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  • ...technical documentation. Connection to existing exhaust air or water treatment systems. We develop, produce and sell cleaning and treatment systems for the graphics and paint-manufacturing industries. Supplier of: cleaning systems | cleaning systems for printing press parts | cleaning systems for narrow-web and label printing | Cleaning machines, industrial | Laundry and dry cleaning machinery and equipment [+] Surface treatment - machinery and equipment | Cleaning - steel and metals | washing machines for containers and bins | washers | machines for dry cleaners | systems and machinery for metal surface treatments and finishes | solvent distillers | distillers | industrial washing facilities | washing installation design
    GERMANY - Monzingen
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  • We manufacture generators and accessories for ultrasonic technology and induction heating and have been known as a reliable partner for industry and trade since 1990. Our products are developed,... Supplier of: cleaning systems | ultrasonic cleaning systems | custom-made cleaning systems | Cleaning machines, industrial | ultrasound washing [+] ultrasound cleaning equipment | oscillating elements | induction heating systems | ultrasonic homogenisers | ultrasonic transducers | ultrasonic module generators | inductors
    GERMANY - Karlsbad
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  • in your project, whether this involves a cleaning system for the inside of containers or a chassis-underbody washing system. Our customer-specific high-pressure systems are in continuous use worldwide. Supplier of: cleaning systems | cleaning system construction | steam cleaning systems | design of cleaning systems | high-pressure cleaning systems [+] Sweeping machines, industrial | washers | hot cleaning machines | high-pressure wash jet cleaning | high-pressure floor cleaners | cleaning machines for floors | dry steam cleaners | high-pressure cleaners
    GERMANY - Schwäbisch Hall
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  • Gläsner Sandstrahl Maschinenbau GmbH is a medium-sized enterprise specialising in building custom machinery. Our company builds systems of all sizes, from small systems for use by workers involved in... Supplier of: cleaning systems | Sandblasting equipment | sanding booths | sandblasting | sandblasting machine [+] pressure blasting equipment | sandblasting container | sandblasting room | glass bead blasting | injector blasting
    GERMANY - Ibbenbüren
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  • ...requiring prior cleaning. DOHOGNE SYSTEM galvanized or stainless steel smooth-wall silos, constructed from bent panels, externally-bolted, self-cleaning, removable, interchangeable, 2 to 4 mm... Supplier of: Tanks, metal | Silos, metal | Vats, metal | silos | manure tank [+] lime, cement and plaster silos | bottoms made in stainless steel | grain storage silos | metal silo construction belgium | water tank and reservoir | metal reservoir for treatment plant | storage tank | steel tower silo | grain silos | steel silos
    BELGIUM - Theux
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  • ...of different materials. This process involves cleaning, activating and etching surfaces. The standard system range starts with a laboratory small-series system with 2 litre chamber volume and progresses... Supplier of: plasma cleaning systems | plasma cleaning systems for printed circuit boards | Plasma cutting machines | plasma treatment | plasma removal systems [+] high frequency generators | surface treatment | surface treatment of metals | surface treatment equipment | plasma treatment systems | electron microscope accessories | photoresist incinerator | plasma coating systems | plasma surface activation systems | plasma diagnostics
    GERMANY - Ebhausen
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  • Complete system solutions for surface engineering: The Venjakob Group of companies plan, produce and install complete system solutions – from pretreatment and the painting process, conveyor and... Supplier of: cleaning system construction | continuous flow cleaning systems | Surface treatment - machinery and equipment | Painting robots | spray techniques [+] continuous-flow dryers | spreading plastic materials | surface treatment systems | paint shops and drying systems | continuous painting systems | glass finishing | handling systems
    GERMANY - Rheda-Wiedenbrück
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  • Welcome to micfil ultra fine filter modular systems. We produce ultra-fine filters (0.5 microns) for cleansing oil and diesel of water and particles. Micfil products can be used for biodiesel, motor... Supplier of: Filters, liquid | Filters for cars, lorries and construction machinery | filters and filter elements | fuel filters | oil filters [+] belt filters | filters for the chemical industry | heating foils, flexible | micro filters | ultra-filtering | filter for the pharmaceuticals industry | filters for recycling industry | filters for mining industry | oil test devices | fuel optimisers
    GERMANY - Mosbach
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  • The foundation stone for our medium-sized family company was laid down by our two founding company directors Manfred and Thomas Eckardt. In 2002, we celebrated our company's anniversary; 25 years of... Supplier of: Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Steels and metals - machining | Lubricants, industrial | Dry-cleaning machines | proportioning devices [+] pulverisers | dry purification processors | dosage systems and systems | spraying systems, industrial | anti-corrosion | measuring systems | lubricants for cold forming | forming lubricants | oil mist collectors | minimum quantity cooling lubricant systems
