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    NETHERLANDS- Veldhoven
    ZAMKO - Verified by Europages

    ZAMKO is an independent supplier and specialist of collapsible pallet boxes. Our challenge with each project is to offer our customer the most fitting solution against the best price. To achieve...

    Supplier of: Pallets | pallet boxes | containers and plastic pallets | pallet cages | plastic pallet boxes [+] steel pallet containers | pallet containers | mesh pallet cages | mesh pallet crates | folding pallet boxes | box pallets | cardboard pallet boxes | stacking pallets | plywood pallet boxes | metal containers

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    BELGIUM- Mouscron
    GAMMA-WOPLA / SMART FLOW - Verified by Europages

    Since 2006 the Belgian company Smart Flow Europe has been specialised in the design and manufacture of plastic pallets. We export our products throughout Europe. In addition to pallets, Smart Flow...

    Supplier of: Pallets | pallets for packing | plastic pallets | special containers and pallets | containers and plastic pallets [+] industrial plastic pallets | pallet boxes | antistatic pallets | esd pallets | plastic pallet boxes | manufacturer of plastic pallets | manufacture of plastic pallets belgium | plastic pallet design | plastic pallet manufacturing | import-export plastic pallets

    • Plastic pallet SF 400 L Plastic pallet SF 400 L Pallets
    • Plastic pallet SF 400 L Plastic pallet SF 400 L ESD
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  • Our products: Timber for the garden and for landscaping, medium density fibreboard (MDF), chipboard panels, edge-glued panels, plywood, mobile dancefloors, indoor sports floors, pallets, wooden...

    Supplier of: Pallets | wooden pallets | pallet timber | Wood accessories and furniture fittings | Panels, chipboard [+] Wood - packaging | Wood products | mdf wood | chipboard | dancefloors, mobile | timber | wood forming | foreign and national wood | building timber | wholesalers of technical articles in wood

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    GERMANY- Bissingen
    ZS PALETTENSERVICE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Since 2006, we have been an owner-managed company with a wide product and service portfolio in the load carrier industry. Our managing director Sefer Sengin is always personally available for you in...

    Supplier of: Pallets | stacking frames for pallets | euro-pallet cages | epal euro-pallet cages | epal-pallet cage [+] euro-pallet cage | used euro-pallet cages | used pallet cages | buy used pallet cages | pallet cage manufacturer | pallet cage manufacture | pallet cage with cover | used pallet cages | buy used pallet cages | pallet cages manufacturer

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    RUSSIA- Republic Of Tatarstan
    IPLAST LTD - Verified by Europages

    IPLAST is the largest Russian enterprise, making specialty of the production of large-size plastic tare and packaging. The Company exists for 10 years (since 2009). Using innovative technologies...

    Supplier of: plastic pallets for packing | recycled plastic pallets | industrial plastic pallets | pallet boxes | Plastic packaging [+] Containers | Dustbins, waste bins | Boxes, plastic | Crates, plastic | Sheets, plastic | packaging boxes | packing cases | packing and packaging containers | plastic packing accessories | plastic covers for packing

    • BottleRack perforated plastic pallet for 19-liter bottles BottleRack perforated plastic pallet for 19-liter bottles
    • Multipurpose perforated plastic pallet with two... Multipurpose perforated plastic pallet with two... Art.: 02.105
    • Pastic Pallet Layer 1200х800 Pastic Pallet Layer 1200х800 Art.: 13.02
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    GERMANY- Hamburg
    VALDEMAR KROG GMBH - Verified by Europages

    For 100 years, we have been providing a varied, high-quality range of equipment for storage and business purposes. We are specialists, focussing our high quality, practical products on a number of...

