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  • As a medium-sized company, we have been active on the market for over 60 years. Since the company was established in 1951, the range of services has continually been expanded and adapted. Now our... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | moulds for heat exchangers | heat exchangers for chemical use | stainless steel exchanger | heat exchangers-savers [+] vaned-pipe heat exchangers | waste gas heat exchangers | air heat exchangers | heat regeneration systems | vaporizers | pipe unions | stainless steel unions | galvanised steel joins | fittings acc. ansi b 16.11 and mss sp 97 | pillow plates
    GERMANY - Kamen
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  • Makoha Tech is a metalworking company. Our company is based in Adana. Makoha Tech has stood for top quality for over 15 years. Makoha Tech quickly expanded the company into a reliable manufacturer... Supplier of: Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | metal working | plastic | rubber | polyurethan
    TURKEY - Adana
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  • Supplier of: manufacturing of machines for moulds and heat exchangers | Spare parts for cars | cooling water systems
    TURKEY - Corum
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  • ...Valves Gaskets & Plates, for Plate Heat Exchangers, 100% Compatible with various OEM brands. Rubber Sheets, EPDM Sheets, Neoprene Sheets, Butyl Sheets, Natural Rubber Sheets Flanges & Fittings in various... Supplier of: Rubber products | moulded rubber products | solid rubber sheets | supply of flanges and fittings | industrial valves
    AUSTRALIA - Mount Waverley
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  • ...all kinds of hydraulic oil cooler, heat exchanger, radiator, hydraulic complete systems, standard and non-standard hydraulic cylinders, as well as hydraulic power unit which is widely used in automotive... Supplier of: Radiators - fin-type | oil cooler | hydraulic cooler | radiator | hydraulic power unit
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  • ...plastic mould, Jinmatai Mould has got the ISO9001-2008 Quality Authentication. From 2002 until today, Jinmatai Mould has the whole corporation include product design, laser speed moulding , mould development and make product. We have mould technic cooperation with Dongfeng Paien Auto Aluminum Heat exchanger Co., Supplier of: Injection moulding of rubber and plastic
    CHINA - Taizhou
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  • titanium coil heat exchangerPVC mould cups heat exchangertitanium coaxial tube in tube coil heat exchangerhigh effeciency corrugated /whorl/twisted tube Other product: Pure titanium heat exchanger/Stainless steel... Supplier of: heat exchangers | heat exchangers for heat pump | Sales Department
    CHINA - Foshan
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  • Precision, cost-effectiveness, punctuality. Three factors which can only be achieved together with consistently growing competence and performance. B. Beger GmbH is a reliable partner in this. Our... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | manifold heat exchangers | stainless steel exchanger | Steels and metals - machining | Industrial building construction [+] Boilerwork | Industrial piping | pressure tanks | stainless steel tanks | mig welding | cnc sheet metal work | cnc finishing | stainless steel and alloy pressure apparatus | stainless steel sheet products | pipeline construction
    GERMANY - Oberteuringen
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  • Officine Meccaniche Deca SRL has been a top name in heat exchanger manufacture since 1959. Manufacture of radiant batteries, finned radiators, thermoventilated heater, pressure vessels and heat loss... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | movable tube-type heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | panel-type heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | spiral heat exchangers for civil and industrial use [+] heat exchangers for gas water heating | heat exchange coils | heat exchangers for smoke treatment | heat exchangers for pump circuit oil cooling | heat exchangers for drying paper | wool and cotton | electric pasteurisers | metal scaffolding | metal shelving | oil vapour processing
    ITALY - Segrate
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  • Since 1904, the Zahnradpumpenfabrik Mannheim has been synonymous with sophisticated and durable products worldwide. When it comes to engineering, design and manufacturing, we place heavy emphasis on... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | manifold heat exchangers | heat exchangers with tube bundle | heat exchangers, electrically heated | special heat exchanger designs [+] Heat recovery systems | Oil filters | Oiling - machines and systems | gear pumps | industrial pumps | oil cooler | motor pump connection units | spare parts | gear pumps | filters
    GERMANY - Mannheim
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  • Innovative systems determine the market of tomorrow. This is the principle which Universal Hydraulik has been following for more than 35 years when designing hydraulic systems, cooling systems, and... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | hot water exchangers | plate heat exchanger | heat exchangers with tube bundle | safety heat exchangers [+] stainless steel heat exchangers | heat exchangers, electrically heated | special heat exchanger designs | heat exchangers, corrosion-resistant | double-pipe heat exchangers | air-to-air exchangers | oil cooler | hydraulic units | research and development | after-sales service
    GERMANY - Neu-Anspach
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  • FATI manufactures armoured heating elements in normal construction, leakproof construction to IP 65, IP 66, IP 67 and explosion-proof Ex construction, to be installed in places where there is a high... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | manifold heat exchangers | fixed tube heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | heat exchangers for chemical use | Art reproductions [+] Elements, electric | Thermoresistors | electric immersion heaters | band resistance units | cartridge resistance | heaters with steel tube | inmetro certified electric heaters | pyrex heaters | kosha certified electric heaters | teflon heaters for galvanic baths