    GERMANY - Bretten
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  • FAUDI is a globally established company in the filtration and separation technology sector and your point of contact where the smooth operation of systems is concerned. Decades of experience in... Supplier of: coolant cleaning systems | cooling lubricant cleaning systems | Filters, liquid | belt filters | filters for the chemical industry [+] magnetic separators | precoat filters | briquette presses | filter systems | filter systems for cooling lubricants | filter systems for separating liquid and solid materials | gas separators | backflushing filters, automatic | basket strainers | vacuum filters
    GERMANY - Stadtallendorf
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  • Okay Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 and covers an area of 8, 000 square meters. It specializes in the research, development, production and sales of water fuel oxyhydrogen generator,... Supplier of: engine cleaning system | Environmental engineering | Environmental clean-up - machines and equipment | Engine disposal | engines [+] wire machining | environmental engineering | motorcycle engines | energy management | water heater with energy recovery | cleanroom energy management system | energy efficiency measurement | car engine decarbonizing machine | engine decarbonizer machine
    CHINA - Changsha
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  • Manufacturer of industrial water-based parts cleaning machines using spray processes Supplier of: metal cleaning systems | continuous flow cleaning systems | parts cleaning systems | Cleaning machines, industrial | part cleaning [+] washing machine for crates | spare part washing | degreasing systems | metal washing systems | water-based spray cleaning
    GERMANY - Rheine
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  • for industrial mould and part cleaning. Standard systems – up to medium part geometries. Industry-sector-specific system solutions. Cleaning continuous materials. Process control systems. Supplier of: Cleaning, industrial | cleaning system construction | systems for precision cleaning | mould cleaning | Cleaning machines, industrial [+] ultrasound washing | ultrasound cleaning lines for jewellers and goldsmiths | parts cleaning machines | part cleaning | ultrasound cleaning equipment
    GERMANY - Kandel
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  • ...was extended by ROBUSTA snow guard systems in 1988. Our products include: Snow guards, formwork cleaning machines, snow guard supports, mobile cleaning systems for scaffolding, mechanical engineering Supplier of: cleaning system construction | mobile cleaning systems for scaffolding | Cleaning machines, industrial | snow stoppers for roofs | machine building [+] formwork cleaning machines | snow guard supports | roller tables | snow protection systems for roof avalanches | formwork equipment | specialised mechanical engineering | frame formwork cleaner | stacking machines | pusher machines | oiling facilities
    GERMANY - Titisee-Neustadt
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  • ...from stainless steel, devices and containers for the pharmaceutical industry, cleaning systems for the food processing industry (CIP sytems), seismographs, and containers for the food processing industry, yeast tanks Supplier of: cleaning systems for the food industry | Engineering - industrial contractors | Industrial containers | plants and equipment for breweries | stainless steel and alloy pressure apparatus [+] sysmographs | pressure tanks | fermentation tank and storage tank | devices and containers for the pharmaceutical industry | devices and containers for the chemical industry | devices and containers for the food processing industry | fermentation and storage tanks for beer | brewery systems | stainless steel instruments and containers | cip systems
    GERMANY - Steißlingen
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  • With the Clean & Save systems from Mogge GmbH, you can take a more easygoing approach to your business. With any questions that may arise with regard to pickling, chemical cleaning systems of all sizes, materials and designs, handling plants and... Supplier of: dry cleaning | Scouring - steels and metals | Industrial maintenance | pickling | industrial washing [+] pipes cleared | maintenance of industrial systems | industrial installation recovery | dry cleaning services for the textile industry | metal degreasing | air and gas cleaning | channel jet-washing | industrial electrical system maintenance | pickling metals, stainless steels and carbon steel | power plant service
    GERMANY - Willich
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  • Air dusters and dusting tools, cleaning systems and products for cleaning cameras, optical equipment, microscopes, sensor systems and hearing aids. Cleaning of IT equipment and peripheral devices. Supplier of: Cleaning services | cleaning agents for it systems | cleaning systems for industry and trade | monitor accessories | detergents [+] rags | aerosol | sensors | hygienic swabs | computer cleaning agents | dust-catching cloths | screen cleaning cloths | compressed air spray | antistatic products | record cloths
    AUSTRIA - Sankt Pantaleon
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  • Our machines come with an optional in-built automatic cleaning system. Supplier of: Roasting equipment - coffee, cocoa | air cleaning | axial fans | smoke gas fans | drying cyclones [+] fan units | drying conveyor | coffee roasting machines | chimney fans | radial fans | roaster for nuts | special fans | drying systems for the food processing industry | main stream fans | fluidized bed roasters
    GERMANY - Reinbek
