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  • The business started in 1993 with catalysis tests and catalysts developments for the chemical industry. More and more clients ask small amounts of tested products and so a consulting based trade with... Supplier of: oxidation | Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | meth | water gas shift catalyst | high performance catalyst
    GERMANY - Zorneding
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  • We are a leading export of chemical products in China. We specialized in this line for a long time, and we can offer you products in different level with different quantities. Our products are all... Supplier of: oxide | Additives, dyes and pigments - industrial | chemical
    CHINA - Taiyuan
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  • Wuhan meilongda chemical co., LTD. With inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, essence and food additives, pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates and fine chemicals, such as r&d, production,... Supplier of: Mineral oxides and peroxides | oxide | titanium dioxide
    CHINA - Wuhan, hubei province
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  • We are factory and have a ready stock of Calcium Tianate, Barium Strontium Titanate(BST), Lithium titanate, CCTO, MgTiO3, Lead titanate(PbTio3), Bismuth titanium, Strontium Titanate, Potassium... Supplier of: oxide | Inorganic bases and compounds | titanate
    CHINA - Beijing
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  • ...the basis chemical raw materials.Such as : Zinc Oxide, Titanium dioxide, Iron oxide, Carbon black, Refined paraffin wax 58/60, Caustic soda flakes, Soda ash light, Formic acid, Citric acid, Stearic... Supplier of: oxide | Inorganic bases and compounds | chemical raw materials
    CHINA - Taiyuan
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  • we specialize in the chemical line for several years, with the strength of pigment, acids, oxides and so on, with high quality and low prices. Supplier of: Mineral oxides and peroxides | oxide
    CHINA - Qinhuangdao
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  • zinc oxide is white powder, used in the manufacture of rubber, coating, printing and dyeing, medicine, fodder, ceramics, cosmetics, packaging, etc. Titanium oxide is white powder , used in the... Supplier of: Organic oxides and peroxides | oxide | chemical
    CHINA - Anyang
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  • We are one of the biggest CHEMICAL RAW MATERIALS manufacturers in CHINA.manily EXPORTING Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Calcium Carbide, Magnesium Sulphate and so on. Supplier of: Mineral oxides and peroxides | oxide | tio2
    CHINA - Qingdao
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  • We manufacturer: -Carbon Black-Acid -Oxide- Soda-Stearic Acid-Non-ferrous alloy-Lithopone and so onIf you are interested in any please be free to contact me.Best regardsAnnabelle han HENGSHUI XIN... Supplier of: oxide | Natural resins | urea
    CHINA - tianjin
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  • Supplier of: oxidation | Aluminium alloys
    ITALY - Zanè
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  • Supplier of: Organic oxides and peroxides | oxide | acid
    CHINA - jinan
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  • The Rosdon Group UK are manufacturers and distributors based in Yorkshire England. As well as distributing several of their own brands such as Cougar Beauty and Admiral Male grooming, they also offer... Supplier of: anti-oxidant skincare and beauty products | Beauty products | Skin-care products | Cosmetics | essential oils [+] natural cosmetics | private label skincare | private label cosmetics | private label beauty products | anti-aging skincare | mineral skincare and beauty products | therapeutic beauty products | beard oils | male grooming products | liquid lipsticks
    UNITED KINGDOM - Bradford
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  • Anton Paar develops and produces precision laboratory equipment and highly accurate process measuring technology and supplies tailor-made automation and robotics solutions. Anton Paar is the number... Supplier of: Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | refractometers | flowmeters | spectrometers | viscometers [+] metrology | glucose measuring tool | co2 measuring equipment | density measurement devices | flashpoint tester | laboratory automation equipment | measuring equipment for traction and compressive forces | microwave digestion equipment for the chemical industry | mineral oil test equipment | particle analysis equipment
    AUSTRIA - Graz
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  • VOGT GmbH has been developing and manufacturing technical ceramic components for more than 35 years. Our many years of experience contribute to our customers' success. We bring our knowledge to bear... Supplier of: aluminium oxide ceramics | zirconium oxide | oxide ceramic products | precision parts made of oxide ceramics | non-oxide ceramics [+] precision parts made of non-oxide ceramics | oxide ceramics | Ceramics, industrial | alumina | ceramic tubes | high-performance ceramic | technical ceramic | cordierite | engineered ceramics | ceramics for technical applications
