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  • The Langer Group in Illmensee consists of the two companies Langer GmbH & Co. KG and LARO NC-Technik GmbH. The range of products and services offered by Langer GmbH & Co. KG comprises several key... Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | measuring supports (fixtures) for coachbuilding | Plastic material processing | Model making | moulds production [+] quick prototyping | tool manufacturing | injection moulding | injection-moulded plastic parts | laminated moulds | test gauges | injection moulding tools for the automotive industry | tool manufacture for injection moulded components | cubing models for the automotive industry | data control models
    GERMANY - Illmensee
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  • Special machinery solution supplied from one source, from development, through to construction, production and automation, to final assembly at the customer's premises. Company motto: "Henke dares to... Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Goods handling systems, continuous | Travelators | handling devices | chain conveyors [+] roller counters | pneumatic goods handling systems | automation | construction of buildings | machines, custom-built | automatisation of special machines | mechanical automation | exceptional loads transport | heavy load transportation devices | heavy-duty roller conveyors
    GERMANY - Waldhufen
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  • Anyone who wants to offer quality and reliability, also needs to have passion. That is the philosophy with which H.GEWING Metall- und Blechverarbeitung has been successfully supplying and advising... Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Welding work - steels and metal | robotised welding | pipe processing | cnc milling [+] welding and assembly work | wet painting | cnc laser cutting | cnc edging work | 3d laser processing | laser punching | powder coating of metal parts | cnc punching/nibbling centres | bent parts processing | flameproof coating
    GERMANY - Ahaus
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  • WMSTECH offers high-precision services in the field of CNC machining. As a small company, we particularly specialise in the production of prototypes, small batches and individual components. Thanks... Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | clamping fixtures for cnc milling centres | Steels and metals - machining | Cutting - machine tools | Machine tools - metal machining [+] Mechanical engineering - custom work | cnc 5-axis milling work | cnc turned parts | prototype construction | 3d milling | cnc 5-axis milled parts | cnc 5-axis simultaneous milling work | cnc milled parts | aluminium cnc milled parts | steel cnc milled parts
    AUSTRIA - Ternberg
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  • Our roots are made from titanium. We have many years of experience in producing titanium products, in particular for the galvanising and anodising sector. We also offer CNC technology, which we... Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Pipes and tubes, titanium | titanium screw | titanium wire | cnc technology [+] anode technology | rack technology | racking | titanium trade | titanium machining | titanium | laser cutting of titanium | titanium semi-finished products | titanium anode baskets | equipment and containers made from titanium
    GERMANY - Pforzheim
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  • Vollmer-Federn Schüssler Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH is a newly founded company which integrates the fields of activity of Schüssler Hebe- u. Fördertechnik GmbH (conveyors, belt conveyors and... Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Goods handling systems, continuous | plant construction | roller counters | order trolleys for goods handling [+] buttonholer | barrel handling equipment | belt conveyors | lifting equipment for heavy loads | lifting and tipping equipment, combined | lifting hoist | tipping equipment | tool changing trolley | tool changing systems | materials handling
    GERMANY - Porta Westfalica
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  • Hollmann Sondermaschinen GmbH was founded in 1980 by Joachim Hollmann and today employs 35 employees. We develop, design and manufacture equipment and complete systems for a wide variety of tasks in... Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | fixture construction for the automotive and supplier industry | fixture construction according to customer drawings | Machine tools - metal shaping | Machine tools - metal machining [+] construction of industrial plants | plant construction for the automotive industry | plant construction for woodworking | installation construction according to customer drawings | specialised machine construction for mechanical engineering | specialised machines for the woodworking industry | specialised machines for the plastics industry | development and design offices for mechanical engineering | specialised mechanical engineering | moulding machines for eps
    GERMANY - Soltau
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  • The highly qualified team at mbm has specialised in meeting the specific requirements of the industry since 1979. Rapidly changing markets and technologies are demanding innovative procedural models... Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Import-export - mechanical engineering | loading and unloading robots | round tables | wood machines [+] machine building | machines, custom-built | technical consultants in mechanical engineering | swivel transmissions | machinery and equipment - import-export | automatic loading and unloading systems for machine tools | carcase clamps for woodworking | double-mitre saws | presses for woodworking | rotary indexing tables
    AUSTRIA - Schwarzach
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  • For us, certification in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system is not enough. To provide you with consistently high quality, we begin by ensuring the quality of the... Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Steels and metals - welding and brazing | Brazing - steels and metals | Pipes and tubes, copper | Steel, chrome [+] machines, custom-built | welding flux | brazing | machine building | wire welding | hard solder | soft solder | solder rings | lead-free solder | silver solder
    GERMANY - Eisingen
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  • We specialise in the following core areas: Packaging machines, mostly special applications; capsule testing machines (coffee, tea etc.); restructuring and retrofitting of existing systems;... Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Prototypes, industrial | machine building | mechanical parts | welded structures [+] packing machines | specialised mechanical engineering | assemblies for mechanical engineering | individual manufacturing of parts for mechanical engineering | machine construction parts | precision parts for mechanical engineering | module assembly | cnc manufacturing technology | machine components, drawing-dependent | mechanical engineering, drawing-dependent
    SWITZERLAND - Ostermundigen
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  • Modular system for steady rests | Richter Vorrichtungsbau has succeeded in creating a steady rest system. This system makes it possible to manufacture and supply steady rests for lathing, milling and... Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Import-export - mechanical engineering | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | tool manufacturing | industrial lathes [+] steady rests for lathes | hydraulic power tensioning equipment | power tensioning equipment | steady rests, self-centring | welding rotators | automatic welding machine support | tool measuring equipment | tool presetting devices | tool adjustment gauges and equipment | production of machine clamping devices
