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  • ...For 25 years, MEMOLUB® has been a benchmark for all types of applications and industries: bearings, open gears, chains, linear guides, etc. Lubricant level visible remotely. Lower consumption of lubricant. Supplier of: Lubrication equipment and machinery | Lubricants, industrial | lubricants | pumps for centralised lubrication systems | lubricating system [+] lubricant system assembly | lubrication | chain lubricants | Greases, industrial | Greasing equipment | Oils, industrial | Oilers | grease guns | grease pumps | automatic greasing system

    Brands : CASTROL | Memolub

    BELGIUM - Bruxelles
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  • ...oils, special greases and fluids sold under a worldwide brand. We manufacture a full range of very specific and high quality new products for cars, commercial vehicles and other types of industry. LUBRICANTS Supplier of: Lubricants for cars | Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricants | lubricants for the mechanical industry | synthetic lubricant [+] lubricants | lubricant for boats | diesel car lubricant | lubricants for motor vehicles | lubricating oil | high temperature lubricants | lubricant for motor vehicles | lubricant for motorcycles | plant-based lubricant | mechanical transmission lubricant

    Brands : LUBRICANTS

    ITALY - Pomezia
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  • ...spray, zinc coatings, adhesives and glues, special lubricants, silicone, anti-adherent substances for welding and plastics, industrial grease; spray canister filling for third parties and customisation. Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | spray lubricants | Anti-corrosion products, chemical | Silicones | spray adhesive [+] aerosol production | silicon antifoaming | silicone emulsions | specialist sprays | spray cleaners | waterproofing products | silicone-free defoamer | stain remover sprays | zinc spray coating
    ITALY - Gambellara
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  • partners and users from a variety of industry segments. Your requirements for all matters relating to lubricants should always be high. Mabanol is the independent brand of the medium-sized German lubricant trade.... Supplier of: Lubricants for cars | Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricants | industrial lubricants | diesel car lubricant [+] lubricators | turbo diesel car lubricant | semi-synthetic lubricant | mineral lubricating oils | synthetic lubricating oils | lubricants for motor vehicles | high temperature lubricants | lubricating oils for commercial vehicles | lubricants for metalwork | biodegradable lubricants
    GERMANY - Hamburg
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  • ...for cars, motorbikes, HGVs, boats and industrial motors. OILSD has lubricants, greases, additives and chemicals for the automotive industry: cars and motorbikes, goods transport, earthworks, public transport,... Supplier of: Lubricants for cars | Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricants | lubricants for the mechanical industry | plant-based lubricant [+] petrol car lubricant | hydraulic circuit lubricant | differential and gear box lubricant | lubricant for motorcycles | turbo diesel car lubricant | 2t engine lubricant | mechanical transmission lubricant | synthetic lubricant | lubricants | high temperature lubricants

    Brands : MOTOR OIL

    FRANCE - Marseille
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  • ...Over 40 years' experience in all sectors of industry: 2000+ clients in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. A multi-disciplinary team specialising in all aspects of lubrication, engineering, greasing systems and maintenance... Supplier of: Lubricants, graphite | Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricants | lubricants for the automobile industry | lubricants for the mechanical industry [+] chain lubricants | lubricating oil | speciality lubricants | aviation lubricants | lubricant | pumps for centralised lubrication systems | Oils, industrial | Greases, industrial | Industrial maintenance | bearing grease

