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  • Specialising in distributing components for electronics, automation and connectors. Verco is determined to offer you the best results at the best prices in the following areas: detectors and sensors,...

    Supplier of: Electrical & Electronic Components | Electronic components | Passive electronic components and printed circuits | Cable ducts | Relaying [+] Elements, electric | Switches | electric mechanical components | electric components | industrial electrical components | Monitoring and control equipment | Inductive sensors | sealed connectors | ultrasound sensors | acceleration sensors

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  • NINESUN is a company based in Xiamen, China. Since 1992, we are specialized in the manufacturing and processing of non-ferrous metal materials. Besides China, we export our countries all over the...

    Supplier of: Cold rolled steel strips | Import-export - steels and metals | tungsten carbide | carbon steel | aluminium bronze [+] aluminum manganese | aluminum zinc | aluminum copper | brass bar tube tape | bronze bar tube tape | zinc galvanized steel | hot dipped steel | 304 stainless sheet | stainless coil plate | wolfram oxide

    • FR4 Hdi double sided electronic circuit board pcbs FR4 Hdi double sided electronic circuit board pcbs FR4 Hdi double sided electronic circuit board pcbs
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  • We are a professional manufacturer of custom-designed, production and sales of transformers , inductors(toroidal chokes &coils, ) and power supplies with good quality and competitive price. ---With...

    Supplier of: Transformers | Battery chargers | toroidal transformers | power chokes | switch mode power supplies [+] power transformers | power supply | inductor | switching power transformers | flyback transformers | pulse transformers | encapsulated transformers | audio transformers | pcb transformers | power supply transformers

    • LED Driver LED Driver
    • LED Driver LED Driver
    • LED Driver LED Driver
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  • Display Elektronik GmbH was founded in 1984 in the early days of LCD technology and now operates as a manufacturer and brand with a focus on the European market. Since then, we have been reliably...

    Supplier of: structural elements for electrical engineering and electronic equipment | Flat screens | industrial electronics | keyboard membranes | membrane keyboards for front plates [+] lcds | lcd displays, customised | oled displays | tft flat screens | touchscreen displays | 7-segment displays | alphanumeric displays | automation technology | bar chart displays | components for measurement and control technology

    • Rubber Keypads Rubber Keypads
    • Membrane Switches Membrane Switches Customized Membrane Switches
    • Bistable Displays Bistable Displays E-Paper
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  • Good by tradition – innovative measuring technology from Therma. Welcome to Therma Thermofühler GmbH, your innovative and experienced partner in all aspects of temperature measurement. For over 30...

    Supplier of: Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - temperature | Temperature sensing devices | Thermometers | thermocables | connecting head shape b [+] cord sets | displays and transmitters | compensating cables | straight fittings | screw-in thermocouple | screw-in thermometers | compression fittings | compression fittings for thermocouples | cable thermocouples | sheathing tube thermocouples

    • VLM thermocouple extension | Teflon | Type K VLM thermocouple extension | Teflon | Type K Accessories Thermocouples
    • Extension Extension Thermocouples Accessories
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  • HERION & RAU Fluidtechnik GmbH is synonymous with high-quality pressure switches proudly "Made in Germany". The product range includes a wide variety of mechanical and electronic pressure and vacuum...

    Supplier of: Electrical & Electronic Components | pressure regulators | pressure sensors | vacuum switches | steam pressure regulators [+] pressure switches | pressure switches for hydraulics | pressure switches for pneumatics | pressure switches | electronic pressure regulators | fire extinguishing equipment | membrane pressure switches | oil pressure control switches | assemblies for fluid technology | high-quality pressure switches

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  • Production and sale of electrical engineering special items, including electrical terminals. Terminal strips, terminals, clamps, terminal sockets, terminal plates, flat terminal strips, stud...

    Supplier of: Electrical components and parts | Electrical & Electronic Components | isolators | socket terminal strips | beaded flat terminals [+] din 46282 clamps | din 41000 flat terminals | flat terminal strips | pin insulators | terminal boards | stud terminals din 46260 | din 46265 high-voltage terminals | teflon soldering terminals | branch terminals

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    GERMANY- Oberhaching
    BÜRKLIN GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    Bürklin Elektronik is a specialist distributor of high-quality electronic equipment, with more than 75, 000 items from over 500 manufacturers kept in stock. We currently offer more than 1, 500, 000...

    Supplier of: Relaying | Condensers | Electrical & Electronic Components | Sensors | Electricity - distribution [+] crimp contacts | display | heat dissipators | aerators | metrology | microcontroller | jack outlets | wires | d-sub | flat cables

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    GERMANY- Herrenberg
    FEINMETALL GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...success factor particularly for testing electric and electronic components and products. Feinmetall offers comprehensive contact solutions for the electronics, automotive and semiconductor...

