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  • In addition to meeting high quality standards, providing excellent customer support is very important to us. At a time when there are many modern channels of communication, Eissing Mineralöl has kept...

    Supplier of: Fuels, diesel | Petroleum fuels and additives | Fuels, solid | fuels | fuel oils [+] Oils, industrial | Gas and oil - exploitation | Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | Lubricants, industrial | biological oils | hydraulic oils | lubricating oil | transmission oils | mineral oils | transportation of mineral oils

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    RUSSIA- Syktyvkar
    TRADE HOUSE KOMTRADE LLC - Verified by Europages

    LLC Trade House Komtrade is involved in the wholesale purchase and selling abroad wood processing products, finished goods made of timber, ecological fuel. The main activity of LLC Komtrade is the...

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid | solid fuel | ecological fuels | oven fuels | agricultural fuel [+] Wood products | Wood - Finished Products | Wood chips and sawdust | Firewood | Wood treatment products | ecological fire lighters | wood for fireplaces | rostas | sawings | firewood, charcoal, briquettes

    • Bitch lfirewood Bitch lfirewood
    • Wooden pellet Wooden pellet Pellet Sakuros En+A1, premium
    • RUF briquettes RUF briquettes The RUF briquettes are made of birch dust or flakes of coniferous trees
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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    RIMA HEATING SYSTEMS - Verified by Europages

    Rima Heating Systems, founded in 1969, is a company based in Istanbul and a registered trademark of Önmetal Döküm Sanayi (Önmetal Casting Industry) with more than 50 years of experience in cast iron...

    Supplier of: solid fuel boilers | Boilers, cast iron | wall-hung condensation boilers | condensation boilers | gas-fired boiler [+] heating system | hot water boiler | gas and oil boilers | heat exchangers | wall type condensing boiler | floor type condensing boilers | heating appliances | floor standing condensing boilers | heat exchangers producer | boiler producer

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  • Cheetah Conservation Fund & CCF Bush Pty Ltd is a Namibian company specialized in the manufacture of wood fuel briquettes for industrial and home heating trademarked as BUSHBLOK™. They are produced...

    Supplier of: wood fuel briquettes | compacted fuel logs | fuel logs | wood fuel logs | Wood for industrial purposes [+] Wood chips and sawdust | Wood products | wood chips | briquettes for industrial heating | biomass products | manufacture of wood fuel briquettes | production of wood fuel briquettes | wood fuel briquettes manufacturing namibia | manufacture of compacted fuel logs

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    GERMANY- Berlin
    HANS ENGELKE ENERGIE - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid | Petrol | diesel | oil, heating

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    GERMANY- Schutterwald
    SEIGEL BRENNSTOFFE E.K. - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid

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    GERMANY- Treuen
    KÖNIG-HEIZÖL - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid

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  • Supplier of: Fuels, solid

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  • Supplier of: Fuels, solid

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  • Supplier of: Fuels, solid

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  • Supplier of: Fuels, solid

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    GERMANY- Datteln
    ENERGIEHOLZ VEST E.K. - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid

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    BELGIUM- Froichapelle
    STEFOBOIS - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid | oven fuels | Firewood | Wood products | wood

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  • Supplier of: Fuels, solid

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  • The company "Trading House" HERMES "was founded in early 2014. The main activity of the company is the sale of wood products. In July 2014, the company takes part in the International Exhibition...

    Supplier of: Charcoal | edible vegetable oils | flours | coal for home use | groundnut oil

    • Сharcoal briquettes Сharcoal briquettes Pini Kay standard
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  • BIOAK Pellet started to manufacture with 6000 TONNE/year capacity on 9500 m² open area and 2500 m² closed area in Giresun 2nd Organized Industrial Zone in 2014 as the first and only Integrated Wood...

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid | pellet fuels | fuelwood and charcoal

    • Wood Pelet Wood Pelet Wood Pelet, Wood Pellets
    • Wood Charcoal BBQ Charcoal Wood Charcoal BBQ Charcoal Wood Charcoal BBQ Charcoal
    • BBQ Charcoal BBQ Charcoal Wood Charcoal BBQ Charcoal
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    RUSSIA- Yaroslavl

    PARIZHSKAYA KOMMUNA is the recognized premier manufacturer of plywood and latoflex products in Russia. The main type of production is plywood of the brand FC (interior), FSF (Exterior) with...

