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  • ...of the flexible BOAGAZ gas installation system. The use of the flexible stainless steel corrugated tubes and the sold fittings with double sealing system mean you will be able to benefit from maximum quality and the highest... Supplier of: gas systems | gas heating system | gas hoses | gas pipelines | gas installations [+] Pipe and tube fittings - ferrous metal | flexible stainless steel pipes | stainless-steel pipes | manufacturing of fittings | gas water heaters | tubest: metal hoses | flexible flues | stainless steel fit-out | coupling flanges | hydraulic connectors
    AUSTRIA - Sankt Pölten
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  • different sectors and industries. We provide our customers with individual solutions, from standardised, manually operated filling stations and components, and fully automatic filling systems, to complete filling plants. Supplier of: gas systems | gas bottle filling systems | Bottling and filling - machinery and equipment | fillers | plant construction
    GERMANY - Warburg
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  • Supplier of: gas systems | Heating, domestic - installations and equipment | Central heating systems | Heating, industrial - installations and equipment | aerating
    BELGIUM - Antwerpen
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  • Supplier of: gas systems | Central heating systems | sanitary ware | plumber | drain clearing
    BELGIUM - Schoten
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  • Supplier of: gas systems | Electricity - production and distribution | Energy - renewable | boiler repairs | energy balance audit
    BELGIUM - Oostmalle
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  • Supplier of: gas systems | Plumbing - works | Plumbing installations | Solar energy | minor plumbing jobs
    SPAIN - Aguadulce - Almería
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  • Supplier of: gas systems | Central heating systems | lighting installation
    NETHERLANDS - Kolham
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  • Supplier of: gas systems | LPG | Gas and oil pipelines - installations
    BELGIUM - Willebroek-Tisselt
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  •, gasholders, gas cleaning systems and flares. Aside from high-quality manufacturing, our key skills lie in designing gas lines and gas cleaning systems. Our many years of experience and competency allowed us to successfully adapt our... Supplier of: gas flare systems | gas cleaning systems | gas lance | gas incinerators | Gasification - bioenergy systems [+] activated carbon filter | landfill gas technology | digestion tower, digester | apparatus for environmental engineering | high temperature flare | wood gas flare | pyrolysis flare | gasholders | sewage gas technology | gas technology components
    AUSTRIA - Hard
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  • ...Chemical-based gas detectors; Gas warning devices (stationary and mobile); Oxygen meters; Gas measurement equipment; Oxygen trace measurement devices; Gas sensors; Gas warning systems; Gas measuring technology Supplier of: Gas detectors | gas warning systems | gas sensors | gas measurement equipment | gas detectors [+] gas detectors | Gas detector-controllers | Gasometers | oxygen sensors | portable gas warning devices | stationary gas warning devices | gas measuring technology | oxygen trace measurement devices | manufacture of measurement instruments | explosimeters
    GERMANY - München
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  • ...test rigs, filling systems (gas/oil) including crimping, fully automated assembly lines, fully automated welding cells, laser marking systems, labelling systems, control systems engineering, 3D design,... Supplier of: gas filling systems | Hydroelectric power stations - installations and equipment | test benches for shock-absorbers | test benches | electrotechnology [+] piston rod testing systems | tucker bolt welding systems | mobile axle test rig for industrial vehicles | pump control systems | test rigs for automotive components | specialised machines for the automotive and supplier industry | turn signal assembly | test rigs for leak testing headlights | air cushion test rigs | mobile test rigs for shock absorbers
    GERMANY - Dettingen
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  • ...and commissioning systems for flue gas purification and energy recovery. Our systems are being put to work not only in western and eastern Europe, but also in North America, Asia and Australia. To ensure our... Supplier of: exhaust-gas extraction systems | exhaust-gas combustion systems | gas purification systems, catalytic | flue-gas particulate removal systems | flue-gas denitrification systems [+] gas scrubbers | Heat exchangers | hydrostatic dust precipitators | incinerator plant | air pollution control systems | flue gas purification installations | waste air purification systems, catalytic | waste air purification systems, self-cleaning | waste air purification systems, thermal | waste air purification process
    GERMANY - Mistelgau
