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    EGYPT- Giza
    GANETELZOHOR - Verified by Europages

    Ganet El Zohor Co. For Trade is a company based in Egypt specialized since 2011 in the import and export of agricultural products. Our mission is to export products of the highest quality all around...

    Supplier of: Citrus fruits | fresh fruit | fruit & vegetables | fruit importers | organic fruit [+] Garlic | Grapes | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | fresh parsley | sunflower oil | courgettes | pepper | tomatoes | peaches | lemons


    • Pomegranate Pomegranate Organic
    •  Lemon Lemon Adalia
    • Dhalia Lemon Dhalia Lemon Green & Yellow
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    TURKEY- Silifke / Mersin

    We are a leading grower of citrus fruits in Mersin, Turkey. Our range of products mainly covers lemons, oranges, mandarins, apricots, pomegranates.. As Cengiz Tarim, it is our priority to serve with...

    Supplier of: Citrus fruits | organic citrus fruits | oranges | lemons | pomegranates

    • Mandarin (Tangerine) Mandarin (Tangerine) Fresh Citrus Fruit Fruit
    • Fresh Shamauit orange Fresh Shamauit orange Fresh Citrus Fruit
    • Fresh Valencia Orange Fresh Valencia Orange Fresh Citrus Fruit
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  • The most efficient way to find Turkish produce. We are a professional company who are used to dealing with professional people worldwide and pride ourselves in our work with building bridges between...

    Supplier of: Citrus fruits | organic citrus fruits

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    SPAIN- Lorca-Murcia

    UNEXPORT is a federation bringing together several farming cooperatives, committed to an ever more competitive service on the international markets. Fruit and vegetables, ecological products.

    Supplier of: organic citrus fruits | organic fruit | citrus trees | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | Vegetables, fresh

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    SPAIN- Oliva

    Enterprise devoted to the conditioning and distribution of citrus (oranges, clemetines, tangerines and lemons)

    Supplier of: Citrus fruits | organic citrus fruits

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    ITALY- Siracusa

    Supplier of: organic citrus fruits | ORGANIC FARMING

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  • Supplier of: organic citrus fruits | ORGANIC FARMING | organic farming | lemons | oranges

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  • Supplier of: organic citrus fruits | Agriculture - import-export | ORGANIC FARMING | oranges | tangerines

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  • Supplier of: organic citrus fruits | citrus trees | ORGANIC FARMING | extra virgin olive oil

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    ITALY- Floridia

    Supplier of: Citrus fruits | organic citrus fruits | lemons

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    SPAIN- Torre Del Mar

    Supplier of: organic citrus fruits | ORGANIC FARMING

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  • Supplier of: Citrus fruits | organic citrus fruits | automatic packaging machine line

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    ITALY- Rodi Garganico

    Supplier of: organic citrus fruits | Fruit-based preparations | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | marmalades | preserves

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    SPAIN- Alicante

    Supplier of: organic citrus fruits | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | ecological food

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    PAKISTAN- Karachi

    Supplier of: Citrus fruits | organic citrus fruits | fresh fruit

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    ITALY- Pozzuoli

    Supplier of: organic citrus fruits | Agriculture - import-export | organic vegetables

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  • Supplier of: organic citrus fruits | ORGANIC FARMING

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  • Supplier of: Citrus fruits | organic citrus fruits | food / beverages - wholesale and retail

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  • Supplier of: Citrus fruits | organic citrus fruits | citrines

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    SPAIN- Villarreal

    ...Lemons. + 20 years experience growing our own citrus. Specialized citrus growers. Packaging of fresh organic citrus fruits. Global service. Food safety, respect for the environment and social commitment are our...

    Supplier of: Citrus fruits | seller of bio organic citrus fruits | producer of bio organic oranges clementines and mandarines | private label packaging of oranges clementines mandarines

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    TURKEY- Denizli

    ...the list, please contact us directly. Hand in hand we step forward for our mutual benefit. Besides we are also dealing in organic citrus fruits (orange, mandarine, lemon, grapefruit, juices and puree

    Supplier of: citrus fruit juices and concentrates | Pharmaceutical products | extracts | food additives | veterinary prod

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    UNITED STATES- Buffalo

    ...range of industrial productions including fruit and vegetable juices, beverages, soft drinks, brewing, wine and spirits, dairy products, baked goods, baby food, pet food, confectionery, snack, sauces, toppings, compounds, flavors, natural colorants,...

