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  • QualityLabs specialises in the testing of antimicrobial products and surfaces. We are a capable team with many years of expertise in the fields of microbiology, medical technology and laboratory... Supplier of: Testing of products and materials - institutions | Testing of products and materials | material testing laboratory | test laboratories, accredited | materials testing, microbiological [+] contracted materials testing | testing of metal materials | research laboratories, scientific | microbiology | biological and microbiological analysis laboratories | microbiology analysis | microbiology consultants | quality control | cosmetic research | product testing, antimicrobial
    GERMANY - Nürnberg
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  • ...of soils, rocks, aggregates and bituminous materials in accordance with BS and other recognised standards. The majority of the testing carried out in the laboratory is covered within our UKAS accreditation. We have introduced into our laboratory... Supplier of: material testing laboratory | Environmental monitoring laboratories | geotechnical tests | ground investigation | site testing
    UNITED KINGDOM - Llanelli
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  • ...aggregates, soils, water, bituminous materials, concrete and hydraulically bound mixtures both in-situ and in our laboratories for any construction, civil engineering, infrastructure or quarrying project, large or small. Formed in 1980, Celtest has enjoyed sustained growth to become one of the... Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | material testing laboratory | anchor installation | site testing | diamond drilling
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  • CTI also specializes in Inspection and Auditing for ensure quality throughout the supply chain. CTI inspectors specialize in pre-production inspection, during-production inspection, post-production... Supplier of: Testing of products and materials - institutions | material testing laboratory | testing
    CHINA - Shenzhen
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  • Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | material testing laboratory | metallurgy laboratory | ultrasound tests on metals | industrial radiology
    ITALY - San Francesco Al Campo
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  • Supplier of: material testing laboratory | Steel | corrosion tests
    FRANCE - Tournefeuille
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  • Supplier of: material testing laboratory | wood test laboratories | materials testing | Environmental monitoring laboratories
    LUXEMBOURG - Crauthem
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  • Supplier of: material testing laboratory | accredited laboratories | Production and operational inspection | in-house laboratory
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  • Supplier of: material testing laboratory | Scientific research centres and laboratories | Industrial analysis laboratory
    GERMANY - Ratzeburg
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  • ...for fish nutrition is the responsibility of our Research & Development Department. By a dedicated team, feeds for different species and raw materials are tested under laboratory and field conditions. Supplier of: Feed for fish farming | seabream farming in inland waters | fish-farming on land aquaculture | feeds for aquaculture | manufactured fish feeds
    PORTUGAL - Porto
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  • ...from raw materials selection to final laboratory test procedure to ensure all products in high quality to satisfy customers'needs, Products included Aluminum master alloys, Aluminum alloying... Supplier of: Aluminium alloys | aluminum master alloy | manganese tablet
    CHINA - Sanming
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  • ...testing is carried out, from raw materials and finished products via our material testing laboratories, which are equipped with chemical and mechanical testing capabilities, enabling us to... Supplier of: Bending - steels and metals | steel rebar | steel wire rod | steel billet | steel beam
    UKRAINE - Odesa
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  • ...strict material purchase, well-equipped testing laboratory as well as assembling lines, good quality control, and etc. on the other hand, she has acquired ISO9001 Quality Administration System and... Supplier of: Electric motors - aC | electric submersible pumps | submerged and submersible pumps for water systems | submersible motor
    TURKEY - Izmir
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  • We are a skilled provider of products and services in the field of material testing, especially for the rubber, plastic, textile and metalworking industries. As a service provider, we place great... Supplier of: laboratory scales | materials testing | testing machines for raw materials | material testing devices | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments [+] electric testing instruments | printing plates | test instruments for the plastics industry | test instruments for the textile industry | test instruments for metals | mechanical testing machines | thermal testing machines | sample preparation machines | gloss and colour meters | climate and heating cabinets
    GERMANY - Sonsbeck
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  • With passion for precision and quality the German brand burster precision measurement technology develops and manufactures since 60 years as one of the most important suppliers precision instruments,... Supplier of: Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | torque sensors | metrology | pressure sensors | temperature mesurement and control [+] data loggers | position sensors | measuring equipment | process monitoring | calibration service | quality assurance | precision | pressing technology | digital measuring equipment | oem solutions
    GERMANY - Gernsbach
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  • LEADING THE WAY SINCE 1983 – YOUR QUALITY ASSURANCE IS OUR SPECIALITY! Offering groundbreaking ultrasonic testing technologies and processes as well as a comprehensive range of services, we are your... Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | radiographic, gammagraphic and ultrasound laboratory tests | non-destructive test laboratories | materials testing | metal testing laboratories [+] non-destructive aerospace materials testing | materials testing | non-destructive materials testing | Surface inspection systems | Metallurgy - machinery and installations | Ultrasonic measuring equipment | non-destructive inspections | ultrasound scan machines | echography | equipment for non-destructive tests on metals
    GERMANY - Burgwedel
