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    FRANCE- Epinay Sur Seine
    AMY ENTREPRISE INTERNATIONAL - Verified by Europages

    Amy Entreprise Internationale is a company whose businesses is based in Europe. We specialize in worldwide distribution. We supply food and non-food products. In particular, you can find a selection...

    Supplier of: cooking fats and oils | Dairy products | Fish | Shellfish and crustaceans | Pastries [+] Tinned Foods | Precious stones | hygiene product wholesalers | bulk used clothes | animal feed | cereals | distribution of food products | charcoal | packing machines | biofuels

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    SINGAPORE- singapore

    All edible oils and fats-palm oils(shortenings, margarines) and soft oils for export in tins, cartons and flexibags. please send sms with your details to mobile number 006591692098. Best regards Tow...

    Supplier of: cooking oils and fats | vegetable cooking oils and fats | Food - import-export

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    BELGIUM- Nevraumont
    PROTELUX - Verified by Europages

    ...collects and recycles food oils and fats, as well as handling butchery waste. The purchase and recycling of used cooking fats and oils is environmentally friendly. Our customers win from all points of view....

    Supplier of: Oils and fats, edible | recycling of used cooking oil | Processing and recycling of waste | Slaughterhouse waste - recovery and recycling | waste oil treatment [+] used oil recovery | slaughter waste recycling | recycling of used frying fat | butchery fat and bone melting machine

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Northampton
    BODY AND MIND BOTANICALS - Verified by Europages

    Novel Food Approved across the whole range. Body and Mind Botanicals are Europe’s leading Hemp growers and manufacturers. In addition to their own range of award winning CBD products and health...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | hemp seed oil | private label | food / beverages - wholesale and retail | novel food approved [+] independently lab tested | fsa registered manufacture | trading standards partners | salsa certified | gmp | certified organic farm | certified organic factory | vegan society approved | full traceability | low moq

    • Cold Pressed Hemp Oil Cold Pressed Hemp Oil 1000mg/20ml
    • Cold Pressed Hemp Oil Cold Pressed Hemp Oil 500mg/10ml
    • Cold Pressed Hemp Oil Cold Pressed Hemp Oil 300mg/10ml
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    GERMANY- Schoenebeck
    SANABIO GMBH - Verified by Europages

    SanaBio GmbH has stood for high-quality products and services for a decade. We produce and trade plant-based raw materials and additives from controlled organic cultivation. Our product range...

    Supplier of: Fats, edible | vegetable oils and fats | cooking oils, vegetable | flavourings | biological oils [+] castor oil | cocoa butter | vegetable extracts | rapeseed oil | perfumed oils | essential oils | avocado oil | hemp oil | hazelnut oil | macadamia nut oil

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    SWITZERLAND- Langnau Im Emmental
    KASAG SWISS AG - Verified by Europages

    KASAG is a medium-sized industrial company in Langnau in the Swiss region of Emmental. Since 1929, the company has been creating jobs in this region for a qualified skilled workforce. This hilly...

    Supplier of: Engineering - industrial consultants | Fruit-based preparations | stainless steel and alloy pressure apparatus | stainless steel exchanger | reactors for chemical plant [+] nuclear components | equipment for jam production | heat regeneration systems | apparatus and container manufacturing | equipment manufacturing using stainless steels and special materials | devices and containers for the pharmaceutical industry | stainless steel containers for mixing devices | stainless steel process containers | biotech containers | high-pressure equipment and high-pressure containers

    • Fat melting systems and fat oil station Fat melting systems and fat oil station for melting solid fat blocks in the food industry
    • Mixing technology Mixing technology for industrial cooking apparatuses and coolers
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    BELGIUM- Flemalle
    ROYALE LACROIX - Verified by Europages

    Since 1930 Royale Lacroix has provided margarines and fats for the dining table, cooking and for professionals, including the food industry, biscuits, confectionery, traditional and industrial bread...

