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  • The company "Agro-Rost Export" engaged in export of agricultural products, in particular, oil crops, legumes and cereals. Our company is a close-knit team of professionals with many years of...

    Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | Cereals and grains | Pulses | Linen | Agricultural Production [+] lupins | rape seeds | millet | mustard | wheat | lentils | coriander | oily seeds | lentil plants | oats

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    RUSSIA- Kemerovo
    SD-BEKS, LLC - Verified by Europages

    SD-Beks produces extruded, complete feed and complex-component additives for all types of farm animals and birds. Existing for more than 4 years in the market we sell our products in more than 17...

    Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | feed fodder for cows | feed fodder for cattle | feed fodder for piglets | Livestock and poultry - feed [+] Feeds for animal farming | Birdseed | Pet foods | Dog food | Animals & Livestock | Premix for livestock and poultry | biologically active feed additives | animal feed additives | feeds for birds | foodstuffs for pets

    • Feed for rabbits Feed for rabbits
    • Feeds for ducks and geese Feeds for ducks and geese
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    SAUDI ARABIA- Jeddah

    ...fruits, meat, coffee, dates, import and export, management and operation of restaurants, buffets and coffee houses. Import of coal - import of green fodder for Saudi Arabia- Current activity

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Import-export - food and agriculture | import of food | olive and pickled products | dates products

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    BELGIUM- Waterloo
    RELLMAN FOODS - Verified by Europages

    Rellman Foods is a leading provider of High Quality Beef from South America. We offer fresh or frozen Beef and Lamb meat. Angus Beef, Halal and Bio certification available. Origin: South America...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | meat import export | Beef | import of fresh meat | argentinian beef [+] fresh meats | fresh meat export | irish beef | red meats | beef | argentine meat | organic meats | organic beef | vacuum packed meat | uruguayan beef

    Brands : Urien Loza | Rioplatense | Frimsa | Estancia Norte

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  • Balkan Luxury Supply is a wholesaler offering wide variety of luxury items. We are reliable supplier of Beauty products such as Perfumes (branded perfumes and niche perfumes), Cosmetics (full variety...

    Supplier of: import-export of perfumes | cosmetics import-export | glasses import-export | Beauty products | Perfume and beauty products [+] Eau de toilette | Cosmetics | Beauty creams | Skin-care products | Make-up | Perfume | Eau de parfum | Eyeglasses - frames and accessories | perfumes | perfume wholesaler

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  • As reliable providers of chemicals from across the globe, our world-wide web sources and supplies the right products to suit the needs of our clients across the world. Vistachem group with its...

    Supplier of: Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | flavourings | fine chemicals | fragrances | acetic acid [+] ethyl acetate | vanillin | chemicals for flavourings | odorant primary products | special chemicals | acetylacetone | flavourings for the drinks industry | flavourings for the food processing industry | flavourings for oral hygiene products | flavourings for pet food

    • para-Cymene, CAS# 99-87-6 para-Cymene, CAS# 99-87-6
    • Dihydro-beta-ionone, CAS# 17283-81-7 Dihydro-beta-ionone, CAS# 17283-81-7
    • Dimethyl benzyl carbinyl acetate, CAS# 151-05-3 Dimethyl benzyl carbinyl acetate, CAS# 151-05-3
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    SPAIN- Alicante
    EURO CARGO - Verified by Europages

    International forwarding agents We work worldwide. Specialised in the South American market. Sea transport, groupage and container sea transport. Goods and removals worldwide, from Spain and other...

    Supplier of: micro exports and imports | Containers - maritime transport | Removals and relocation - international | groupage of goods by sea | removals company [+] international removals | international transport | international road transport | international removals | international removals and forwarding | removers, international | international goods transport | heavy international transport | express mail service | international transport

    • Imports to Spain Imports to Spain From anywhere in the world
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    FRANCE- Juvisy Sur Orge
    LR DISTRIBUTION - Verified by Europages

    LR DISTRIBUTION is a company that specializes in textiles. We import and export styles of jeans across the whole of Europe. We market high quality men's and women's jeans for you. Our jeans...

    Supplier of: Clothing - import-export | Textile - import-export | jeans - import - export | Jeans and casual wear | men's jeans [+] women's jeans | casual clothing | women's clothing | men's clothing | jeans | children's jeans | babies' and children's pants | pants | men's pants | slacks

    Brands : La Gauloise

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    AUSTRIA- Eggenburg
    HANFTASIA E.U - Verified by Europages

    Hanftasia (CBD) e.U, based in Eggenburg (AT-3730), 70 km east of Vienna, is a producer, wholesaler and quality supplier of CBD products. It also operates the Austria's most state-of-the-art vending...

