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  • Lactalis Nutrition Santé is wholly-owned by LACTALIS, a French group and the worldwide dairy industry leader. The division is specialized in infant nutrition, including infant powder milk, its star...

    Supplier of: baby milk formula and infant cream dessert manufacturer | Powdered and condensed milk | Milk substitutes for babies | Food supplements | natural aromas for dairy products [+] household products distribution | prepacked dairy products processing workshop | organic milk powder | baby milk formula supplier | infant milk powder manufacturer | supplier of milk substitutes for babies | french powder milk manufacturer | baby food supplier | private label infant nutrition | health and nutrition products and infant milk powder

    • Weaning food Weaning food Infant cream desserts (from 6 months)
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  • We're present in all the main tomato and fruit transformation areas worldwide. We provide complete lines for preparing tomato sauces and ketchup. We produce complete lines and machines for making...

    Supplier of: Food canning and preserving - machinery and equipment | Chopping machinery for fruit and vegetables | Dairies - machinery and equipment | systems and equipment for the food and canning industry | systems and equipment for the fruit and vegetable canning industry [+] systems and equipment for the production of fruit juices | systems and equipment for producing preserves | plants and equipment for the production of jams | systems and equipment for washing and cleaning fruit and vegetables | systems and equipment for processing tomatoes | fruit juice pasteurisation systems | machines for canned foods | homogenizers for making fruit juices | manufacture of machinery for canned foods | food industry system design

    • Customized products Customized products
    • Milk Milk
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    FRANCE- Marseille
    AA DZ TRADING - Verified by Europages

    The A&A DZ Trading company specializes in imports, exports and distribution of products and foodstuffs from the Maghreb. A&A DZ Trading enjoys close ties with its suppliers to satisfy the demands of...

    Supplier of: Desserts, milk-based | Import-export - food and agriculture | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | fruit export | fruit and vegetable exports [+] dates | delicatessen products | export of vegetables | foodstuffs export | packaged dates | exotic beverage | exotic fruit | fresh fruits and vegetables | foodstuffs – import/export | fruit and vegetable trade

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    TURKEY- Akdeniz / Mersin
    HSH NORM - Verified by Europages

    WHO ARE WE? We are a Powdered Food and Beverage manufacturing company that seeks for delicious and nourishing food. As the heart of the good food lies in flavors, we delve in the depth of the flavors...

    Supplier of: jelly dessert powder | Beverages - import-export | vegetable soups | whipped cream | baking powder [+] seasonings | baking ingredients | cube bouillons | powder bouillons | chicken stock | instant coffee mix | 3in1 instant coffee | 2in1 instant coffee | cappuccino | latte coffee

    • Coconut Flavored Custard Powder Coconut Flavored Custard Powder Custard Dessert
    • Chocolate Flavored Custard Powder Chocolate Flavored Custard Powder Custard Dessert
    • Banana Flavored Custard Powder Banana Flavored Custard Powder Custard Dessert Pudding
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  • Our company was established as a family enterprise at İstanbul - Cağaloğlu in 1973. In 1995, we continued our operations in our own space of 1.000 m2 at İstanbul Matbaacılar Sitesi. Since 2014, we...

    Supplier of: Import-export - paper and cardboard | Food packaging | kraft paper bag | commercial printed matter | gift bags [+] paper trays | book printing | wine bags | potatoes box | nugget box | popcorn box | fast food box | envelope bag | salad box | cosmetic box

    • Baklava Box Baklava Box Dessert Boxes
    • Chocolate Box Chocolate Box Dessert Boxes
    • Oil Lamp Box Oil Lamp Box Dessert Boxes
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    BELGIUM- Francorchamps
    GILFI - Verified by Europages

    For over 40 years, Gilfi, located in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, has been delighted to be your partner for desserts. Manufacturer of ice-creams, sorbets and frozen cream mousses for caterers...

    Supplier of: Desserts, milk-based | ice-cream dessert | Ice cream and sorbets | ice cream cakes | ice cream [+] ice-cream manufacturer | ice-cream | ice-cream manufacturer | ice-cream supplier | traditional ice-cream manufacturer | traditional ice-cream | traditional sorbet | ice-cream made to order | sorbet made to order | ice-cream producer belgium

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  • Elysberg Confiserie BVBA
    BELGIUM- Wommelgem
    Elysberg Confiserie BVBA - Verified by Europages

    The brand EMOTI CHOCOLATE by Elysberg Confiserie BVBA is proud to go in the footsteps of the best tradition of Belgian chocolate and willingly accepts the obligation to meet standards of the highest...

