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  • our customers with various nets and fishing tackle: aquaculture nets, trawl nets, fishing nets, sports nets, agricultural nets, bird nets, shade net, safety nets, fence nets, ropes and twines with materials of PE, PP, Polyester...

    Supplier of: Fishing nets | Nets and ropes | nets for fishing | knotless nets | bird nets [+] agricultural nets | shade net | safety nets | sports nets | nets for aquaculture | garden nets | climbing nets | knitting nets | cover nets | Fishing equipment

    • Fishing Nets Fishing Nets Multifilament Braided Nets
    • fishing net floats fishing net floats PVC floats
    • Fishing Nets Fishing Nets PE Twisted Nets-Double
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  • ...An entire floor at our plant is set aside for nets for climbing and the offshore market. The other floor handles safety nets and net repairs. The largest single room is devoted to nets for sport, industry and fishing.

    Supplier of: Fishing nets | sports nets | nets | bird nets | garden nets [+] balcony nets | nets assembled | climbing nets | goal nets | safety nets | aviary nets | covers | shade cloths | all kinds of nets repaired

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    ITALY- Paderno Franciacorta
    CITTADINI SPA - RETI DA PESCA - Verified by Europages

    ...stitching thread and technical yarns. We produce fishing nets; construction netting; sports nets; nylon monofilament netting; knotless nylon, polypropylene, polyester and polyethylene netting; aquaculture nets; agricultural...

    Supplier of: Fishing nets | agricultural nets | sports facility nets | knotless nets | sports nets [+] synthetic fibre braid | nylon yarns | stitching thread

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  • Supplier of: Fishing nets | nets for fishing | fishing nets | Hunting and fishing equipment and special products | fish processing equipment

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    GERMANY- Bremerhaven

    ...generation and represents a reliable partner in net production for industry, building protection, bird control, sports installations, transport and more as well as ropes, metal products and weatherproof clothing. Our production site...

    Supplier of: Fishing nets | landing nets | spun yarns | buoys | work clothes

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    SOUTH KOREA- Seoul

    Welcome to protex homepage. We are the leading exporter in korea. We take the first priority on customer's requirement and always try for mutual benenfit. We supply technical, Industrial textile...

    Supplier of: fishing nets | Geotextiles | polyester fabrics | semi-conductive fabric | velcro

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    CROATIA- Biograd Na Moru production of fishing nets, bags and nets for agriculture.Continuous modernization, high quality raw materials, and wide range of products have enabled that company stays on the market for more than 80 years.The production is devided in two...

    Supplier of: Fishing nets | nets for fishing | nets for aquaculture | Films, plastic | raschel bags for agriculture

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    RUSSIA- Kaliningrad gear. Annually the company’s net loft consumes around 1000 tons of synthetic materials to produce over 200 trawl sets. Our trawls, effective on surface and depth, are successfully used from Iceland to South Africa and from Russia to Chile. More than 90 big fishing vessels use “Fishering...

    Supplier of: Nets and ropes | Fishing nets | nets

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    With Over 25 years of experience Collins Nets Ltd specialises in the manufacture and supply of nets. Collins Nets offer nets for: game rearing and fisheries, -- including release pen netting, alke...

    Supplier of: Fishing nets | fish cages and survey gill nets | dip and hand nets | seine nets

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  • ...and sell 1. Fishing Nets 2. Cast Nets 3. Gill Nets 4. Fishing Line 5. Safety Protective Nets Fishing Rods, Fishing Reels and etc.. So that we provide our partners with professional and efficient one-stop service. So it...

    Supplier of: Fishing nets | fishing nets | manufacture | factory | export

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    INDIA- Kolkata

    Established in 1998 Mighty Fishing is one of the versatile trader of Fly-Fishing, Carp-Fishing accessories, Terminal Tackles, Fishing Luggage’s, all types of Fly Tying Threads, Feathers, Fishing Nets and Fishing accessories. Mighty Fishing has...

    Supplier of: fishing nets | Fishing equipment | carp fishing tackle | fly tying tools | fly tying feathers

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  • ...powder compacting press, sizing machine, fishing net making machine and stretching machine. It is national High-tech enterprise, the products are positioning in middle-high lever. Our...