    Supplier of: Oils and fats, edible | cooking margarine | cooking fats | Margarine | Vegetable oils [+] organic margarine | oil for food use | organic margarine | conventional vegetable margarine producer | organic vegetable margarine producer | raw materials for bakeries | raw materials for cake patisseries | raw materials for food industries | table margarine

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    BELGIUM- Awirs-Flemalle
    AIGREMONT - Verified by Europages

    MASTER MARGARINE MANUFACTURER SINCE 1934. A 100% family business, s.a. Aigremont n.v. is specialised in the manufacture of margarines and fats. The expertise we provide our clients comes from our...

    Supplier of: Oils and fats, edible | edible animal fats | fats | beef fat | cooking fat manufacturer [+] Margarine | Vegetable oils | lard | packing machines | food lubricant | release agent | margarine manufacturer | green energy | master margarine manufacturer

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    BELGIUM- Bruxelles
    DANO FOOD-DELIBELGE® - Verified by Europages

    DANO FOOD is a trusted Belgian producer/manufacture of dairy and food .We serve the export needs of a global clientele across Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. DANO FOOD produce :...

    Supplier of: Powdered and condensed milk | Dairy products | Sauces | uht milk | whole milk [+] evaporated milk | condensed milk | mayonnaise | baby foods | palm oil | powdered milk | milk for babies | baby milk stage 1-2-3

    Brands : DéliBelge

    • Fat Filled milk powder Fat Filled milk powder Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder 28%
    • DéliBelge Cooking Oil DéliBelge Cooking Oil Cooking Oil
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    UNITED KINGDOM- Liverpool

    New Britain Oils is one of the world's leading producers of certified sustainable Palm Oil and derivatives. Crude Palm Oil (CPO) is the primary oil produced by crushing the fruit followed by...

    Supplier of: Oilseed crops | palm oil | red palm oil | organic certified red palm oil | pure red palm oil

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    IRELAND- Tralee

    Our Company, which is based in Ireland, supply and source a wide range of Oils and Fats for use in the Bio-fuels Sector, and we Purchase a wide range of Chemicals and Fuels including UCO/ Bio-diesel/...

    Supplier of: purchasing used cooking oils and fats | sourcing oils and fats for bio-diesel manufacture | supply and source chenicalsc oils and fats for biodiesel | Electronics - import-export | bio-fuels supply and sourcing

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    SLOVAKIA- Malacky

    ...nuggets, pasteurizers for dairy, cheese, milk, cooking equipment, roasting pans for meat, equipment for butchers, mixers and grinders for food processing industry, atmospheric cookers, melters for fat and...

    Supplier of: Food Industry - Machines & Equipment | mixers for food processing industry | vacuum cooker | continuous fryer | vacuum homogenizer

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    MALAYSIA- Selangor

    ...Board (MPOB) No: 560139113000. 1. Vegetable Cooking Oil 2. Origin : Malaysia 3. Grade : CP8 & CP10 4. Pure and Natural 5. Rich in Vitamin E Product RBD Palm Olein, Vegetable Ghee, Shortening, and Margarine ASFAR-Oils is...

    Supplier of: Oils, cooking - machinery and equipment | palm oil | edible vegetable oils

    • RBD Palm Olein RBD Palm Olein Palm Oil
    • Quality Cooking Oil Quality Cooking Oil Cooking Oil, RBD Palm Olein, Vegetable Oil
    • Palm Olein Palm Olein Cooking Oil
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    UNITED KINGDOM- London supply heart healthy, Premium, Zero trans-fat, Source of Omega 3 & 6, Cholesterol Free and competitively priced oils. We offers a variety of products to service every cooking, frying, and baking need for all kitchen requirements. An extremely versatile bottling...

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | canola oil supplier | canola oil supplier in canada | canola oil manufacturer | rapeseed oil supplier

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    UKRAINE- Kherson

    ...a light, flavorful oil suitable for all cooking needs. Sunflower oil manufacture involves cleaning the seeds, grinding them, pressing and extracting crude oil from them for further refining. The seeds we use to make oil are inspected and graded after harvest, and the fat content of the incoming...