    Supplier of: Chocolates, filled | pralines | belgian assorted chocolates | belgian chocolate | belgian chocolate for gourmet [+] belgium chocolate boxes | belgian chocolates gift box | belgian truffles chocolate | belgian chocolate manufacturer | business chocolate gifts | chocolate companies in belgium | chocolate from belgium | luxury chocolate gift baskets | belgian pralines

    • EMOTI Lemon Peel Dark Chocolates, 120g EMOTI Lemon Peel Dark Chocolates, 120g
    • EMOTI Caramel Basket Milk Chocolates, 125g EMOTI Caramel Basket Milk Chocolates, 125g
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    ESTONIA- Tallinn
    DANA EUROPE OU - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 2002, DANA Dairy is a major producer and provider of various milk products to the world’s market. Through the years, we have come to take pride in the quality of our dairy products and the...

    Supplier of: milk for babies | uht milk | evaporated milk | flavoured milk | goat's milk [+] powdered milk | Baby foods | drinking yoghurt | infant formula | sweetened condensed milk | long life yogurt | mozzarella cheese | cheddar cheese | baby cereals

    • YOGURT DRINK YOGURT DRINK Long-life Yogurt Drink
    • DANAYO LONG LIFE YOGURT FRUIT MIX DANAYO LONG LIFE YOGURT FRUIT MIX Yogurt with real fruit made with skimmed milk
    • Bonino Yogurt Bonino Yogurt yogurt drink is a pleasant refreshment to drink. It is made for all occasions
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    ITALY- Renon
    A. LOACKER S.P.A. - Verified by Europages

    Loacker, wafers and chocolate confectionery that is produced right in the heart of the Dolomites. Quality is the most important feature of Loacker's products. The founding pillars of a company...

    Supplier of: Desserts, milk-based | Chocolates, filled | Cookies | twice-baked | sweets and sugar [+] wafers | confectionery product | chocolates | chocolate | pralines


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    SPAIN- Sabadell
    PACS CORPORATION - Verified by Europages

    PACS International is a Spanish company headquartered in Barcelona that specialises in the worldwide distribution of complete solutions for raw materials, ingredients, packaging (glass, plastic,...

    Supplier of: Honey | Dairy products | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | Sun protection products | Plastics - packaging [+] Dried fruits | manufacturer of haircare products | food packaging | food additives | personal care products manufacturer | pharmaceutical packaging | make up packaging | grooming products for men | cocoa beans, powder, mass and butter

    • Dairy products Dairy products Milk and dairy products for the food industry
    • Natural & Deodorised Cocoa Butter Natural & Deodorised Cocoa Butter Food and Cosmetics Industry. Cocoa specialist supplier
    • Butter and Margarine Butter and Margarine Butter, margarine and substitutes (soft fat) for the food industry
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    TURKEY- Istanbul

    Our young, dynamic and experienced team work for the realization of becoming a leader in the sector & being able to provide the best service to our customer. About Us Beyda Foods with over 30 years...

    Supplier of: Baby foods

    • Tahini Tahini Tahini
    • Baking Aids, Cake Mixes Baking Aids, Cake Mixes Hazelnut Cream, Cake Mixes
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    John Ryan Trading is a company based in the UK specialized in the production of Meat, Meat product and different Manufacture product offering in wholesale. We provide our services all around the...

    Supplier of: Meat | retail meat and meat product markets | distribution and wholesale trade associations | agricultural products for zootechnical foods | plants for the carbonation of mineral waters and soft drinks

    • Neocate Nutra Powder Milk Neocate Nutra Powder Milk Neocate Nutra
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  • Atiye Lacin Food produces traditional Turkish vegan desserts, a mix of dried fruits with spices having no preservatives, nor additives. The products are gluten and GMO free, fat and sugar free and...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | marmalades | sauces | bar snacks

    • Quince with Clove Dessert 150g Quince with Clove Dessert 150g
    • Murabba 75g Murabba 75g
    • Mevlevi Dessert 75g Mevlevi Dessert 75g
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  • chef’s best assistant bakery and pastry products The most ideal mixtures for the most delicate products. One of the essential factors that determine the flavor of the bakery and pastry products is...

