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  • Our PowerJet series of dry ice blasters deliver even more power with an ice throughput of 40 to 150 kg/hr. Thanks to the effective single-tube system, a very hard jet can be produced, with which even...

    Supplier of: cleaning machines for industrial parts | part cleaning | parts cleaning machines | machines and installations for cleaning tools | cleaning of printing machines [+] cleaning of industrial machinery | cleaning of machines and installations | Blast cleaning equipment | dry ice | components for screw compressors | dry ice blasting machines | tabletop ice blasting machines | floor standing ice blasting machines | dry ice pelletizers | ice blasting machines

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Ellesmere

    ...and cleaning. No matter what industry you are in, we have a comprehensive range of products designed to meet today's demand for lower costs, improved quality, pollution control and a safer working...

    Supplier of: Recycling - machines and installations | water evaporation systems | solvent distillers | drum crushers | paint spray washers

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    GERMANY- Tübingen
    SMITO-TECHNIC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    SMiTO-Technic GmbH is a highly specialist company in the development and manufacture of chemical-based paint removal systems. What began life as a paint removal dip tank has evolved to become a...

    Supplier of: parts cleaning machines | chemical industrial cleaning | cleaning equipment for small parts | parts cleaning devices | Chemical industry - machinery and equipment [+] chemical varnish removal | soaking tanks | paint removal | removal of paint coating aids | removing paint from metal parts | paint removal systems | paint removal baths | paint removal dip tanks | paint removal machine | paint stripper

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  • DHD Clean Parts GmbH & Co. KG was founded in November 2017 after the separation of DHD Technology GmbH & Co. KG. DHD Clean Parts GmbH & Co. KG's key area of expertise is industrial parts cleaning. In...

    Supplier of: Cleaning machines, industrial | part cleaning | ultrasonic cleaning of large parts | parts cleaning with chc | parts cleaning with hc [+] Mechanical surface treatment - machinery | contract washing of metal parts | knitted wire mesh | testing technical cleanliness | metal degreasing | cleaning electronic components | contract ultrasonic cleaning | cleaning reusable packaging | cleaning small load carriers | cleaning, technical

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  • BOUS has become a specialist for cleaning and degreasing systems since 1932. Our range of products includes virtually all types of cleaning systems: Through-feed cleaning systems, flood cleaning...

    Supplier of: Cleaning machines, industrial | conveyor belt cleaning machines | cleaning machines | machines and installations for cleaning tools | cleaning systems for small parts [+] cleaning systems for machine parts | ultrasonic automatic cleaning machines | high pressure washes | systems for precision cleaning | surface pretreatment | cleaning system construction | continuous flow cleaning systems | pipe washing systems | spray wash systems | immersion cleaning systems

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    SPAIN- Paterna-Valencia
    BRIO ULTRASONICS - Verified by Europages

    For over 20 years, the team at A&J Tecno Innovacions S.L. have been designing, manufacturing and selling industrial machinery, notably ultrasonic cleaners, across the country and around the world. We...

    Supplier of: Cleaning machines, industrial | parts cleaning machines | machines for industrial cleaning | design of industrial cleaning machines | equipment for ultrasonic washing [+] ultrasonic cleaning | ultrasonic devices | ultrasound cleaning technology | ultrasonic cleaning equipment | ultrasonic cleaner

    • BR-30 LAB Plus BR-30 LAB Plus 30 L Manual Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
    • BR-20 LAB Plus BR-20 LAB Plus 30 L Manual Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
    • BR-6 LAB Plus BR-6 LAB Plus 6 L Manual Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
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    GERMANY- Duisburg
    JETCLEAN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    JETCLEAN GmbH was founded in 1998 in Duisburg, Germany. Since then we have been busy developing and distributing solutions for the internal cleaning of tubes and hoses. Many of our solutions have...