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | crude oil product of ukraine pure sunflower oil

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  • ...measures to produce non- fattening yet hygienic cooking oil that is affordable, contains no trans fat, cholesterol free and will come in different pack sizes with distinct packaging making it available to...

    Supplier of: Oils and fats, edible | palm oil | edible vegetable oils

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    UKRAINE- Kiev

    ...jatropha oil, mixed oil, used cooking oil, , Sunflower oil, sesame oil, palm oil, soybean oil, oil are household with world wide consumers who uses our oils regularly as a healthy cooking.Roszeal oil is a leader in edible oil Products today enjoys enormous market share in the overall oil segment with a dominant market leadership in edible oils and...

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | refined sunflower oil | refined soybean oil | refined palm oil | olive oil

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  • ...ISO22000: 2005, ISO14001: 2004.We supply natural extract, stabilizer flavour & color, food color, original peanut paste, cream, natural flavour, butter oil substitute, shortening and cooking fat.

    Supplier of: Food flavourings | food flavourings | savoury pastries

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    MALAYSIA- Selangor

    ALPHA OIL & FATS SDN. BHD. Is specialized in producing 100% premium quality of highly grade palm oil "cp8 & cp10" (vegetable cooking oil). Exporting to more than 41 major destinations. Vegetable cooking oils such as rbd palm olein; soft oils...

    Supplier of: cooking oil | Vegetable oils | palm oil | malaysian oil | palm olien

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    UNITED KINGDOM- London our impossibly crunchy secret coating which is what takes it to the next level. We fry everything in British rapeseed oil too which has zero trans fats and is the healthiest way to fry chicken.

    Supplier of: Chicken | chicken

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    INDONESIA- Jakarta Selatan other animal and vegetable oils and fats, for edible, bio-diesel, pharmaceutical oil since 2001. Please contact us for very competitive prices, proven quality and quick delivery everywhere in the world. Export services and buyer labelling are available too....

    Supplier of: pure used cooking oil | Oilseed crops | fresh bio-diesel oil

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  • : No soot, Non-radiative, oil and fat free Perfect cooking : Foods sear quickly on outside , Sealing juices in the inside. Quick Cooking: Cook 2~3 times faster than standard oven appearance:...

    Supplier of: Microwave ovens | microwave oven | halogen oven

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  • The TER Chemicals Distribution Group is a globally active distributor of special chemicals and food additives with branches in 16 countries. Products offered range from additives, waxes, resins and...

    Supplier of: Resins | building chemicals | carnauba wax | ascorbic acid | corrosion inhibitors [+] food ingredients | glycerol | vitamins | solvents | elastomers | chemical retailer | speciality chemicals | thickeners | additives | polyvinyl alcohol

    • Active Ingredients Active Ingredients
    • Pharmaceutical White Oils Pharmaceutical White Oils
    • Technical White Oils Technical White Oils
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  • Ilesol Pharmaceuticals is a Croatian company founded in 2017 and is an industrial scale producer of full-spectrum CBD. The company was created by two experts in pharmaceutical process engineering and...

    Supplier of: Oils and resinoids | Cosmetics | cosmetic oils | hemp | hemp - plants [+] cbd oil producer | bulk sale and white label service | cbd products | hemp products | cbd oils | cbg oils | cbd extracts | cbg extracts | cbd cosmetics | cbd crumble

    • Purified Cbd Oils / Purified Cbg Oils Purified Cbd Oils / Purified Cbg Oils
    • Natural Cbd Oils / Natural Cbg Oils Natural Cbd Oils / Natural Cbg Oils
    • Cbd E Liquid Base Cbd E Liquid Base
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    NETHERLANDS- Mijnsheerenland

    OPTIMA FORMULA BV is a company based in the Netherlands specialized in the production of CBD and cannabinoid products, more specifically CBD oil, and food supplements. Our product range also includes...