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  • In all these trades, the focus was placed on low flow resistance and the resultant low energy consumption with infrequent cleaning of the system, which also saves time. Supplier of: Gas filters | Power Stations | plant construction | filters for fluids | basket strainers [+] mudguards | protective sieves | double filters | filters, general | filter systems | engineering office | industrial valves | sewage management | canister filter | filtration
    GERMANY - Speyer
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  • also specialised in the manufacture of pigeon deterrents and bird repellents and clean-up systems. Bird netting and protection systems, barriers to prevent access by pigeons and other birds. Supplier of: Wires and cables, steel | Pest control - machines and equipment | Wires and cables - ferrous metal | Bedsteads | bird nets [+] metal wires | wire cables | pigeon deterrent | anti-perching fittings | bird deterrents | bird barriers | avian pest repelling system | bird repellents | pigeon dissuasion fittings
    ITALY - Bologna
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  •, HVAC systems / industrial systems, clean rooms, an air protection lab suite, a research laboratory, an environmental protection design office, energy efficiency auditing and technical service. Supplier of: Air treatment - equipment and systems | heat recovery | design and performance of clean rooms | manufacturer of rto, knv, tnv, rnv afterburners | inspections of gas burners and gas trains [+] afterburner and thermoreactor service | obtaining environmental decisions and permits | smell measurements – olfactometry
    POLAND - Rzeszów
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  • ...partnerships. Cleaning air-conditioning systems: we guarantee optimum quality of the intake air and a bespoke servicing programme with video inspections of the conduits, bacteriological analyses and... Supplier of: Asbestos removal - contractors | hazardous waste transport | asbestos removal | special and sanitary waste collection and disposal | purification of air conditioned exhaust air [+] special and electronic waste collection and disposal | water analysis | special and asbestos waste collection and disposal
    ITALY - Genova
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  • ...and cleaning ponds, cleaning exchangers and sewers, water jet cleaning. Also provides façade and monument renovation services, hydrodemolition, cold cutting, water blasting and installation of cleaning systems. Supplier of: Cleaning services | tank cleaning | Cleaning, tanks and cisterns | water cleaning | automated draining [+] drain-pipe clearing | room debugging | hydrodemolition
    ITALY - Villarosa
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  • ...Clean Air solutions, with products and systems which ensure clean indoor air. Our company offers: - Axial centrifugal fans - Flexible ducts - Air curtains - Air diffusers - Air filters - Air Valves - Air cleaners - Air grilles -... Supplier of: Ventilators and fans - industrial | Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment | ventilation grills | air exhausters | wall sconces [+] centrifugal fans | ventilation | axial fans
    GREECE - Metamorfossi
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  • ...surfaces, floor treatment, chemical specialities, enzyme based cleaners for septic tanks and piping, concentrated detergents, hand-washing products, deodorants, workshop, kitchen, car cleaning, dosers, self dosing systems. Supplier of: Cleaning and maintenance products, household | Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | industrial detergents | proportioning devices | soap [+] deodorants | automatic crockery and glassware washing | floor treatment
    SPAIN - Vic
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  • We have developed Centrifugal Oil Cleaning System which works on principle of Centrifugal Separation. The system works on the principle of Centrifugal Separation. Supplier of: Tanker transport - granular and dry bulk | used oil recovery | centrifugal oil cleaner
    INDIA - Pune
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  • ...We design and build bespoke cleaning systems for the food manufacturing sector to provide ongoing cleaning during the day as well as at the end of the shift. We can service and repair all makes and models of industrial cleaning machines and... Supplier of: Cleaning machines, industrial | High-pressure cleaning machines | floor washers for industrial cleaning | cleaning equipment rental | steam cleaners for industrial cleaning
    UNITED KINGDOM - Atherstone
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  • ...that deals with automated cleaning systems providing safe, efficient and fast way to clean high rise buildings as per below: Sky Pro® Sytems can safely do a month's worth of window cleaningin less than a week. Realistic 50% -70%... Supplier of: Cleaning - buildings | automated cleaning systems | high rise buildings cleaning
    CYPRUS - Nicosia
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  • ...clean room lighting and flooring system service provider. Clean room lighting system, providing different lighting system solutions with different clean room environment. Innovative product design, unique appearance, easy to... Supplier of: Clean room systems and processes | led cleanroom light fixture | clean room light fixture
    CHINA - Shenzhen
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  • ...testing and verification of Clean Room system in China. Being an enterprise with Grade 1 Qualification of Construction Certification for air cleaning and conditioning system engineering, our company can provide our... Supplier of: clean room system | Buildings, modular
    CHINA - Suzhou
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