    Supplier of: Cake mixes | semi-finished pastry products | semi-finished bakery products | bread premixes | cake premixes

    • Ice cream Ice cream Ice cream
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  • A family tradition dating back to 1924. This delightful journey has been started in a tiny bakery. A story written by four generations, following the trail of savory cookies and delicious pastries....

    Supplier of: Cookies | Cakes and pastries, factory-baked | muffins | cake | dolci

    • Dolci Peccati Sutlache Rice Pudding Dessert Cake Cup Dolci Peccati Sutlache Rice Pudding Dessert Cake Cup Cake Pastry Muffin
    • Tiramisu Cup Wholesale Dessert Cake Tiramisu Cup Wholesale Dessert Cake Cake Pastry Muffin Cheesecake
    • Lemon Granola Cup Wholesale Dessert Cake Lemon Granola Cup Wholesale Dessert Cake Cake Pastry Muffin Cheesecake
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    TURKEY- Bursa

    Ali Uras Trading is a Turkish company that supplies domestic products and markets them abroad as wholesale. Our commercial story, which started with a grocery store in 1980, still continues as a...

    Supplier of: wholesale desserts | Dried fruits | dehydrated products | pickled vegetables | dried legumes

    • Tahini Halva Tahini Halva tahini halva with pistachio, walnut and cocoa
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    For the global growing demand of dairy related products, Food Basics develops and produces several concepts for markets like: Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America. Products are meant for...

    Supplier of: milk powder | Dairy products | flavoured milk powder | instant yoghurt powder | ice cream powder

    • Instant Custard Instant Custard Instant Dairy Creamy Custard
    • Instant Yoghurt Powder Instant Yoghurt Powder Instant yoghurt powder for the preparation of an instant yoghurt-like dessert
    • Flavored Milk Powder Flavored Milk Powder Milk Powder in Flavors of Chocolate, Malted, Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana
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    Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert supplier, supplying to all UK major retailers and food service providers. Icefresh Foods represents carefully selected BRC Grade A factories from across Europe and...

    Supplier of: frozen desserts | Food - import-export | ice cream | chilled and instore bakery | party food

    • Frozen Desserts Frozen Desserts Choux, Eclairs, Profiteroles, Gateaux, Melting Puddings, Pavlova, Sponge Pudding
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    NORWAY- Oslo

    TINE SA is Norway's largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products. TINE SA aimes to provide consumers with a healthy and positive food experience. TINE is a cooperative - owned by more...

    Supplier of: Desserts, milk-based | Cream | Fruit juices | Dairy products | smoothies

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    SPAIN- Madrid

    We obtain a healthy product that keeps intact all the benefits naturally present in row milk: calcium, proteins, vitamins… Very easy to enrich with additional ingredients The production process of...

    Supplier of: Desserts, milk-based

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    CYPRUS- Nicosia

    Our company deals with worldwide export of pure Cyprus agricultural products, mostly olive oil, HALLOUMI and ANARI, SPOON SWEETS, MARMALADES and CAROB PRODUCTS. The Cyprus agricultural products are...

    Supplier of: Desserts, milk-based | extra virgin olive oil | spoon sweet

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  • We are an Organic farm in the Northwest of Spain. We are the second producer from organic milk in Spain. With our milk we produce organic yogurts with organic fruits, organic smoothies and organic...

    Supplier of: Desserts, milk-based | organic yogurt | organic cheese

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    SOUTH KOREA- Gwangmyeong-Si, Gyeonggi-Do

    Cellplus is specialized manufacturing company.We supply our product to domestic hotels and coffee franchise companies.Also, We export to Australia, Malaysia and China.We never make product anybody...

    Supplier of: Desserts, milk-based | premium quality frozen yogurt powder

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    GERMANY- Großpostwitz

    Supplier of: Desserts, milk-based

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    FRANCE- Saint Medard D'eyrans

    Supplier of: Desserts, milk-based | sheep's milk | yoghurt manufacture | sheep

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    TURKEY- Izmir

    Supplier of: Desserts, milk-based

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    TURKEY- Izmir

    Supplier of: Desserts, milk-based

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    SPAIN- Murcia

    Supplier of: Desserts, milk-based | wholesale of ice-creams

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    FRANCE- Flagey

    Supplier of: Desserts, milk-based | Meals, frozen | Import-export - food and agriculture | Cake mixes | basic food preparations for patisseries

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    SPAIN- Ametlla Del Valles, L

    Supplier of: Desserts, milk-based | fresh pasteurised milk | natural yoghurt | puddings | fresh cheeses

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