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    GERMANY- Darmstadt
    LOT-QUANTUMDESIGN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Welcome to LOT-QuantumDesign GmbH. Thank you for your interest in our products. We will be happy to answer your questions. Come and speak to us!

    Supplier of: optical filters | optical lenses | Electron tubes | ccd cameras | cryostats [+] microscopes | spectroscopes | spectroscope accessories | lasers for spectroscopy | spectrographs | spectrometers | spectrometry | infrared ray cameras | magnetometers | tensiometers for the paint industry

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    GERMANY- Mainz
    EDMUND OPTICS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Edmund Optics® (EO) is one of the world's leading distributors of optics, imaging and photonics components. Since 1942, EO has been supporting a range wide of customers from the fields of...

    Supplier of: optical filters | optical prisms | laser optics | polarisation optics | optical assemblies [+] fibre optics | optical coatings | Optical measuring equipment | led lighting | optical lenses and glass | fibre optic lighting systems | spectrometers | metrology | microscopy | windows and diffusers

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  • The products and business areas of DoroTEK GmbH (a Solaris Group member) encompass: 1. Optical components and laser modulators: We have the complete technology to manufacture optical components,...

    Supplier of: optical filters | precision optics | optical devices | optical | optical components [+] optical prisms | optical mirrors | optical lenses | optical components | flat optics | laser optics | special optics | Optical measuring equipment | customised laser working | laser engraving

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  • We are an innovative provider of optical components and systems. Optical design for lenses and systems. IR tablets and category 1 protective visors. WOFE in Shanghai, office in Tokyo.

    Supplier of: optical filters | optical lenses | optical coatings | large optics | optical design [+] wafer optics | Industrial design | face protection | band-pass filters | beamsplitters | notch filters | laser mirrors | interference filters | ir filters | raman filters

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    GERMANY- Stromberg
    PRINZ-OPTICS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Experience dichroic glass – a colour-effect glass that appears crystal clear one moment and in full colour the next moment – from a different perspective and depending on the angle of incidence of...

    Supplier of: optical filters | optical mirrors | optical coatings | Filtering glass | glass coating [+] optical coating (service) | dip coating in the sol-gel process | colour-effect glass | splitter mirrors | conversion filters | cold light mirrors | anti-reflection coating | uv filters | ir filters | scene lighting

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  • ...a few days. Our product range includes mirrors, filters, density filters, gusset windows, optical windows, plane plates/plane-parallel plates, prisms and beam-splitter plates/beam-splitter cubes. Quality assurance of the...

    Supplier of: Optical instruments | optical filters | precision optics | optical mirrors | laser optics [+] optical glass | lighting optics | imaging optics | flat optics | refracting optics | optics for medicine | optical constructions | optical coating | special optics | astro-optics

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  • ZEISS is a global technology corporation of the optical and optoelectronic industry. The ZEISS Group develops, produces and markets measuring technology, microscopes, medical technology and eyeglass...

    Supplier of: Optical instruments | optical filters | precision optics | optical components | optical lenses [+] aspherical optics | optical coatings | Eyeglass and contact lenses and accessories | Lenses, camera | environmental simulation | emc services | precision-mechanical optical assemblies | precision measurement technology | optical precision components | customer-specific special optics

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    SPAIN- Barcelona

    ...making it fast and easy to find, sort, filter and compare optical components from suppliers around the world. MEETOPTICS also provides direct access to photonics service providers capable of completing even the most demanding...

    Supplier of: optical components | Electronic optic components | optical accessories and components | custom optical solutions | optical components for industry

    • Optical Filters Optical Filters Optical Filters
    • Mirrors Mirrors Mirrors
    • Optical Assemblies Optical Assemblies Optical Assemblies
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  • ...components, including narrow bandpass filters, polarising beam splitter cubes, non-polarising beam splitter cubes, solar simulation filters, high temperature filters and other edge filters. The application fields...

