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    GERMANY- Potsdam
    ROBINIO GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The leadership of the company brings together 20 years of experience in the area of procurement and processing of robinia wood. Our strengths lie in the reliable import and export of robinia and oak...

    Supplier of: Wood for industrial purposes | log wood | cutting wood | wicker fences | robinia wood [+] sawn oak wood | milled poles | milled pasture stakes | squared timber | timber for garden and landscaping | milled palisades | natural palisades | forked branches | roundwood pavement | round poles, sap-wood free

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    CAMEROON- Douala
    EWEN  INTERNATIONAL SARL - Verified by Europages

    Ewen International Sarl was founded in 2017. We are renowned internationally in the wood industry and provide you with the very best. Our mission is to always provide the best wood products on the...

    Supplier of: Wood, undressed | Charcoal | Wood products | Import-export - wood | building timber [+] logistics | building engineering | real estate service | exotic wood | sawn-wood | international trade | civil engineering | international timber trade | sawn timber | engineering work

    • Sapeli Lumber Sapeli Lumber Sapeli sawn timber
    • Padouk  Lumber Padouk Lumber Padouk sawn timber
    • Iroko Lumber Iroko Lumber Iroko sawn timber
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  • Akdeniz Orman Ürünleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş. 1982 yılında 5000 m2 alan üzerinde kurulmuştur. Akdeniz Ahşap Endüstrisi San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. 2005 yılında 18773 M² arazi üzerinde, yaklaşık 13000m² kapalı...

    Supplier of: Panels, wood | laminated wood | wood decking | sawn timber | wood siding

    • sugıban panelling / cladding sugıban panelling / cladding sugı ban cladding / panelling
    • paneling / lambri / cladding paneling / lambri / cladding paneling / lambri / cladding
    • decking decking DECK
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    RUSSIA- Kaliningrad

    Group of companies «Holding MD-39» is an upswing big company from the year 2003. We have technical and material resources, by us work skilled specialists with working experience. We work in...

    Supplier of: Panels, veneered and plywood | veneer products | refined sunflower oil | frozen meat export | доска брус

    • wood timber birch alpen larix beerh wood timber birch alpen larix beerh Produce volume up to 2000 m3/month.
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    ROMANIA- Vrancea

    We produce and export high quality European Timber; Specialized in Beech, Oak, Ash and Spruce. Providing high quality timber, accurate measurements, and on time delivery makes us always ahead from...

    Supplier of: Timber, unplaned | beech | oak timber | spruce | ash timber

    • Spruce Timber Spruce Timber
    • Ash Square Edged Ash Square Edged Grades: AB, ABC
    • Oak Square Edged Oak Square Edged Grades: AB, ABC
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    GERMANY- Merzweiler

    DINASTY WOOD S.R.L is a renowned timber manufacturer of the best quality, by using modern technologies and effective solutions to maintain the wood properties for longer periods of time. The major...

    Supplier of: ash sawn lumber | beech sawn lumber | Wood - sawn and treated | Timber, unplaned | hardwood sawn timber

    • spruce sawn lumber, 22-100 mm spruce sawn lumber, 22-100 mm
    • AD Oak/Ash Sawn Lumber, 32-55 mm Thick AD Oak/Ash Sawn Lumber, 32-55 mm Thick
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    UKRAINE- Chernihiv

    Located in Chernihiv Region Ukraine, We are a young fast growing wood industry, we have been operating in the field of wood production and supplier and even import for same years. We are a family...

    Supplier of: lumber for furniture industry | Wood products | railway sleeper | bed slats

    Brands : Timber Master

    • Fresh/ Kiln Dried hard and Softwood Lumber Fresh/ Kiln Dried hard and Softwood Lumber Lumber
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  • Esveko Wood OÜ has two production lines: 1) firewood production, firewood manufacturing, firewood retail, firewood wholesale, firewood export, birch firewood in bags, birch firewood in boxes,...

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | Import-export - wood | Import-export - coal | Wood - sawn and treated | Wood - semi-finished products

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    CROATIA- Bjelovar

    Dried linden wood elements, lime edged, prefabricated units of oak wood, timber exports, lumber, edged oak, oak elements linden elements, edged linden, Semi-finished wood products, construction...

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | Wood - sawn and treated | oak timber | timber logs | linden elements

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    RUSSIA- Kirov

    ...for foreign partners. We can offer: timber planed (the moisture content of 12-18%), timber unplanned, round log (diameter180-320mm), pallet timber, wooden pallets. We work in Kirov region and use the...

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | lumber trade | foreign timber

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    RUSSIA- Saint-Petersburg

    ...from Spruce (Picea abies), Pine (Pinus Silvestris), Birch (Betula alba), Aspen (Populus tremula). We can also supply planed wood materials for construction and furniture purposes according to your request.

