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  • ...developing and producing systems for cleaning metal and degreasing in the town of Rheine in western Germany. Since 2001, PERKUTE workers have been developing and producing automatic systems at the site in Rheine... Supplier of: cleaning systems | metal cleaning systems | machinery and systems for cleaning containers | cleaning systems for small parts | continuous flow cleaning systems [+] Cleaning machines, industrial | detergents | part cleaning | conveyor belt cleaning machines | parts cleaning machines | systems for surface engineering, complete | machines and systems for washing metal | machinery and systems for washing crates | paint removal | paint removal systems
    GERMANY - Rheine
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  • ...air filtering. Complete system solutions for surface engineering – coating systems for all sectors/materials: Cleaning / Pretreatment / Varnishing / Drying / Handling technology / Exhaust air purification. Supplier of: cleaning systems | continuous flow cleaning systems | Surface treatment - machinery and equipment | Painting robots | spray techniques [+] continuous-flow dryers | surface treatment systems | paint line | industrial washer | machine feeders for producing clay goods | metal strip coating | coatings | paint shops and drying systems | continuous painting systems | glass finishing
    GERMANY - Rheda-Wiedenbrück
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  • ...technical documentation. Connection to existing exhaust air or water treatment systems. We develop, produce and sell cleaning and treatment systems for the graphics and paint-manufacturing industries. Supplier of: cleaning systems | cleaning systems for printing press parts | cleaning systems for narrow-web and label printing | Cleaning machines, industrial | washing machines for containers and bins [+] washers | machines for dry cleaners | solvent distillers | distillers | industrial washing facilities | washing installation design | washing machines for the paint and coatings industry | washing machines for the graphics industry | distillation machines | washing machines for ink pans
    GERMANY - Monzingen
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  • ...leading manufacturers of GMP cleaning systems for the pharmaceutical industry. The Müller Group designs, produces and distributes industrial packaging and product handling systems as well as cleaning systems for... Supplier of: cleaning systems | cleaning system construction | automatic cleaning systems pdc | automatic cleaning systems pcc | automatic cleaning systems vcd [+] design of cleaning systems | cleaning systems for industry and trade | steam cleaning systems | repair of cleaning systems | machinery and systems for high-pressure water jet cleaning | high-pressure cleaning systems | cip cleaning system | Cleaning machines, industrial | Pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment | machines for pharmaceutical laboratories
    SWITZERLAND - Münchenstein
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  • We manufacture generators and accessories for ultrasonic technology and induction heating and have been known as a reliable partner for industry and trade since 1990. Our products are developed,... Supplier of: cleaning systems | ultrasonic cleaning systems | custom-made cleaning systems | cleaning | Cleaning machines, industrial [+] ultrasound washing | ultrasound cleaning equipment | pipes cleared | industrial detergents | manufacturer of janitorial products for industrial premises | industrial washer | constructor of drying machinery | oscillating elements | induction heating systems | ultrasonic homogenisers
    GERMANY - Karlsbad
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  • Gläsner Sandstrahl Maschinenbau GmbH is a medium-sized enterprise specialising in building custom machinery. Our company builds systems of all sizes, from small systems for use by workers involved in... Supplier of: cleaning systems | Sandblasting equipment | sanding booths | sandblasting | sandblasting machine [+] pressure blasting equipment | sandblasting container | sandblasting room | glass bead blasting | injector blasting
    GERMANY - Ibbenbüren
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  • ...requiring prior cleaning. DOHOGNE SYSTEM galvanized or stainless steel smooth-wall silos, constructed from bent panels, externally-bolted, self-cleaning, removable, interchangeable, 2 to 4 mm... Supplier of: Tanks, metal | Silos, metal | Vats, metal | silos | manure tank [+] lime, cement and plaster silos | bottoms made in stainless steel | grain storage silos | metal silo construction belgium | water tank and reservoir | metal reservoir for treatment plant | storage tank | steel tower silo | grain silos | steel silos
    BELGIUM - Theux