    ITALY - Cusago
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  • The BORSIG Group's head office is BORSIG GmbH, based in Berlin. Strategic management focuses on three areas: Group development, product and market strategies, production structures, target... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | scraped surface heat exchangers | Plumbing, industrial | Cocks and valves for petroleum and petrochemical industries | ball valves [+] accessories for compressors | high pressure fittings | maintenance and repair of industrial plumbing | emissions reduction | systems service | high-pressure ball valves | waste heat recovery systems | rotary lobe compressors | industrial service | piston and screw-type compressors (more than 60 m³/standard over 30 bar)
    GERMANY - Berlin
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  • At Thermic Energy we view ourselves as a young, modern business that specialises in renewable energy technology. All steps, from development and construction right through to testing and series... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat exchangers | stainless steel exchanger | plate heat exchanger | Solar energy [+] Solar energy - installations | Fireplaces | heating plant installation | buffer tanks | batteries for photovoltaic plants | heat pumps | boilers | heat pump heating | photovoltaic cell | flat plate collectors
    GERMANY - Borna
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  • We offer tailor-made solutions for all sorts of industrial machinery and process heating requirements. We advise, plan, design projects, calculate, construct and manufacture. Supplier of: waste gas heat exchangers | flue gas heat exchangers | flue gas heat exchangers | heat exchangers | heat exchangers for biogas treatment plants [+] Heating, industrial - installations and equipment | Heat recovery systems | recovery boilers | heating boilers | basement boilers | thermal fluid heaters | heating unit management | heat regeneration systems | heating | boiler automation
    GERMANY - Germersheim
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  • SIROCCO began to manufacture high-performance fans for industrial applications as early as 1908. Over the years, the product range was extended to include heat exchangers for the electric and process... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | manifold heat exchangers | plate-type heat exchangers | ribbed pipe heat exchangers | axial fans [+] industrial fans | wall sconces | ventilation flaps | industrial blowers | radial fans | shut-off valves | stainless steel fans | high-pressure fans | tunnel smoke escape hatches | control shutters
    AUSTRIA - Wien
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  • Dipl. Ing. K. Dietzel GmbH is a system supplier for complete hydraulic connection technology. We specialise in the construction, development, manufacture and distribution of fittings, including:... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | manifold heat exchangers | heat exchangers | Hydraulic equipment | Inner tubes [+] hydraulic hoses | industrial hydraulics | pipes | ball cocks | high pressure pipes | hydraulic systems | plumbing pipes | pipe processing | suction hoses | industrial hoses
    GERMANY - Löbichau
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  • alki TECHNIK GmbH is a medium-sized family business based in Ingolstadt, Germany. alki TECHNIK GmbH has successfully developed, manufactured and sold high-quality, precise bolting equipment under the... Supplier of: Pumps, hydraulic | electric screwing tools | torque tools | pneumatic torque multiplier | torque multiplier [+] pneumatic tools | hydraulic units | torque multiplier | torque meters | torque testing equipment | manual electric torque multiplier | hydraulic torque wrenches | screwdrivers | electric torque multiplier | torque multiplier

    Brands : alkitronic | alki Technik | alki Technik GmbH

    GERMANY - Ingolstadt
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  • STRIKO Verfahrenstechnik GmbH is a manufacturer of bursting discs, static mixers, heat exchangers and demisters. Are you looking to professionally secure your equipment against over- or... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat exchangers with tube bundle | stainless steel heat exchangers | heat exchangers for the petrochemical industry | heat exchangers for viscous liquids [+] double-pipe heat exchangers | optimisation of heat exchangers | graphite heat exchangers | Rupture discs | drop separators | alarm device | process engineering | static mixers | bursting safeguards | bursting plugs
    GERMANY - Wiehl
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  • Two family-run producers of rectifiers, "Befeld-Systeme" and "RGB Heythekker", merged to become a single company, IPS-FEST GmbH, in August 2016. We produce customised high-power solutions, such as... Supplier of: hot water exchangers | heat exchangers | Electric transformers, converters and rectifiers | Electricity supply stations | plasma generators [+] plasma power supplies | air-to-air exchangers | systems and machinery for metal surface treatments and finishes | rectifiers | variable transformers | ups systems (uninterruptible power supply systems) | electrolysis installations | rectifiers for supplying galvanic baths | dc power supply units | high-voltage power supplies
    GERMANY - Sinzig
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  • Supplier of: Heat exchangers | plate-type heat exchangers | stainless steel exchanger | steam generators | pressure tanks [+] evaporators
    GERMANY - Hof
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  • For over 16 years, the name Hartge has stood for professional support in relation to all aspects of acoustic cleaning – from detailed analysis and consultation through to professional realisation of... Supplier of: heat exchanger cleaning | optimisation of heat exchangers | heat exchangers for power stations | Cleaning, industrial | biomass plants [+] electrofilters | filter systems | mould cleaning | fans | cyclone separators | filter cleaning | cleaning systems, acoustic | silo cleaning | biomass boiler | steam superheater
