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  • ...and production of food flavourings for ice cream, food flavourings for sorbets, food flavourings for chocolate, food flavourings for health products, food flavourings for tea, food flavourings for coffee, food flavourings for infusions,... Supplier of: Ice cream and sorbets | Food flavourings | ice-cream flavouring | flavourings | food flavourings [+] organic flavourings | creation of flavourings | halal flavouring | Additives, dyes and pigments - industrial | Food - import-export | Dietary and organic foods | Gastronomic specialties | Condiments, extracts and spices | Bread, cakes and pastries | Import-export - food and agriculture
    FRANCE - Yssingeaux
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  • Supplier of: Ice cream and sorbets | ice-cream flavouring | supplies for ice-cream parlours | supplies for ice cream bars | supplies for the hotel industry
    ITALY - San Salvatore Telesino
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  • Originally a small-scale ice cream cone and flavouring sachet maker founded in 1964, the company grew rapidly under the entrepreneurial guidance of brothers Luigi and Roberto Vanin La Cialcon to... Supplier of: Ice cream and sorbets | ice-cream wafers | waffle ice-cream cones | items for ice cream parlours | ice cream cones [+] coated ice cream cones | waffle shape decorations | rolled cornets
    ITALY - Silea
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  • ...Glycerine (used in sweets, candy, chewing gum, soft drinks, fat-free ice cream and cake mixes), Food Flavouring (found in most of our food) and Nicotine (which is the only reason why we smoke). Supplier of: Tobacco | e-cigarette starter kit uk | vape starter kit | e cigarette deals uk
    UNITED KINGDOM - Tunbridge Wells
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  • As filler for chocolate bars and other confectionary products, topping for pasteries, flavourings for ice creams and mixes for candies, cookies and biscuits. Supplier of: Fruits, dried | desiccated coconut | coconut chips | shredded coconut | coconut cream
    INDONESIA - Jakarta
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  • Manufacturer or premium ice cream for foodservice and retail. We offer a variety of ice cream flavours from our brand Arcobaleno for hotels, restaurants and cafeterias and Italian ice cream desserts (cakes). We also... Supplier of: Ice cream and sorbets | premium ice cream manufacturer | foodservice ice cream containers | premium retail ice cream | ice cream dessers and cakes
    BULGARIA - Sofia
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  • We are exporting bourbon Vanilla beans Gourmet Grade A, Whole Extract Grade B Pods for the world's makers of Chocolate, Perfume, Ice cream, Pastries, Baking and Flavouring. Supplier of: Foods, gourmet | grade a vanilla beans | premium black vanilla beans | tk vanilla beans | vanilla beans grade b for baking and extraction
    MADAGASCAR - Antalaha
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  • Sun, sea and taste have always been at the heart of Mediterranean cuisine, in which authenticity and tradition blend to give a harmonious combination of style and simplicity. Supplier of: Food flavourings | ice-cream base preparations | coffee-flavoured creams | semi-finished products for ice cream makers | flavours [+] beverage flavourings | Food essences | Condiments, extracts and spices | Food preservatives | essence | sugar | colourants | semi-finished meat products | thickeners | preservatives
    ITALY - Nocera Inferiore
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  • Company making semi-finished products for craft ice cream makers, cones, and wafer cups, gastronomic confectionery specialities based on wafers and chocolate since 1952. BABBI S.R.L. has a bakery... Supplier of: Ice cream-making - machinery and equipment | Ice-cream makers, professional | flavouring and colouring pastes for ice creams | ice cream bases | cones for ice-creams [+] hand-made ice-cream | ice-cream ingredients | semi-finished products for ice cream makers | ice cream cones | Cocoa and chocolate | Cookies | wafers | chocolate cakes | gift packages | confectioner's products
    ITALY - Bertinoro
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  • Supplier of: Food flavourings | emulsionated flavourings for ice-creams | powder flavourings | Food and beverage additives
    FRANCE - St Cezaire Sur Siagne
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  • Supplier of: Ice cream and sorbets | flavouring and colouring pastes for ice creams | basic food preparations for ice-cream parlours | Hotels, bars, cafés and restaurants - machinery and equipment | concentrates, food
    BELGIUM - Bruxelles
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  • Supplier of: Ice cream and sorbets | flavouring and colouring pastes for ice creams | ice cream bases
    ITALY - Grassobbio
