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    FRANCE- Nanterre Cedex
    TOTALENERGIES LUBRIFIANTS - Verified by Europages

    ...offering products and services specific for the industrial field. Thanks to its 120 affiliates worldwide, 42 blending plants, 5 800 employees including 130 researchers, Total Lubricants offers innovative, efficient and...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricant wholesaler | lubricants | lubricating oil | organic lubricants [+] Building materials, manufacture - machinery and equipment | Cement-making - machinery and equipment | Pneumatic systems and tools | Compressors | Turbo-compressors | Mining and quarrying - machinery and equipment | Metallurgy - machinery and installations | Foundries - machinery and installations | Rolling mills - machinery and installations | Metallurgy and iron and steel industry - machinery and installations

    • LISSOLFIX APZ 255/1350/1500/2090/4800 LISSOLFIX APZ 255/1350/1500/2090/4800 TEXTILE SPECIALITY
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    GERMANY- Horb-Ahldorf
    DR. TILLWICH GMBH, WERNER STEHR - Verified by Europages

    We offer sustainable complete solutions relating to friction, wear and lubrication. From system analyses to individual optimal solutions, we accompany and support you with our expertise and many...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | lubricants for the food industry | synthetic lubricants | special lubricants | chain lubricants [+] precision lubricants | lubricants for cars | automotive lubricants | precision lubricants | industrial oils | technical oils, environmentally friendly | watch oils | crude oils | crude fats | lubricant oils, environmentally friendly

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    GERMANY- Niederwinkling
    DIERMEIER ENERGIE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We are a long-established company founded in Staubing in south eastern Germany in 1930 with roots in the coal and mineral oil trades. After a 40-year partnership with Shell, we became a brand partner...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricants | automotive lubricants | lubricants for metalwork | precision lubricants [+] synthetic lubricants | lubricants for motorcycles | lubricating greases | special lubricants for ejectors, gate valves and injection moulds | transmission oils | gas engine oils | fuels | fuel oils | lubricants for metalwork aids

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  • ...Anti-Corrosion Agents) Hydraulic Fluids Plunger Lubricants Moulding of composites Die casting Friction Moulding of Polyurethane (PU Foam) Moulding of Rubber Moulding of Thermoplastics Tyre Paints (Release...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | plunger lubricants | die lubricants for die casting | Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial [+] Forming - steels and metals | Cleaning, industrial | foundry moulds | industrial chemical products | rubber moulding | release agents | release agents for rubber processing | mould release agent | moulding cleaning agent | plunger lubricants for die casters

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    GERMANY- Hamburg
    MABANOL GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages partners and users from a variety of industry segments. Your requirements for all matters relating to lubricants should always be high. Mabanol is the independent brand of the medium-sized German lubricant trade....

    Supplier of: Lubricants for cars | Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricants | industrial lubricants | lubricators [+] lubricants for metalwork | biodegradable lubricants | Oils, industrial | Greases, industrial | springs for industrial use | sport spare parts for cars | diesel car lubricant | hydraulic oils | motor oils | turbo diesel car lubricant

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    GERMANY- Großbettlingen
    HIESSL SCHMIERTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...GmbH is your expert partner for effective industry solutions. We provide modern technology, tailored to meet your specific requirements, for economically liquid application. Our high-quality products can be used in a...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | lubricant | lubrication systems | Pumps | pulverisers [+] nozzles | cutting fluid | pressure tanks | plant construction | plant-based lubricant | springs for industrial use | micro lubrication systems | automatic greasing systems | belt spraying systems for lubricants | cooling lubricant spraying devices

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  • For over 40 years, THIELMANN GRAPHITE GmbH & Co. KG has been selling graphites and graphite products, with the main emphasis on natural graphites. In 1982, the company moved into the premises of...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | cooling lubricants | graphite | drilling oils | graphite moulded parts [+] thread cutting oils | graphite processing | graphite products | graphite powder | custom-made graphite products | rust converters | cutting oils | talc | weapon oils | synthetic graphites

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  • ...This means that we offer a traditional service as we believe is required for the many different requirements in the lubricant industry. It goes without saying that we also carry out special requests