    Supplier of: optical filters | optical prisms | Optical measuring equipment

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  • ...optical glass, light and color filters, color filtering lens, insulating glass, quartz glass, infrared penetrating glass, near-infrared penetrating glass, UV glass, black UV penetrating glass (wavelengths: 254nm, 310nm, 365nm), ND...

    Supplier of: Optical instruments | optical filters | u.v. lamp transformers

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    Glass Products - Mnfrs, Manufacture of flat glass

    Supplier of: Crystal glassware

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    FRANCE- Courcouronnes

    Supplier of: Filters, optical | optical connectors | Optical measuring equipment | Lasers - medical applications

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    FRANCE- La Ferte Sous Jouarre

    Supplier of: Filters, optical | Glass, industrial | Orthodontics - instruments | Lighting, street, industrial and commercial | Fibre optic lighting systems

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    GERMANY- Tübingen

    Supplier of: Optical instruments | optical filters

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    ITALY- San Pietro in Casale

    Supplier of: optical filters | Cameras, photographic | photography | shoulder bags

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  • MP S.R.L.
    ITALY- Urgnano

    Supplier of: optical filters | Steels and metals - machining | textile winders

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    Supplier of: Optical instruments

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  • With the foundation of the European subsidiary Ealing UG in Rodgau, close to Frankfurt am Main, in the beginning of 2016, another milestone was reached to make the catalogue internationally...

    Supplier of: laser optics | optical lenses | optical tables | optical mirrors | Laser apparatus and instruments [+] threaded spindles, customer-specific | indoor and outdoor micrometers | laser collimators | laser optoelectronics | laser protection | linear adjustment systems | linear motors | motion control systems | lenses, loose | opto-mechanical construction systems

    • ∅25.4 mm, Absorptive ND Filter, Optical Density: 0.2 ∅25.4 mm, Absorptive ND Filter, Optical Density: 0.2 Part#: 36-5326-000
    • 50.8mm Square, Absorptive ND Filter, Optical Density: 0.1 50.8mm Square, Absorptive ND Filter, Optical Density: 0.1 Part#: 36-4430-000
    • 50.8mm Square, Absorptive ND Filter, Optical Density: 0.2 50.8mm Square, Absorptive ND Filter, Optical Density: 0.2 Part#: 36-4448-000
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    UNITED KINGDOM- Harrietsham
    KNIGHT OPTICAL (UK) LTD - Verified by Europages

    Established almost 30 years ago, Knight Optical, has become recognised as a trusted name in quality precision optical component design, consultancy and manufacturing. These include the scientific,...

    Supplier of: infrared optics | uv optics | vis optics | optical windows | optical retarders [+] Electronic optic components | optical products for industrial use | infrared filter | precision optical components | custom optical solutions | optical components for industry | nir and ir optics | stock glass optics | optomechanical components and accessories | sodium chloride windows

    • Knight Optical's Color Glass Filters for LED Lighting Knight Optical's Color Glass Filters for LED Lighting LED Lighting Industry Colour Glass Filters as downlights within stage production
    • Precision Color Glass Filters for Inline Cameras Precision Color Glass Filters for Inline Cameras Stock & custom precision optical filter in materials such as Schott Kopp & CDGM
    • Precision Color Glass Filters for Inline Cameras Precision Color Glass Filters for Inline Cameras Stock & custom precision optical filter in materials such as Schott Kopp & CDGM
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    GERMANY- Kaufbeuren
    SÜD-OPTIK SCHIRMER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    As cited, manufacturing glass with precision and perfection is our tradition – and our passion! Jürgen and Alexander Schirmer. For over 80 years, Süd-Optik Schirmer GmbH has been an internationally...