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  • ...HTST and UHT systems, filtration systems, fermentation systems, degassing systems, pigging systems, cleaning systems for pipework, aseptic systems and CIP systems as well as systems for special requirements. Supplier of: systems for discharging and cleaning | cleaning systems for the beverage industry (cip systems) | cleaning systems for the beverage industry, cip systems | cleaning systems for the pharmaceutical industry | Beverage industry - machinery and equipment [+] measuring systems | gas extraction facilities | plants for the chemical industry | systems for the food processing industry | systems for the pharmaceutical industry | plant construction for process engineering | automation of systems | consulting for process engineering and systems | container filling and emptying stations | electrical installation
    GERMANY - Neustadt
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  • ...and landfill sites – digestion tower equipment, gasholders, gas cleaning systems and flares. Aside from high-quality manufacturing, our key skills lie in designing gas lines and gas cleaning systems. Supplier of: gas cleaning systems | Gasification - bioenergy systems | activated carbon filter | landfill gas technology | digestion tower, digester [+] apparatus for environmental engineering | gas flare systems | high temperature flare | wood gas flare | pyrolysis flare | gasholders | sewage gas technology | gas technology components | gas lance | landfill flare
    AUSTRIA - Hard
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  • FAUDI is a globally established company in the filtration and separation technology sector and your point of contact where the smooth operation of systems is concerned. Decades of experience in... Supplier of: coolant cleaning systems | cooling lubricant cleaning systems | Filters, liquid | belt filters | filter systems [+] filters for the chemical industry | magnetic separators | precoat filters | briquette presses | filter systems for cooling lubricants | filter systems for separating liquid and solid materials | gas separators | backflushing filters, automatic | basket strainers | vacuum filters
    GERMANY - Stadtallendorf
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  • Okay Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 and covers an area of 8, 000 square meters. It specializes in the research, development, production and sales of hho oxyhydrogen generator, and is... Supplier of: Vehicle maintenance products | Energy - production plants and equipment | Cleaning machines, industrial | High-pressure cleaning machines | Environmental clean-up - machines and equipment [+] energy-saving devices | motor vehicle engine cleaning chemicals | gas welding - equipment and supplies | arc welding | hydrogen for energy | hydrogen generators | medical package sealing machinery

    Brands : Okay Energy | HHO

    CHINA - Changsha
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  • Worldwide leaders in fine mesh separation technology, Russell Finex have been designing and manufacturing vibratory sieves, separators and self-cleaning in-line filters for over 80 years. They assure... Supplier of: Chemical and pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment | Food industry - machinery and equipment | Sifting systems | Filters, liquid | self-cleaning filters [+] industrial filters | vibrating sieves | waste screens and sieves | sieves for the chemicals industry | vibrating separator for powders | separators | ultrasonic sieves to prevent blinding and blocking of mesh | separator for solids and liquids

    Brands : Russel Finex

    UNITED KINGDOM - Feltham
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  • ...we also built additional equipment such as: CIP cleaning systems, yeast propagators, hop guns to hop stoppers, flash pasteurisers, the FLECKS MIXER (a patented mashing and mixing system for thick mash) and much more besides. Supplier of: keg cleaning system | Brewing - machinery and equipment | Beer | plants and equipment for breweries | mixers [+] non-alcoholic beers | craft beer | brewing equipment | small brewing machines | devices and equipment for craft breweries | brewery systems | fermentation systems | brewing machines | brewing systems | microbrewery
    AUSTRIA - Frohnleiten
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  • With our cleaning systems, which use organic, CHC-free cleaning agents in an environmentally friendly manner, we are also able to meet special cleanliness requirements – based on current standards... Supplier of: Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Caps, metal | Steel & Metal Transformation | Hand tools, non-power | Stamping - steels and metals [+] Drawing - steel and metals | precision stamping parts | stamping parts | deep-drawn metal parts | precision stamping parts | pressed parts | assemblies for the automotive industry | threaded stamped parts | threaded stamped parts | drawn parts
    GERMANY - Olpe
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  • ...extraction, energy production, power plant equipment, flue gas cleaning. Industrial waste water, e.g. concrete plants, waste water from tanker cleaning, train washing systems, paining systems. Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | Gas filters | Filters for cars, lorries and construction machinery | filters and filter elements | chamber filter presses [+] membrane filter presses | screw conveyor | membrane pumps | filtering fabrics | sewage pumps | filter-crushing presses | spare parts for pumps | filters for the chemical industry | pump maintenance | plastic pumps