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricants | lubricants for the plastics industry | lubricating oil | special lubricants [+] cooling lubricants | drawing lubricants | Oils, industrial | Fuels, solid | Gas and oil - exploitation | Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | Petroleum fuels and additives | Fuels, diesel | fuels | biological oils

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    SWITZERLAND- Gumligen
    SILITECH AG - Verified by Europages

    Silitech AG has been successfully distributing special chemical-technical products and accessories from leading manufacturers worldwide for over 20 years. Thanks to our cooperation with successful...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | special lubricants | process lubricants | Polymers | industrial glues [+] silicone emulsions | silicone oils | adhesive | acrylic resins | varnish protection | primer | silicone rubber items | casting resins | graphite products | silicone products

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    GERMANY- Pegnitz
    LUPEG GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Lupeg GmbH is a competent partner in the field of central lubrication and metering systems. We not only offer individual parts, but can also design entire systems. We can even install and commission...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | centralised lubrication units for industrial vehicles | lubricators | lubrication equipment | Portable electrical pumps [+] Greases, industrial | measuring systems | tinting machine | barrel pumps | flow meter | grease guns and oil feeders | metering units | centralised lubrication units | greasing installations | grease fittings

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    GERMANY- Gröbenzell
    PACA GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Less is more – that is the motto with which Paca GmbH first started business over 30 years ago. And that was with a single product: Super Lube. Today, we manufacture not only lubricants, but special...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | aerosol | springs for industrial use | high temperature lubricants [+] aerosol gases | chemicals in spray form | sprays, technical | spray lubricants | contract filling of aerosols | contract filling of lubricants | contract filling of liquids | contract filling of sprays | stainless steel care products | private label aerosols

    • Long-term lubricant - PL 200 Long-term lubricant - PL 200 automotive
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    GERMANY- Oerlinghausen
    JOKISCH GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...cutting oils, skin protection products, cooling lubricants, lapping compounds, lubricant refills on contract, private label chemistry products, lubricants for metalworking, cutting oils, cutting oil sprays and specialist...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | speciality lubricants | special lubricants | cooling lubricants | Abrasives, chemical [+] cutting fluid | cutting oils | springs for industrial use | hand and foot creams | skin cosmetics | semi-synthetic cutting oil | metal processing | rust protection products | rustproofing | release agent for welding technology

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    GERMANY- Bretten
    ECKARDT SYSTEMS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The foundation stone for our medium-sized family company was laid down by our two founding company directors Manfred and Thomas Eckardt. In 2002, we celebrated our company's anniversary; 25 years of...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | forming lubricants | lubrication equipment | lubrication devices | lubricant application [+] Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Steels and metals - machining | Dry-cleaning machines | Oiling - machines and systems | proportioning devices | pulverisers | dry purification processors | dosage systems and systems | spraying systems, industrial | anti-corrosion

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  • and production in various sectors of industry. We have decades of experience in sales, research and product development. One key pillar of our success is the dedicated service provided by our...

    Supplier of: industrial lubricants | Penetrating oil | cleaning products | industrial oils | special lubricants [+] hydraulic oils | transmission oils | automotive lubricants | lubricants, biodegradable | additives to concretes | fuel additives | disinfectants | rust dissolver | solvents | antifreeze for windscreen washer systems

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    TURKEY- Uskudar / Istanbul
    OPET LUBRICANTS - Verified by Europages from Turkey. Koç Holding incorporates industrial giants such as Tüpraş, Ford Otosan, Tofaş-Fiat and Arçelik-Beko. Globally active in many industries, Koç Holding is Turkey's biggest exporter by achieving 10% of the total exports and %43 of total automotive...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | Lubricants for cars | lubricants for the automobile industry | synthetic lubricants for the automotive industry | lubricant for motorcycles [+] Greases, industrial | Accumulators and batteries | Oil filters | automotive industry | industrial oil | antifreeze liquid | synthetic lubricating oils | lubricant for motor vehicles | lubricants for gasoline and diesel engines | motor oils

