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    GERMANY- Stuttgart
    KEBA FASTENINGS - Verified by Europages

    ...cold & hot-formed parts, screws for plastics and metals, open-die technology, turned parts and custom-made fasteners. The production facilities are located in Istanbul, Turkey, with regional offices in Houston, Texas and Stuttgart,...

    Supplier of: Fastening devices | Fasteners, metal | metal fasteners | fastening of steels and metals | metal fastening systems [+] technical fastenings | press fasteners | Nuts and bolts | screws for plastics | cnc turned parts | self-locking devices | self-tapping screws | aluminium screws | cold extruded parts | special screws

    • KEBAFIXX KEBAFIXX Designed by engineers as an efficient pre-assembled fastening system
    • TURNEDPARTS TURNEDPARTS High-Quality Products to the Highest Precision
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    TURKEY- Izmir
    MICRON AMERICA - Verified by Europages

    ...trained staff can help you choose the correct fastener and/or machine to complete your job. We carry millions of fasteners in stock for fast, immediate delivery. We pride ourselves on our courteous, well-trained...

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | metal fastening rivets | Rivets | Tools & Hardware | eyelets [+] plastic eyelets | dies | hand tools | metal hardware | nippers | punches | decorative eyelets for curtains | jeans buttons | plastic fastening systems | grommets

    • Stimpson A591 Oblong Grommets And Washers [5/16” X 3/4”] (144 Pcs Of Each) Stimpson A591 Oblong Grommets And Washers [5/16” X 3/4”] (144 Pcs Of Each) Oblong Grommets and Washers
    • M300 Oblong Grommets And Washers [7/32” X 1 7/32”] (144 Pcs Of Each) M300 Oblong Grommets And Washers [7/32” X 1 7/32”] (144 Pcs Of Each) Oblong Grommets and Washers
    • Micron Pl-10 Pneumatic Plastic & Metal Fastener Attaching Machine Micron Pl-10 Pneumatic Plastic & Metal Fastener Attaching Machine Automatic Machines
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  • NINESUN is a company based in Xiamen, China. Since 1992, we are specialized in the manufacturing and processing of non-ferrous metal materials. Besides China, we export our countries all over the...

    Supplier of: Cold rolled steel strips | Import-export - steels and metals | tungsten carbide | carbon steel | aluminium bronze [+] aluminum manganese | aluminum zinc | aluminum copper | brass bar tube tape | bronze bar tube tape | zinc galvanized steel | hot dipped steel | 304 stainless sheet | stainless coil plate | wolfram oxide

    • pure Tungsten bars pure Tungsten bars 99.95% pure polished Tungsten bars factory price
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    TURKEY- Istanbul Turkiye
    OZKA ENDUSTRIYEL - Verified by Europages

    Ozka group companies have more than 30 years experience in metal forming business. All of our companies target to be a partner more than being a supplier. We are serving tailor based solutions. All...

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | fastener | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Stamping - steels and metals | Cast iron items [+] Nuts and bolts | Screws | saucepans | pans | powder painting | metallurgy | aluminium casting | cast iron part | cold forming | screws for automotive

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  • ...park, we make more out of metal. FASTENING TECHNOLOGY. From window- and door fastening, the fastening of panels and profile woods right up to floor fastening: Innovative manufacturers, among them...

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | fastening tools | fasteners for roofs | bent wire parts | stamping parts [+] tool manufacturing | die design | installation of windows and doors | contract punching work | stainless steel fastening systems, rust-free | fastening elements, sanitary | fastening systems for solar modules | wire bending components with end machining | development of bent wire parts | development of tools

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    GERMANY- Düsseldorf
    KS FASTENERS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    KS Fasteners GmbH was founded as a wholesaler for special fasteners and related parts by Mr Kevin Sievers in Düsseldorf-Stockum, Germany in 2011. As we have very close partnerships with leading...

    Supplier of: Washer fastenings | Screws | set-screws | spindles | headless screws [+] stainless steel nuts | hexagonal nuts | stainless steel screws | special nuts and bolts | threaded stays | special screws to spec | special materials | cnc turned titanium parts | brass turned parts | titanium screw

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  • Wilhelm Modersohn GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1970 by Wilhelm Modersohn sen. The main activity at that time was the production and sale of anchors for precast concrete facades. Today the company...

