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  • ...heating, the household appliance and lighting industry, as well as the technology industry. We consider ourselves to be not only glass suppliers, but also problem solvers for demanding tasks. We develop new system...

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial | glass for the lighting industry | glass plates | glass | Plate glass, safety [+] Glass, reinforced | Plate glass and mirrors | glass processing | lamp | flat glass | coloured flat glass | flat plate glass | flat transparent glass | fireplace coverings | glass for lighting technology

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  • Founded in 1919, our company makes high-quality precision glass instruments and equipment for to meet the requirements of laboratories and hospitals. Under the well-known brand name "Assistent®", we...

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial | glass sundries for laboratories | magnetic stirrers | test tubes | mechanical counters [+] hydrometers | blood counting chambers | burettes | electronic counters | glass blowing plant | glass pipettes | plastic laboratory supplies | glass laboratory equipment | magnetic stirring rods | medical equipment for cupping

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    GERMANY- Cursdorf
    ROFRA GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food processing industry at home and abroad. The name Rofra has become synonymous with reliability and expertise in glass processing. Our strengths lie in the production of customised packaging solutions and...

    Supplier of: Packaging, glass | Glass, industrial | glass packaging for the chemical pharmaceutical industry | glass packaging for the food processing industry | glass packaging for the cosmetics industry [+] glass phials | glass inhalers | phials | glass breast pumps | dropper | glass sundries for laboratories | glass tubes for laboratories | glass phials for laboratories | glass accessories for laboratories | customer for scientific laboratories

    • Anal expanders Anal expanders
    • Airlocks for fermentation Airlocks for fermentation
    • Funnels Funnels
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    BELGIUM- Gosselies
    SHAPEYOURGLASS - Verified by Europages

    ...and customisation services for extra-thin glass in thickness from 0.5 to 2.1 mm. A range of surface treatments and printing options ensure finished products that are fully customisable and 100% aligned with the project goals....

    Supplier of: Glass | Import-export - glass and glass products | Glass, industrial | industrial glass | glass cutting [+] Anti-glare screens, glass | flat glass | glass cut to size | protective lenses | flat ultrathin glass | non-reflective lenses | laser cutting | image printed on glass | anti-fingerprint glass | fine glass

    • Soda-lime glass Soda-lime glass
    • Anti-glare Anti-glare
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  • SRI Foundry, located in Commentry, manufactures a complete range of sand castings for all business lines in self-hardening sand : pure copper, hardening precipitation copper, aluminium bronze, tin...

    Supplier of: Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | Copper and copper alloys | Brass | Artistic cast iron work | bronze foundry [+] metal moulding | sand casting foundry | continuous casting | non-ferrous metal and alloy machining | leaded bronze | bronze alloys | metals - machining | tin bronze | aluminium bronze

    • Bottle mould & bottom plate Bottle mould & bottom plate Glass industry
    • Take-out tongs Take-out tongs Glass industry
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  • Fluke Process Instruments designs, manufactures, and markets a complete line of infrared temperature measurement and profiling solutions for industrial, maintenance, and quality control applications....

    Supplier of: Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - temperature | infrared probes | pyrometers | temperature measurement | temperature recorders [+] pyrometry | data logger recorders | temperature profile | process control | quality follow up | thermal imaging systems | high-temperature application | oven systems for industry | infra-red

    • Raytek GS150/GS150LE Thermal Imaging Systems/Glass Industry Raytek GS150/GS150LE Thermal Imaging Systems/Glass Industry Infrared line scanner thermal imaging system – glass bending, forming, tempering
    • DATAPAQ TB4000/TB4900 Thermal Barriers for Furnace DATAPAQ TB4000/TB4900 Thermal Barriers for Furnace Thermal barriers for DATAPAQ Furnace Tracker temperature profiling systems
    • Datapaq Furnace Tracker 12-channel for Metals + Glass Datapaq Furnace Tracker 12-channel for Metals + Glass Temperature profiling system for short and medium duration thermal processes
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    SPAIN- Mancha Real-Jaén
    VIDRIOS ANJUMARPA - Verified by Europages

    ...well as for decoration; we offers the best VALUE FOR MONEY, making us one of the most competitive suppliers in the market. We deliver glass of all types depending on our clients' specific manufacturing needs.

    Supplier of: Glass for furniture | Glass, industrial | glass connector | glass | Glass, tempered [+] Plate glass and mirrors | Plate glass, safety | glass display cabinets

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  • Supplier of: Glass, industrial

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    GERMANY- Berlin
    GLASGRAVUR INGE GERNER - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial

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  • Supplier of: Glass, industrial

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  • Supplier of: Glass, industrial

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    GERMANY- Waldkappel

    ...later, we are still developing and manufacturing glass products with the finest manufacturing tolerances in the micrometre range. Hilgenberg GmbH is an innovative and valued development partner, supplier and service provider...

