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  • specialised in certified natural aromas (certified food and non-food aromas) and food colourings. Fabster, French aroma and colouring creator and manufacturer with its team of natural aroma specialists shares a passion for "aroma formulation". Fabster's vocation is to design and... Supplier of: manufacturer of natural aromas | manufacturer of food aromas | natural flavours | natural aroma extract | liquid aromas for electronic cigarettes [+] natural vanilla aroma | natural essence manufacturer | sweet aroma manufacturer | kosher aroma | aroma manufacture for the food industry | food aroma supplier | natural aroma production | specialist in food aromas | bespoke aroma manufacture | certified aromas
    FRANCE - Angerville
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  • Supplier of: manufacturer of natural aromas | Food flavourings | natural flavours for the beverage industry | flavours for alcoholic beverages
    ITALY - Milano
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  • Laboratoires Mathé formulates and manufactures a range of natural flavourings and colourants for use by the food industry: ice-cream, cakes, confectionery, beverages (beer, syrup, spirits, juices),... Supplier of: natural aromas for dairy products | manufacturer of natural flavourings | aroma manufacture for the food industry | Food flavourings | manufacturer of food flavourings [+] supplier of flavourings | natural food essences | supplier of natural colourants | manufacturer of liquid flavouring | natural aromatic concentrate | specialist in food flavourings | french manufacture of flavourings | supplier of highly concentrated flavourings | tea food flavourings | concentrated e-liquid flavourings
    FRANCE - Maxeville
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  • GAZIGNAIRE, founded in 1865, specialises in concentrated aromatic extracts and natural and organic aromas, with a particular focus on vanilla, cocoa, coffee and tonka beans extracts. For over one... Supplier of: natural flavours | manufacturer of food aromas | natural vanilla aromas | natural aromas for confectionery and baking | Oils and resinoids [+] Extracts, food | Perfumes - essences and scents | Food flavourings | extraction of natural raw materials | vanilla absolute | manufacturer of floral waters | organic floral waters | manufacturer of oleoresins | alcoholates and infusions | orange blossom water
    FRANCE - Pégomas
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  • ...and Waxes Menthol Crystal and Allied Product Aroma Chemicals Natural Pesticides and Fertilizers Aloe barbadensis Aloe India Royle Bambosa Arundinacae Bosewellia Serrata Ext Life Style Product (new) The promoter Directors of the... Supplier of: fertilizers, natural | essential oil aromas | Oils and resinoids | essential oils | herbs and herbal products [+] edible vegetable oils | aromatic products | pesticide | aromatic products for perfumes and cosmetics | natural cosmetic products | essential natural oils for the food and canning industry | essential oil distributor | natural essential oils for the beverage industry | essential oils for the body | food supplements based on essential oils
    INDIA - New Delhi
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  • ...processes & production of nanoparticles, natural raw material extraction processes, liquid processing for manufacturing freeze-dried powders from liquid or pasty substances, microencapsulation of lactic... Supplier of: microencapsulated aromas | Environmental research | vitamin b1 b6 b12 for direct compression | micro-/nano-encapsulation | dry extract of fermented papaya [+] powdered papain | atomizing | lyophilization | microencapsulated oil | coated micro-organisms
    BELGIUM - Angleur (science Park Liège)
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  • ...early days, we manufactured orange and lemon essential oils only. That is why our status has risen from pioneering firm in the sector to that of its essence and natural aroma market benchmark setter. Supplier of: natural flavours | essential oil aromas | Perfumes - essences and scents | essences | manufacturer of essences [+] essence factory | flavours | essential oils
    SPAIN - Carlet-Valencia
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  • ...leading manufacturers and suppliers of Natural Essential Oils, Natural Indian Attars, Natural Non-alcoholic attars, Natural Absolute Oils, Natural Aroma Therapy Oils, Natural Floral Waters, Natural Herbal... Supplier of: Chemical catalysts
    INDIA - Kannauj