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | Rods, threaded | Screws | winding anchors | heavy-duty dowels [+] stainless steel cuts | duplex steel, stainless | special stainless steel constructions | facade substructures | air layer anchors for masonry | anchor rails | support brackets for faced masonry | bracket anchors | panel anchors | facade panel anchors

    • MOSO® panel hanger MOSO® panel hanger
    • MOSO® restraint anchor FB-DZA MOSO® restraint anchor FB-DZA
    • MOSO® Gallow anchor MOSO® Gallow anchor
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    GERMANY- Winnenden
    SCHWEIZER GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    Custom cooler production and special parts for extreme demands. Motor sports, tuning and industrial applications demand maximum performance in the narrowest of spaces. For greater performance, you...

    Supplier of: Motor sports, equipment and accessories | plate-type heat exchangers | manifold heat exchangers | water pumps | oil pump [+] silicone pipes | pipe couplings | aluminium radiators | cnc turned and milled parts | cnc milled parts | water coolers, special production | charge-air coolers, special production | oil coolers, special production | setrab oil coolers, germany | special heat exchangers

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  • We are a traditional manufacturer, certified according to ISO-9001, with state-of-the-art production technology as well as innovative products. Our three core areas of roofing products, fixing...

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | Fastening devices | Roofing materials | clamping systems | hot galvanization of tubes [+] tube clamps | piping clamps | steel tank clamps | snow stoppers for roofs | moulded, stamped and drawn parts | punch cutting | gutter supports | hose fastening collars | metal attachment anchors | aluminium punched parts

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    GERMANY- Mörfelden-Walldorf
    GESIPA® BLINDNIETTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 1955, GESIPA Blindniettechnik GmbH has become one of the leading international companies in the blind rivet sector. A high level of quality and reliability of the GESIPA® fasteners along...

    Supplier of: fasteners | Machine tools - metal machining | blind rivet technology | plugs | rivet accessories [+] pinball machines | sfs | blind rivets | threaded inserts | blind rivet technology | rivet guns for blind rivets | rivet guns for blind rivet nuts | rivet guns | studs | lockbolts

    • Bulb-Tite® (blind rivets) Bulb-Tite® (blind rivets) Strong in demanding applications requiring perfect clamp force &weatherproofness
    • Speed Bulb® speed rivets Speed Bulb® speed rivets The GESIPA® Speed Bulb® is designed for high and dynamic loads
    • G-Speed® speed rivets G-Speed® speed rivets G-Speed® the multi-range speed rivet for a wide range of applications.
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    GERMANY- Neumünster
    HONSEL-GROUP - Verified by Europages

    We are your strong partner when it comes to fastening technology. 90 years of development, production and sale of high-quality fasteners and processing solutions, combined with a high supply...

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | fasteners | powertrain fasteners | fastening tools | Electrical engineering hand tools, non-power [+] automation | blind rivet technology | rivet accessories | coils | pins | threaded stays | rivetter for nails and bolts | cap nuts | studs | wire thread inserts

    • Flush head pin Flush head pin Sheet metal fasteners- perfect addition to the well-proven blind rivet products.
    • Self-clinch standoff Self-clinch standoff Sheet metal fasteners- perfect addition to the well-proven blind rivet products.
    • Self clinching stud Self clinching stud Sheet metal fasteners- perfect addition to the well-proven blind rivet products.
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    FRANCE- Bazeilles
    LA FRAPPE ARDENNAISE SAS - Verified by Europages

    Manufacturer of tactile studs. For over 30 years, La Frappe Ardennaise has specialised in cold heading rivets, pins, hinges and screws. Standard rivets, milled head rivets, semi-tubular rivets, blind...

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | Fastening devices | Rivets | Hooks, metal | Screws [+] full rivets | tactile studs | metal split pins | special rivets | welding screw | self-tapping screw | special screws | steel tactile studs | zinc coated tactile studs | colour tactile studs

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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    ZETA INDUSTRY - Verified by Europages

    Zeta Industry LLC, is a custom steel processing facility and was established in 2010. Zeta is locally owned and operated in Istanbul manufacturing the Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) coated dowel bar and...