    Supplier of: Oils and resinoids | cbd emulsions | cbd crystals | cbd oils | cbd powders [+] hemp oil | nutraceuticals | food supplements, liquid | animal feed supplement

    • MCT CBD oil 20% 1 liter MCT CBD oil 20% 1 liter MCT - CBD hemp oil drops 20% 1 liter 200,000mg CBD
    • Full spectrum CBD oil 20% - 1 liter Full spectrum CBD oil 20% - 1 liter Full spectrum CBD oil 20%
    • Full spectrum CBD oil 10% - 1 liter Full spectrum CBD oil 10% - 1 liter Full spectrum CBD oil 10%
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    ALGERIA- Setif
    PRESTIGE DATTES - Verified by Europages

    EURL Boukellal was founded in 2009 as a date exporter to introduce the best Deglet Nour dates onto the European market under the "PRESTIGE DATTES" brandname. We are constantly striving to achieve...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Dried fruits | dates | packaged dates | organic dried fruit [+] algerian dates | date packing | date production in algeria | algerian dates deglet nour | 100% natural date based products | date honey producer | organic dates | date paste for confectionery | date paste for bakeries | powdered date producer

    • Deglet Nour dates Deglet Nour dates The finest Algerian Deglet Nour dates
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    IVORY COAST- Abidjan
    PRIME PRESTIGE IMPORT-EXPORT - Verified by Europages

    PRIME PRESTIGE, located in Abidjan in IVORY COAST, is an agrifood company specialised in the national and international raw material trade. We have a supply chain throughout Ivory Coast and...

    Supplier of: Import-export - food and agriculture | International trade consultants | Fair trade | pineapple | coffee [+] food industry | cashew nuts | hevea | import export cashew nuts | import export mangos | kola | import export cola | international trading | agrifood trade | import export rubber

    • Copra oil Copra oil
    • Coconut Coconut
    • Natural rubber Natural rubber hevea cup bottom
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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    MEGA RADAR INC. - Verified by Europages

    Mega Radar is a family company based in Turkey that manufactures printed circuit terminal blocks at international standards. With over 40 years of experience the company now has opened to the world...

    Supplier of: ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT | electronic components for lifts | electronic components | pcb terminal blocks producer | connectors for printed circuit boards [+] socket terminal female | connectors for pcb | socket cable connector male terminal | socket terminal male | modular terminal blocks | push-in connectors | pcb holder | pluggable connectors | wire to wire connectors | spring clamp terminals

    • Pano Termostatı Pano Termostatı Çift Yön / Tek Yön
    • Vidasız Ray Distans Vidasız Ray Distans
    • Modüler Baskılı Devre Klemens Tekli Modüler Baskılı Devre Klemens Tekli 10,16x10,16mm Modüler Baskılı Devre Klemens Tekli
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  • Supplier of: Food - import-export | Agriculture - import-export | Fruits, dried | Tropical fruits | Spices [+] fruit and vegetable trade | frozen foods - production | fresh fruits and vegetables | frozen fruits | fresh exotic fruit

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  • SNIT is a company that specializes in: general trading, importing tropical produce, international negotiations and representation, used vehicle and spare parts bought and sold, business finder and...

    Supplier of: import and export declarations | transit import export | Storage services | Crop services | Vehicles, used [+] soya beans | transport and removals | removals for private customers | business relocations | customs clearance operations handled | international trading | international representation | commercial broking | business finder | sale of tropical produce


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  • Founded in Turkey in 2014, Markawell is a disruptive and reliable outsourcing garment producer. Our goal is simple, to serve and help independent fashion brands, large retail companies as well as...

    Supplier of: Leather and suede clothing | leather jackets | woman's leather jacket | man's leather jacket | leather jackets wholesale [+] leather jackets wholesaler | leather jackets manufacturer | leather jackets supplier | leather vests | leather jackets for women | leather jackets for men | biker leather jacket | leather jackets manufacture | leather jackets distribution | leather jackets production

    • WOMAN DRESS WOMAN DRESS 2017760181847_10
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    RUSSIA- Volgograd
    SM-SERVICE, LTD - Verified by Europages

    SM-Service, Ltd is an innovative chemical company founded in 2010. We produce a wide range of chemicals and related products for the aluminum, mining, paper and pulp, construction, chemical and food...