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  • ..."AROMA INTER OIL LTD"is specialized in manufacturing, supply and distribution of natural organic, natural cosmetics, pure essential oils, massage oils, diverse essential oil mixtures and aroma accessories.... Supplier of: natural cosmetics | Oils and resinoids | 100% pure essential oils | diverse essential oil mixtures | natural floral water
    UKRAINE - Odessa
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  • ...of Extracts, Essences, Flavours and Aromas for the Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic Industry. We have been suppliers of natural extracts, essences, aromas and flavours for the pharmaceutical,... Supplier of: Extracts, food | manufacturer of vegetable extracts | medicinal plant extracts | vegetable extracts | chemical extracts
    SPAIN - Barcelona
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  • ...wicks, it emit soothing crackling and pleasant aroma. It is a naturally grown, 100% organic product that has no chemical processing! We use the highest quality, premium class aromatic oils, from manufacturing companies which are... Supplier of: natural candles | Candles | hand-made candle
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  • ...range is sure to fill the air with a wonderful aroma. our range of aromatic incense sticks can fill in the environment with heavenly bliss through its soothing fragrance and spiritual effect. Features: High in quality... Supplier of: Religious articles | incense sticks | agarbatti
    INDIA - nagpur
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  • ...are manufacturer, exporter and supplier of natural herbal products, natural herbal extracts, aloe vera gel, herbal oils, ayurvedic oils, natural essential oils, rose water and aroma therapy oils etc. Supplier of: Vegetable oils | essential oils
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  • ...the cultivating, harvesting, processing, and manufacturing of natural products. Our clients include companies from the following industries: - Food and Aroma Industry - Cosmetic and Fragrance Industry -... Supplier of: Essences and fragrances - nonfood | essential oils | aromatherapy and natural products | botanic extracts | kosher certified oils
    FRANCE - Bordeaux
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  • ...diffuse and imbue the air with subtle yet powerful aromas which act with your olfactory senses to give you the positive effect of the natural essential oils in a long lasting and consistent concentration. Supplier of: Essences and fragrances - nonfood | aromatherapy | essence diffusers for the home | vaporizers | essential oils
    IRELAND - Carlow
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  • All are manufactured with love and care in our own factories where we use unique aromas and ingredients, gift from Nature. Supplier of: natural cosmetics | Cosmetics | organic cosmetics | online shop | cosmetics store
    SLOVENIA - Ljubljana
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  • Thanks to the work of Augusto Bellinvia, make all food more enjoyable for the palate by diversifying its properties of ingenuity. Our aromas and essences are available with various organoleptic... Supplier of: aromas and essences for the confectionery industry | natural fragrances | natural flavours | natural essences | natural flavours [+] aromas for cake | Essences and fragrances - nonfood | essences for perfume | flavours | food flavourings | flavoured essences
    ITALY - Rivoli
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  • Our love for a natural way of life and our faith in the medical Hippocratic beliefs directed us towards the creation of company Akeso. The name is derived from the verb “akaiome” which means heal and... Supplier of: natural cosmetics | natural cosmetics | manufacturer of natural cosmetic products | Cosmetics | Organic cosmetics [+] Soaps, toilet | Beauty creams | face creams | skin cosmetics | phyto skin cosmetics | natural cosmetic products | manufacturer of cosmetics | natural-based cosmetics | organic cosmetics for body care | soaps
    GREECE - Sparti
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  • P.A Aromatics Flavors has been creating, making and marketing flavourings for the food industry, confectionery industry, beverage and liqueur industry, and pharmaceutical industry since 1984.... Supplier of: natural flavours | aromas and essences for the confectionery industry | Perfumes - essences and scents | Essences and fragrances - nonfood | Food essences [+] essence | natural flavours for the food and canning industry | flavourings for the confectionery industry | natural flavours for the beverage industry | flavours for bakery products | flavours for alcoholic beverages | flavouring products for food | preparations for the beverage industry | production of natural flavourings