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | epoxy fasteners | dowel bar | rebar | epoxy coated dowel bar and rebar [+] epoxy coated dowel bar | epoxy coated iron | epoxy coated round bar | dowel bar | round bar | reinforced beton | reinforced concrete | reinforcing bar | pavement reinforcement | concrete pavement

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    POLAND- Warszawa
    SONNEN METAL - Verified by Europages

    ...taking into account the possible loads on the fastening system and the type of soil, as well as needs and wishes of the customer. Mounting systems SONNEN METAL “SM-STV” are certified by TÜV AUSTRIA and meet the requirements of...

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | fasteners | Solar energy - installations | Metal structural work | Galvanization - steels and metals [+] Stainless steels | machine tools for working steel | solar mounting systems | assembly of plant metal structures | metal structures | metal | solar panel maintenance | solar panels | metal products | metal product design

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  • ...machinery parts, machine elements, non-standard fasteners, machine screws, bespoke bolts & nuts, customized pipe & tube fittings, inserts, studs, threaded rods, shafts, pins, stand-offs, spacers, bushings,...

    Supplier of: custom fasteners | Steels and metals - machining | precision turning | precision milling | precision parts [+] precision machining | cnc machining | cnc turning | cnc miling | drawing parts | cnc machined parts | cnc turned parts | cnc milled parts | cnc engineered parts | cnc machined components

    • Precision Aluminium Fastener Precision Aluminium Fastener
    • Custom Brass Fastener Custom Brass Fastener
    • OEM Steel Parts Threaded Inserts OEM Steel Parts Threaded Inserts
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  • HEINRICH KIPP WERK is a manufacturer in the clamping technology, standard elements and operating parts sector. The company produces at its site in Germany using a wide range of machinery. The...

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | fastener elements | Industrial hardware | Magnets | Screws [+] Nuts and bolts, custom-made | Locks | Joints, pneumatic | Hand tools, non-power | Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories | clamping parts | clamping elements for machine tools | clamping levers | spring plungers | connectors

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  • Ming Xiao Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional ISO9001 certificated Metal Parts & Plastic Parts manufacturer, Located in China Ningbo, Specialized in Services of Sheet Metal Fabricating, CNC...

    Supplier of: Turning - steels and metals | Sheet metals - stamping | gas springs | plastic parts | deep-drawn metal parts [+] extruded profiles | forming - steels and metals | metal stamping parts | steel parts | cnc turned parts | plastic injection molding | machining aluminium parts | steel turned parts | machined parts | plastic extrusion profiles

    • China Cold Forging Parts China Cold Forging Parts China Cold Forging Parts Supplier Custom nonstandard bolts, nuts, screws,studs
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    ITALY- Correggio
    THENAR SRL - Verified by Europages

    Thenar manufactures and sells: HANDEX line: movement, tightening and adjustment elements, wheels, nuts, bolts, lever and recovery handles, industrial handles, drawer handles, stops; FLEXUM line:...

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | fastening articles | Chains, plastic | indexed handle | plastic knobs [+] pressure foot | plugs | metal attachment rods | knobs | clamp levers | handles | handwheels | knurled knobs

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    CHINA- Jiaxing City, Zhejiang
    HAIYAN HONGYU METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD - Verified by Europages

    Haiyan Hongyu Metal Products Co., Ltd is a company based in Jiaxing, China specialized in the manufacturing and exporting of hardware accessories since 2009. We offer a wide range of metal products...

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | Nuts and bolts | cnc turned parts | hexagonal bolts | stainless steel screws and nuts [+] steel washers | concrete screws | special self-tapping screws | chipboard screws | eye bolt | round head screws | threaded nuts and screws | tactile indicators | hdg guardrail bolts

    • Steel Washers Steel Washers Steel Washers
    • Spring Washers Spring Washers Spring Washers
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    GERMANY- Spalt
    FATH GMBH - Verified by Europages

    FATH’s products and solutions have been helping our customers increase their productivity for over 30 years. Of course, you know us best as a manufacturer of mechanical components and hardware. But...