    Supplier of: Chemicals - import-export | Lubricants, industrial | Greases, industrial | Fats, nonfood | biocides [+] corrosion inhibitors | flocculants | flocculating agents for water treatment | inorganic chemicals | chemical anti-foaming agents for the food industry | manufacturer of chemical products | industrial chemical products | chemicals for the paper industry | chemical products for water treatment | chemical additives for the food and canning industry

    • Rolling oil Rolling oil Synterol M
    • Fire resistant hydraulic liquid Fire resistant hydraulic liquid Synlube DU68
    • Fire resistant hydraulic liquid Fire resistant hydraulic liquid Synlube DU46
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    RUSSIA- Smolensk
    LLC LALIBELA COFFEE - Verified by Europages

    Lalibela Coffee LLC produces roasted coffee in beans and ground roasted coffee. Our drinks are represented on the shelves of leading federal chain stores and are in active consumer demand as coffee...

    Supplier of: Beverages - import-export | Coffee and tea | Drinks | Food and beverage additives | wholesale roasted and refined coffee [+] import of roasted coffee and related products | premium coffee | coffee beans | coffee for vending machines | coffee for restaurants | roasted coffee in beans | ground roasted coffee | wholesale coffee | espresso coffees | coffee blends for bars

    • Ground coffee, Lunch Ground coffee, Lunch LALIBELA COFFEE LUNCH, 200 g.
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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    UNITED SPICES, LTD - Verified by Europages

    We offer the best conditions and prices for the entire range of products from coconuts to decorative cosmetics. United Spices was founded in 2015. Due to a wide range of interests - from the...

    Supplier of: Condiments, extracts and spices | Cosmetics | Skin-care products | Beauty products | Spices [+] Unrefined vegetable oils | professional make-up | coconut fibre | pepper | massage oils | cosmetic oils | coconuts | coconut oil | coconut flour | oil

    • Condensed coconut milk Condensed coconut milk Condensed coconut milk, Organic, "Econutrena", 200ml, can
    • Coconut flour Coconut flour Organic coconut flour "Econutrena", 250g
    • Coconut milk Coconut milk Econutrena organic coconut milk 17%, 200ml, can
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    TUNISIA- Kelibia Nabeul
    EL BORJ FASHION - Verified by Europages

    Tunisian workwear and protective gear manufacturer. Manufacture of workwear in our Tunisian workshop. EL BORJ FASHION is a Tunisian company which manufactures textiles for workwear, work clothing and...

    Supplier of: Textile - import-export | Import-export - agents | Protective and work clothing | professional clothing | work clothes [+] work overalls | protective suits | sewing workshop in tunisia | clothing manufacture in tunisia | workwear manufacture | work clothing manufacture in tunisia | workwear manufacture tunisia | work clothing | blue overalls | work clothes tunisia

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    BELGIUM- Bruxelles
    LAMBIOTTE & CIE - Verified by Europages

    Lambiotte & Cie S.A. is a leading global producer of chemical substances from the acetals family. Their physicochemical properties and low toxicity for humans and the environment makes these products...

    Supplier of: Chemicals - import-export | Chemistry, organic - raw materials and derivatives | Solvents and thinners | Products - phytosanitary | Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial [+] Import-export - chemicals and pharmaceuticals | Additives for plastics industry | Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | ecological paint removers | solvents for rubber | printing solvents | polyurethane foams | paint strippers | chemical degreasers | chemicals for the cosmetics industry

    • Glycerol Formal Glycerol Formal
    • 1,3-Dioxolane 1,3-Dioxolane
    • Methylal Methylal
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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    BIOFOOD GIDA - Verified by Europages

    We are a young business, mastering the rules of both national and international trade. Since Turkey is the leading producer of pistachios and apricots, BioFood is committed to bringing to you Turkish...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Agriculture - import-export | foodstuffs - import/export | Eggs | Olive oil [+] Fruit juices | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | Dried fruits | Sales Department | import/export business associations | oil for food use | almonds | apricot | hazelnuts | pistachios

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    SOUTH KOREA- Seongnae-Ro 6-Gil, Gangdong-Gu, Seoul
    EC PLAZA - Verified by Europages

    Since it's creation in 1996, ECPlaza has grown as a N.1 leader in providing online and offline service. Based on export marketing, we operate not only as a B2B website, EDI service and trade...

    Supplier of: Textile - import-export | Agriculture - import-export | Make-up | Beauty products | Cosmetics [+] Skin-care products | Bags | E-business - services | Leather Goods | Tools & Hardware | construction material | electronics | accessories for pets | packing | household appliance

    • Wireless Call Bell/Pager System UB2001F-10 Wireless Call Bell/Pager System UB2001F-10 Wireless Call Bell/Pager System UB2001F-10
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  • Pharmananda Pharmaceutical Warehouse is a licensed brand name drugs, generic medicines and medical supplier in pharmaceutical wholesale business with a concentration on supply chain efficiencies,...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceuticals – import-export | Disposable medical and surgical articles | anti cancer medicine supplier | generic medicine distributors | hospital equipment manufacturer [+] import botox | medical consumables manufacturers | medical device supplier | medical diagnostic tools | medical disposables supplies | medical equipment supplier | medicine wholesale | pharma supplier | pharmaceutical companies in turkey | pharmaceutical export company