    ITALY - Carbonara Al Ticino
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  • Supplier of: manufacturer of food aromas | natural dyes | Spices
    POLAND - Stęszew
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  • Supplier of: aromas and essences for the confectionery industry | natural aromas for dairy products | Food flavourings | natural flavours for the food and canning industry | natural flavours for the beverage industry
    FRANCE - Boves
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  • Supplier of: manufacturer of food aromas | Extracts, food | scents and essences - perfume
    COLOMBIA - Bogota
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  • Supplier of: natural flavours | Food flavourings | plain flavours - identical | natural food colourings | flavourings for the food processing industry
    SPAIN - Madrid
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  • Dizao Organics lineup represents 95% organic (USDA-certified) lip balms, 90% organic moisturizing lip color balms and organic mascara that have proven to be very popular among buyers in Europe. These... Supplier of: manufacturer of natural cosmetic products | natural cosmetics | Skin-care products | Organic cosmetics | mascara
    CYPRUS - Limassol
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  • Philippines best producer, manufacturer and supplier of handmade natural jewelry. Widest selection of fashion accessories for teens, unisex, men's, women's, girls, boys and ladies hip and trendy... Supplier of: manufacturer natural jewelry | manufacturer natural beads | Jewellery | wood jewelry | shell jewelry
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  • Supplier of: manufacturer of natural cosmetic products | natural cosmetics | Cosmetics | development and manufacture of cosmetics | packaging of cosmetic products
    FRANCE - Wasquehal
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  • Rose Valley Tour., is specialized, highly experienced and proficient in the production and export of organic essential oils, medicinal herbs, herbal extracts and seeds. Nowadays the company has the... Supplier of: manufacturer organic and natural essential oils | manufacturer organic and natural essential waters | manufacturer organic and natural essential herbs | manufacturer organic and natural tbc | Cosmetics
    BULGARIA - Sofia
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  • L’Arganier Du Grand Desert is a LONDON based company that is inspired by the power of Nature; 100% devoted to create luxurious & healthy natural cosmetics for Skin and Hair. it has recently launched... Supplier of: manufacturer of natural cosmetic products | manufacturer of natural skin care products | manufacturer of natural hair care products | Perfume and beauty products | moroccan argan oil products
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    Damascena rosewater
    Lightening face cream is a product from our rose product collection based on otto rose with... See product
  • Cosmetics
    15# nail
    QYT 500 12000 Packing:1pc/ Net Wt.:12ml // 0.4FL OZ See product
  • TCT / Cosmetic Ingredients,...
    Cosmetic Ingredients,...
    - Trade name: TCT - INCI name: sh-Polypeptide-2 sr-Egyptian Scorpion Oligopeptide-1 -... See product
  • CREATIVE notes
    Food flavourings
    CREATIVE notes • Sour & sweet mixes • Fruits & flowers mixes • Fruits & Spices mixes See product
  • Floral Waters - Mint...
    Status: Natural Appearance: Liquid Alcoholic degree: none Miscibility: Water-soluble See product
    Intensity, ease of use, reliability and durability We supply a range of carbon black eyeliners,... See product
  • Cosmetics
    Natural cosmetics 100%...
    The main feature of our products are their natural composition and their holistic action (physical,... See product
    Soothing and hydrating...
    The SOFTNESS peel-off modeling mask is a SETALG exclusivity developed for sensitive skins. It... See product
  • Ancient healer Frankincense...
    Frankincense oil...
    "DESCRIPTON This oil is extracted from the resin of the frankincense tree that is a milky-white... See product
  • Cosmetics Serum
    This intensive brightening serum contains a TRIO OF ACIDS in its formulation, specially selected... See product
  • Ionic Brush
    REPAGEN ® BODY 1 pcs.
    An ionic body brush with bronze wire fibres for an energetic massage. Only 5 minutes daily are... See product
  • Kamill Classic Hand Cream...
    Kamill Hand Cream Classic 100ml See product
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