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  •, construction and sanitary technology, domestic heating, the household appliance and lighting industry, as well as the technology industry. We consider ourselves to be not only glass suppliers, but also...

    Supplier of: glass for lighting technology | glass plates | glass | glass for the lighting industry | Plate glass, safety [+] Glass, industrial | Glass, reinforced | Plate glass and mirrors | glass processing | lamp | flat glass | coloured flat glass | flat plate glass | flat transparent glass | fireplace coverings

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    RUSSIA- Vladimir
    STEKLO EXPORT - Verified by Europages

    STEKLO EXPORT LLC manufactures and supplies various types of glass products: - flat glass, - mirror, - textured and colored glass, As well as produces all types of processing: - cutting to the...

    Supplier of: Import-export - glass and glass products | glass for lighting technology | toughened glass | glass etching | Glass constructions [+] Plate glass, safety | Glass, sheet | Plate glass and mirrors | glass for domestic appliances | sculpted glass | products in toughened glass | glass items | glassworks | glass objects | glass processing

    • Baguette and frame glass Baguette and frame glass 2.0 mm dashboard, baguette and frame glass
    • Baguette and frame glass Baguette and frame glass 1.7 mm clear glass for dashboard, baguettes and frames
    • Triplex glass Triplex glass Triplex 3.3.1 6mm clear glass for furniture and decoration
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  • DURAN D.D.
    CROATIA- Pula

    DURAN d.d. Pula is a worldwide known manufacturer and supplier of custom-made technical glass products.The company melts the borosilicate 3.3. Duran glass and produces laboratory and industrial glass...

    Supplier of: borosilicate glass | glass for lighting | Glass hollowware, laboratory and technical | technical glass for industrial use | blown glass

    • Glass for lighting and lights Glass for lighting and lights Duran borosilicate glass for lights and lighting
    • Borosilicate glass for industry Borosilicate glass for industry Duran borosilicate glass for industrial applications
    • Glass components for small electrical appliances Glass components for small electrical appliances Glass components for small electrical appliances
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    GERMANY- Waldkappel
    HILGENBERG GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Hilgenberg GmbH was founded in 1913 and is currently based in Malsfeld, central Germany. However, the roots of this family-run business – now in its fourth generation – lie in the Thuringian town of...

    Supplier of: borosilicate glass | Glass, industrial | Optical fibres | dropper | crystal balls [+] precision bearings | flat glass | glass accessories for laboratories | feeding bottles | glass tubes | laboratory pipettes | glass capillary tubes | pipes and cylinders | precision glass tubes | bars and fibres

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  • for well-known customers from the lighting industry, medical technology or architecture. We will handle your project too in an economical and responsible manner. First Glass Optics has very well-equipped machinery for remachining...

    Supplier of: Glass | Glass hollowware, lighting | glass for lighting | glass for medical technology | satellite dishes [+] lenses | domes | glass tubes | technical glassware | glass covering | explosion-proof glasses | spreading discs | aspheric lenses | free-form optics | diffusers

    • Outdoor Lighting Outdoor Lighting
    • From The Substrate To The Finishing From The Substrate To The Finishing
    • Glass At Its Best Glass At Its Best
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  • Our major customers include the lighting and watchmaking industry, automotive suppliers and manufacturers of measuring instruments such as pressure gauges, thermometers, hygrometers and barometers. Our material is float glass in all of its many forms:...

    Supplier of: frosted glass | glass bending | glass sheets | Plate glass and mirrors | float flat glass [+] protective lenses | printed glass | laminated glass (vsg) | borofloat glass | viewing and cover windows | cnc glass machining | flat glass, curved | glass for displays | technical grade glass | glass cutting shops

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  • ...and digital printing on glass. These technologies are used to produce items including high-quality goblets according to customer specifications. Digital printing also involves producing other products, such as printed vinyl mats,...

    Supplier of: Printing - digital | Spirit levels | glass sundries for laboratories | table placemats | straws [+] 3d engraving | bar supplies (gastronomy) | printing on technical parts | protective mats | circular spirit levels | stainless steel engraving | stainless steel drinks bottles | glass awards | photo gifts | glassware, technical

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    ITALY- Albino
    DRUCKFARBEN - Verified by Europages

    ...protected against oxidation by air or light. Our microcapsules, 1 micron in size, can withstand temperatures greater than 300 °C and do not contain any formaldehyde. Adapted for screen printing, flexography, anilox coating,...

    Supplier of: Inks | printing with perfumed inks | perfumed paints and inks | carbon paper | scented paints [+] microencapsulation | antibacterial sanitising solutions for tissue paper | thermal printing rollers | scented printing | microcapsules | antibacterial cleansing solutions for paper | natural antibacterial cleansing solutions for fabrics

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  • ...These materials have the advantage to be light, easy to intall and durable. Moreover, they provide an elegant finish to the building and effective thermal insulation. Aluminium is particularly adapted to the...

    Supplier of: Construction - Finishings | Industrial building construction | building and industrial construction | building construction | building [+] building - renovations | building renovation | industrial building | aluminium facades | modernization of buildings | window mounting | door mounting | glass facades | home construction

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    GERMANY- Wonneberg

    ...developed our own filtering, measurement and lighting technologies. Our field service is an all-round service: Aquarium maintenance and care with the necessary technology. Another key production area for us is...

    Supplier of: Aquariums, terrariums and accessories | garden wells | study of plant and animal life in an aquarium | water games | acrylic glass

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    JAPAN- Machida City, Tokyo

    ...the hot environment such as the furnace, the glass mold and the plastic mold. Besides, the articles which can respond to the various needs are treated. Technical Excellence and Reliability Super suspension spring The...