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | bed slats | birch board | furniture elements | aspen wood

    • Aspen board Aspen board Aspen wood, KD, planed
    • Spruce planed board Spruce planed board KD spruce lumber
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    GERMANY- Hamburg

    We provide quality service with a knowledgeable team dedicated to our customer’s needs. Trumpler Weiland GmBh pays particular attention to manufacturing and quality control processes, as well as to...

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | oak logs and lumber for sale | beech logs and lumber for sale | ash logs and lumber for sale | softwood logs and lumber for sale

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    UKRAINE- Kryvyi Rih

    We offer calibrated vacuum dried natural oak lamella (also known as top layer lamella) suitable for use by manufacturers of multy layer parquet/flooring or furniture. Thickness: 4.0 - 4.5 mm (+/-...

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | oak lamella | top layer oak | top layer lamella | calibrated oak lamella

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  • Long Da Wooden Material Corporation Limited, well know as leading manufacturer for top of line of solid wooden products, located in the east of China. Since 1998, her capabilities and knowledge...

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | oak finger jointed panel | oak edge glued panel | solid wood full lamella laminas glued panel | solid wood beech rubberwood pine paulownia poplar panel

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    RUSSIA- Ekaterinburg

    ...foreign colleagues in the edged/planed lumber (KD boards and beams) and molded products (lining, block-house). The availability of modern machinery equipment and drying equipment will allow to perform many...

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | Lumber, unplaned | Timber | wood edges | manufacturer

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    UKRAINE- Ivano-Frankivsk

    FrankWood LLC has production facilities in Ivano-Frankivsk in Western Ukraine. The company is processing local raw ecological wood material from Carpathian mountains (spruce, fir). The Ukrainian...

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | glued wooden beams | wooden floor boards | profiled wooden beams | wooden beam imitation

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    RUSSIA- Kirov

    Large wood processing enterprise "Promles Export Co." specializes in woodworking and timber in according with GOST 8486-86 and the export quality standards.Manufacture Modern, high-performance...

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | solid wood board

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    CROATIA- Sisak

    HAJDINJAK D.O.O.: Supplier of wide range of high quality cherry wood semi-products, edged, un-edged, steamed and un-steamed, boules. All logs are of Croatian origin. Our products are FSC certified....

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | Lumber, unplaned | Wood - sawn and treated | cherry tree logs | wood semi finished product

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    BOLIVIA- Ascencion

    Hardydeck SRL is a privately owned hardwood mill in the Bolivian Amazon Forest, just across the border with Brazil. It sells solid flooring and hardwood decking in the species ipe, Brazilian Walnut,...

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | hardwoods | flooring

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    BULGARIA- Burgas

    Hiron Ltd. is specialised in wood processing and timber trade. The company is established in 1999. It has a modern production base near Burgas, Bulgaria. The base is technologically equipped for the...

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | manufactured wooded products and structures for the building trade | interior wooden staircase | wooden furniture | wood sawing and drying

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    ROMANIA- Sacele

    Laprom is a romanian company specialized in production and exports of beech lumber. Experience, product range and large specifications, make our company one of the most competitive companies on the...

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | lumber | beech and oak wood

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    LITHUANIA- Klaipeda

    We are the company which is selling dimension lumber. We have got birch, black alder, ash, pine, fir, oak wood. Also, we are making stairs, outdoors and indoors, Euro type windows. If you have any...

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | lumber trade | wood

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  • RIK
    UKRAINE- Ukraine

    The RIK company has been working in wooden sector for more than 20 years, successfully supplying its goods to the Ukrainian and European customers. We manufacture: wooden furniture, furniture parts,...

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | kd sawn timber

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    INDIA- Ahmedabad

    We are interested to sell lumber wraps and waterproofing membranes

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | lumber wrap | breathable waterproof membranes | roofing waterproofing | packaging

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    UKRAINE- Kiev

    Cartechlogistics is a manufacturer and exporter of such wood products as timber, timber, planed, sawn and treated wood, lumber, firewood, timber logs , firewood dry and fresh cut.

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | Lumber, unplaned | Timber, planed | Timber | Wood - sawn and treated

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    UKRAINE- Kiev

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | abrasives for wood

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    UNITED STATES- Redlands

    Trading of Lumber and Lumber Products. Export Lumber and products to South East Asia and Middle East.

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | lumber trade

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  • Our company wants to install sawmill with a capacity of 30000m3/year. So we need the inquiry and any information concerning to sawmill production.

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed | sawmills - machinery and equipment

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    INDONESIA- Tomohon

    Supplier of: Lumber, planed

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  • Supplier of: Timber, planed | Lumber, planed | timber roofing for roofs and floors | larch cladding

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