    Supplier of: Cleaning machines, industrial | parts cleaning devices | hydraulic hoses | steam boilers for dye works | cleaning hydraulic pipes [+] internal pipe cleaning | pipe-cleaning systems | boiler cleaning | jet-clean cleaning | cleaning hydraulic pipes

    • FERRET machine FERRET machine Soot remover for industrial smoke tube boilers
    • ptcsystem cleaning for tubes and hoses ptcsystem cleaning for tubes and hoses For the internal cleaning of tubes (AD 6,0 - 65,0) and hoses (1/4" - 2")
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  • Supplier of: Cleaning machines, industrial | part cleaning | metal washing | collectors | recovery of solvents

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    FRANCE- Woustviller
    PERIFERI SAS - Verified by Europages

    ...machines for blown and injected plastic parts. We namely provide conventional and clean (hot gas, laser infra-red) welding machines, as well as cutting, stamping and assembly. We have two design offices: one in automation...

    Supplier of: Plastics - industrial machinery and equipment | Welding, plastics - machinery | Injection, plastics - machinery | automation of industrial machinery | blow-moulded plastic parts for automobiles [+] industrial machine assembly | plastics manufacturing | technical-grade plastic parts | plastic parts for the automobile industry | blow-moulded plastic components assembly | plastic cutting | plastic machining | we design finishing machines for plastic parts | blown plastic parts | finishing machines for blown parts

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  • ...and producing industrial washing machines since 1996. One of the strengths of the TPS manufacturing team is developing solutions customised to our customers' requirements and needs and manufacturing them 100% at our...

    Supplier of: Cleaning machines, industrial | part cleaning | parts cleaning machines | cleaning systems for small parts | conveyor belt cleaning machines [+] cleaning equipment for small parts | cleaning system construction | industrial washing machines | machines and systems for washing metal | ultrasonic cleaning systems | deburring machines | continuous flow cleaning systems | metal cleaning systems | washing equipment for containers | continuous washing machines

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    GERMANY- Gosheim
    GRIMM AG - Verified by Europages

    ...assemblies. As a high-tech company in the machining industry, we have outgrown the role of simple supplier a long time ago. We see ourselves as a functioning cog in an increasingly complex and interlinked production...

    Supplier of: Steel & Metals | contract cnc lathe work | steel turned parts | spur gears | pump shafts [+] stainless steel turned parts | gearing parts | toothed wheels for mechanical engineering | shafts (machinery parts) | cnc turned parts | precision turned parts | cnc milling work | contract gear tooth cutting | steel and metal boring | shafts, ground

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  • ...producing and distributing parts, machine and plant construction components, conveyor technology, construction machinery industry, exhibition stand construction, electrical industry, metal goods industry. Production focus: Welding and...

    Supplier of: Mechanical engineering - custom work | welding components | specialised mechanical engineering | manipulators for heavy loads | large milled parts [+] machining of large parts | large parts, welded | load-carrying equipment with ce declaration | circular seam welding machines | circular welders | stainless steel welded assemblies | welded constructions for construction machinery | automation equipment for welding and cutting | assemblies for apparatus engineering | assemblies for mechanical engineering

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  • ...and other establishments in the food industry. With our deep frying appliances, lye application machines and infra-red oven, a huge variety of products are manufactured worldwide. We also enjoy a high level of trust within the...

    Supplier of: baking tray cleaning machines | tray cleaning machine | Pastry-making - machinery and equipment | friers | lye application machines [+] deep frying appliances | continuous deep fryers | infrared ovens | bakery supplies | bakery machinery | lye application machinery | continuous open kettle fryers | deep frying machines | automatic pastry filler | industrial continuous deep fryer ida

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    FRANCE- Rueil-Malmaison
    FEMIA INDUSTRIE - Verified by Europages

    ...the canning, deep freezing and fresh produce industries on every continent. From product reception in the factory to its transfer to packaging or freezing line, we have an answer to your every need, with a wide range of capacities...