    Supplier of: fishing nets | fishing net machine | Fishing equipment | press machine

    • ZRS/D-X fishing net machine ZRS/D-X fishing net machine ZRS/D-X fishing net machine
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  • ...Tackle Co., Ltd now has more than 40 sets of net machines, 2 sets of vacuum machines and 2 large longitudinal setting machines. Applicable twine range of fishing net is nylon monofilament with diameter of...

    Supplier of: Fishing nets | fishing nets | fishing tackle

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  • ..., marine hardware accessories and finished product.Finished product include: lantern net, pearl net, fishing trap, mid-water and bottom trawl, purse seine, gillnet, fish cage net, lobster creel/pot/trap, crab pot/trap, other marine accessories etc for fishery.

    Supplier of: fishing nets | lantern net | Fishing boats - equipment and materials

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  • We were founded in 2001, and offer quality fishing nets, part of the specifications are as below: NYLON MONOFILAMENT FISHING NETSKont: Singe kont and double kontThinckness: 0.085mm dia to 4.00mm & Up diaMesh size:...

    Supplier of: Fishing nets | knotting net | fishing twine

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    INDIA- Nageercoil

    ...manufacturer of high quality Nylon mono filament fishing lines & fishing nets from India.Our plant is most modern with latest & advanced machines.We employ latest technology to produce nets & lines.Our products are...

    Supplier of: Fishing nets | nylon mono filament nets | nylon fishing lines

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  • ...includes, Assembled products for Aquaculture and Fishing, Fishing Nets, Purse seine, Trawls, synthetic Ropes etc made from HDPE, Polypropylene, Nylon and Dyneema in Braided & twisted and Knotted & Knotless...

    Supplier of: Nets and ropes | fishing nets | artificial and synthetic fibre ropes

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    JAPAN- Gamagori

    ...Fishing, Sports & Leisure, dealing Nets, Ropes and Metal Fittings, etc., especially, Twisted Knotless UHMWPE & Vectran Nettings, Nylon Multi-Mono and Single Mono #0.4 (0.104mm dia)...

    Supplier of: Fishing nets | gill net | fishing rope | purse seine | uhmwpe

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    SINGAPORE- Singapore

    Siang May exports to more than 60 countries worldwide and is one of the major manufacturers of synthetic fiber nets, lines, ropes and twines. Siang May has clients across the 5 continents and its...

    Supplier of: Fishing nets | fishing nets | agricultural netting

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  • our company supplies high quality fishing nets.they are: 1.multifilament fishing net2.braided fishing net3.nylon twisted twine4.bath net5.animal nets.nets with steel wine against wild...

    Supplier of: fishing nets | Textile - import-export | nylon twisted twine

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  • ...We also supply various twines (nylon and polyester twine in spools and hanks), ropes (twist ropes, braided ropes), fishing net making machines (ZRD, ZRS, U-knot net machines and high speed net machines with big bobbins), rope making machines, and hooks

    Supplier of: fishing nets | nylon fishing nets | Aquaculture and pisciculture

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  • We are the manufactures of animal feed, fishing net, and anti-bird net.Happy for building with ppl from all over the world.

    Supplier of: fishing nets | Sales Department | animal feed

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    CHINA- Yuanjiang City

    With its perfect quaality and excellent service, the products sell well all over the world, Xinhai net and rope manufacture co., ltd has become the pioneer of fishing nets industry standards makers.

    Supplier of: fishing net | Chemicals - import-export | nylon and polyester knotless nets

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  • We export monofilament fishing net, multifilament fishing net, kotless net, fishing line, twine, fishing hooks, rope and all kinds of related products.

    Supplier of: fishing nets | Fish - import-export | fishing hooks

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    ITALY- Ripatransone

    Supplier of: Fishing nets | Nets and ropes | sports nets | knotless nets | Fishing equipment

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    FRANCE- Marzan

    Supplier of: fishing nets | Fishing boats - equipment and materials | fishing boats

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    MOROCCO- Casablanca

    Supplier of: fishing nets | nets for agricultural usage | sports facility nets | safety nets | Agriculture - import-export

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    TURKEY- Istanbul

    Supplier of: Fishing nets

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  • FIL & FAB
    FRANCE- Brest

    Supplier of: fishing nets | Granules for plastics

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  • Supplier of: Fishing nets | Nets and ropes

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