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  • agea-kull AG was established in 1996 through the merger of the two companies agea AG und Hans Kull AG. Today, the company specialises in the production of high-voltage and high-current testing... Supplier of: Electrical systems and equipment | Electric transformers, converters and rectifiers | prototypes built | high-current testing equipment | high-voltage testing equipment [+] on-site testing equipment | variable frequency series resonant test systems | parallel resonant test systems | tank type test transformer systems | cylinder type test transformers and cascades | high current systems | hs compounds and damping impedances | safety circuit material | order development and prototype construction | rewinding of transformers and reactors
    SWITZERLAND - Derendingen
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  • The association Unione Italiana Vini has been the umbrella organisation for Italian companies in the wine-making sector since 1985: there are around 500 member companies, expression of the different... Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | studies and control laboratories, testing and analysis | raw materials laboratory | chemical analyses | iso 9000 certifications [+] environmental advice | chemical analyses of merchandise | wine analysis | oenological analyses | services for the beverage industry | agri-food chemical analysis | italian wine companies | specialised services | sensory laboratory
    ITALY - Verona
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  • iiM AG measurement + engineering is the developer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, high-performance products for industrial image processing. In Germany, we develop and manufacture on... Supplier of: Machine vision system | led lighting | lighting technique | machine vision | cable testing technology [+] ring lighting | surface lights | strip lighting | coaxial lighting | dome lighting | dark field lighting | lighting for machine vision | cable testing | standardised testing
    GERMANY - Suhl
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  • A.R.CHI.MEDE is an analysis and consultancy firm in the fields of chemicals, industry and sales technology, and is recognised by many certifying organisations. We provide companies support and... Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | building materials test laboratories | accredited laboratories | test laboratories for chemicals | Soil and water analysis [+] Industrial analysis laboratory | biological and microbiological analysis laboratories | environmental analysis laboratories | waste analysis laboratories | water analysis laboratories | food product analysis laboratories | electromagnetic field measurements | land analysis | cereal analyses
    ITALY - Bari
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  • or more than 20 years, the name Metav Werkzeuge has been a synonym for quality tools delivery of metrology items, machining tools, clamping tools, weighing and microscopy. In addition to the... Supplier of: Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | microscope | inspection microscopes | machine lamps | scales [+] profile projector | spirit level | dial indicator | micrometer | stereo microscope | milling vice | tool control device | rotary indexing table | indexable inserts
    GERMANY - Emmerich
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  • Ultrasound, electromagnetic, penetrating liquid and radiography controls for companies and worksites. Civil engineering testing and diagnosis: non destructive tests on concrete civil buildings. Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | material control and analysis laboratories | tests on building materials | radiographic, gammagraphic and ultrasound laboratory tests | non-destructive inspections [+] testing and inspection of supporting pipes | x-rays | electromagnetic meters
    ITALY - Folzano-Brescia
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  • Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | asbestos testing laboratories | Environmental monitoring laboratories
    GERMANY - Hardegsen
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  • Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | non-destructive laboratory tests using lasers | non-destructive laboratory tests using chemicals | radiographic, gammagraphic and ultrasound laboratory tests | inductive current control
    ITALY - Legnano
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  • Sirris helps companies develop, test and effectively implement technological innovations. In working with our experts, you will tap their knowledge and experience, while using our high-tech... Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | scientific research
    BELGIUM - Brussel
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  • Engineers - Consulting, Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy Supplier of: building materials test laboratories | Foundations - works | environmental analysis laboratories | geotechnical surveys | asbestos surveys
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  • Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | building materials test laboratories | testing refractory materials | testing insulating materials | traction load tests
    BELGIUM - Charleroi
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  • Supplier of: material testing laboratory for plastic articles | Industrial analysis laboratory | Scientific research centres and laboratories | Environmental monitoring laboratories | agri-food chemical analysis
    BELGIUM - Chaineux
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  • ...cut. He has turned his Workshop into a laboratory, where like a research worker, he tests new techniques on his garments. The eclectic, unexpected blends of materials, embroidery and hand painting are the iconic... Supplier of: Ready-to-wear | Menswear, ready-made | Haute couture, luxury ready-to-wear | Fabrics for ready-to-wear garments | ready-to-wear accessories [+] men's jeans | blouson jackets | off-the-peg wear and tailoring | manufacturer of ready-to-wear clothing | manufacturer of ready-to-wear men's clothing | manufacturer of jeans | manufacturer of sweaters | manufacturer of jackets | manufacturer of trousers | manufacturer of tee shirts

    Brands : YOXEONE

    FRANCE - La Courneuve
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  • ...R&D efforts with other companies and accredited laboratories. These furnaces, running our proprietary management and data acquisition software, enable tests to be made to meet a wide range of standards (EN-1363-1;... Supplier of: Ovens, kilns, furnaces and hearths, industrial | Heat treatment furnaces | Ceramic and enamel kilns | Electric ovens | industrial furnaces [+] laboratory ovens | oven manufacturer | fire resistance test furnaces | tubular furnace | tunnel ovens | bell-type ovens | hardening furnace | industrial heating engineering | ceramic furnaces | industrial kilns
    BELGIUM - Villers-Le-Bouillet
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    BMT, LTD
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