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  • Manufacturer of ice-creams, sorbets and frozen cream mousses for caterers wishing to serve quality desserts. From top of the range ice-cream to pure fruit sorbet, some of them delivered as a 'trou normand' flavoured with spices and alcohol, the... Supplier of: Ice cream and sorbets | ice-cream dessert | ice cream cakes | ice cream | ice-cream manufacturer [+] ice-cream | ice-cream manufacturer | ice-cream supplier | traditional ice-cream manufacturer | traditional ice-cream | ice-cream made to order | ice-cream producer belgium | small ice-cream pots | organic ice-cream and sorbet | organic ice-cream producer
    BELGIUM - Francorchamps
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  • ...we produce powder mixtures for soft ice cream, base for hard pack ice cream, a series of hot, cold and iced beverages as well as mixtures for waffles, crepes and donuts. Also, we produce syrups for slush (granita), ice cream toppings and toppings for... Supplier of: Beverages - import-export | hotel equipment | soft icecream | granita | horeca
    GREECE - Veria
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  • ...industry (bakeries, biscuit factories, dairies, ice-cream makers, diet foods, confectionery, beverages, etc.), flavoured fruit preparations for yoghurts (apricot, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, etc.) and... Supplier of: Food flavourings | flavourings | natural flavours | powder flavourings | manufacturer of food aromas
    FRANCE - Illkirch-Graffenstaden
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  • that’s produced luxury ice cream locally for over 30 years. The family were the founders of Marybelle Dairy, since moving the milk business on to a new partner we have been able to focus on our passion of developing locally produced Artisan products in the form of Suffolk... Supplier of: Ice cream and sorbets | luxury ice cream suffolk | artisan ice cream | specialist ice cream | ice cream maker in suffolk
    UNITED KINGDOM - Halesworth
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  • ...processors, pie manufacturers and ice cream manufacturers. We supply flour, sugar, bread mixes, cake mixes, confectionery mixes, icings, toppings, fillings, cream alternatives, bakery equipment, cake... Supplier of: Bakery and confectionery industry - machinery and equipment | bakery ingredients | ingredients | wholesale | bakery supplies
    UNITED KINGDOM - Lisburn
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  • We deliver our ice cream raw materials to several European countries improving constantly the quality of our products and the applied technology. Since the beginning of this year we have been dealing with individual manufacturing of soft- and hard ice cream... Supplier of: Ice cream-making - machinery and equipment | ice cream | ice cream bases
    HUNGARY - Miskolc
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  • We offer ice -cream from our two factories: frmo Estonia and Russia. At current moment our ice-cream occupies 7% of ice-cream market in Russia, 23% in Moscow and overcomes sales of Nestle and Unilever in several segments.... Supplier of: ice-cream | Dairy products
    RUSSIA - Moscow
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  • Soft serve Ice cream machine with frequency conversion technology, Low noise and more stable operation. This model of ice cream machine is a stand-up model for two flavours and one mix. This model can easily supply an ice cream shop or cafe with enough... Supplier of: ice cream machine | soft ice cream machine maker | Food extracts - machines and equipment
    CHINA - Shenyang
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  • Irinox is a company that specialises in the production and sale of equipment and systems for cooling and fast freezing foods. For over ten years, the company has been offering the food sector the... Supplier of: Ice-cream makers, professional | plants and equipment for the ice-cream industry | Control panels - electric | Catering - machinery and equipment | Restaurant equipment [+] distribution panel | supplies for institutions | electric panel wiring | coolers | continuous blast freezers | refrigeration system | refrigerated cabinets | industrial freezers | cooling equipment | preservatives

    Brands : MIG | SIGEP

    ITALY - Corbanese-Tarzo
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  • Antonio Fabbrocino, the group's young administrator, is a youthful, hard-driving entrepreneur from Salerno. His aim is to export his products to settings and markets all over the world, primarily by... Supplier of: ice-cream shops | ice cream | Food specialities | Pastries | Frozen and deep-frozen foods [+] Food - import-export | Viennese bread and buns | confectionery | comfits | supplies for restaurants | twice-baked | frozen foods | sweet cakes and pastries | bakery products | frozen bakery products
    ITALY - Montecorvino Rovella