    Supplier of: Food supplements | Oils and resinoids | Herbs for medicines and cosmetics | tetrahydrocannabivarine | cbd oil [+] cbd oil for animals | cbd oil 4% | cbd oil 10% | cbd oil 20% | cbd products | natural cbd products | white label cbd products | cbg oil | cbdv oil | cbn oil

    • Cbn Oil (cannabinol) 2% 6 X 10 Ml Cbn Oil (cannabinol) 2% 6 X 10 Ml CANNABINOIDS
    • Cbn Oil (cannabinol) 2% 3 X 10 Ml Cbn Oil (cannabinol) 2% 3 X 10 Ml CANNABINOIDS
    • Cbn Oil (cannabinol) 2% 10 Ml Cbn Oil (cannabinol) 2% 10 Ml CANNABINOIDS
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    RUSSIA- Krasnodar
    SEE-ECO FOODS - Verified by Europages

    SEE-ECO Foods produces dietary and organic foods: pâtés and sauces from plant-based ingredients. Our diet products are vegan-friendly - top-choice for a healthy meal fan. We produce dietary and...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | Sauces | Pâtés | Vegetables, tinned | Foods, health [+] Food - import-export | wholesale organic foods | healthy meal | diet products | canned pulses | coconuts | vegetable products | natural product | soy-based foods | vegetable sauces

    • Coconut Butter Coconut Butter
    • Blanched Cashew Butter Blanched Cashew Butter
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    RUSSIA- Armavir
    AFAP, LLC - Verified by Europages

    Our company is engaged in the production of fatty acids of vegetable oils. Fatty acids are the main raw material in the production of biofuels and feed additives, and are also widely used in the...

    Supplier of: Fats, nonfood | Oils and fats, edible | fat | Oils - recovery and recycling | Fertilizers and soil conditioners [+] Unrefined vegetable oils | Food emulsifiers | Lubricants, industrial | Oils, industrial | Greases, industrial | emulsifying agents for plastics | refinery greases | antioxidants for rubber | oil-mills | fatty acids

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    RUSSIA- Varna Village
    TPK VARNA, LLC - Verified by Europages

    "TPK" Varna" LLC is a foods company specializing in supplying of food products of the following trademarks: - "Tsar" Pasta, Flour, Groats, Multigrain flakes, Instant flakes, Porridge, Oat...

    Supplier of: Oils and fats, edible | Food - import-export | Pasta | Flour and semolina | Dietary and organic foods [+] Breakfast cereals | Cereals and grains | Vegetable oils | healthy meal | healthy and natural food | cereal middlings | cereal semolinas | linseed oil | macaroni | seed oil

    Brands : DR. NATURI

    • Sunflower  Oil Sunflower Oil Edible Oil Cold pressed Unrefined Sunflower oil
    • Flaxseed oil Flaxseed oil Edible oil Cold pressed flaxseed oil
    • Sunflower oil Sunflower oil Sunflower Oil Refined Traditional Quality
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    UNITED KINGDOM- Scunthorpe
    APEX WHITE LABEL - Verified by Europages

    Apex White Label is a substantial manufacturer of a wide range of health and wellness products for food and dietary supplements. We provide clients worldwide with a diverse product range including...

    Supplier of: Outsourcing - product development | tea bag | contract manufacturing | white label supplements | white label cbd [+] white label cbd skincare | whire label health supplements | cbd | cbd oil | cbd tincture | cbd gummies | cbd capsules | cbd soft gels | cbd vegan gummies | cbd balms

    • Contract Packaging Contract Packaging Working with our team to package your products
    • Cbd Oil Cbd Oil Sublingual CBD Oil Drops
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    RUSSIA- Kropotkin
    YUZHNY POLYUS - Verified by Europages

    Yuzhny Polyus vegetable oil plant is a manufacturer of edible oils and fats, vegetable oil, namely refined sunflower oil from Krasnodar Region. Yuzhny Polyus produces: —sunflower oil "Yuzhny...

    Supplier of: Oils and fats, edible | edible vegetable fats | edible oils and fats | Vegetable oils | Unrefined vegetable oils [+] Dietary and organic foods | ORGANIC FARMING | Agricultural Production | aromatic soil | dietetic foods | foodstuffs - import/export | seed oils | edible vegetable oils | oil cultures | oil-mills

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