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  • The HAMON group is a worldwide player in the field of engineering and contracting (project engineering, construction and management), present on all 5 continents, quoted on the Brussels stock... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Cooling towers | Hearths, industrial | Engineering - industrial contractors | Extractors, gas and smoke - equipment [+] cooling systems | plume abated cooling towers | smoke cooling system | cooling of gases and smoke | cooling towers | smoke filtering | hybrid cooling towers | heat exchangers for the chemical industry | wet cooling towers
    BELGIUM - Mont-saint-guibert
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  • The SANHA group is one of the leading European manufacturers of pipe systems for drinking water, gas, solar, heating, cooling and sanitary applications for use in domestic and industrial settings. We... Supplier of: Connectors, plumbing | Industrial piping | fitting | stainless steel unions | stainless-steel pipes [+] pipes for heating | drinking water installations | heating | manufacturing of fittings | pipes | composite pipe and fittings | composite piping | fittings for bath installations | plumbing fittings - ferrous metal
    GERMANY - Essen
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  • Since 1951, WALTHER-PRÄZISION, Carl Kurt Walther GmbH & Co. KG (est.1931), has been developing and manufacturing mono and multi couplings, as well as docking systems that are used wherever liquids,... Supplier of: Clutches | Pneumatic clutches | Coupling, pneumatic | safety clutches | quick connector [+] quick fastener couplings | quick coupling systems | mono couplings | multi couplings | low-pressure couplings | medium-pressure couplings | high-pressure couplings | docking systems | robot tool changers
    GERMANY - Haan
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  • ...innovative temperature and gas sensor systems for the global energy industry, progressive technology and industrial material markets. Their customers' processes include producing and transmitting... Supplier of: gas monitoring systems | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | thermal cameras | infrared ray thermometers | continuous casting [+] fibre-optic measuring equipment | fibre-optic sensors | infrared cameras | infrared measuring technique | infrared temperature measurement | temperature measurement equipment, contactless (pyrometer) | temperature monitoring systems | thermography systems | temperature switches | temperature calibrators, black bodies
    GERMANY - Frankfurt
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  • ...successfully commissioned equipment and flue gas cleaning systems for a wide range of applications. As a specialist in the area of exhaust air and exhaust gas cleaning, TREMA synchronises its collection... Supplier of: extraction systems for smoke and gas | gas scrubbers | Air purification - equipment and systems | hydrostatic dust precipitators | drop separators [+] cyclone separators | air pollution control systems | waste air cleaning | extraction systems for aggressive gases and vapours | dust collecting systems | dust extraction systems | multi-cyclone collectors | wet dust extraction systems, mobile | sleeve filters | spray dryers
    GERMANY - Kemnath
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  • ...pipeline construction and plant construction sectors. Over its history, it has manufactured and installed more than 600 flue gas cleaning systems and more than 1000 dust extraction systems around the world. Supplier of: exhaust gas heat exchangers (flue gas) | Heat exchangers | filter systems | pipes | dust extraction systems [+] heat exchangers with tube bundle | stainless steel heat exchangers | extraction systems for dust | flue gas purification installations | dust separators | fluorine cascade absorber | hose filter system | single dust extractor | central dust vacuuming | silo top filter
    GERMANY - Kirchlengern
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  • ...Other assembly systems. Media: • Fuel gas• Technical gases• Oxygen• Drinking water. You can find our products and assemblies in use in: • Heat exchangers• Medical applications• Respiratory protection• Renewable energy•... Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | taps and fittings | ball cocks | fittings for technical gases | assemblies for fluid technology [+] compressed-gas fittings | flexible pipes | stainless steel heat exchangers | corrugated pipes | stainless steel corrugated hoses | shut-off valves | ansi fittings | fittings for the chemical industry | equipment for the energy sector | fittings for medical technology
    GERMANY - Olbernhau
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  • ...air-conditioning systems, flue gas separation, demisters, oil and emulsion mist collectors and grease filters, as well as baffle plates and flame protection filters in commercial kitchen... Supplier of: Steel wool | Wire mesh | filtering cartridges | drop separators | filters for motor vehicles [+] expanded metal | filtering fabrics | filters | wire goods | knitted wire mesh | grease filters | flame protection filter | metallic filters | separating cassettes | mesh filters
