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    FRANCE- Auros
    MAISON VOISINE - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 2002, MAISON VOISINE is a family-owned company. We are a manufacturer and wholesaler of craft foodstuffs from France's Aquitaine region. MAISON VOISINE was founded to provide a local and...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | cooked ham | cured sausage | maker of cured meats | cured meat wholesaler [+] craft maker of cured meats | craft cured meats | maker of dry-cured hams | supplier of cured meats | Pork meats, tinned | Ham | Foods, precooked and gourmet | Cheese | traditional cheese | raw ham

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    FRANCE- Sarrola-Carcopino

    The company Salaisons Joseph Pantaloni, a handcrafted cold cut producer near Ajaccio, sells large quantities to the trade and makes direct sales to private customers. Salaisons Joseph Pantaloni, a...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | corsican cured sausage maker | producer of corsican cured meats | producer of corsican cooked meats | cooked meats ajaccio [+] cooked meats | producer of handcrafted corsican cured meats | corsican cured meat products | corsican cooked meats for the trade | corsican cooked meats for retail chains | wholesale corsican cured sausages | wholesale corsican cured meats | cured sausages ajaccio | producer of cured sausages for the trade | wholesale corsican cured sausages

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  • The company was set up in 2007 with a centre for the production and slicing of traditional cured meats from Campania for the retail trade. In just a few years, its attention to quality along with the...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | cooked meats export | Meats | Meat, preserved | deli meats [+] salami distribution | dressed pork factories | wholesale of dressed pork products | ham factories | bresaola | salami | raw ham | ham | pork | meats


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    SPAIN- Guijuelo-Salamanca
    SIMÓN MARTÍN GUIJUELO - Verified by Europages

    Simón Martín Guijuelo, S.L. is a family business which has been working for over a century preparing and drying Iberian ham and other Iberian pork products. We have managed to combine traditional...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | Ham | ham | salami | chorizo [+] iberian ham | delicatessen meat and ham maker | guijuelo ham | bellota iberian hams | pata negra delicatessen meats | guijuelo delicatessen meats. | we sell ham | we sell delicatessen meats

    Brands : Simon Martin

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    ITALY- Langhirano
    MONICA E GROSSI SPA - Verified by Europages

    For more than 40 years, Monica & Grossi has been producing and selling PDO Parma hams. In addition to raw Parma ham we sell San Daniele raw ham, speck ham, smoked ham, culatta and culatello with...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | smoked dry cured ham | cured ham | Ham | ham factories [+] ham | raw ham | parma ham | san daniele ham | parma ham trade | culatello (salted pork) | boneless ready to slice ham | ham with bones | boneless pressed ham

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  • Fontana Ermes is one of the Parma ham producers that can boast a long, prestigious tradition. And it's one of the few with a complete internal production cycle; the packing department is authorised...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | cooked ham | cooked meats export | parma ham | dressed pork factories [+] salami | mortadella | bacon | raw ham | own production | deli meats | ham factories | cold meats in trays | sliced charcuterie in trays

    • Soppressata Soppressata
    • Cured ham gran duca Cured ham gran duca
    • Artisanal cooked ham Artisanal cooked ham
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    ITALY- Ponte Dell'olio
    SAN BONO SRL - Verified by Europages

    San Bono has been making cured meats since 1984. Its great attention to quality and high standards have brought the company excellent results. Indeed, among its various certifications it can boast to...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | cooked meats export | Meats | dressed mixed meat products | bacon [+] pork | mortadella wholesale | vacuum packing | head coppa | ham export | wholesale of dressed pork products | pancetta coppata | own production | traditional product

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    SPAIN- San Pedro Manrique (soria)
    EMBUTIDOS LA HOGUERA SA - Verified by Europages

    We farm our own lands and raise our pigs.We work on the DUROC breed gene pool, characterized by the high quality of its meat. This is enhanced by feeding the pigs a natural diet primarily consisting...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | cured raw ham | Ham | spanish ham | pork loin [+] ham export | raw ham | ham | chorizo | iberian pork bacon | iberian charcuterie | iberian chorizo cular | iberian chorizo | iberian hams

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  • Macelleria e Salumificio di Bruno Piccolo was established in 2004.Our meat comes from local breeders and is selected and hung naturally to make it wholesome and tender. Our cold meats and salami: in...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | Meats | capocollo | meats | beef [+] lamb and mutton | pork | sausages | lard | traditional product | deli meats | ham factories | pure pork mortadella | calabrian bacon

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  • Salumificio Merlotti has been in business since the end of the Second World War, based in the village of Castel d'Ario, birthplace of the legendary racing driver Tazio Nuvolari. The small-scale...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | traditionally cured bacon | salami | traditional product | ham [+] bresaola | culatello (salted pork) | sausages | polyphosphate-free mortadella | milanese sausage | mantua sausage | spicy sausage | italian cold meats producer | italian cold meats

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    BELGIUM- Aubel
    DETRY - Verified by Europages

    ...offered a selection of tasty cooked and cured meats, famed for their matchless taste and the expertise of our master butchers. From hams to boudin, including pâtés and raw products, we offer 9 broad product families that...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | private label cured and cooked meats | Sausages | Pâtés | wholesale of dressed pork products [+] ham | meatballs | dressed pork products | boudin | gluten-free cooked hams

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    SPAIN- Cuarte De Huerva-Zaragoza
    JAMONES EUTIQUIO - Verified by Europages

    Jamones Eutiquio, a family business with over 60 years experience in curing fine hams. Craft production. Specialising in de-boning, ham driers, ham exports.