    Supplier of: Electrical components and parts | contact probe and spring contact probe | pogo pin | pogo contact | switch probe [+] switching contact | high-frequency probe | hf contact probe | high current probe | high current contact | push-back probe | step probe | short travel probe | threaded probe | test contact

    • Contact Probes for Automotive Applications Contact Probes for Automotive Applications for wire harness and connector test
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  • A+B Electronic has embodied quality, flexibility and customer focus for more than 50 years. We are the right system supplier for your electronic demand. As an EMS service provider, we place great...

    Supplier of: Electrical & Electronic Components | flex circuit | pcb assembly | wave welders | ems – electronic manufacturing services [+] flex-rigid printed circuits | assembly production | fitters | esd – electrostatic discharge | smd – surface mounted device | smt – surface mounting technology | tht – trough hole technology | vapour phase soldering | soldering paste inspection | reflow

    • Control cabinet construction Control cabinet construction We build switchgear and control cabinets for industry and trade
    • Device assembly Device assembly Have the device installed directly by us - whether small quantities or series pr
    • Test and verification procedures Test and verification procedures From AOI, in-circuit tests to specific test procedures
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    SOUTH KOREA- Seongnae-Ro 6-Gil, Gangdong-Gu, Seoul
    EC PLAZA - Verified by Europages

    Since it's creation in 1996, ECPlaza has grown as a N.1 leader in providing online and offline service. Based on export marketing, we operate not only as a B2B website, EDI service and trade...

    Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | Make-up | Beauty products | Cosmetics | Skin-care products [+] Bags | Textile - import-export | E-business - services | Leather Goods | Tools & Hardware | construction material | electronics | accessories for pets | packing | household appliance

    • 6V & 12V VRLA Sealed Battery 6V & 12V VRLA Sealed Battery 6V & 12V VRLA Sealed Battery
    • EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service)
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  • PRUFREX has mastered the development, production and assembly process all the way to the completion of installation-ready electronics components. As a manufacturer of electronic control units and...

    Supplier of: Electrical & Electronic Components | Electronic components | power electronics | ems service providers | smd assemblies [+] smd mounting | tht mounting | printed circuit boards | electronics manufacturing | electronics services | aoi systems (automatic optical inspection) | development of software | development of hardware | eems service providers | development of electronics

    • Environmental simulation and accelerated life tests Environmental simulation and accelerated life tests Environmentally tested quality
    • Flying probe test Flying probe test Test quickly and flexibly
    • Inline AOI Inline AOI for SMT and THT
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    GERMANY- Bensheim
    IN-TEC BENSHEIM GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Consultancy – Development – Prototyping – Production. IN-TEC BENSHEIM has been supporting market-leading manufacturers from various industries in their production processes since 1996: As a system...

    Supplier of: Electrical & Electronic Components | cables, specially prepared | electrification | electromechanical components | cable assemblies [+] power electronics | tubes for medical technology | battery management system | high-current connectors | services for electric drive technology | precision engineering components | drives for vehicles, electric | foot-operated switches for mechanical and equipment engineering | mechanical connection components | steel wires and cables

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  • WM ELTAR SP. Z O.O. SP. K.
    POLAND- Tarnowskie Góry
    WM ELTAR SP. Z O.O. SP. K. - Verified by Europages

    WM Eltar is one of the leading printed circuit boards (PCB) manufacturer in Poland with over 40 years experience. The company is specialising in rigid double-sided and single-sided boards on FR-4,...

    Supplier of: Import-export - electrical and electronic equipment | Electronic components | electric and electronic components | membrane keyboard | pcb assembly [+] pcb | pcba | single-sided pcb | double-sided pcb | pcb manufacturer | rigid pcb | flexible pcb | quick turn pcb | circuit boards assembly | pcb prototypes

    • Production Technological Parameters Production Technological Parameters
    • Technology Technology
    • Technological Know-how and Customer Support Technological Know-how and Customer Support
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    FRANCE- Paris
    FE SAS COMPONENTS - Verified by Europages a distributor and importer of electronic, electrical and electromechanical components. We are present in Europe, Asia and the USA through our network of local partners for the follow-up and distribution of...

    Supplier of: Electrical & Electronic Components | Condensers | Electronic components | electric mechanical components | sourcing of electronic components [+] broker electronic components | Screws | Cables & Networks | connectors | integrated circuits | feeders | computer accessories | adapters | leds | computer components (processors, ram, hard drives)

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    GERMANY- Schwabach
    BMR GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Rudolf M. Brittling founded BMR, which is based in Schwabach in Bavaria, in 1978. The initial focus of the business was on manufacturing products for Triumpf Adler office suppliers and the...