    Supplier of: Springs | Coil Springs | die springs | jis springs | manufacture

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    BULGARIA- Sliven

    ...ASYA’s trademark are a combination of innovative technology, perfect design and high quality. They are suitable for any architectural project. To make our products we use natural and long-lasting materials such as steel, wrought iron, wood, textile, crystal and glass. ASYA’s lightings are also...

    Supplier of: Lighting | custom-made ceiling lamps | accessories and lamps | brass table lamps | exterior lightings

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  • ...Co., Ltd was originated from a glass tube workshop which was established in 1984. Today, LedHub is a professional manufacturer specializing in development, manufacturing and distributing of lighting glass tubes and LED lamps in China. With more than 20...

    Supplier of: Light bulbs | led globe bulbs | solar lights | led candle bulbs | glass tube

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    GERMANY- Aachen Aachen, Germany. We produce micro structured glass components using ultrashort pulse lasers as well as the microscanners suitable for producing these – the "LightFab". The basis of our innovative products are the many years of experience the...

    Supplier of: 3D printers | prototyping | machines for quartz glass processing | glass processing | industrial laser

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    BULGARIA- Sofia

    ...building automation: - HVAC; - cold supply; - lighting (lighting control); - power supply; - energy management system; - security and access control; - fire alarm systems; - fire fighting; - video...

    Supplier of: Automation - systems and equipment | building automation systems | smart house | multiroom

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    BELARUS- Shenzhen

    ...led mesh display, led curtain display, led glass screen, led pixel lights, Transparent led display, led spherical screen, led curtain screen and led landscape design of high-tech enterprises, the development of...

    Supplier of: Light-emitting diode LED | led mesh display | led curtain display | led dance floor | flexible led screen

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  • Ningbo minmetals & machinery lighting technology Co., Ltd have been always specialized in manufacturing LED and LED lighting products. Located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, with the land area of 10, 000 sq.m and 16, 000 sq.m of build up area....

    Supplier of: Magnifying glasses | Light-emitting diode LED | hand tools | needle hair removal devices

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    ...Digital Microscope, microscope with zoom, microscope system, dissecting microscope, polarized light microscope, laser generating equipment, spectrometer, micro-projector, polarized light micro-projector, telescope,...

    Supplier of: Laboratory equipment and instruments | Projection screens | microscopes | overhead projectors | sterilizer

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  • ...colored and uncolored optical glass, light and color filters, color filtering lens, insulating glass, quartz glass, infrared penetrating glass, near-infrared penetrating glass, UV glass, black UV penetrating glass (wavelengths:...

    Supplier of: Optical instruments | optical filters | u.v. lamp transformers

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  • ...devices, such as head light, loupe, examination light and portable light source, ect.We have the advanced technology, excellent production equipment and a group of experienced senior person and engineer. Systematic...

    Supplier of: Spotlights | medical | dental

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    SOUTH KOREA- Yonji-ri/miryang-si

    ...system by developing from the raw materials of glass fiber, carbon fiber, advanced composite materials and etc. to composite materials, production facilities and test equpment using at the aerospace, construction,...

    Supplier of: Carded or combed artificial fibres | glass fibers | glass fabric

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  • ..., workshop , warehouse, outdoor , wash wall light , square light , sport area , golf course etc . Economy.High lumen per watt output – about 100 lumen per watt.Reduces Energy consumptionLong life - 50, 000 to 1,...

    Supplier of: Light-emitting diode LED | led flood light | outdoor high bay led

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  • and LED the development of the technology for performing arts, the company is located in the Shijing- guangzhou, shook his head is set high-performance computer lights, 330w 15R beam light, 350w 17R moving head beam light, led beam par, led zoom...

    Supplier of: Stage-lighting equipment | stage lighting wedding equipment

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    INDIA- Bhavnagar

    ...we are the pioneer and the only to have modern technology for Manufacturing MAGNESIUM CARBONATE with totally automatic. So there will be no foreign and black particles in our material. We supply Rubber, Sports, Cosmetic,...

    Supplier of: Inorganic bases and compounds | magnesium carbonate

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  • ...crystal silicon solar cell modules, solar street light, LED light, solar frame etc. We have latest production line, testing machine, laser cutting machine, non-Pb soldering line, module testing machine, laminating...

    Supplier of: Solar energy production | solar module | solar panel

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    BELARUS- Minsk

    ...Product) among other 262 products. One shining glass will give people a subject to chat about the company with its logo shining on it. It will trigger the word-of-mouth marketing which is the most credible form of advertisement. The shining...

    Supplier of: Emblems, promotional | blown glass gift items

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  • ...cloth and unsaturated resin 191 processed with light weight, high strength, non-friable, non-deformation, and many other advantages. Product style and new varieties of all, about 50 series on a hundred styles....

    Supplier of: Mannequins, display | tailoring mannequins | display hangers

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    SOUTH KOREA- Seoul

    ...and where hygiene is important. Enjoy TiO2 nano technology with simple air freshener type agentEvergreen -- Indoor photocatalyst agent. Very effective to visible light. Fight pollutants, infections. Keep...

    Supplier of: Pipes and tubes, titanium | titanium dioxide | antislip

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  • ...Manufacturing Factory is a science and technology innovative enterprise. We have independent intellectual property rights(LED luminous principle of low power consumption). Our factory covering an area of...

    Supplier of: Import-export - glass and glass products

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  • ...Technology Co. Ltd., the Solar- LED lighting products manufacturing base of Kaich Group is specialized in designing and manufacturing Solar-LED lighting and related products.And now we have designed the...

    Supplier of: Lighting, street, industrial and commercial | led outdoor light | led lamps | street lighting systems | flood light

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