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  • USG GmbH produces pelletizer knives and pelletizing die plates for a wide variety of plastics and under-water pelletizers. For our knives, we have specialised in vacuum-brazed bimetallic knives. To... Supplier of: lime and cement crushers and granulators | Granulation, plastics - machinery | chipping machines | granulators | pneumatic knife holders [+] granule mixers | aggregates | gravelling | underwater granulators | porphyry granulates | grain dispensers | granulation of plastic materials | punctured sheets | cutters and heads for interchangeable knives | underwater granulator systems
    GERMANY - Bönen
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  • Design, construction, commissioning and servicing of aggregate sorting facilities, quarry conveyor masts, wheel conveyors for goods transport; rotary screens for sorting and storing aggregates,... Supplier of: lime and cement crushers and granulators | Crushing and grinding machinery | plant and machinery for inert stone working | crushing and pulverising plant and equipment | quicklime, plaster and cement processing machinery and equipment
    ITALY - Piozzo
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