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  • YOUR GLOBAL PARTNER FOR INDIVIDUAL AND PROFESSIONAL SOUND INSULATION SOLUTIONS. Our product range includes: Sound insulation of industrial facilities, sound insulation constructions, sound insulation... Supplier of: machine silencers | Sound insulation materials | sound absorbing rooms | sound-proofing advice | soundproofing
    GERMANY - Dresden
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  • ...stationary equipment, ships & yachts. The current main product lines are exhaust gas silencers, pipe systems, tanks, insulation, other components in exhaust gas technology, and also include services. Supplier of: machine silencers | Compensators | gasoline tanks
    GERMANY - Braunschweig
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  • Supplier of: machine silencers | Hand tools, non-power | Portable power tools | flow regulators
    FRANCE - Grigny
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  • Supplier of: machine silencers | Sound insulation materials | soundproofed machine cabins and cowlings
    ITALY - Codevigo
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  • ...structures for technologies, e.g. bodies of machines for material grading, graders, hoppers, containers, vibration and other frames. In order to provide high quality products and services our production is... Supplier of: Steel, structural | Industrial building construction | steel structures and technological structures | seaworthy packaging | engineering, static calculation
    CZECH REP. - Fryčovice
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  • ...Rotaari, Takar - different series for different users. AS Kitzinger-Progress also manufactures various polished stainless steel components for cars - bumpers, lamp holders, silencers, kangaroo bumpers Supplier of: Stainless steels | dairies | drains
    ESTONIA - Põltsamaa
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  • ...air networks, condensate separators, FRL boxes, silenced, gas filters. Our filters and filtration systems are suitable for use with machine tools and enable optimise use of filter strips, cutting oils and... Supplier of: Air filtration equipment | industrial ventilation | filters and filtration systems | self-cleaning filters | industrial filters
    FRANCE - Pontarlier
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