    GERMANY - Blasweiler
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  • ...tanks, water treatment systems, water cleaning filters, rainwater systems, housings for cryogenic containers, process containers, apparatus and container construction for the chemical, crude oil and food processing... Supplier of: Steels and metals - machining | welding components | heat exchangers | water filtering plants | pressure tanks [+] stainless steel and alloy pressure apparatus | stainless steel exchanger | apparatus and container manufacturing | pressure containers | stainless steel storage tanks | stainless-steel and alloy pressure vessels | large apparatus and large containers | stainless steel process containers | diesel tanks | stainless steel equipment manufacturing
    AUSTRIA - Klagenfurt Am Wörthersee
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  • environmentally friendly cleaning systems, in particular ultrasonic cleaning devices using water. Our product range has grown to include over 80 different detergents for ultrasonic cleaning, immersion cleaning, spray cleaning,... Supplier of: cleaning equipment for building cleaning | Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | Glass and mirrors - cleaning products | industry cleaner | detergents [+] organic detergents | hydropolishing machines for industrial cleaning | industrial detergents | cleaning methods | cleaning products | industrial detergents | industrial cleaning products | range of ecological cleaners | cleaning articles | industrial buildings cleared
    GERMANY - Heilbronn
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  • Thanks to the successful prevention of spray mist and the ease of cleaning the system, current legal requirements are fully adhered to. Supplier of: Varnishing equipment | Paint spray guns and accessories | detergents | pulverisers | spray guns for painting [+] paint spray technology | paint line | paint lines | car paint spray guns | nebuliser nozzles | paint spray gun nozzles | paint spray gun accessories | manual paint spray gun for powder application | painting systems and equipment | lacquering
    GERMANY - Lübeck
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  • ...cleans surfaces in an environmentally friendly way. The vacuum blast technology cleans in a permanent cycle. The green cleaning technology makes our systems perfect for use indoors, including in especially vulnerable rooms. Supplier of: Cleaning machines, industrial | cleaning techniques | vacuum blast method | graffiti removal | machine for graffiti removal [+] cleaning machine for graffiti removal | anti-graffiti machine | specialist cleaning machine | chemical-free cleaning | cleaning without high pressure | engraving on granite | photoengraving on granite | headstone engraving | transportable engraving machine | facade cleaning machine
    GERMANY - Berlin
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  • ...successfully commissioned equipment and flue gas cleaning systems for a wide range of applications. As a specialist in the area of exhaust air and exhaust gas cleaning, TREMA synchronises its collection... Supplier of: Air purification - equipment and systems | hydrostatic dust precipitators | drop separators | cyclone separators | air treatment systems [+] air purifiers | air pollution control systems | waste air cleaning | extraction systems for aggressive gases and vapours | extraction systems for smoke and gas | dust collecting systems | dust extraction systems | gas scrubbers | multi-cyclone collectors | wet dust extraction systems, mobile
    GERMANY - Kemnath
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  • In all these trades, the focus was placed on low flow resistance and the resultant low energy consumption with infrequent cleaning of the system, which also saves time. Supplier of: Gas filters | Power Stations | filter systems | plant construction | filters for fluids [+] basket strainers | mudguards | protective sieves | double filters | filters, general | engineering office | industrial valves | sewage management | canister filter | filtration
    GERMANY - Speyer
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  • ...industry) as well as SLE Technology GmbH (surface cleaning and technology, analysis and system integration) – and has quickly established itself as a competent, reliable and strong partner for its global customers. Supplier of: Automation - systems and equipment | international semiconductor industry | international semiconductor business | plant engineering and construction | international consulting service [+] conveyor and storage technology | installation construction | machine tools and manufacturing systems | automation technology | engineering and design | manufacturing and assembly systems | technical services for mechanical engineering | robot-controlled units | specialised mechanical engineering | control technology