    Brands : Castrol | Memolub

    BELGIUM - Bruxelles
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  • La Compagnia Italiana Lubrificanti Spa provides petrol, gas and diesel engine oils; oils for 2-stroke engines, lubricants for the motor-boating sector; oils for mechanical, automatic and hydraulic... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | lubricant for motorcycles | differential and gear box lubricant | moulding lubricants | speciality lubricants [+] petrol car lubricant | turbo diesel car lubricant | agricultural lubricants | grinding oil | synthetic industrial oils
    ITALY - Milano
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  •, beverage, packaging and paper processing industries. Technology for the use of the latest lubricants. Several thousand lubricating points can be connected to our sectional systems. Progressive central lubrication... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | lubrication technology for industrial applications | lubricant system assembly | lubricators | conveyor chain lubrication systems [+] centralised lubrication units | conveyor belt lubrication systems | lubricating pumps | lubricant metering systems | grease lubricating fittings | grease lubricating pumps | dry lubricant metering systems | Gear pumps | Greases, industrial | hydraulic gear pumps
    GERMANY - Wurzen
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  • ...with the products they require on time. Industrial products are becoming increasingly specific and therefore require increasingly specific lubricant solutions. From heavily loaded bearings in paper machines through to rubber sealing... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | lubricants for the food industry | chain lubricants | high-performance lubricants | lubricants with molybdenum disulphide [+] precision lubricants | lubricant spray | lubricant, synthetic | dry lubricants | lubricants, biodegradable | lubricants for cold forming | lubricants for warm forming | lubricants for metal processing | cable lubricants | special lubricants
    AUSTRIA - Korneuburg
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  • Less is more – that is the motto with which Paca GmbH first started business over 30 years ago. And that was with a single product: Super Lube. Today, we manufacture not only lubricants, but special... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | high temperature lubricants | spray lubricants | contract filling of lubricants | lubricants, synthetic [+] Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | aerosol | springs for industrial use | aerosol gases | chemicals in spray form | sprays, technical | contract filling of aerosols | contract filling of liquids | contract filling of sprays | stainless steel care products
    GERMANY - Gröbenzell
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  • microjet® GmbH has been developing and manufacturing microjet® minimum-consumption lubrication systems since 1989. Minimum-consumption lubrication systems are used in various sectors of industry. Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | belt spraying systems for lubricants | cooling lubricants | lubricants for cold forming | specialist lubricants for minimum-consumption cooling lubrication systems [+] cooling lubricant spraying devices | forming lubricants | minimum-consumption cooling lubrication systems (mmks) | spraying systems for oils and other liquids | spraying machines for applying oils and cooling lubricants | two-component nozzles
    GERMANY - Karlsruhe
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  • The foundation stone for our medium-sized family company was laid down by our two founding company directors Manfred and Thomas Eckardt. In 2002, we celebrated our company's anniversary; 25 years of... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | lubricants for cold forming | forming lubricants | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Steels and metals - machining [+] Dry-cleaning machines | proportioning devices | pulverisers | dry purification processors | dosage systems and systems | spraying systems, industrial | anti-corrosion | measuring systems | oil mist collectors | minimum quantity cooling lubricant systems
    GERMANY - Bretten
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  • partners and users from a variety of industry segments. Your requirements for all matters relating to lubricants should always be high. TIPP OIL is a prominent independent brand among German lubricant... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricants | lubricants for the plastics industry | adhesive lubricants | lubricants for motorcycles [+] automotive lubricants | chain lubricants | lubricants for metalwork | universal lubricants | transmission oils | diesel fuel | gas engine oils | engine oils for combustion engines | specialist fuels | special petrol
    GERMANY - Elmshorn
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  • ...Schmiertechnik GmbH is your expert partner for effective industry solutions. Our high-quality products can be used in a variety of sectors, from metal machining to mechanical engineering and the foodstuff industry. Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | lubricant | micro lubrication systems | belt spraying systems for lubricants | cooling lubricant spraying devices [+] Pumps | pulverisers | nozzles | cutting fluid | pressure tanks | plant construction | greasing systems | automatic greasing systems | specialised mechanical engineering | minimum quantity cooling lubricant systems
    GERMANY - Großbettlingen
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  • Lupeg GmbH is a competent partner in the field of central lubrication and metering systems. We not only offer individual parts, but can also design entire systems. We can even install and commission... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | centralised lubrication units for industrial vehicles | lubricators | centralised lubrication units | lubrication equipment [+] lubricating grease supply systems | Portable electrical pumps | Greases, industrial | measuring systems | tinting machine | barrel pumps | flow meter | grease guns and oil feeders | metering units | greasing installations
    GERMANY - Pegnitz
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  • ...cutting oils, skin protection products, cooling lubricants, lapping compounds, lubricant refills on contract, private label chemistry products, lubricants for metalworking, cutting oils, cutting oil sprays and specialist... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | speciality lubricants | Abrasives, chemical | cutting fluid | cutting oils [+] springs for industrial use | hand and foot creams | skin cosmetics | semi-synthetic cutting oil | metal processing | release agent for welding technology | drilling oils | lapping compounds | brake cleaning fluid | contract filling
    GERMANY - Oerlinghausen
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  • ...partner for industrial greases, cooling lubricants and fluid management. rhenus is one of the top brands for special lubricants worldwide. We develop and produce high-quality greases and cooling lubricants for sustainable and... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | lubricants for the food industry | special lubricants | lubricants for metalwork | forming lubricants [+] cooling lubricants | Greases, industrial | machining of metals | water-miscible cooling lubricants | non-water-miscible cooling lubricants | fluid management | fluidsafe measuring system for your cooling lubricant | high-quality lubricating grease | machining oils | machining
    GERMANY - Mönchengladbach
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  • ...offers efficient solutions for automotive and industrial applications. Whether you need engine oil for passenger cars or industrial vehicles, industrial transmission oil, gas engine oil or lubricants for turbines – all ADDINOL products are... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricants | lubricants for the food industry | lubricant manufacturers | chain lubricants [+] cooling lubricants | Oils, industrial | Greases, industrial | hydraulic oils | diathermic oils | gas engine oils | industrial transmission oil | turbine oils | marine engine oil | motor oil
    GERMANY - Leuna
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  • The Winkel Group is a strong partner for industry, commerce and trade. Our product portfolio incorporates technical aerosols, adhesives, special oils and greases, as well as technical cleaning and... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | automotive lubricants | Aerosol cans | aerosol | adhesives [+] paints | detergents | industrial glues | industrial lacquers | silicone sealants and adhesives | aerosols, specialist | adhesives and sealants | private label aerosols | rust removal product
    GERMANY - Euskirchen
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  • We produce and distribute lubricants and greases to reduce friction resistance when introducing and laying electrical and fibre optic cables. Carima was founded in 1982 to produce lubricants for... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricants | speciality lubricants | lubricants for cables | gel lubricants for cable laying [+] ethyl and isopropyl alcohol | resin seals for electric cables | ultra-flexible silicone resin | epoxy resin | cleaning agents for electrical contacts | disinfectants for air-conditioning systems | penetrating oils