    Supplier of: oven fuels | Plywood manufacture - machines and equipment | veneered wood | veneer products | wood and briar articles

    • Fuel briquette Fuel briquette Woodbricks is a natural product made from birchwood
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  • The Union of Greek Wholesalers is the cooperation of wholesale companies that distribute consumer goods all over Greece. The Union has a nationwide dynamic sales network, which has undertaken the...

    Supplier of: Import-export - agents | health and beauty products and cosmetics | household cleaning products

    Brands : senio

    • BIG FIRE Firelighters BIG FIRE Firelighters
    • BIG FIRE Lamp oil BIG FIRE Lamp oil
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    RUSSIA- Tver

    Toptrade LLC has been operating for more than 10 years in the market of production of pellets, firewood, fuel briquettes and so on. All products are made of high-quality lumber, from our trusted...

    Supplier of: solid fuel | heater fuels | oven fuels | Wood products | wood

    • Wood pellets Wood pellets 45 kg High calorific value 100% wood pellets for sale
    • Fuel briquettes Fuel briquettes Eco peat fuel briquettes
    • Firewood Firewood Birch Firewood
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    LITHUANIA- Meskuiciai, Siauliai Distr.

    With more than 8000 sq m of production and administration space, our factory efficiently transforms wooden logs into pallet collars. This makes our prices as competitive as possible. Every step of...

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid | Pallets | Packaging contractors | Wood products | Wood treatment products

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    LATVIA- Preili

    Ltd. "Kannu Koks" was founded in the 2010 with the aim to become the leading kindling manufacturer in Europe. In a couple of years time the company has grown rapidly and have become one of the...

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid | Firewood

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    IRAN- Esfahan

    Kardoost Introduction: Kardoost Company is the first business developer in Iran. We assist internal and external companies to expand their market. We have 10 official agents in Italy, Germany,...

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid | kardoost | gilsonite | gilsonit powder

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    ROMANIA- Targu Mures

    About us Founded in 2017, MKG Intrade s.r.l. is a company with romanian and foreign associates, profiled on import-export operations with various products. With direct contacts with external...

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid | wholesale trade | charcoal | a natural stone | wood products

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    LITHUANIA- Šiauliai

    Our Mission Is To Warm UpPeople’s Lives Without Warming Up The PlanetWarm Cave is a company specializing in sustainable wood bioenergy for human indoor living. Engaged in sourcing, production, and...

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid | wood pellets | wood briquettes | log-shaped wood briquettes | pini-kay briquettes

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    UKRAINE- Dnipro the following specification: 1. Product: Fuel pellets from sunflower husks 2. Origin: Ukraine / UA / 3. Specifications: - Length: 5-16 mm - Diameter: 8 mm - Total humidity: ≤ 10% - Ash content: ≤ 4% -...

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid | sunflower husk pellets | solid biofuels | leading suppliers | biomass

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    RUSSIA- Novosibirsk

    Gazpromneft-Terminal, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, manages the transhipment and storage of oil products. The company’s assets include 34 oil storage facilities throughout 15 of Russia’s regions. The...

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid | gazpromneft terminal export oil and gas | gazpromneft terminal lease tank storage in rotterdam | gazpromneft terminal sells jp54 mazut d2 gasoil d6 | gazpromneft terminal provide shipping services

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    CANADA- Pinantan Lake

    International Biofuels Inc is a source and supply company based in British Columbia Canada. We have supply operations in Canada (both east and west coasts), USA, ( east west and gulf coasts) and...

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid | woody biomass energy fuels | pulp grade wood chips | wood pellets | saw logs

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Aberdeen

    BYRNE OIL&GAS LTD was incorporated in 7 December 2018 to provide technical support services to the OIL&GAS industry.  Support activities for petroleum and natural gas extraction  Support activities...

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid | jet fuel | crude oil | kerosine | diesel

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    LITHUANIA- Kauno Raj

    UAB Ekomitra is a manufacturer of sawdust briquettes. This kind of briquettes are made by taking dried sawdust and compressed under high pressure. No additives or glues are used. Briquettes are...

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid | sawdust briquettes | ruf briquettes | wood briquettes | briquettes

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    UKRAINE- Zaporizhia

    Our company (LLC "EKO-TOPLIVO") is the only Ukrainian manufacturer of several new products: Lignin sorbent Product characteristics: Composition: lignin with 16% moisture. Density: 0.55- 0.65....

    Supplier of: Fuels, solid | absorbents | lignin | pellets | coal

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