    GERMANY - Henfenfeld
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  • Founded in 2010, ECOTDS perpetuates its know-how inherited from ORP and constantly shows its ability to adapt and innovate to support developments in surface treatment processes. We are specialised... Supplier of: anodic oxidation in chromic acid on titanium racks | anodic oxidation in sulphuric acid on titanium racks | anodic oxidation in sulphuric acid on aluminium racks | aluminium jigs for anodic oxidation | Electrolysis - surface treatment [+] cataphoretic painting cradle | chromic anodising on titanium racks | sulphuric anodising on titanium racks | sulphuric anodising on aluminium racks | titanium jigs for surface treatments | titanium and aluminium flange | pspn noryl fasteners | plastic-coated electroplating assembly | titanium water jet cutting | titanium reseller
    FRANCE - Sevran
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  • the following product groups: -chrome oxide and other metal oxides, such as cobalt oxide, copper oxide and titanium dioxide - corrosion inhibitors and metal passivators, such as benzotriazole,... Supplier of: chromium oxide | cobalt oxide | copper oxide | cerium oxide | Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives [+] titanium dioxide | boric acid | carbon black | benzotriazole | tolyltriazole | cryolite | fluorspar | silver nitrate | silver sulphate | chemical catalysts
    GERMANY - Essen
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  • CTP (Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik GmbH) is one of the world's leading companies in air pollution control for industrial applications. Since its founding in 1985, the business has upheld the... Supplier of: Filtration, chemical | sleeve filters | absorption systems | systems for selective catalytic reduction (scr) | systems for non-selective catalytic reduction (sncr) [+] development of waste air purification plants | feasibility studies | thermal afterburning systems, regenerative
    AUSTRIA - Graz
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  • Our focus, besides trading in rare soils, chrome oxide green, EVA wax and titanium oxide, is also on producing our own lanthanum acetate and cerium acetate. Supplier of: chromium oxide green | iron oxide yellow | chromium oxide pigments | Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | titanium dioxide [+] additives for plastic materials | fine chemicals | chemical trade | rare earths | lanthanum acetate solution | cerium acetate solution | demineralised water in accordance with vde 0510 | ethylene-vinyl acetate wax | calcium carbonate | development of chemicals
    GERMANY - Hamburg
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  • Chemogas fills gas bottles, blends, sells and distributes chemical gases all over the world. Chemogas supplies a wide range of gases, for example for sterilizing medical equipment, metal annealing,... Supplier of: propylene oxide supplier | ethylene oxide supplier | Gases, compressed and liquefied | Liquid gas | Gases, medical [+] Gas mixtures | Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | polyethylene | liquefied gases | ammonia | chemical gases | sterilizing gases | methylamines supplier | hydrogen chloride supplier
    BELGIUM - Grimbergen
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  • Hunan Huawei Jingcheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. (the Company), located in the Yuelu Mountain Hi-tech Park, is engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and application of titanium, zirconium, hafnium,... Supplier of: Steel, carbon | Metal powders | Research and development of new materials | Metallurgy and iron and steel industry - machinery and installations | non-ferrous metals [+] titanium dioxide | zirconium | nitriding of metals | sub-nano ceramic powder | silicides | non-ferrous metal carbides | titanium, zirconium, hafnium metal and its compound powder | nano-materials | new materials
    CHINA - Changsha
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  • Oxidal is a company based in Padua, specialized in anodic oxidation of aluminium. We have been working in the anodic oxidation sector since 1958. Supplier of: Oxidation - metals | aluminium oxidation | metal anodizing | chemical polishing | gold and alloys [+] chemical polishing | metal satin finishing | aluminium and alloys
    ITALY - Albignasego
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  • DURMAX ALUMINA are manufactured for various applications for both artisanal and industrial use. We manufacture aluminium oxides and hydroxides, calcinated alumina and hydrated alumina, metallographic... Supplier of: Mineral oxides and peroxides | aluminium oxide | Natural abrasives | Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | Synthetic resins [+] Abrasives, chemical | fire retardant loads | corundum | calcium fluoride | aluminium hydroxide | special polishing | micro-sand blasting products | powder abrasives | fire retardant agents | activated alumina
    FRANCE - Cenon Sur Vienne