    Supplier of: fruit puree | organic fruit juice concentrate | organic fruit puree | Juices, fruit and vegetable | fruit juice concentrate

    • Bulk Frozen Fruits and Organic IQF Fruits Bulk Frozen Fruits and Organic IQF Fruits Bulk frozen fruits and organic iqf fruits in bulk packaging
    • Citrus Oild and Derivatives Citrus Oild and Derivatives Bulk cold pressed oils, essential oils, d-limonene and terpenes
    • Fruit Essences Fruit Essences Conventional and organic fruit essences in bulk packaging
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    ITALY- Ozzano Dell'emilia

    ...them the best product, from vegetables to citrus fruit, summer fruit to the exotic ones; On the other hanf, we provide suppliers with the varied and affluent portfolio of customers, with which they begin to build solid and lasting work...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Agriculture - import-export | fresh fruits and vegetables | fresh fruit and vegetable importer exporter and wholesaler

    Brands : Lo Casto

    • Lemons Lemons Primofiori, Cat. standard, Cal 2-3, 10Kg
    • Oranges Oranges Lanelate, Cat.1, Cal.3, 10Kg
    • Clementines Clementines Cat.1, 10Kg ca. Citrus fruit
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    ITALY- Messina

    ...directly a production of roughly 2 million Kgs citrus fruits. Geima is a leading company in the production and distribution of organic citrus all over Europe thanks to the high quality standards and the accurate control of...

    Supplier of: Citrus fruits | organic fruit | Organic food | fresh produce pos | organic vegetables

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  • ...of organization and supplying fresh fruit in Italy and abroad. We are located in the heart of the Dolomites and have been growing the renowned apples from Italy’s Alto Adige region for many years. Our knowledge of fruit stretches beyond regional boundaries...

    Supplier of: fruits | tropical fruits | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | berries | dairy products

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    FINLAND- Tampere

    ...Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumber, Oignons. FRUITS: Clémentines, Clémentines Nour, Ortaline, Mandarines, Oranges : Navel, Navel Late, Salustiana, Maroc Late, Washington Sanguine. Other citrus: Citron....

    Supplier of: Citrus fruits | Tomatoes | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | oranges

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    ITALY- Francofonte

    ...FRUTTA LTD sells organic and natural fruits from Sicily. Our varieties are oranges, tangerines, lemons, red grapefruits. We have an own citrus farm so we are the direct producers of citrus fruits at the same time....

    Supplier of: citrus fruit products | ORGANIC FARMING | fresh fruits and vegetables | direct producer

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    GERMANY- Wiggensbach
    ALL ORGANIC TREASURES GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We are a quality supplier for natural cosmetics, nutritional supplements and food processing. We specialise in organic oils and fats. We also offer all kinds of organic raw materials. We offer a wide...

    Supplier of: passion fruit kernel oil, organic | Vegetable oils | natural-based cosmetics | vegetable oils and fats | vegetable proteins [+] raw materials for food industry | pomegranate seed oil | aloe vera oil, organic | apricot kernel oil, organic | argan oil, organic | avocado oil, organic | natural oils | cold-pressed oils | cashew flour, organic | chia flour, organic

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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    ROYAL FOREST - Verified by Europages

    Royal Forest Company produces healthy food products and supplies high-quality organic raw materials. The company has been in existence for 9 years and during this time it has well-established itself...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | Foods, health | Extracts, food | Organic food | Import-export - food and agriculture [+] Food - import-export | Food essences | Cocoa and chocolate | hand-made confectionery | wholesale organic foods | natural foods | dietetic foods | food products | cocoa beans | cocoa mass

    • Carob pods Carob pods chopped
    • Agave Light syrup Agave Light syrup natural agave syrup
    • Agave Light syrup Agave Light syrup natural agave syrup
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  • Our company has a clear focus as a supplier and service provider to the food industry, particularly to the fruit juice and beverage sector. Our valuable fruits are produced both as end products and...

    Supplier of: Fruit juices | organic fruit juices | Extracts, food | Cosmetics | vegetable extracts [+] concentrated fruit juices | animal feed | sea buckthorn products | sea buckthorn oil | organic products | fruit extracts | jerusalem artichoke products | aronia products

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