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  • The full range of WECK® jars, as well as accessories (seals, stainless steel clamps, lids, jar lifters, domestic sterilizers, etc) is distributed in France by MCM EMBALLAGES, authorized retailing company. The jar brand WECK®... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, glass | jars for food industry packagings | glass preserving jars | jars for food | weck glass jars for canned food [+] glass jar for foodstuff preserves | glass jars weck® | preserving jars | Sterilized preserves | Tinned Foods | domestic sterilizers weck® | weck® glass lids | weck® rubber gaskets

    Brands : WECK®

    FRANCE - Geispolsheim Gare
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  • Since 1959 our company has been using UREA moulding to make stoppers, lids, droppers and bottles for the cosmetics and luxury perfume industries. We manufacture exclusive items, standard items and we... Supplier of: jars | lidded jars | Stoppers and caps, plastic | cosmetics | pots for the cosmetics sector [+] dropper | perfume bottles | manufacturer of stoppers for cosmetics | urea | thermoplastics
    SPAIN - Badalona-Barcelona
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  • Ceramic has been known since prehistoric times and was supposedly only invented twice in the history of humanity: by the peoples of the Sahara and in Japan. It then spread across the entire world... Supplier of: jars | Handicraft | Terra-cotta crockery | handcrafted terracotta work | terracotta objects [+] pans | terracotta vases | traditional craft-work
    ITALY - Giffoni Sei Casali
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  • We are specialised in the purchase and sales of antiques and demolition materials (tiles, bricks, wooden beams, wrought iron, etc.); We buy and sell antiques and decorative items (for indoors and... Supplier of: jars | Antiques | antique furniture | canterano furniture | bargueno furniture [+] navarre pitcher | noval chest seat | decoration
    SPAIN - Alhama De Aragon
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  • Our product portfolio involves a wide range of Grinders, Sprinklers / Flappers, Flip-Top Closures, PET / Glass Bottles, Jar-sets and Accessories, and Exclusive Designs for special customers. Supplier of: jars | Plastics - packaging | grinders
    TURKEY - Izmir
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  • located in Romania, specialized in jars and demijohns production. As you can easily see, our product range contains jars with 6 to 20 liters volume, with airtight seal, and four... Supplier of: jars | wide neck jars | Glass | demijohn
    ROMANIA - Popesti-Leordeni
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  • ...production up to Improt.Our Range beginns at: Jars in Glass, Acrylic, PET, SANLotion bottles 10ml-1500mlPensNail polish bottles around 30 differend kinds.and a lot of more...and ends with the... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, plastic | jars | glass bottles
    GERMANY - Remagen
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  • Supplier of: jars | Pot-grown plants | Ceramics, handicraft | pots of flowers | hand-decorated pottery
    GREECE - Hraklio
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  • We can supply jars, bottles, caps, boxes, packaging machines. Supplier of: jars | Custom packaging | bottles
    TURKEY - Ankara
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  • Supplier of: Costume jewellery
    FRANCE - Paris
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  • the leading European distributor of Weck® jars and accessories, such as tubs and also clips, seals, lids, funnels, clamps and so on. MCM Emballages imports the Weck® brand of jars with clips... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, glass | glass clip jars | lidded jars | seals for jars | protective covers for jars [+] screw lids for jars | jar lids | lidded jar autoclave | lidded jar pasteurisation | glass preserving jar | Food canning and preserving - machinery and equipment | Bakery and confectionery industry - machinery and equipment | Packaging, glass | sterilisation and pasteurisation autoclaves | autoclaves for the food and cannery industry
    FRANCE - Geispolsheim Gare
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  • Forecast Electronics is an independent distributor of electronic, electric and electromechanical components. We provide numerous services in terms of supply solutions with over 455 brands, such as... Supplier of: Passive electronic components and printed circuits | electronic components | industrial electronic components | electronic components, obsolete or rare | sourcing of electronic components [+] military connector suppliers | electronic component distributors | electronic component purchasing pool | electronic component purchasing organisation | equivalence omron or tyco relay | equivalence apem or marquard switch | rectifier or zener diode bridge | connector technology | electronic component wholesaler | miniature static industrial relays
    FRANCE - Montreuil Sous Bois
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  • The full range of WECK® jars, as well as accessories (seals, stainless steel clamps, lids, jar lifters, domestic sterilizers, etc) is distributed in France by MCM EMBALLAGES, authorized retailing company. The jar brand WECK®... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, glass | glass preserving jars | glass jars | jars for food industry packagings | glass jar for foodstuff preserves [+] glass jars weck® | jars for food | preserving jars | canning jars | glass jars for canned food | Tinned Foods | Packaging, glass | domestic sterilizers weck® | home canning and preserving | weck® canning articles