    Supplier of: Electrical & Electronic Components | electronic speed control devices for electric motors | industrial electronics | power electronics | grinding spindle [+] servo inverters | frequency regulators | drilling tools for grinding wheels | mounting and inspection of printed circuit boards in small series | development of electronics | electronics development, customer-specific | manufacture of electronics | electronic drives (inverters) for electroluminscence | milling spindles | frequency inverters

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    FRANCE- Lisses
    SYSCOM-PROREP - Verified by Europages

    Syscom Prorep, founded in 1983, distributes a wide range of innovative solution for industrialists designing high-tech equipment. With around 800 clients throughout France and an expanding...

    Supplier of: Electronic components | Integrated and hybrid circuits | Electronic cards | Connectors, electronic | Electrical & Electronic Components [+] Telecommunications - equipment and systems | Electronics - import-export | Display boards and screens, electronic | Accumulators and batteries | Batteries | wireless technologies | wireless transmission systems | led indicator components for lcd | gas sensors | pressure sensors

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  • High-tech for all industries – down to the smallest detail. We specialise in electronic components designed to meet your specific requirements. Our expertise lies in exact and reliable custom-made...

    Supplier of: Electrical & Electronic Components | small transformers | directional couplers | ferrite (manufacturer) | smd inductivity [+] sensor coils | coil chokes | ferrite core coils | transponders | antennae transponders | rfid transponders | nfc transponders | rfid chips | transformers | hf transformers

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Canterbury
    MEREFIELDS ELECTRONICS LTD - Verified by Europages

    Merefields Electronics, a family run business in Kent, offers total distribution of all products within Automotive, Aviation/Aerospace, Automation, Medical, Instrumental and Telecommunication...

    Supplier of: Switches | Semiconductors | Cars - electrical and electronic parts and components | Sensors | Fans [+] electronic semiconductors | leds | relays | optoelectronic components | led displays | keyboard membranes | microcontroller | mosfet | d-sub connectors | terminal blocks

    • Circuit Breakers Circuit Breakers
    • AVX Parts AVX Parts AVX Capacitors / Diodes / Filters / Inductors / Thermistors
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  • Soochow Advance Industries Co., Ltd., is a China-based provider of precision CNC engineering services. With sliding head multi-axis CNC lathes (Star, Citizen, Tsugami), we are capable of machining...

    Supplier of: Steels and metals - machining | precision turning | precision milling | precision parts | custom fasteners [+] precision machining | cnc machining | cnc turning | cnc miling | drawing parts | cnc machined parts | cnc turned parts | cnc milled parts | cnc engineered parts | cnc machined components

    • Wireway Fastener Aluminium Bolt Wireway Fastener Aluminium Bolt
    • Brass Precision Turned Components Brass Precision Turned Components
    • Machine Part Stainless Steel Shaft Machine Part Stainless Steel Shaft
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    SIMCO-ION EUROPE - Verified by Europages

    For over 50 years Simco-Ion Europe is a leading manufacturer of equipment for the elimination of static electricity. We are a partner for OEM worldwide and have an extensive knowledge base and many...

    Supplier of: Ionisation equipment - air | ionisers | anti-static systems | high-voltage generators | static electricity [+] ionisation | anti static devices | anti static bar | anti static eliminator | electrostatic equipment | electrostatic eliminator | iml | iml generator | industrial static control | industrial static eliminator

    • HDC HDC Electrostatic charging bar
    • VolumION VolumION Ionizing air blower
    • Performax IQ Easy with Airknife Performax IQ Easy with Airknife blowoff operation ionizing air knife
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    SOLID SEMECS B.V. - Verified by Europages

    Semecs, member of SERO Group, is specialized in the assembly of printed circuits boards on an industrial scale, from 5.000 to 500.000 pieces. Our products are mainly destined to the automotive,...

    Supplier of: Electrical & Electronic Components | Passive electronic components and printed circuits | electrical and electronic components for motor vehicles | electronic component assembly | electronic components for motor vehicles [+] industrial electronic components | printed circuit electronic components | printed circuit design | electronics assembly | manufacture of printed circuits | assembly of electronic parts for automotive industry | pcb assembly | printed circuit board | pcb manufacturing | printed circuit boards

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    GERMANY- Thierstein
    BDSENSORS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    BD|SENSORS was founded in 1994 as a start-up by three people and within a few years it evolved into one of the most important suppliers of electronic pressure measurement equipment in the global...