    GERMANY - Vilgertshofen
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  • SUGINO, a machine manufacturer in Japan, offers some of the finest manufacturing equipment available on the market today. With its roots established back in 1936, Sugino is pleased to offer reliable,... Supplier of: Import-export - mechanical engineering | Crushing and grinding machinery | Glass and ceramic manufacturing - machinery and equipment | Chemical industry - machinery and equipment | Mixers and grinders for the food processing industry [+] high pressure homogenizers | high-pressure pumps | water jet cutting - machines | machinery and equipment | machining center | pulverisers | drilling and tapping unit | washing and deburring machine | tube expanding | tube cutting
    CZECH REP. - Praha 5
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  • Constant investment in research and development and use of the latest technologies have made DAV COIL a leader in the production of: heat exchangers (tube, fin, lamellar), heat recovery (economisers,... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | lamellar block exchangers | plate-type heat exchangers | heat exchangers for cold water production [+] heat exchangers for hot water production | heat exchangers for the textile sector | heat exchangers for the pharmaceutical sector | heat exchangers for the pharmaceutical sector | heat exchangers for the leather tanning sector | coaxial exchangers | plate heat exchangers for heating | plate heat exchangers for cooling | Radiators - fin-type | Boilers, industrial
    ITALY - San Pietro In Cariano
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  • Founded in Veneto, in the heart of the refrigeration industry, Stefani is a company that combines typically Italian creativity with a high sense of innovation to provide air coolers, purifiers,... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | heat exchangers | Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial | Air-conditioning systems, vehicles [+] cubic air coolers | industrial refrigeration | refrigeration system | industrial refrigeration plants | double flow air coolers | angular air coolers | industrial and commercial refrigeration | condensers | cold for logistics | comfort and air-conditioning
    ITALY - Castegnero
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  • Since 1932, CHAROT has been designing, producing and trading in France and abroad. We are one of the French leaders in the field of coated steel or stainless steel hot-water production tanks,... Supplier of: plate heat exchangers - magnetic filters | plate-type heat exchangers | Energy - renewable | solar water heater - stainless steel tanks | water heater [+] gas steam generators for heating plants | hydrocarbon tanks - fire cisterns | steel and stainless steel boilermaking | electric boilers - hydraulic accumulators | solar water heater - stainless tanks | fuel tanks | domestic hot water | buffer tanks | gas steam generators | dhw heaters all energy sources
    FRANCE - Sens Cedex
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  • For over 30 years, ONDA S.p.A. has manufactured heat exchangers for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. It has 5 production sites (3 in Italy, 1 in the USA and 1 in Finland) and 4... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | manifold heat exchangers | heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | lamellar block exchangers | heat exchange coils [+] plate-type heat exchangers | air exchangers | rotating heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | stainless steel exchanger | evaporators

    Brands : ONDA

    ITALY - Mussolente
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  • Thermotec GmbH is a company specialising in equipment and machine manufacturing. We are involved in the heat recovery sector in particular. We focus our development and manufacturing on plate heat... Supplier of: vaned-pipe heat exchangers | heat exchangers | stainless steel exchanger | heat exchangers-savers | plate-type heat exchangers [+] hot water exchangers | plate exchangers | manifold heat exchangers | Gas and oil - exploitation | Water - production and distribution | Industrial piping | Finishing work | Public works contractors | Energy and raw materials - services to industry | pipeline construction
    GERMANY - Wildeshausen
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  • UNEX Heatexchanger Engineering GmbH specialises in designing, constructing and supplying heat exchangers. Our expertise is based on current specialist knowledge combined with valuable experience from... Supplier of: Heat exchangers | heat exchangers | plate exchangers | heat exchangers-savers | spiral heat exchangers [+] heat exchangers made from titanium | accessories for heat exchangers | bath heat exchangers | software for heat exchangers | double-pipe heat exchangers | heat exchangers for sludge | heat exchanger pipes | finned tube heat exchangers | heat regeneration systems | heat pump heating
    AUSTRIA - Eisenstadt
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  • KASAG is a medium-sized industrial company in Langnau in the Swiss region of Emmental. Since 1929, the company has been creating jobs in this region for a qualified skilled workforce. This hilly... Supplier of: stainless steel exchanger | waste water heat exchangers, heat transmission solutions | Engineering - industrial consultants | Fruit-based preparations | stainless steel and alloy pressure apparatus [+] reactors for chemical plant | nuclear components | equipment for jam production | heat regeneration systems | apparatus and container manufacturing | equipment manufacturing using stainless steels and special materials | devices and containers for the pharmaceutical industry | stainless steel containers for mixing devices | stainless steel process containers | biotech containers
    SWITZERLAND - Langnau Im Emmental
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