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  • UNEX Heatexchanger Engineering GmbH specialises in designing, constructing and supplying heat exchangers. Our expertise is based on current specialist knowledge combined with valuable experience from...

    Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat pump heating | heat exchangers | plate exchangers | heat regeneration systems [+] heat exchangers-savers | plate-type heat exchangers | spiral heat exchangers | heat exchangers made from titanium | accessories for heat exchangers | bath heat exchangers | software for heat exchangers | double-pipe heat exchangers | control technology for heating systems | stainless steel multi-core tubes

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  • At Thermic Energy we view ourselves as a young, modern business that specialises in renewable energy technology. All steps, from development and construction right through to testing and series...

    Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat pumps | heat pump heating | heat pump system | inverter heat pumps [+] hot water heat pumps | heat exchangers | Solar energy | Solar energy - installations | Fireplaces | heating plant installation | buffer tanks | batteries for photovoltaic plants | stainless steel exchanger | boilers

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    GERMANY- Döbritschen
    THÜMAG - Verified by Europages machine tools and compact heat pumps for detached houses and apartment buildings. When designing our refrigeration units, we attach great importance to a durable and easy-to-service design. Our precision...

    Supplier of: heat pumps | Refrigerants | refrigeration equipment | multiple circuit coolers | spindle coolers [+] process refrigeration units | coolers for polishing compounds, 9l | coolers for polishing compounds, 30l | industrial cooling plants | refrigeration technology (refrigeration machines and systems) | refrigeration machines and systems for industry | recirculation cooling plants, other | sensor technology | process engineering

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    AGGREKO CANNOCK - Verified by Europages

    AGGREKO is an international specialist in temporary electricity production as well as cooling and heating solutions. Our power generation and temperature control solutions are adapted to the largest...

    Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat pumps | air water heat pump | Electricity generators | Cooling towers [+] electrical transformers | diesel generators | test bench | solar panel | photovoltaic panels | renewable energies | electric batteries | air dryers | generators | industrial heating - installation and materials

    • 100 Kw Heat Pump Chiller 100 Kw Heat Pump Chiller Chiller Hire
    • 250 Kw Heat Pump Chiller 250 Kw Heat Pump Chiller Chiller Hire
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    SWITZERLAND- Cornaux
    SUN-GROUPE SARL - Verified by Europages

    ...of LED lights, solar panels and heat pumps, sub-contracting the manufacture of its product range and custom manufacturing for its customers. Sun-Groupe's mission is to always provide its...

    Supplier of: heat pumps | Lighting, street, industrial and commercial | Lighting, office | Solar energy | Masks, safety [+] led lighting | lighting systems | aquarium lighting | factory lighting | solar panel | led lamps | solar plants | solar power | lamps for road signalling and lighting | solar panels

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  • Operating within the world-renowned PRAHER GROUP, Peraqua focuses on marketing ABS/PVC swimming pool valves, pipes and fittings, ABS white goods, swimming pool cleaning accessories as well as pool...

    Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat pumps | Filtering glass | pumps for pools | filtering pumps [+] pvc fittings | swimming pool technology and equipment | solar heating solutions for swimming pool | equipment for treating pool water | measurement and control technology for swimming pools | rolling devices for swimming pool covers | swimming pool accessories | swimming pool cleaning | abs/v4a swimming pool white goods | swimming pool sand filters

    • Smart Heat Pump Plus Smart Heat Pump Plus Full Inverter Technology, heating & cooling
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  • Whether you are looking for refrigerant, refrigeration technology, cooling technology or air-conditioning products, you have found the right place. Our shop contains a large selection of products...

    Supplier of: heat pumps | Air conditioning equipment | air conditioning | industrial cooling | air filters [+] condensate lift pumps | vaporizers | wall sconces | cold stores | home ventilation | ventilation equipment | air conditioning units | refrigerants | condensate drip trays | table-top coolers

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  • As an owner-managed family business, TH. WITT offers sophisticated and customized solutions for the refrigeration industry. We are not just a manufacturer of a product group, but offer practical...