    • FULLMOTO 4T 10W-40 FULLMOTO 4T 10W-40 Industrial and Other Lubricants
    • FULLMOTO SPR 2T FULLMOTO SPR 2T Industrial and Other Lubricants
    • OPTIMA 68 OPTIMA 68 Industrial and Other Lubricants
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    GERMANY- Sierksdorf
    WASCUT GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...cooling lubricants. We distribute other industrial products in collaboration with manufacturers of high-quality products. Our lubricants are available in the following container sizes: 20-litre...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | hydraulic oils | cutting oils | cutting fluid | cooling lubricants [+] machine oils | water-miscible cooling lubricants | system cleaners | grinding additive | glass-grinding additive | cutting oil | biowas ep1 | hydraulic oil | machine oil | coolcut a

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  • High performance lubricants, additives, brake fluids, cooling lubricants. Made in Germany. Germany is the country of automotive engineering. The very first automobiles were invented in Germany....

    Supplier of: Lubricants for cars | Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricants | cooling lubricants | Accumulators and batteries [+] transmission oils | hydraulic oils | greases | multipurpose grease | cleaners | storage batteries | accessories and complementary items | motor vehicle engine cleaning chemicals | car-repair garage set-up | chemicals for repairing motor vehicle radiators

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    RUSSIA- Volgograd
    SM-SERVICE, LTD - Verified by Europages

    ...corrosion inhibitors, release agents, lubricants for casting, cutting and treatment of metals, rheology agents, biocides, chemical products for water treatment, flocculants and also household chemicals). The main objectives of the...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | casting lubricants | Greases, industrial | Fats, nonfood | Chemicals - import-export [+] biocides | corrosion inhibitors | flocculants | flocculating agents for water treatment | inorganic chemicals | chemical anti-foaming agents for the food industry | manufacturer of chemical products | industrial chemical products | chemicals for the paper industry | chemical products for water treatment

    • Rolling oil Rolling oil Synterol A
    • Rolling oil Rolling oil Synterol M
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    RUSSIA- Armavir
    AFAP, LLC - Verified by Europages

    ...that enrich the soil PLASTIC PRODUCTION - lubricants, - polyurethane, - antioxidants, - emulsifiers. DETERGENTS - Cleansers - Emulsifiers - Drying agents CONSTRUCTION - Emulsifiers for asphalt - Metal...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | Oils - recovery and recycling | Fertilizers and soil conditioners | Oils and fats, edible | Unrefined vegetable oils [+] Food emulsifiers | Oils, industrial | Greases, industrial | Fats, nonfood | emulsifying agents for plastics | refinery greases | antioxidants for rubber | oil-mills | fatty acids | petroleum asphalt

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  • ...the entire process chain of the metal processing industry – from machining the workpiece to cleaning and packaging. We support plant and machine manufacturers in the automotive sector right from the design...

    Supplier of: Lubricants for cars | Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricants | lubricants for the automotive industry | cooling lubricants [+] lubricant service | special lubricants | Oils, industrial | anti-corrosion | anti-corrosive treatment | filter systems | filters and filter elements | tank washing | springs for industrial use | filter technology

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    RUSSIA- Yaroslavl
    ECO-ALIANCE LLC - Verified by Europages

    ...hydraulic oils for machinery •special oils and lubricants •technical liquid •dark oil products •Export of base oils MVI2, VHVI-4, VHVI-8, SN-80/ SN-150/SN-400, BS, HELP, vmgz (-45) Shipment is carried out from...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, graphite | Lubricants for cars | Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricants | lubricants [+] lubricating oil | Oils, industrial | Greases, crude | mineral lubricating oils | high temperature lubricants | hydraulic oils | fuel oils | compressor oil | oils for aeronautical turbines | motor oils

    • Base oil Base oil Base oil SN-150
    • Hydraulic oil Hydraulic oil Hydraulic oil VMGZ (-45)
    • Industrial oil Industrial oil Industrial oil I-12 / I-20 / I-40 / I-50
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    GERMANY- Bischofsheim
    KORB SCHMIERSTOFFE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...established ourselves in the industrial lubricants market and we continue to satisfy customers with, among other things, our expert knowledge. As a partner to many brands producing lubricants for industry,...