    Brands : WECK®

    ITALY - Trieste
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  • We are distributors of KORIMAT multi-function sterilising autoclaves, Weck® glass jars, and STERIL SYSTEM ST-60, the new all-stainless 60-litre sterilising autoclave. Supplier of: sterilisation of jars | food preserved in jars | weck preserving jars processed in autoclaves | autoclaving jars | Food canning and preserving - machinery and equipment [+] sterilisation and pasteurisation autoclaves | sterilisation of preserved foods | professional sterilizer autoclave | food sterilisation | food hygiene | professional pasteurisation | professional vacuumizer | stainless steel steriliser | stainless steel autoclave | training in using autoclaves
    FRANCE - Geispolsheim-Gare
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  • At Eagle Industries, we provide solutions to Jewellery makers with over 1500 products classified in to Jewellery Making Machinery, Jewellery Making Tools and Consumables. Our dedicated efforts in... Supplier of: Hand tools, non-power | Punching machine tools | Mandrels and tailstocks | Blades for saws and cutting machines | Rolling mills - machinery and installations [+] Watch and clock repairs - tools | tools for jewellers and goldsmiths | gauges | disc cutters | dies for wire drawing | tools for watchmakers and the watchmaking industry | diamond tool finishing machines for jewellers and goldsmiths | dapping punches | forming doming bench block | dapping and doming set
    INDIA - Rajkot
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  • ID-Labo also supplies glass and plastic bottles and jars for the perfume and cosmetics industry. Supplier of: pharmaceutical jar | ointment jar | Vials and flasks, glass | bottle making | glass ampules [+] dropper | glass beakers | bottles for dispensing chemists | distributor of glass bottles for pharmaceuticals | manufacturer of plastic bottles for pharmaceuticals | pharmaceutical bottle | glass bottle | glass bottling | plastic bottle manufacture | pharmaceutical bottle
    FRANCE - Pierres
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  • ...For the handling of hollow glass (bottles & jars) and PET bottles, including rubber gripper tubes (pneumatic gripper), vacuum heads and vacuum plates, coated belts, wheels & rollers for... Supplier of: vacuum plate for glass jar palletizer | Cylinders, pneumatic | Storage tanks | Rubber products | Rubber - technical items for industry [+] Rubber - products for the motor vehicle and transport industry | Oilcloths and rubber coated fabrics | gasoline tanks | pneumatic cylinders | flexible tanks | tank for the aircraft industry | fuel tanks | accumulation tanks and water reserves | drinking water tanks | motor vehicle tanks
    BELGIUM - Froyennes
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  • Systempack Manufaktur has been your reliable partner in the areas of special bottles, beer bottles, disposable bottles, swing top bottles, swing tops, bottle printing, bottle cases and bottle caps... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, plastic | jars for food | preserving jar | Thermos packaging | bottles for packaging [+] glass caps | bottle cases | glass canister | canister glass | bottles for the drinks industry | reusable transport packaging | swing tops for bottles | plastic crates | plastic bottles | pet plastic bottles
    GERMANY - München
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  • The company manufactures Laboratory Equipment using the specialized components ensuring its precise and reliable performance in the laboratory. The equipment, we serve complies with the set... Supplier of: Laboratory equipment and instruments | fluorometers | viscometers for petrolchemical analysis | spectrophotometers | tablet disintegration apparatus [+] dissolution tester | leak tester | bulk density apparatus | melting point apparatus | karl fischer titration apparatus | automatic bomb calorimeter | ductility testing machine | abels flash point apparatus | cleaveland flash point & fire point apparatus