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | cured ham | Ham | ham factories | raw ham [+] ham dryer | meat-based products | boned hams

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  • Nduja San Donato is one of the first true craft producers to have developed in the region famous for the N'duja sausage: Spilinga, in the province of Vibo Valentia. The Pugliese family have always...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | production of calabrian cured meats | own production | small-scale manufacture | vacuum packing [+] n’duja production | n'duja

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    ITALY- Villafranca Piemonte
    AIMARETTI SPA - Verified by Europages

    Aimaretti is a company that slaughters fresh, natural pigs applying the strictest hygiene and health standards. Our products: fresh pork meat; frozen pork meat; cured meats; San Daniele, Parma and...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | ham curing | Meats, frozen and deep-frozen | meat butchering | ham [+] wholesale of dressed pork products | salted products | pork transformation

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  • Fratelli Riva butcher's was founded in 1969. At that time, its activity covered the meat production cycle, from slaughtering to the production of cooked and dried meats. Following major changes which...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | cooked meats export | cooked ham | cooked ham trade | parma ham trade [+] deli meats | salami | gourmet line

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    BELGIUM- Zele

    Theo Bauwens SA is a family company founded in 1909, now run by members of the 4th generation. We are one of Europe's largest producers of cooked meats. Our reputation for quality and outstanding...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | cooked ham | Pork meats, tinned | deli meats | beef cold cuts

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    THE ORIGINAL BILTONG COMPANY is a purveyor of fine, artisan Biltong and meat snacks made with love and passion by our South African Head Butcher and according to a family recipe passed down through...

    Supplier of: cured dried spiced meat | Meats, dried | biltong | artisan biltong | meat snacks

    • Garlic Droewors Garlic Droewors
    • Traditional Droewors Traditional Droewors
    • Piri Piri Chilli Biltong Piri Piri Chilli Biltong
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    SPAIN- Guijuelo-Salamanca

    Manuel Guillén is a familiar business located in Guijuelo, Spain. We run our company with the same values and traditions of our founder, Don Manuel Guillén Orellana. Due to that and the precise...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | Ham | ham | iberian chorizo cular | iberian charcuterie

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    FRANCE- Rungis

    COURTIN HERVOUET: your poultry and game specialist in Rungis. The company COURTIN HERVOUET offers a comprehensive range of poultry, foie gras and game. Duck, chicken, hen, cock, turkey, rabbit,...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | Meat | Foie gras | Meats | halal certification

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Chester Le Street

    Catering Food & Drink Suppliers, Non-specialised wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco ISTANBUL MEATS have become one of the countries premier doner kebab meat manufacturers. Early in the their...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | kebabs | doner kebab meat manufacturers | lamb and beef kebabs | mixed meat kebabs

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    NETHERLANDS- Leidschendam

    Luiten Food is een leverancier in vlees. Een familiebedrijf met ruim driekwart eeuw ervaring in het importeren en distribueren van wild en gevogelte. Vandaag de dag zijn wij uitgegroeid tot...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | vlees groothandel | groothandel vlees | vlees leverancier | leverancier vlees

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    SOUTH AFRICA- Durban,

    We operate in the agro-processing sector whereby we are a supplier of red meat, tripe, pork, chicken and Turkey etc. which we export to various countries. We will be coming to Germany as part of an...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | Tripe | Pork | chicken | turkey

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    CROATIA- Petrinja

    Experience, commitment, and passion for product quality are what make the Gavrilović meat-processing industry so special. Ever since the young and venturous industrialists – brothers Ivan, Mate and...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | Meats, freeze-dried | Meat, preserved

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  • Pivac brand is a synonym for high-quality cured delights, among which our homemade prosciutto (Dalmatinski pršut), pancetta (Dalmatinska panceta) and cured neck meat (Kraški vrat) deservedly and...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | Meats, freeze-dried | Meats, dried

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    BULGARIA- Sofia

    KEN JSC is a Bulgarian meat processing company with large and modern production facilities, market leader in many segments – hot dogs, sausages, salamis, hams etc. We are very flexible and...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | bulgarian meat processing company

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    ITALY- Termeno

    We are a family business since the beginning of the 80s now with the third generation on board. We produce a vast variety of meat products. From smoked Speck, to smoked bacon as well as different ham...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | traditional product

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    ITALY- Zola Predosa

    Main Italian producer of IGP certified mortadella. Exclusive production, and with certified quality, of genuine mortadella made according to the traditional Bolognese recipe - Certifications VISION...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | mortadella | mortadella wholesale | production of mortadella | gmo-free mortadella

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  • Since 1957 the Vitali family has been passionately dedicated to the art of offal preparation. We pay special attention to our clients and the quality of our products. Modern production techniques...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | Pork meats, tinned | deli meats | wholesale of dressed pork products | dressed pork factories

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  • Located in the province of Lucca, in via Ss. Annunziata, 1225/C, Salumi Benvenuti's production of salamis and cured meats represents the Tuscan tradition. Salumi Benvenuti uses highly innovative...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | own production | sausages | ham factories | dressed pork factories

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    SPAIN- Lorca-Murcia

    Craft production using traditional cured meat techniques from the eastern region of Spain. The rich and long-established traditions used by the company have made its produce the benchmark reference...

    Supplier of: Meats, cooked and cured | Sausages | surprise | chorizo | mortadella

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