    Supplier of: Lubricants for cars | Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricants | Petroleum fuels and additives | Oils, industrial [+] Greases, industrial | Anti-corrosion products, chemical | Water treatment products | Strippers and abrasives, chemical | transmission oils | bottling | adblue | additives | brake fluid | grease/grease guns

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  • At Compagnia Italiana Lubrificanti S.p.A. you will find oils for petrol, gas and diesel engines; oils for two-stroke engines, lubricants for the motorboat sector; oils for mechanical or automatic...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | lubricants | lubricant for motorcycles | moulding lubricants | speciality lubricants [+] agricultural lubricants | lubricant for motor vehicles | differential and gear box lubricant | petrol car lubricant | turbo diesel car lubricant | grinding oil | synthetic industrial oils | lubricants for the nautical sector | lubricants for earth-moving machines | spray lubricants

    Brands : VANGUARD

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    BELGIUM- Charleroi
    BEITO - Verified by Europages

    ...20 years. Our wide product range includes tires, lubricants and batteries as well as accessories for both automobiles and motorcycles. We established an international presence over the years with offices all over the world. Thanks to our vast...

    Supplier of: industrial lubricants | Vehicles - accessories and equipment | Batteries | Greases, industrial | Oils, industrial [+] batteries for agricultural tractors | batteries for buses | batteries for boating | motor oils | industrial oil | motor vehicle tyres | car accessories | trucks, accessories | vehicle accessories and supplies | automotive parts

    • HDDEO 10w-40 plus HDDEO 10w-40 plus heavy vehicles oil
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    CZECH REP.- Orlová
    ADHESIVE-STORE S.R.O. - Verified by Europages

    ...the mechanical engineering, energy and medical industries rely on Loctite's globally renowned adhesive products and cleaners. Over the years, we acquired a solid experience and established trusting...

    Supplier of: industrial lubricants | grease lubricants | technical lubricants | universal lubricant | multipurpose lubricant [+] Seals | silicone sealants | sealants | primers | gaskets | gaskets and seals | adhesives | epoxy adhesives | flat seals | joining adhesives

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    GERMANY- Karlsruhe
    MICROJET® GMBH - Verified by Europages are used in various sectors of industry. Our decades of experience ensure that we can offer you sound solutions for any task in this area. Each application is different, each system varies. Today,...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricants | lubricators | lubricating system | cooling lubricants [+] specialist lubricants for minimum-consumption cooling lubrication systems | forming lubricants | measuring systems | proportioning devices | pulverisers | spraying systems, industrial | belt spraying systems for lubricants | minimum-consumption cooling lubrication systems (mmks) | lubricants for cold forming | spraying systems for oils and other liquids

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    ITALY- Gambellara
    SILICONI COMMERCIALE SPA - Verified by Europages

    ...zinc coatings, adhesives and glues, special lubricants, silicone, anti-adherent substances for welding and plastics, industrial grease; spray canister filling for third parties and customisation;...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | Silicones | Anti-corrosion products, chemical | silicone | silicone-based softener [+] micro-mechanics for industry | waterproofing products | silicone spray | additives | rust proofing | silicone-free defoamer | spray lubricants | zinc spray coating | waterproofing products

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    ITALY- Gambellara
    SILICONI COMMERCIALE SPA - Verified by Europages

    ...zinc coatings, adhesives and glues, special lubricants, silicone, anti-adherent substances for welding and plastics, industrial grease; spray canister filling for third parties and customisation;...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | Silicones | Anti-corrosion products, chemical | silicone | silicone-based softener [+] micro-mechanics for industry | waterproofing products | silicone spray | additives | rust proofing | silicone-free defoamer | spray lubricants | zinc spray coating | waterproofing products

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  • ...for over 10 years of industrial lubricants is present in the COMORES and France. Whether mineral or synthetic oil based, our products are developed in close collaboration with major equipment...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricant wholesaler | lubricants | lubricating oil | synthetic lubricant [+] filters for lubricants | lubricant for motorcycles | agricultural lubricants | Industrial maintenance | Oils, industrial | Compressors | Turbo-compressors | lubricant for diesel engines | lubricants for motor vehicles

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    SYNTHERM - Verified by Europages

    SynTherm is a supplier of innovative technical solutions in the field of energy saving and maintenance improvement, for industry, power generation, shipping and offshore.SynTherm is an agent and...

    Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | condensation chambers | pipe repairs | axle sealing | proximity detector switches [+] valve position indicators | limit switches | steam energy savings

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