    Supplier of: heat pumps | Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial | liquid separators for refrigeration plants and equipment | pumping stations | industrial cooling [+] evaporators for refrigeration equipment and systems | pressure tanks | compressed-air tanks | high-temperature insulation products | refrigeration equipment | vaporizers | refrigerant pumps | separation technology and receivers | oil management | highside float regulators

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    GERMANY- Amtzell
    FRIGORTEC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Our products carry a special seal of quality: "Quality Made in Germany". There are good reasons why thousands of customers around the world rely on us: We know the industry and offer concrete...

    Supplier of: heat pumps | dehumidifiers – heat pumps | Air conditioning equipment | fans | dehumidifiers for industrial use [+] refrigeration equipment | grain cooling units | air-conditioning systems for vehicles | crane-cab air-conditioning systems | cooling units for containers | switching cabinet cooling equipment | temperature control units | crane cooling units | air cooling units | dehumidifiers

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    ITALY- Castelfranco Veneto
    BERTONCELLO SRL - Verified by Europages

    Bertoncello srl works in two sectors: heating, packaging and refrigeration, sale of electronic accessories, products for handling boilers and burners, air conditioning systems and accessories,...

    Supplier of: heat pumps | Chimneys, industrial | Air conditioning equipment | boiler maintenance | design of heating plants [+] air conditioning unit | domestic refrigerators | wood stoves for civil use | stainless steel flues | packs for cooling towers | equipment and accessories for heating | smoke ducts | air conditioning systems | fans for air conditioning systems

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  • S.C.A.M. SPA
    ITALY- Torino
    S.C.A.M. SPA - Verified by Europages

    ...of the following types of equipment: vacuum pumps, ejectors, vacuum units, steam condensers, heat exchangers, desalting systems for seawater and brackish water with a reverse osmosis and steam system,...

    Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat pumps | Vacuum pumps | vacuum pumps | steam ejector [+] vacuum systems and components | cooling coils | heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | air coolers | reverse osmosis system | vapour condensers

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    LUXEMBOURG- Windhof
    CARL METTLER - Verified by Europages

    ...and decorative lighting, network infrastructures and structured cabling, heat pumps and photovoltaic, renewable energies, all sizes of household appliance, consumer goods, telecommunications.

    Supplier of: heat pump | ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT | lighting | solar panels | led [+] control | automation | knx | electromobility | wallbox | cable | network | antenna | home appliance

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  • Supplier of: heat pumps | Air conditioning equipment | boiler maintenance | air conditioning system installation | extraction hoods

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    ITALY- Modena
    CAPRARI S.P.A. - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: heat pumps | Pumps | electric submersible pumps | electropumps | underwater pumps

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    ITALY- Lurago Marinone
    SGUAZZA IMPIANTI S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: heat pumps | Solar energy | Energy - renewable | boilers | photovoltaic panels

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    ITALY- Bastia Umbra
    TORRONI E FALCINELLI S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: heat pumps | Boilers, industrial | dry cleaning | prompt intervention | steam boilers for industrial use

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  • Supplier of: heat pumps | Petroleum fuels and additives | Fuel cells | gases for domestic use | timber

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Ilminster a range highly efficient heat pump air conditioning technology incorporating style and simplicity for any room installation without the need for an outdoor condenser. • Twin Duct Packaged Heat pump air conditioning units • Powrmatic Vision Engineered Products We...

    Supplier of: heat pump air conditioning system | Unit heaters | air heaters for industrial use | air ventilation systems for industrial use | heat exchangers for civil and industrial use

    • Powrmatic Vision Powrmatic Vision Powrmatic vision air pump heat exchanger
    • Powrmatic HEM for AHU Powrmatic HEM for AHU Gas fired Heat Exchange Module HEM for AHU
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    LITHUANIA- Vilnius

    JSC "Refra" is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing refrigeration equipment. The long-term work experience, an official representative of the leading world producers of...

    Supplier of: Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial | Hotels, bars, cafés and restaurants - machinery and equipment | Refrigerated display units and windows | Cold rooms | Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment

    • Chillers Chillers Heat pumps
    • Food serving line Food serving line Heated tables
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    ...boilers, heat exchangers, heat pumps and solar panels which are designed and manufactured in accordance with PED and BS standards and as per ASME based on request. VERSOL Products are manufactured in our facilities in UK, Italy and Poland with collective experience more than 25 years in...