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    RUSSIA- Ivanovo
    PUCHEZH CHEESE FACTORY - Verified by Europages

    Puchezh Cheese Factory is the leading processing enterprise in the Ivanovo Region. Smoked soft cheese and butter are signature products of our factory. Our enterprise specializes in production of:...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Dairy products | Cheese | cow's milk cheeses | cheese with milk enzymes [+] processed cheese | regional and typical cheeses | semi-hard cheese | mozzarellas | cheeses and dairy products | parmesan cheese | smoked cheeses | wholesale cheeses | supplies for pizzerias | farm-churned butter

    • Butter Butter
    • Butter Butter KRESTIANSKOE (FARM) BUTTER; mass content of fat: 72.5%
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    RUSSIA- Sergievskoe
    KRASNODARAGROALLIANCE, LLC - Verified by Europages

    Production and sale of popcorn are main directions of KRASNODARAGROALYANS business activity. The quality of our products is our highest priority. Our crops are treated according with state-of-art...

    Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | foodstuffs - import/export | Import-export - food and agriculture | Dietary and organic foods | Crackers and snacks, salted [+] Cereals and grains | puffed cereals | maize cereals | cereals | dried crops | cereals for aperitifs, breakfast and snacks | packaged corn | sweet corn | natural product | food products

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  • Our company is engaged in the production and wholesale of fruit drinks and juice products. We produce up to 15, 000 liters of products daily. "Combine of natural products" is one of the few...

    Supplier of: Beverages - import-export | Non-alcoholic drinks | Food and beverage additives | Fruit juices | Vegetable juices [+] Berries | Drinks | Soft drinks | non-alcoholic beverages | natural product | stewed fruit | natural foods | unsweetened fruit juices | pasteurised fruit juices | plain beverages

    • STEWED FRUIT STEWED FRUIT Natural black currant mors
    • STEWED FRUIT STEWED FRUIT Natural garden berries mors
    • Fruit drinks Fruit drinks Natural wild berries mors
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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    DAVID ROSSI - Verified by Europages

    DAVID ROSSI is operating in the textile sector. Our product range includes shorts, especially jeans, jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, blouses, coats and other products such as dungarees at a high...

    Supplier of: Clothing - import-export | Textile - import-export | Import-export - textile and clothing | Jeans and casual wear | Sweatshirts [+] Coats and raincoats | Shirts and blouses | Clothes, women's | Clothes, men's | women's shorts | shorts | women's jeans | men's jeans | jeans | jackets

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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    PLAZYUM GIYIM - Verified by Europages

    PLAZYUM GIYIM is a company based in Istanbul, Turkey, specialized in the production of men’s clothing and women’s clothing since 2010. Our wide product range includes jackets, suits, goose down, ...

    Supplier of: Clothing - import-export | Textile - import-export | Clothes, men's | Suits - men | Menswear, ready-made [+] Import-export - textile and clothing | Fashion design | vests | men's jackets | men's coats | overcoats | men's vests | men's suits | custom-made wedding suits | women's jackets

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    EGYPT- Giza
    GANETELZOHOR - Verified by Europages

    Ganet El Zohor Co. For Trade is a company based in Egypt specialized since 2011 in the import and export of agricultural products. Our mission is to export products of the highest quality all around...

    Supplier of: Garlic | Citrus fruits | Grapes | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | fresh parsley [+] sunflower oil | courgettes | pepper | tomatoes | fresh fruit | peaches | lemons | flour | onions | eggplant


    • Fresh Vegetables Fresh Vegetables " GANETELZOHOR "
    • Egyptian Strawberries Egyptian Strawberries Organic
    • Dhalia Lemon Dhalia Lemon Green & Yellow
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  • Paleto is a garment factory that produces outerwear for women: coats and raincoats, sports and business suits for ladies, waistcoats, long jackets, dresses, faux fur coats and sheepskin coats. The...

    Supplier of: Clothing - import-export | Clothes, women's | Ready-made garments - ladies' | Coats and raincoats | Cardigans and waistcoats [+] Suits - ladies' | Ready-to-wear | suits | women's coats | designer dress | women's wear | men's and women's accessories and accoutrements | women's jackets | women's waistcoats | clothing items

    • Faux fur coats Faux fur coats Long winter faux fur coat
    • WOMEN'S DOWN JACKETS WOMEN'S DOWN JACKETS Women's winter down jacket
    • LONG JACKETS LONG JACKETS Women's winter long jacket with belt
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