    Supplier of: Hinges | handle | pins | slot nut | levelling feet [+] material flow identification | t-slot nut | t-head bolt | bracket | cover cap | transport plate | base plate | swivel levelling foot | floor marking tape

    • Handles for industry on machines, doors, flaps Handles for industry on machines, doors, flaps Handles for mounting on aluminium profile, various versions
    • Connector plates for aluminium profile technology Connector plates for aluminium profile technology Right-angle, parallel or T-connection, various designs, and material versions
    • Automatic connector for aluminium profile assembly Automatic connector for aluminium profile assembly To connect two aluminum profiles fast and solid assembly without machining
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    CHINA- Dongguan / Guangdong
    NEWSUN PV TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD - Verified by Europages

    Dongguan NewSun PV Technology Co., Ltd (NSPV) was came into existence in 2010, a company with systemic management provides solar photovoltaic connector and solar panel system related products in...

    Supplier of: Solar energy | solar cable harness | mc4 inline fuse | mc4 connector | bipv junction box [+] solar fuse connector | solar panel parallel connectors | solar extension cable | dc21b isolator switch | solar ac connector | mc3 connector | solar branch connectors | solar fuse holder | solar energy - installations

    • Single pipe clamp single hole saddle tube clip Single pipe clamp single hole saddle tube clip Zinc plated pipe clamp single hole saddle pipe clip 25mm
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    ITALY- Grassobbio
    BOSSONG SPA - Verified by Europages

    ...resins and accessories. Medium and heavy duty metal anchor systems, certified and non-certified, in 8.8 steel and stainless steel. Zamac and brass cleats, metal-nylon cleats for small loads. Automatic nailing...

    Supplier of: Fastening devices | metal fasteners | fastening articles | Epoxy resin | metal anchoring [+] building resins | securing clamps | metal attachment rods | consolidation resins | structural consolidations | anchoring agents | riveters for the construction industry

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    ITALY- Lecco
    RAPITECH SRL - Verified by Europages

    ...electric motors, pumps, metal structures, mechanical equipment, Hi-Fis, toys, household accessories, gardening products, craft items, DIY, boilers, air conditioning, fastening systems in general

    Supplier of: Washer fastenings | metal fasteners | Hardware, building construction | SMALL METAL PARTS | Nuts [+] machine shop | metal products and small parts | nuts | manufacture of small parts | customised special screws and bolts | springs | ratchets | zinc-plated paper clips | screw plates

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    GERMANY- Ratingen
    IGEL GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal

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    GERMANY- Neuendorf
    KREUTZ & MOCK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal

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  • Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | metal locksmithing | screws | knick-knacks | hardware

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    GERMANY- Amberg

    The name emico is a registered trademark. This trademark is known for selling standardised parts, as well as plastic and metal connecting elements. Founded in 1991, it has now grown into a wholesaler...

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | Seals | Rubber seals | fixing material | stamping parts

    • Coding rings with flange Coding rings with flange Washers - spacers & bushings
    • Drive fasteners - Rivets PA 6.6 Drive fasteners - Rivets PA 6.6 Drive fasteners & rivets
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    GERMANY- Lüdenscheid

    Ever since the company was established a century ago, we've stayed true to our specialism of developing and manufacturing ironmongery and fixing machines. We exclusively develop and manufacture our...

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | Hinges | Hardware for furniture | hinges for furniture

    • Hinges Hinges Metal
    • Clasps for fastening to metal Clasps for fastening to metal
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  • The Ufanet group of companies’ history starts in 1996. The company «Irida», a part of the group, is engaged in international sales and development. We are a telecom operator, among the top 30...

    Supplier of: Information technology - cabling | Cables & Networks | Cable ducts | Telecommunications - equipment and systems | Optical fibres

    • Semicircular metal duct Semicircular metal duct
    • Metal triangular duct Metal triangular duct
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    BULGARIA- Sofia

    ...production. In the field of sheet metal processing, laser cutting, punching, fastens installation and powder coating, our excellent work and high-quality results make us a reliable partner in and outside of Bulgaria.

    Supplier of: Cutting - steels and metals | metal punching | aluminium sheet bending | aluminium welding | sheet cutting

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