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial | borosilicate glass | Optical fibres | dropper | crystal balls

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    LUXEMBOURG- Esch-Sur-Alzette

    Calumite (R) is known as a raw material for the manufacture of container, float and fiber glasses. Calumite (R) provides following benefits : improved glass melting, quality of glass, reduced fuel...

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial | raw materials for glass | company selling raw materials for glass | batches of raw materials for glass | composition of raw materials for glass

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  • ADALICAM is a family company which was established in 1995 by three brothers who had worked in leading companies of glass sector. It has been successful with the combination of details reflecting on...

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial | curved tempered glass | curved and flat laminated glass

    • Laminated tempered glass Laminated tempered glass eva laminated glass, tempered glass
    • tempered glass tempered glass tempered glass, tempered glass with rodage
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    GERMANY- Köln

    REMIS stands for more than 40 years of engineering knowledge, innovation and creativity in developing intelligent solutions and implementing them in functional products. Innovations are our heritage,...

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial | Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial | Shades, vehicles | accessories for campers | components for blinds

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  • Akasya Cam started its activities with the motto ine Everything about Glass “in 2007 with the experience of over 20 years. With its capacity, it has become one of the leading companies in the field...

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial | satin glass | custom-made decorative glass | decorative glass | acid etched

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    GERMANY- Mitterteich

    GLAPOR foam glass slabs and foam glass gravel from our own manufacturing plants. The combination: GLAPOR perimeter insulation formwork and foam glass gravel: A unique ecological and economical...

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial | insulation products | insulation | thermal insulation | hardening and tempering

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    UNITED STATES- Brooklyn

    FJS Glass Inc: your reliable suppliers of glass design pieces! The increased demand for glass pieces both for interior and exterior applications in commercial and residential buildings is global. As...

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial | laminated glass | Glass, tempered | glass doors | gradient glass

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  • We are a new setup company mainly involved in building material exporting. Our main products include all kinds of flat glass, board and stone. Our products include: float glass, sheet glass, aluminum...

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial | silver mirrors | glass blocks | float flat glass

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    ...on a 320, 000 square meter plot at the Abu Dhabi Industrial City, is constructed at a cost of AED 692 million and will have a capacity to produce about 160, 000 tons of glass products per annum under phase I. The...

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial | float flat glass | tempered glass products for building

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    INDIA- Jaipur

    ...sand. These sands are used in the glassmaking industry. Quartz sand is used in the production of container glass, flat plate glass, specialty glass and fiberglass.Advantages of Quartz: Quartz stones are...

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial | quartz stone | supplier of india quartz stone | supplier of quartz gritz | supplier of quartz ramming mass

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    CROATIA- Sesvete

    Piramida was founded on October 1st, 1950, as Municipal Association of Glaziers (specialized in Christmas tree decorations), headquartered in Zagreb. A few years later it moved to a new location and...

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial | glass articles for pharmaceutical use | glass pharmaceutical packaging

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    EGYPT- Cairo

    we Import the needed commodities to Egypt, raw materials, technological items needed, etc… Moreover, Importing to others and Sourcing service as well from All over the World. Global Impex Exports...

    Supplier of: glass industry | Import-export - textile and clothing | juice concentrates | frozen vegtables

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  • ...manufacturer of glass and related industrial products and provide complete corrosion resistant solutions to the engineering needs of our clients, mainly including chemical, pharmaceutical, and allied industries. With the introduction of...

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial

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    GERMANY- Wertheim

    ...120 years not only in laboratories but also in industry and the home.Our success is not only based on a wide range of skills within glass manufacturing, it is also based on extensive logistics expertise.As a...

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial

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    SPAIN- Burgos

    Automated equipment and machinery for spray application of all types of products onto sheet glass. At Grupo Crespo Vidrio, we provide the most comprehensive solution for manufacturing pigments for...

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial | glass decorations | acrylic resins

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    SPAIN- Barcelona

    Torrero Vidre is your online shop specialized in the factory of jars, containers and glass jars for retail and wholesale purchase. From a family business born in 1980 to a globalized company thanks...

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial | glass containers | cosmetic recipients | food recipients | laboratory material

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  • Welcome to Kimble-Chase. We are delighted that you are interested in our products. We will be happy to inform and advise you about our wide range of glass laboratory equipment. We can create the...

    Supplier of: Packaging, glass | Glass, industrial | Glass hollowware, laboratory and technical | dropper | test tubes

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  • Specialist in glass and metal sealing techniques, components for vacuums and ultra-high vacuums, laboratory glassware, for the nuclear, physics, chemicals, space, sea and oil sectors.

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial | glass for technical industrial use | glass bell covers for laboratories | finishing and transformation of glasswork

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    FRANCE- Fléville

    Supplier of: Glass, industrial | laminated glass | glass balustrade | tempered glass products for building

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