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  • Seda Germany, a subsidiary of the Seda International Packaging Group, is a manufacturer of paper-based cups, containers and folding boxes specialised in the food industry. We supply branded items in... Supplier of: ice-cream packaging | hard paper ice cream cups | Packaging materials - paper and cardboard | Packaging | folding cases [+] fast food packaging | yoghurt | vending machine cups | paper drinking cups | coffee cups and mugs | hard paper drinking cups
    GERMANY - Neuhaus
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  • We are French manufacturers of ice cream machines in Auvergne. We manufacture ice cream, popsicle and (Italian) soft ice cream makers, as well as ice block machines. Because we know that quality is... Supplier of: Ice-cream makers, professional | Ice cream-making - machinery and equipment | soft ice-cream machines | ice cream machines | automatic ice-cream machines [+] ice cream makers  | ice-cream ingredients | white ice-cream machines | espresso ice-cream machines | furnishings for ice cream shops | italian ice cream machine | italian ice cream machine rental | professional italian ice cream machine | professional ice cream maker | ice cream machine
    FRANCE - Cohade
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  • We have specialised in making quality accompaniments for ice cream since 1958. Our wafers are renowned throughout Spain and abroad for their fine quality and the care taken when making them. We... Supplier of: Ice cream and sorbets | ice-cream wafers | ice-cream wafer biscuits | waffle ice-cream cones | supplies for ice cream bars [+] ice-cream cases | ice-cream packaging | accessories for ice-cream shops | ice cream wafers | ice cream tulips | wafer rolls for ice cream | ice cream fan wafers | utensils for ice cream stores | Biscuits | wafers
    SPAIN - Santander-Cantabria
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  • Our company was founded under the name S.A.R. VARESE in 1988 following a trip abroad where we discovered a street vendor who sold waffles, cornets and pancakes. When we returned we immediately set... Supplier of: Ice-cream makers, professional | cones for ice-creams | ice-cream wafers | ice cream cornet machines | ice cream trolleys [+] pancake machines | hot chocolate machines | chocolate production plants | popcorn machines | colloid mill | praline machines | waffle irons | pancake griddles | wafer machines | automatic pancake machines
    ITALY - Galliate Lombardo
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  • FAG – La Fabbrica Attrezzature per Gelaterie manufactures certified products that meet food contact standards, perspex or white plastic decorations to insert, standard lettering, ABS, aluminium and... Supplier of: Ice-cream makers, professional | furnishings for ice cream shops | machines and equipment for ice cream bars | ice cream cone holders | metal tanks for ice-cream parlours [+] vertical equipment for ice-cream makers | Bakery - machinery and equipment | Cafés and bars - machinery and equipment | Furnishing - supplies | Shop fittings | Restaurant equipment | furnishings for pastry shops | display rack | display windows | spatulas and teaspoons
    ITALY - Roma
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  • The anona brand stands for a food company with over 180 years of success. With a commitment to combining tradition with future-oriented technology, anona has developed from a former grain mill into a... Supplier of: ice cream | ice cream ingredients | Food and beverage additives | Beverages - concentrates and powders | Cookies [+] proteins | amino-acids | integrators | protein supplements | dietetic foods | food processing | sports nutrition | tablets on commission (foodstuffs) | protein bars | oat bars
    GERMANY - Colditz
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  • It is very important to us that our ice-cream contains a high proportion of selected natural raw ingredients. Only the very best raw ingredients, of the highest possible quality, can guarantee the... Supplier of: ice-cream packaging | ice-cream machines for bars and restaurants | ice cream makers  | cups for ice creams | soft ice-cream machines [+] ice-cream wafer biscuits | Coffee and tea | Coffee machines, professional | semiautomatic coffee dispensers | espresso coffees | espresso coffee machines | expresso coffee machines for bars | coffee grinder | fruit squeezers | wafer bakeries
    GERMANY - Wildeshausen
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  • Being experienced in the dairy industry for many years we offer high quality dairy ingredients for our customers all over the world: - Sodium Caseinates; - Calcium Caseinates; - Milk Powder... Supplier of: Milk | powdered milk | milk protein | caseinates and casein | sodium caseinate [+] calcium caseinate | dry dairy products | dairy blends
    POLAND - Warszawa
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    Organic Certified Açaí Pulp Oil is obtained from direct processing of the fruit, centrifugation and... See product
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