    GERMANY - Rosenheim
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  • ...pipeline construction and plant construction sectors. Over its history, it has manufactured and installed more than 600 flue gas cleaning systems and more than 1000 dust extraction systems around the world. Supplier of: Heat exchangers | filter systems | pipes | dust extraction systems | heat exchangers with tube bundle [+] stainless steel heat exchangers | exhaust gas heat exchangers (flue gas) | extraction systems for dust | flue gas purification installations | dust separators | fluorine cascade absorber | hose filter system | single dust extractor | central dust vacuuming | silo top filter
    GERMANY - Kirchlengern
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  •, coating and combination systems as well as decades of acquired expertise, we can offer you convenient and cost-effective complete solutions that include process monitoring. Experts in production... Supplier of: Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | Industrial paintings | varnish protection | chemical products for the electronics industry | special protective paint [+] electronic protection | paint-coat | industrial washer | coating for electronics | coating material for electronics | electric and electronic cleaners | cleaning agents for electrical contacts | cleaning agents for printed circuit board electronics | precious metal solder | systems for coating
    GERMANY - Weilheim An Der Teck
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  • With the Clean & Save systems from Mogge GmbH, you can take a more easygoing approach to your business. With any questions that may arise with regard to pickling, chemical cleaning systems of all sizes, materials and designs, handling plants and... Supplier of: Scouring - steels and metals | Industrial maintenance | pickling | industrial washing | pipes cleared [+] maintenance of industrial systems | industrial installation recovery | dry cleaning services for the textile industry | metal degreasing | dry cleaning | air and gas cleaning | channel jet-washing | industrial electrical system maintenance | pickling metals, stainless steels and carbon steel | power plant service
    GERMANY - Willich
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  • Our machines come with an optional in-built automatic cleaning system. Supplier of: Roasting equipment - coffee, cocoa | air cleaning | axial fans | smoke gas fans | drying cyclones [+] fan units | drying conveyor | coffee roasting machines | chimney fans | radial fans | roaster for nuts | special fans | drying systems for the food processing industry | main stream fans | fluidized bed roasters
    GERMANY - Reinbek
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  • ...Filomat is also specialised in the manufacture of pigeon deterrents and bird repellents and clean-up systems. Bird netting and protection systems, barriers to prevent access by pigeons and other birds. Supplier of: Wires and cables, steel | Pest control - machines and equipment | Wires and cables - ferrous metal | Bedsteads | bird nets [+] metal wires | wire cables | pigeon deterrent | anti-perching fittings | bird deterrents | bird barriers | avian pest repelling system | bird repellents | pigeon dissuasion fittings
    ITALY - Bologna
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  • ...skips, ships, whatever their shape or size. Whether in cylindrical, rectangular, concrete or steel silos, domes, ships, lorries or carriages, Vibrafloor installs its emptying system, guaranteeing integral cleaning. Supplier of: Energy - renewable | Silos, metal | Silos, farm | Bulk transporters | animal feed silos [+] storage silos | biomass emptying | extraction of difficult products | stored products and storage | cereal storage | silo emptying - silo emptying system | silo cleaning and silo emptying | system for emptying cohesive products
    FRANCE - Dracy-Le-Fort
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  • ...doormats •rubber drain mats •drive-over cleaning systems •anti-slip mats We also offer internal doormats made of natural fibres, including coconut fibre. Additionally, we provide complete drainage matwell systems. We... Supplier of: drive-over cleaning systems | Houseware, aluminium | anti-slip mats | floor mat | manufacturer of system doormats [+] manufacturer of external doormats | entrance mats – doormats | external doormats | internal doormats | doormat factory | system doormats | aluminium doormats | drain mats | industrial doormats
    POLAND - Poznan
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  • ...detergent sector to create high grade technoclogical and environmentally-friendly cleaning systems in compliance with European regulations in effect, and also a certified quality management system. Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | organic detergents | detergents for the food and canning industry | ecological detergents | industrial detergents [+] swimming pool chemicals | floor detergents | production of industrial detergents
    ITALY - Romano Di Lombardia
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