    GERMANY - Langenhagen
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  • D. Friedrich Maschinen- und Werkzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG, or FMW, was founded in 1948 in Remshalden near Stuttgart. The family-run company develops and produces riveting machines, special-purpose... Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Automation - systems and equipment | electromechanical automation | automation systems | automatisation of special machines [+] riveting machines | engine fitting | assembling machines | plate presses | flexible assembly systems | mountings for telescopic sights | manual riveting devices | disc pad riveting machines | production automation systems | post riveting machines
    GERMANY - Remshalden
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  • Sharpening – as good as new: The long tool life of our machining tools is the reason why our customers commission us to manufacture high-quality broaches time and time again. But even tools of this... Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Portable power tools | Metalworking - portable power tools | Metallurgy - machinery and installations | Sharpening - steels and metals [+] broaching machines | broaching machines | construction broaches | broaches | metal broaching | machined parts | plastic industry instruments | high-precision gears | chuck construction | industrial gear cutters
    GERMANY - Wuppertal
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  • Tool and mould construction is an additional mainstay of our business. Our focus in this area is on plastic injection moulds for sophisticated technical parts. Our more than 30 years of experience in... Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Machine tools - metal shaping | Cutting - machine tools | Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories | Machine tools - metal machining [+] Machine tools, metal shaping - parts and accessories | 3D printers | tool manufacturing | customised laser working | brioche moulds | laser welding | laser welding of plastics | handling devices | automation systems | assembly lines
    GERMANY - Herschbach
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  • Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Metals, precious and special | Boring - steels and metals | Moulds, ceramics | processing of stainless steel
    GERMANY - Merzig
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  • Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Milling - steels and metals | Drill bits and countersinks | machine building | automatisation of special machines
    GERMANY - Sindelfingen
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  • Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Steel & Metals | automatic lathe parts | cnc turned parts | cnc milling
    GERMANY - Babenhausen
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  • Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Milling - steels and metals | Hand tools, non-power | stamping parts
    GERMANY - Meckenheim
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  • CAST Germany® is a prominent supplier for well-known companies that operate internationally in the fields of tool-making and mould-making, machinery and plant engineering and the cross-sector... Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Import-export - mechanical engineering | plant construction | tool manufacturing
    GERMANY - Bad Oeynhausen
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  • ...precision machined components, jigs and fixtures and special purpose tooling to a variety of industries such as: automation, automotive, construction and agriculture. Fabrication and Machining Services can offer: 1... Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Steels and metals - machining | prototyping | special purpose tooling | mall and medium batch work
    UNITED KINGDOM - Nuneaton, Warwickshire
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  • ...partner for special machine building, tool manufacturing, construction of jigs and fixtures, assemblies, installation, support with design and construction, plus CNC programming technology/solutions. Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories | accessories for the aircraft industry | quick prototyping | tool manufacturing
    GERMANY - Ehringshausen
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  • The company Tramoz Group s.r.o. is focused especially on production of technical drawings of sheet metal machine covers and jigs for machining and welding - output of the work is complete drawing... Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Metals - Machines & Equipment | graphics and technical drawing goods | sheet metal cover | steel constructions
    CZECH REP. - Brno
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  • Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | welding jig | Automation - systems and equipment
    POLAND - Kwidzyn
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  • Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Milling - steels and metals | brioche moulds | tool manufacturing
    AUSTRIA - Eitzing
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  • Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Mechanical engineering - custom work | hydraulic cylinders
    GERMANY - Freiburg
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  • Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Industrial building construction | building | building - renovations | civil and industrial constructions
    DENMARK - Børkop
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  • Supplier of: construction of jigs and fixtures | Cutting - machine tools | construction of moulds for plastic materials | tool manufacturing
    GERMANY - Heilbronn
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  • Construction of jigs and fixtures. Supplier of: Platform hoists | Packaging | boxes | lifting equipment | quality control [+] materials testing | blister-packing | blister packs | metrology | third-party packaging | packaging to order | service provider logistics | commissioned blister packaging | crate lifting equipment | packing
    GERMANY - Zweibrücken
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  • Developer and manufacturer of high-precision components, units and systems for linear and rotary movements in automation technology and in precision engineering. Föhrenbach products are the solution... Supplier of: Information systems - advice | positioners | linear systems | turntables | cnc tools [+] linear motor modules | production of machine tools | positioning equipment | coordinate tables | linear technology | rotary indexing tables | positioning laser | slide guides | control technology | linear units
    GERMANY - Löffingen
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  • methods. We also have in house facilities to produce tooling, jigs and fixtures used in the manufacture or refurbishment of your filters along with general engineering capabilities. Supplier of: Filters, liquid | filters | filters and filter elements | filters for hydraulics | industrial filters
    UNITED KINGDOM - Rowley Regis
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