    Brands : DESCREMADORA | Cream Separator | Jar Test Apparatus | Bomb Calorimeter

    INDIA - Delhi
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  • ...ware, Copper bottle, Copper mug, Scented candle jar, Copper canister, Golden candle vessel, Copper soy wax candle, Home decor objects, Brass metal vase, New design, copper vase, Marble jar with... Supplier of: candle jars | Candles | Bottles, metal | Perfumes - essences and scents | candelabra [+] decorated vases | wholesale silverware | wholesale cups | brass candle sticks | copper pots | mugs | decorative object | home fragrances | bathroom articles | christmas decorations
    INDIA - Moradabad
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  • Development and design of individual packaging. From the first draft to the finished product. Optimal, personal advice from the outset. Customised production and delivery. Supplier of: Packaging | products for the cosmetics industry | plastic fasteners | plastic packaging machine | fuel injection nozzles [+] plastic boxes | plastic closures for packing | screw caps | accessories for the food industry | cosmetic industry moulds | plastic packaging | containers for packaging purposes | pet plastic containers | plastic bottles | liquid packaging
    GERMANY - Michelstadt
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  • We deal in Glass Bottles & Jars, Plastic Bottles & Jars, Aluminium Bottles & Jars etc. We make containers for cosmetics, food products, wine, beer, liquor, beverages and glass jars for candles. We specialise... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, glass | glass jars | jars for food industry packagings | candle jars | Nightwear [+] cotton nightdresses for women | nightgowns | nightdresses | pyjamas | silk pyjamas | women's pyjamas | bathrobe | perfume bottle designer | lipsticks | nail polish
    INDIA - Delhi
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  • Supplier of: Bottles and jars, glass | glass preserving jars | jars for food | Tinned Foods
    ITALY - Trieste
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  • Shanghai MD glassware manufacture Co., Ltd specializes in design, manufacturing and sales of numerous types of household glassware, the main products are Take makers, Coffee makers and other... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, glass | Glassware, decorative | coffee cups | explosion-proof lamps | borosilicate glass [+] decanters | high borosilicte glass teapots | silk printing glass | washing machine glass door | microwave oven glass trays | double wall cups | glass food containers | glass tumblers | teapot warmers
    CHINA - Shanghai
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  • 1949 as a manufacturer of traditional glass jars, and we have grown over the years to produce every type of jar. Today, we are the only company in Italy to operate an automatic machine able to produce... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, glass | glass jars | bottles for laboratories | glass bottles | glass bottles for wine [+] glass vases | glass items for beverages and liquids | glass items for food products
    ITALY - Canelli
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  • HONGKONG GUAN WEI INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. is a cosmetics & make-up manufactor and exporter, made in China. Our factory is located in Dongguan, China. Our products export to USA, UK, JAPAN & EUROPE... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, plastic | Perfume and beauty products | Cosmetics | Beauty products | Hygiene and beauty articles [+] Hygiene and toilet products | Haircare products | make-up | mascara | lip gloss | beauty products for the face | containers for cosmetics | plastic containers for cosmetic uses | face powder | nail polish
    CHINA - Dong Guan
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  • We manufacture injection-molded plastic packaging and blow-molded technical parts. We have our own range of bottles, jerry cans, decanters, pots, caps and closure systems. Plastic packaging for... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, plastic | Plastic products for the farm-produce industry | Cans, drums, casks and barrels, plastic | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Plastics - packaging [+] Blow moulding of rubber and plastic | Boxes, plastic | Stoppers and caps, plastic | Plastic packaging | Plastic products for the furniture industry | Tanks, plastic | plastic bottles | packaging for foods | plastic injection | industrial packaging
    SPAIN - Castalla-Alicante
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  • AXITHERM is a manufacturer of measurement instruments and a provider of heat treatment services. We provide the equipment, advice and expertise for your autoclave sterilisation and pasteurisation... Supplier of: doypack leaks fixed, verrines, jars, trays, cup | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | industrial temperature recorder | deformation probe sensor | construction and validation appertisation scale [+] food industry heat treatment provider | development of heat treatment scales | appertisation scale training | expertise in food heat treatments | cup, tray, tin, bag deformation issues | tin instability issues | tinned food recipe formulation assistance | sterilisation/pasteurisation cycle energy audit | miniature temperature probe-sensor-recorder
    FRANCE - La Fleche
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  • VFA is specialised in the study and distribution of glass and plastic bottles, capping items, screen printing and various different finishes. We provide a very wide range of standard items and can on... Supplier of: glass jars | Vials and flasks, glass | bottle making | specialist glass bottles | glass bottle [+] glass bottling | plastic bottle manufacture | pharmaceutical bottle | cosmetic bottle | perfume bottle | cosmetic bottling | pharmaceutical bottling | perfume bottling | cosmetics pot | plastic pot
    FRANCE - Nanterre
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  • ...20 cases Our marmalade is available for direct shipment in 270gr glass jars made from pure Greek biological fruits Aronia very rich in antioxidants and vitamin C .... a super-food product In Stock. Supplier of: Organic food | marmalades | aronia | aronia marmalade | goji berries marmalade [+] preserves, jams and marmalades | marmalade on sale | organic aronia marmalade | organic marmalade | organic aronia jam | natural aronia jam | fresh marmalade | wholesale marmalade | wholesale aronia marmalade | goji berry bio
    GREECE - Giannitsa
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  • 6 bottles WECK Flacon® 540 ml
    WECK jars Juice FLACON®
    Lids in glass and rubber rings (clips not included). Ideal for the fruit juices and of vegetables,... See product
  • Large Folding Container:...
    Large Folding Container:...
    The Mega-Pack S 1600 by Walther Faltsysteme GmbH is a Collapsible plastic container with lid which... See product
    12 glass jars WECK...
    12 glass jars WECK Corolle® 220 ml with lids and rubber rings (clips not included). Ideal for the... See product
  • Packaging
    PP product protection,...
    Manufacturer in Dunkirk, close to Dover thus, of PP corrugated sheets. Modern factory with... See product
  • Cosmetics
    15# nail
    QYT 500 12000 Packing:1pc/ Net Wt.:12ml // 0.4FL OZ See product
  • Stretch films for pallets...
    Stability is essential for this type of pallet, which is often very heavy and loaded with products... See product
  • Polypropylene sheets
    Our polypropylene sheets can be made to fit into your packaging needs. We offer boxes and dividers... See product
    Converting films
    Application Flat film, clear (or with colour concentrates)for further lamination (with or without... See product
  • Rolled sheets, plates & films
    The JEDI Kunststofftechnik GmbH is a leading manufacturer of high-quality plasticized PVC products... See product
    We have a very large choice of standard glass or plastic models : GLASS BOTTLES White flint or... See product
  • Electrical engineering
    The “casing” sector for the electro and electronics industry was developed as a result of demand... See product
  • Salad bowls, salad boxes and...
    Features Material: PP Large range of sizes and designs See product
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