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  • Eural Gnutti s.p.a.: the benchmark setter all over the world for the production of aluminium alloy profiled sections, extruded and drawn bars. Bars are our core activity. Aluminium profiles for... Supplier of: aluminium oxidation | anodic oxidation of metals | Aluminium and aluminium alloys | anodised aluminium | aluminium [+] industrial profiled parts | stainless rods | extrusion of aluminium sections | aluminium welding | hexagonal aluminium bars | aluminium and alloys | aluminium square bars | anodised profiles | profiles for the car industry | metal welding
    ITALY - Rovato
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  • Founded in 1863 in Mannheim as a brickyard, FRIATEC has evolved to now offer a wide range of innovative solutions for many sectors. These include joint technologies for piping systems and components... Supplier of: oxide ceramic products | Ceramics, industrial | Sensors | ceramic tubes | high-performance ceramic [+] technical ceramic | isolators | waste water neutralisation units | laboratory worktops | high-temperature ceramics | ceramics for technical applications | ceramic-metal feedthroughs | spacer cans | high-pressure pistons | precision grinding tools
    GERMANY - Mannheim
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  • EKATO Rühr- und Mischtechnik GmbH offers a broad range of services for the process-oriented industry from a single source: Process analysis, flow simulations CFD, cutting-edge engineering tools, e.g.... Supplier of: Seals, mechanical | agitators, explosion-proof | magnetic stirrers | industrial agitators | reactors and agitators [+] hydrogenation plants | large-scale agitators | seal supply systems | coaxial agitators | agitators, impellers, stirrers and mixers | agitators for liquids | agitators for exhaust gas desulphurisation systems | agitators for tough materials | magnetic safety agitators | simulation and calculation methods
    GERMANY - Schopfheim
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  • BITUMINOUS PRIMER AND BLACK BITUMINOUS PAINT produced with oxidised bitumens and selected pure solvents. Black bituminous paints are used to anchor bituminous membranes, coat pipes, protect concrete... Supplier of: oxidized bitumen | Roadlaying - contractors | asphalt and tar for roads | building products | bicycle paths [+] encapsulating varnishes | primer coat | bituminous adhesive | bituminous paints with no solvent recovery | roof coverings | bituminous paints with pure solvents | bituminous membrane | road constructions - materials | canopy | pavements
    ITALY - Novara
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  • R.T.P. PAGANONI, manufacturer of spare parts for wire drawers for iron and non-iron wires. The company specializes in manufacturing bespoke parts or parts from samples and in regenerating existing... Supplier of: zirconium oxide | Ceramics, industrial | ceramic materials and products | technical coatings in ceramics | ceramic supports [+] high density covering | in-house production | tungsten carbide coverings | sintered ceramic | anti-wear coatings | drawn wires and wire drawers | pulling irons | metal wires
    ITALY - Cesana Brianza
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  • Since 1992 ABM TOOLS is in the business of manufacturing & exporting different types of Industrial Tools / Machine Tool Accessories, Hand Tools & DIY Tools, Engineer's Precision Tools, Cutting Tools,... Supplier of: Hand tools, non-power | Punching machine tools | Mandrels and tailstocks | Blades for saws and cutting machines | Rolling mills - machinery and installations [+] Watch and clock repairs - tools | diamond tools | tools for jewellers and goldsmiths | gauges | disc cutters | dies for wire drawing | tools for watchmakers and the watchmaking industry | diamond tool finishing machines for jewellers and goldsmiths | dapping punches | forming doming bench block
    INDIA - Delhi
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  • The home of lime for the whole of Switzerland – and gravel for the entire region. Elggis (in Germany) has been a valuable site for quarrying lime since 1900. From its humble beginnings, KFN has... Supplier of: calcium oxide | Limestone, industrial | Siliceous limestone bricks | limestone | natural stonework [+] gravel | crushed stone | civil engineering | equipment for public roads | road construction materials | calcium hydroxide | quicklime | white lime | lime | calcium carbonate
    SWITZERLAND - Netstal
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  • FLUID Misch- und Dispergiertechnik GmbH, a member of the EKATO GROUP, was established in 1982 as an independent subsidiary. EKATO FLUID provides custom-built, process engineered industrial agitators... Supplier of: Food industry - machinery and equipment | Mixers and grinders for the food processing industry | Seals, mechanical | industrial agitators | stainless steel stirrers [+] agitators, explosion-proof | agitators for wastewater treatment | mixers for the food industry | electromagnetic stirring | mechanical stirrers for water systems | mixers for waste composting plants | agitators | mixers | agitators for biogas plants | agitators for the pharmaceutical industry
    GERMANY - Lörrach
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