulfate Octadecahydrate Chemicals
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    GERMANY- Hamburg
    NORDMANN, RASSMANN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts

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    UNITED STATES- Long Island City

    Creative Bioarray is an innovative biotechnology company whose mission is to develop unique technologies that provide researchers with the tools to investigate life science. We provide a wide range...

    Supplier of: Scientific research equipment | primary cells | tumor cells | human cells | animal cells

    • HEP-CBR-C9 HEP-CBR-C9 tumor cells
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    GERMANY- Berlin

    Buy Anti-Anxiety Pills online. Xanax is prescribed (and it must be prescribed to be bought legally) for the treatment of anxiety in chronic sufferers of anxiety attacks and panic disorders. It is one...

    Supplier of: Medicines, patent

    • Top Quality Caluanie Muelear Oxidize Top Quality Caluanie Muelear Oxidize Caluanie Muelear Oxidize
    • 5 kg Liquid Caluanie Muelear Oxidize Industrial Chemical 5 kg Liquid Caluanie Muelear Oxidize Industrial Chemical 5 kg Liquid Caluanie Muelear Oxidize Industrial Chemical
    • Caluanie Muelear Caluanie Muelear Caluanie Muelear Oxidize
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  • Ningguo Long Day Chemical Co., Ltd was whole owned subsidiary of Ms Anhui Shengli Pesticide & Chemistry co., Ltd. Located at Wangxi Park, a state level economic development zone in Ningguo, Anhui ,...

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | chemicals | chemical product | Chemicals - import-export | surfactants

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    IRAN- Esfahan

    jgp co is an Iranian supplier and manufacturer who can supply you any kind of petroleum product ( such as bitumen grades, bitumen penetration grades, viscosity grades bitumen, oxidized bitumen,...

    Supplier of: Bitumens | bitumen all grade | base oil | rubber process oil | petroleum products

    • sodium hydroxide soild sodium hydroxide soild caustic soda flakes 98%, 99%, 99/9%
    • sodium hydroxide in paper industry sodium hydroxide in paper industry caustic soda flakes and lye
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  • Shanghai Taikang Nanochemistry Technology Limited is one new company which is specialized in nanochemistry technology developing, research and production. Our main product is nanoparticl drug...

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | hydroxyapatite | tricalcium phosphate | nano copper oxide | aluminum oxide powder

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    LITHUANIA- Vilnius

    ...maintenance and repair works in the refineries, chemical, energy and cogeneration plants, both scheduled and emergency. The equipment and personnel can be mobilized 24/7 for work execution within a shortest possible time....

    Supplier of: catalyst regeneration for the petrochemical industry | Cleaning, industrial | industrial vacuum | high-pressure cleaning | mechanical works

    • Catalyst replacement in nitrogen medium Catalyst replacement in nitrogen medium Our qualified employees with long-standing experience carry out industrial react
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    FRANCE- Etoges

    A1 Researchers Online are one of the largest suppliers of Industrial Chemicals in Europe. We are firmly established as a go-to source for a wide range of Industrial chemical, providing...

    Supplier of: Chemicals - import-export

    • Silver Mercury Silver Mercury Raw Liquid Silver Mercury for sale
    • Liquid Red Mercury 20/20 Liquid Red Mercury 20/20 High Grade Liquid Red Mercury 20/20 available in Europe
    • Cherry Red Mercury 20/20 Cherry Red Mercury 20/20 Bulk Cherry Red Mercury 20/20
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    CHINA- Pingxiang, Jiangxi

    Yuanying Industry Limited was founded in 1996, has been committed to offer the most accurate product solutions, the best quality service and a full range of technical consultation. We not only focus...

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | activated alumina | activated carbon | silica gel | molecular sieves

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    TURKEY- Istanbul

    FerhadPetrokimya is a well-known Turkish company in order to assist and fully utilise the export of petrochemicals manufactured in Middle East to the rest of the world. Company “FerhadPetrokimya”...

    Supplier of: Diagnosis reagents | selling hdpe virgin granules | selling lldp virgin granules | granules raw form

    • Aromatic Chemicals Aromatic Chemicals Perfum chemicals
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  • We manfuacature catalyst for petrochemical industry and environmental protection, to purifying gas, accelebrate production speed or decompositing gas.For sample, ammonia decomposition catalyst,...

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | exhaust treatment catalyst | ceramic ball

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  • A&J Automation, the professional keep improving manufacture, not only supply the blood collection tube equipment, but also provide the technical support and key solution! Connie ZhangThe Manager of...

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | blood collection tube machine | automation equipment | automtaion fully assembly line | blood collection tubes

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    Solvay offers a broad range of products that contribute to improving quality of life and its customers' performance in markets such as consumer goods, construction, automotive, energy, water and...

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | Chemical fertilizers | hydrogen peroxide | calcium chloride | caustic soda

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  • Methyl cellulose (MC) and hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) is a kind of non-ionic cellulose ether which made from cellulose, by a series of chemical processing. MC and HPMC are odorless,...

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | hpmc | hydroxypropyl methylcellulose | hypromellose | mhpc

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    BELGIUM- Lommel

    J&K Scientific, we understand that chemistry goes beyond scientific principles, and that business is more than the exchange of goods and services. Chemistry is a tool for understanding and meeting...

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | organic chemistry | analytical chemistry | life science | materials science

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    UNITED STATES- Detroit

    Hawach Scientific offers customer one-stop purchase, marketing strategy and solution for laboratory filtration products. We strive to offer the best solution for customers' business and superior...

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | syringe filter | filter paper | membrane filter | filter bag

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  • Pengkai Chemial is a China mainland chemical enterprise operating for more than 9 years as a professional ISO9001 certified manufacturer and with 6 years’ export experience by supplying Phosphorus...

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | ammonium polyphosphate flame retardant | ammonium polyphosphate fertilizer | emulsion cationic polyacrylamide

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Keighley

    Established over 41 years ago, Airedale chemical supplies over 200 chemicals to 25 different markets in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Airedale Chemical operate on the four core values of Innovation,...

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | chemical manufacturing | chemical distribution | dyes | toll manufacturing

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  • Pure Technology(HK) Co., Limited is a high tech company, which is specializing in producing high quality Rutile Titanium Dioxide , high purity non-pigment Titanium Dioxide and Anatase Titanium...

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | titanium dioxide | tio2 | paint | coatings, plastic

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    CHINA- Weifang

    Sodium Metabisulfite is White or light yellow crystal powder, a strong smell of sulfur dioxide, relative density is 1.4, easy to dissolve in water(20°C, 54g/100ml water, 100°C, 81.7g/100ml water) and...

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | mineral salt | mineral salt | mineral salt | mineral salt

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  • Qingdao Toplit Industry Co., located in beautiful Qingdao, the position of our company is superior with convenient sea, air transportation and land-carriage.We are a comprehensive enterprise,...

    Supplier of: Chemical catalysts | export | international trade consultants | sales department

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