    GERMANY - Pollenfeld
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  • ...gas burners, cogeneration units, vacuum systems. Our services: Creating functional specification documentation for operators of new systems and modified industrial furnaces, industrial dryers, shielding gas systems. Project... Supplier of: Industrial furnaces | 3d design work | instrumentation and control engineering for heat treatment plants | modernisation of heat treatment plants | vacuum mixer-dryers [+] used heat treatment plants | aluminium heat treatment | heating systems for industrial furnaces | vacuum technology | vacuum drying systems | vacuum tempering furnaces | heat treatment, industrial
    GERMANY - Recklinghausen
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  • ...gas service and flue gas system checks. Akint can also provide end-to-end building project management services, design engineering in multiple disciplines, cost estimates, and testing of electrical... Supplier of: gas service checks, flue gas system checks | Electricity - transmission equipment | electrical testing | project management services | engineering audits [+] technical investigation reports | technical surveys | ir (thermal) camera inspection
    POLAND - Warszawa
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  • ...and power systems, Industrial and gas systems, Pipelines, Environmental systems, Installing incineration plants, Flue gas desulphurisation and denitrification, Flue gas cleaning, Boiler... Supplier of: Construction, industrial - contractors | Pipelines | steel structural work | industrial systems | environmental protection [+] offshore | power systems | power plant
    POLAND - Gorzow Wielkopolski
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  • The company manufactures multi-valves for LPG and methane tanks, pressure reducers, filling points, solenoid valves and other components for gas systems. Supplier of: Vehicles - mechanical components and parts | car-grade gas | motor vehicle gas plants | lpg valves | methane injectors [+] pressure control valves | lpg solenoid valves | lpg and methane pressure reducers
    ITALY - Castegnero
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  • and implementation of industrial and public facilities, for security such as: anti-theft devices, radio-controlled anti-theft devices, video-surveillance systems, fibre optics, gas detectors. Supplier of: Electricity - works | telephone system | photovoltaic systems | industrial electrical systems | distribution panel [+] video surveillance | civil electrical systems | anti-theft alarms
    ITALY - Masserano
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  • ...aeronautics, from the food industry to waste reprocessing, L.LAIR satisfies all industrial needs using gas air heating system in France and abroad: from design to development and after sales, separate components and formation. Supplier of: Gas filters | industrial gas thermal combustion systems | gas safety | Gas - production plants | Burners, industrial [+] industrial burners | burners for industrial use | natural gas burners for industrial use | high heat output gas burners for industrial use | high heat potential gas burners | gas burner maintenance | low-pressure burners | control systems | air conditioning and heating treatment equipment | air vein burner for industry
    FRANCE - Brie Comte Robert
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  • ...Industry: gas injection system, degassing system, fluxing tube, graphite die for extrusion, sidewall block •Foundry: graphite crucible, graphite mold, graphite boat, lauder... Supplier of: Carbon and graphite - electrical components | graphite electrodes | electrodes
    GERMANY - Gelnhausen
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  • ...quality management Today, WITT offers a complete range of gas safety and control equipment. These products include gas mixers, gas analysers and metering systems, as well as package leak detection systems. Supplier of: Gas - production plants | air - gas mixers | gas analysers for landfills | airtightness control device | pressure regulators
    GERMANY - Witten
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  • ...& Gas Analyzers • Heat Tracing Systems & Trace Heating Cables Heaters • Drum, IBC, Tank, Hose Solenoid Valves - ATEX SIL3 NACE Namur • Meters - Flow, Water, Gas, Heat & Energy Metering • Surface Heating Elements -... Supplier of: Distribution, publicity | electrical | mechanical | process | instrumentation
    UNITED KINGDOM - Chester-Le-Street
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  • ... -Conditioning Skids (Fuel Gas Supply Systems) -Injection Units -Natural Gas Compression Packages -Stacks -Pressure Piping -Nitrogen Gas System -Columns In addition to above, we are also... Supplier of: Mechanical engineering - custom work | storage tanks design and manufacturing | fabricated filters and strainers | ibc tanks and aviation fuel tanks | exhaust silencers and accessories
    TURKEY - Izmit/kocaeli
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