    Supplier of: optical lenses | Glass | flat glass | viewports | glass domes [+] glass covers | technical glassware | glass reflectors | light guides | aspherical optics | plano-convex lenses | glass lenses | glass optics | convex lenses | collimators

    • Dichroic Coating Dichroic Coating
    • High Vacuum Coating High Vacuum Coating
    • Color Filter Color Filter
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    UNITED STATES- Lawrenceville

    ...inspection systems, handheld compact cameras and optical filters for researchers. Ofil products are sold through a worldwide network of representatives. Hundreds of systems are in use at major...

    Supplier of: Testing equipment | preventive maintenance | cameras with intelligent ir technology | gimbals | aerial photography and video by drone

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    RUSSIA- St-Petersburg

    ...optical mirrors, polarizers and filters for a wide range of optical devices such as: lasers, lydars, gas analyzers and detectors, IR LEDs, FLIR systems and other equipment for Spectroscopy, Thermography and Metrology. The most popular high quality...

    Supplier of: Mirrors, optical | optical equipment | optics

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  • ...lasers, optics & laser parts -Mirror, filter, beam expander, scan lens (f-theta lens), Beam combiner mirror, Si/Ge/CaF2 window, Nd: YAG rod, CTH: YAG rod, TGG crystal, Cr4+: YAG rod, Er, Cr: YSGG rod, output coupler, power meter,...

    Supplier of: Laser apparatus and instruments | laser crystal- yag series | waveplate

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    BELARUS- Minsk

    ...and production of vacuum coating equipment for optics, display industry, microelectronics and photovoltaics.Thin-film application technologies development. Optical elements production.(optical...

    Supplier of: optical elements | Scientific research equipment | vacuum coatings equipment | thin-film coatings | ion-beam sputtering

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    SOUTH KOREA- Gyeonggi-do

    ...high quality Optical Thin Film Filter based on partnership relation with customer for many years. Vacuum deposition technology has progressed significantly over the years and SPO has remain strong...

    Supplier of: optical coating | Filtering glass | infrared filter

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  • Our company is a professional optical components manufacturer and exporter in China, we are engage in optical elements fabrication.The product including IR/UV precision optics, lens, prisms, windows, mirrors,...

    Supplier of: laser optics | Electronic optic components

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    GERMANY- Wetzlar
    BEFORT WETZLAR OD GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Design – Systems – Precision Optics – Coatings. Befort Wetzlar is a leading supplier of precision optics for special applications. We develop and produce opto-mechanical components for your...

    Supplier of: Optical instruments | optical mirrors | precision optics | optical components | Optical measuring equipment [+] Lenses, camera | mirrors | software | mechanical engineering | metrology | spherical optics | flat optics | achromatic lenses | optical coatings | liquid lens objectives

    • Plane Optics Plane Optics
    • Customer Specific Laser Optics Customer Specific Laser Optics
    • Measuring Magnifiers Measuring Magnifiers
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  • Harbin Core tomorrow provides precision positioning technology solutions and series products for customers from all over the world , which can realize nanometer resolution and nanoscale positioning...

    Supplier of: Electronic components | piezo stage | piezo controller | piezo actuator

    • P33 Miniature tilt platforms/Fast steering Mirror Piezo P33 Miniature tilt platforms/Fast steering Mirror Piezo steering beam focus imaging high precision positioning
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    HONG KONG- Tuen Mun

    We are a Hong Kong established trading company since 1995. Mainly we supply costumes & badges for carnival festivals, android tablet PC, Borosilicate glass reflectors, IR absorbent filters, dichroic...

    Supplier of: optical glass filters | Numerical control - small systems | carnival costumes and utilities | led lighting | lighting accessaries

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  • ...such as anti-reflection coatings, UV cut filters, IR cut filter, band pass filters, high reflection mirrors, metal film coatings, transparent heater films etc. from one piece of prototyping to mass production. We have the advanced technology to...

    Supplier of: Medical and surgical optics - instruments | high precision mirrors filters prisms | color ir transmission sheet | spectral transmittance mater | ibs ras iad thin film coating

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