    Supplier of: Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Manometers | Sensors | pressure gauge | level sensors [+] pressure switches | pressure transmitters | differential pressure transmitters | data loggers | fill level measuring technology

    • Pressure transmitter DMP 336 Pressure transmitter DMP 336 pressure tranmitter DMP 336 for hydrogen applications or technical gases
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    GERMANY- Leverkusen
    SK-ELEKTRONIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Our electronic components are fitted automatically or manually, depending on the required production process, at our centre of excellence in Erfurt, Germany. This service, all the way up to the...

    Supplier of: Electrical & Electronic Components | electrical components | pcb assembly | software solution integration | industrial software [+] exhaust fume analysers | electronic measurement systems | eco fan | thermo-fid | upas system | industrial computers | portable industrial computers | measuring equipment for analytical measuring methods | process computers | software for electronic equipment

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    TAIWAN R.O.C.- New Taipei City

    Established in 1983, Kingfont is one of the world-leading manufacturers of electrical connectors and their related components based in Taiwan, Asia. The company excels at the whole-process...

    Supplier of: Electrical & Electronic Components | electrical connectors | connectors for memory cards | connectors for printed circuits | connectors for computers [+] connectors | usb connectors | plug and socket connectors | three-pin plugs and sockets | plug connectors | d-sub connectors | memory card connectors | sim card connectors | smart card connectors

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  • MSE has been specialising in customer-specific solutions for microelectronics for over 30 years. The company belongs to the leading European providers of complex LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired...

    Supplier of: Ceramic, components - electric | Integrated and hybrid circuits | Electrical & Electronic Components | Electronic equipment, aircraft | microelectronics [+] hybrid circuits | electronics | microchip | thick-film resistors | electronic items | packaging development | electronic modules | smartcard packaging | pcb assembly | electronics assembly

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    CHINA- Dongguan
    POWER JACK MOTION - Verified by Europages

    POWER JACK MOTION is a leading supplier of small electric motors, linear actuator and planetary gearbox for a variety of application. Founded in 2003, specializes in high-precision, cost-effective...

    Supplier of: Electric motors - dC | Moto-reducers | Electric motors - aC | gear motor | low voltage motors [+] brushless motors | coaxial reducers | epicycloidal gear reducers | door lock motors | planetary gear motors | linear actuator manufactuers | industrial vibrator motor | pump motor | vacuum cleaner motors

    • toy cars gear motor toy cars gear motor 16mm size toy gearbox with motor
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    FRANCE- Montmirail
    AXON CABLE SAS - Verified by Europages

    Axon’ Cable is a world leader in specialist interconnect systems. The company excels in the design and manufacture of wires, composite cables, flat flexible connectors, terminated harnesses,...

    Supplier of: Connectors, electronic | Electric cables | high data rate cables | composite cables | mini coaxial cables [+] flat flexible cables | flexible power cables | ethernet leads | high flowrate electrical connections | micro-d connectors | spacewire link | mil-std-1553 data bus couplers | hyperfrequency coaxial leads | high voltage wires

    • Stamped or overmolded leadframes Stamped or overmolded leadframes Cut-out metal circuits for Printed Circuit Boards
    • Composite cables Composite cables Custom design for challenging markets
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  • TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO., LTD, based in Japan, is one of the companies of the TATEYAMA KAGAKU GROUP. We are specialized since 1958 in the manufacturing and sales of Electronic components,...

    Supplier of: Resistors | Electronic components | electronics | industrial equipment | resistors for electronics [+] temperature sensors | gas hobs | 1-module coffeemaker | electric water heater | gas water heaters | gas cooker | precision parts | wireless devices

    • Temperature Sensor for Vaccine storage Temperature Sensor for Vaccine storage
    • Water Heater Temperature Sensor Water Heater Temperature Sensor
    • Gas Stove Temperature Sensor Gas Stove Temperature Sensor
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    POLAND- Gorzów Wielkopolski
    CNC-METALWORKS - Verified by Europages

    CNC-Metalworks is company that specializes in providing elements produced by CNC machining method for different sectors of industry. We are experienced in: • medium and big sized production series,...

    Supplier of: SMALL METAL PARTS | cnc turned parts | turned small parts | small precision parts | automatic lathe parts [+] brass turned parts | turning on automatic lathes | turning - steels and metals | cnc turned parts made from precious metals | turned parts made from rustproof material | turned parts to order | contract cnc lathe work | turned parts for mechanical engineering

    • Hexagon brass tube Hexagon brass tube hexagon brass tube
    • Brass spacers Brass spacers bras components
    • brass parts brass parts bras components
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