    Brands : GLISS | BIOSOL95

    ITALY - Gessate
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  • ...applications in the timber and forestry industry, concrete and construction industry, food production, medical technology or classical mechanical metal processing: high performance lubricants and service from BANTLEON meet... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | Petroleum fuels and additives | anti-corrosion | cleaning media | vci packaging [+] fluid management | tank installations | filter technology | tank servicing | cutting fluid | training | laboratory analytics | industrial technology | tank technology
    GERMANY - Ulm
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  • SynTherm is a supplier of innovative technical solutions in the field of energy saving and maintenance improvement, for industry, power generation, shipping and offshore.SynTherm is an agent and... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | condensation chambers | pipe repairs | axle sealing | proximity detector switches [+] valve position indicators | limit switches | steam energy savings
    NETHERLANDS - Almelo
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  • Company working in the lomellino area since 1963, continuously expanding into Milan, Novare and Vercelli regions. It has always held the dealership for renowned and prestigious brands such as ESSO et... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | Fertilizers and soil conditioners | Insecticides | Anti-parasitic products | liquid fertilizer [+] solid fertilizers | phytosanitary product | diesel fuel and derivatives | borland | ecodiesel
    ITALY - Mortara
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  • to provide a solution for all requirements and issues for clients in the industrial, automobile, farming and transport sectors. Unil Lubricants guarantees consistent quality thanks to the expertise of its own laboratory. Supplier of: Lubricants for cars | Lubricants, industrial | industrial lubricants | agricultural lubricants | Oils, nonfood [+] Fats, nonfood | Oils, industrial | Oilers | synthetic industrial greases | motor oils
    BELGIUM - Sint-Pieters-Leeuw
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  • We have been developing and supplying industrial lubricants for machining metal, glass and ceramic for 100 years. Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | speciality lubricants | machining of metals | cutting oils | machine building [+] hydraulic oils | springs for industrial use | cutting fluid | machining | machine oils
    GERMANY - Uetersen
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  • Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH is the world's largest manufacturer of cycloidal gears. Thanks to their specialist technology, these precision gears are extremely robust and demonstrate high levels of... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | Mechanical transmission systems and components | Transmission elements | transmission gears | precision gearboxes for robots [+] gearboxes for palletising robots | precision gearboxes for machine tools | world's largest manufacturer of cycloidal gears | manufacturer of gear heads | solid-shaft gear heads
    GERMANY - Düsseldorf
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  • ...lubricants Hydraulic lubricants Industrial oils for close gear boxes, Marine engine lubricants Metal cutting lubricants Motorcycle lubricants Outboard lubricants Premium lubricants Primary Lubricants, Transmission lubricants Wire rope lubricants TOP QUALITY PRIMARY LUBRICANTS from a reliable supplier. Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | Lubricants for cars | agricultural lubricants | lubricant for motorcycles | mechanical transmission lubricant [+] greases | pneumatic tools | gearbox fluids
    GREECE - Agrinio
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  • ...Mineral and synthetic lubricants for cars, motorbikes and karts, self assisted traction, farming, nautical and aeronautical sectors. Professional additives for cars, self assisted traction and industry. Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | Filters for cars, lorries and construction machinery | Oil filters | industrial filters | filters [+] filters for compressors | filters for the chemical industry | hydraulic filters
    ITALY - Altamura
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  • Ajex & Turner is a fast growing technology driven unit engaged in the manufacturing of wire drawing dies and die Polishing/reconditioning machineries & their consumables. The company joined hands... Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | lubricants | Polishing - machine tools | Wires and cables - non-ferrous metal | dies [+] extrusion | diamond slurry | solid carbide special drilling tools
    INDIA - New Delhi
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  • Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | motor oils | hydraulic oils | lubricant for diesel engines
    BELGIUM - Huy
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    The BANTLEON service encompasses the complete care and maintenance of machines and fluids according... See product
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