    Supplier of: Vegetables, fresh | Washing equipment for fruits, vegetables and fish | Sorting and sizing equipment for fruits and vegetables | Food Processing | Food Industry - Machines & Equipment [+] fruit and vegetable processing machinery | dry destoners | machinery for food-processing products | fruits and vegetables preparation lines | vegetables and fruits processing lines | machines and lines for green peas | machines and lines for green beans | machines and lines for sweet corn | machines and lines for potato chips and french fries | vegetable and fruit drying line

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    CHINA- Shenzhen Guangdong

    ...stamping, welding products for all kinds of industry. The materials are stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, brass, carbon steel, etc. We can meet all industry demands, such as : Electric appliance, Electronic, Auto parts, LED...

    Supplier of: Turning - steels and metals | cnc turned parts | cnc machining parts | turning parts | aluminium machining parts [+] stainless steel turning machining parts | metal sheet parts | fastener and screws | bushes | metal laser cutting parts | cnc machined blocks | cnc milling parts | brass cnc turned parts | swiss cnc turning parts | aluminium turned and milled parts

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  • ...for the food, pharmaceutical and parts cleaning industries for more than 25 years. We have been developing our own design, manufacture and automation through the most cutting-edge technologies and machinery in its fields. KITTNER embodies German corporate culture through precision and reliability. A significant part of the company's product...

    Supplier of: parts cleaning and degreasing machines | spray cleaning parts washer | aqueous spray cleaning parts washers | Food Industry - Machines & Equipment | water-based parts washer [+] industrial parts washer | stainless steel parts washers | top loaders | front loaders | top loading parts washer | front loading parts washer | manual parts washers with high pressure | tunnel parts washer | tunnel washing machine for components

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    CZECH REP.- Pisek
    LODA EUROPE S.R.O. - Verified by Europages

    ...of motors and parts across various industries and applications such as personal care, health care, cleaning and kitchen equipment, smart home, models and toys, automation and commercial appliances and automotive...

    Supplier of: Electric motors and parts | brushless motors | stepping motors | linear motors | mechatronics engineering [+] electrical engineering | bldc motor | brushless motor | coreless motor

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    GERMANY- Heppenheim
    KLN ULTRASCHALL AG - Verified by Europages

    ...and tools for welding and connecting plastic parts as well as industrial cleaning technology. The complex technologies of plastic connection technology and ultrasonic and spray cleaning technology are the main fields of activity of our company. At two...

    Supplier of: industrial cleaning technology | Ultrasound systems - Processing plastics | Welding robots | welding equipment for plastics | equipment for ultrasonic washing [+] machines, custom-built | sonotrodes | ultrasound cleaning equipment | generator | laser welding of plastics | rotation welders | plastic welding technology | plastic welding | tooling

    • Cleaning systems - PWA Cleaning systems - PWA Cleaning systems - PWA
    • Generators Generators Generators
    • Solvent cleaning machines/ combustible liquids Solvent cleaning machines/ combustible liquids Solvent cleaning machines/ combustible liquids
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    ITALY- Viciomaggio-Civitella In Val Di Chiana
    GIULIATTINI SRL - Verified by Europages sector and supplies for industry and local authorities. We sell industrial detergents for dishwashers, cleaning companies and vehicles, products for packing and shipping, cleaning machines and equipment....

    Supplier of: Cleaning machines, industrial | machines for industrial cleaning | hydropolishing machines for industrial cleaning | floor washers for industrial cleaning | Detergents and soaps - professional [+] vacuum cleaner for industrial use | floor cleaners and driers | floor cleaner hire

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Weston Coyney

    ...We supply a wide range of equipment from parts washers, small bench for type ultrasonic immersion tanks through to more complex designs. From multi-stage aqueous ultrasonic cleaning and passivation lines, low emission sealed solvent vapour degreasers, low...