    Supplier of: heat pump heating | Central heating systems | hot water storage systems for solar energy systems | boilers

    Brands : VERSOL

    • Storage Calorifier Storage Calorifier Domestic Water Heating System- Stainless Steel, Copper Lined Calorifiers
    • Heat Pumps Heat Pumps Heat Pumps
    • Heat Exchangers Heat Exchangers VersoHEX Heat Exchangers
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    SLOVENIA- Šempeter v Sav. Dolini

    ...has been manufacturing exceptional heat pumps in the EU since 1992. TermoPlus is very different to other heat pump manufacturers as we are the only heat pump manufacturer that offers customisation - this increases the installation efficiency significantly. Secondly,...

    Supplier of: Heat pumps, industrial | Heat pumps, domestic | heat pump heating | heat pumps | air conditioning and heating

    • Eco Inverter Air source heat pumps Eco Inverter Air source heat pumps the ideal option for maximum efficiency
    • Hybrid air source heat pumps Hybrid air source heat pumps the definitive solution for heating, air-conditioning and hot water
    • Air source heat pumps (Air/water) Air source heat pumps (Air/water) can reduce heating and hot water bills by up to 80%
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    UNITED KINGDOM- Cookstown

    Water Treatment, Collection, purification and distribution of water

    Supplier of: Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment | Water softening - systems and equipment | Water treatment products

    • Heat Pumps Heat Pumps
    • Energy Centre Energy Centre
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  • ...and operation of ground source heat pumps (GSHP) in China. The main business for the group is Energy Management Contracting. Nobao is pre-financing the energy systems and supply the energy to its customers. The focus is on large buildings with a minimum...

    Supplier of: Heat pumps, industrial | heat pumps | turn-key-solutions for renewable energy | wärmepumpen | erdwärme

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  • Common pro-environment conceptionDonper Solar Energy Co, .Ltd is devoted in innovation and utilization of new energy, aiming to be the best supplier of solar products. Donper makes great endeavor for...

    Supplier of: heat pump | heat pump water heater | Solar energy | water cylinder

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    Heat Pump Installation Across the UK. Ground Source Heat Pumps. Air Source Heat Pumps. Reduce Your Heating Costs. Experienced and Accredited. Free Quotes. We are group of experienced heat pump installers and heating engineers with a passion for renewable energy....

    Supplier of: Heat pumps, domestic | heat pumps | ground source heat pumps | air source heat pumps | heat pump installers

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  • ...water heater use ground source heat pumps. NBWAVE has patented world’s first sub-divisional heating technology with three-compartment temperature control. This unique cutting-edge technology is used in the highly technologically advanced...

    Supplier of: Heat pumps, domestic | heat pump | air source heat pump water heater | air to water heat pump water heater | air source heat pump

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Basildon

    ...kits and air source heat pumps. We are made up of qualified heating Engineers, Qualified Solar Photo-voltaic (PV) Engineers and skilled Warehouse and Logistic Personnel. We aim to provide an...

    Supplier of: heat pumps | underfloor heating | Heating, domestic - installations and equipment | photovoltaic solar panels | solar battery

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Eastleigh

    We are Air Conditioning and Refrigeration specialists covering Southampton, Portsmouth and Hampshire. Our mission is to provide bespoke cooling and heating installations, servicing and maintenance...

    Supplier of: heat pumps | Air conditioning equipment | air conditioning | refrigeration | hvac

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Cramlington

    ...pumps - Ground source heat pumps, Air source heat pump and Hybrid heat pump systems Heat Emitters - Underfloor heating and radiator emitter systems Ventilation - Mechanical ventilation and heat...

    Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat pumps | Solar energy - installations | Solar energy equipment | solar panel

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    GERMANY- Dresden

    What counts more than any spoken word - house construction References from VIVA massive house? Because the positive construction experience of our customers are reflected by numerous reference to a...

    Supplier of: heat pumps | Solar energy | Prefabricated houses | bungalow | housing

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