    Supplier of: Cleaning, industrial | ultrasonic cleaning | aqueous cleaning process trials | contract cleaning for precision components | solvent cleaning process trials

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    TURKEY- Mersin Tarsus

    ...machinery and machine spare parts required for both domestic and foreign industrial plants as name Acarsan since its establishment till date. As well as these Acarsan Groups second company Acar-Lazer...

    Supplier of: Irrigation systems | Filtering equipment and supplies | Screen filters | Sprinkler systems | hydrocyclones

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    TURKEY- Konya

    We manufacturer for industrial cleaning machines mainly DPF/FAP/CAT, Turbo and Spare Part Cleaning machines located in Konya, Turkey. DPF-4001+ Cleaner Machine is our successful proposal for DPF cleaning, it is the result of a...

    Supplier of: Cleaning machines, industrial | oiling and flouring plants and equipment for the food and canning industry | spare part washing machine

    • DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine DPF 4001+ Clean Machine for DPF/CAT/FAP
    • DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine DPF 1001+ Clean Machine for Catalyst
    • DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine DPF 4001+ Clean Machine for DPF/CAT/FAP
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  • MAKTEM industrial Cleaning Machines Company We want to meet you with our more than 10 years cleaning machines Experience.We are Producing and serving our Brands and Qualify Brands of the World’s New generation Carpet/Seat and Home/Auto Cleaning industrial...

    Supplier of: Carpet cleaning machines | carpet washing | carpet cleaning | auto cleaning pressure water | automatic carpet

    • Carpet/floor washing, brushing  and Wax machine Carpet/floor washing, brushing and Wax machine carpet / floor wax and brush
    • Automatic Carpet cleaning machines Automatic Carpet cleaning machines
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  • ...and experience in the cleaning machines sector. Our model number, which was originally one machine we have produced, is now approaching the hundred. Our company, which is always trying to produce products on expectations of customers, increases the number of customers in the world and increases the number of countries we export. Our company which is exporting to 50 countries...

    Supplier of: Carpet cleaning machines | automatic carpet cleaning machines | automatic carpet washing machine | carpet centrifuge machines | industrial vacuum cleaners

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  • ...and highly experienced team in the field of cleaning machines production. Besides producing; Automatic carpet washing, extruding, dust removing, packing and cleaning machines we also produce; Mosque vacuum carpet cleaner, pressure floor washing,...

    Supplier of: Carpet cleaning machines | dust remover machines | carpet spinning machines | manual washing machines | finishing and packing machines

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  • ...important parts of the carpet washing industry. You ask why? Because we are a production center where the brand makers gather together! We are the manufacturing team that the carpet washing industry is most sought after. We are a technical team specialized in the production of industrial carpet cleaning...

    Supplier of: Carpet cleaning machines | carpet cleaning machines | carpet cleaning products | rug cleaners | carpet washing machines

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  • ...the following products: castings, casted parts, forgings, forged parts, discs, precision casting parts, pressed parts, rollers, cutting tools, inserts, upsetting mandrels, tails, knives, calibration tools, spare parts...

    Supplier of: Finished Metal Products | machining | castings | forgings | forged

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  • ...with a whole range of consumable Wear Parts and Safety Covers, We also specialise in Lean Stations where we will look at a typical Production line and see where we can improve the flow of it, be it by having a fixed location for all...

    Supplier of: Plastic products for engineering | fabrication of hygiene-related products | plastic tanks | wear parts | machine guarding

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    ...industrial machinery and their spare parts, to ship owners, shipyards world - wide and industrial sector including iron & steel factories and petrochemical refineries. Marine: - Anchor & Chain - Anti-Fouling System - Cathodic...

    Supplier of: Diesel-engined boats - spare parts | marine spare parts | industrial machinery spare part | diesel engine spares | hydraulic and pneumatic tools

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Weybridge Offering the widest choice of machine, support and service options, we provide the automotive sector and general industry with cost-effective solutions for component cleaning and degreasing,...

    Supplier of: Waste transportation | Environment - services | carepoint services | automotive wastes | waste oil collection

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