    Supplier of: pallet labelling | pull-out pallet units | pallet drawers | pallet accessories | pallet collars [+] Furniture for Business | lifting column | ground markings | mesh box labelling | magnetic pockets | clear pockets for transport containers | wire hanger pockets | label holders | for labelling, magnetic | warehouse identification

    • Plywood covers 1200 x 800 x 9 mm Plywood covers 1200 x 800 x 9 mm with 2 stripes of wood
    • Pallet collars 1200 x 800 x 200 mm Pallet collars 1200 x 800 x 200 mm Skruvia hinges 6 x 1,25 mm, IPPC marked
    • Pallet distance holder for pallet/pallet Pallet distance holder for pallet/pallet 1000 kg, clear height 250 mm
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    GERMANY- Kerpen
    Q-PALL BV - Verified by Europages

    Choosing plastic pallets to replace wooden pallets is a logical decision that results from your wish for sustainability and cost efficiency, as well as environmental considerations. Choosing Q-PALL...

    Supplier of: Pallets | plastic pallets | disposable pallets | chemical pallets | pallet boxes [+] euro pallets | pallets made from recycled plastics | hygienic pallets | export pallets | display pallet | used plastic pallets | plastic pallet cover | water bottle guard | freezer spacer | plastic folding frame

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  • Our company is specialised in pallet repairs and offers our customers a professional and affordable repair of faulty pallets. We guarantee a high quality repair of your load carriers. Our repair shop is technically and optimally equipped to provide perfect replacement quality for...

    Supplier of: Pallets | wooden pallets | wooden pallets for packing | production of pallets | pallets delivered [+] deal boards for pallets | bespoke wooden pallets | industrial plastic pallets | plastic pallets | disposable pallets | standard wood pallets | pallet rental | used pallets | pallet repairs | chemistry pallets

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  • The only thing that isn't hot is the metal: Gmöhling — over 75 eventful years, more than 80 experienced staff and well over 1, 000 great ideas about how to work aluminium. Innovation is a tradition...

    Supplier of: aluminium pallets | Metals, precious and special | Bins, tanks and hampers - goods handling | textile industry | laundry trolleys [+] cupboard trolley | special aluminium structures | trolley | ballot boxes | stackable containers for warehousing and storage | metal stacking bins | refuse containers | movable frames | tanks for warehousing and storage | packaging for dangerous goods

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    SPAIN- Tomelloso-Ciudad Real
    INDUSTRIAS GROMAZ S.L. - Verified by Europages

    Second-hand machine for making floor slabs. We carry a wide stock of presses and flooring manufacturing lines. We are a company whose core business is manufacturing machinery for the slab flooring,...

    Supplier of: palletizers | Marble work - machinery | cement tile presses | chipping machines | cutting machines for marble, granite and stone [+] polishing machines for marble, granite and stone | customised machine manufacturing | polishers | grading machines | sludge extractors | marble and granite sizing equipment | mixers | mitre saws | linear polishers for paving | paving machines manufactured

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    GERMANY- Siegertsbrunn
    INKA PALETTEN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    INKA Paletten GmbH has been a distributor of disposable pallets for sea freight, air cargo and points of sale for almost 50 years. Compressed wood pallets from INKA Pallets are pest-free ex-factory...

    Supplier of: Pallets | chemical pallets | plastic pallets | export pallets | container pallet [+] display pallet | düsseldorf pallets | one way pallets | euro pallets | half-pallets | air cargo pallets | wooden pallets | pallets made from compressed wood | specialised pallets | 1/4 pallets

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    GERMANY- Sulzberg
    GRUBER LOGISTIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The philosophy of Gruber Logistik GmbH is to provide service in the true sense of the word. The satisfaction of our customers is our main priority. At a time when logistics should generate...

    Supplier of: Pallets | euro pallets | Warehouse logistics | Storage services | packaging for export [+] logistics advice-international project | logistics services | service provider logistics | logistics | customs services | customs services | shipping of goods | packaging assistance | crates | storage and warehousing

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    RUSSIA- Tver
    LLC TOPTRADE - Verified by Europages

    Toptrade LLC has been operating for more than 10 years in the market of production of pellets, firewood, fuel briquettes and so on. All products are made of high-quality lumber, from our trusted...

    Supplier of: Pallets | custom pallets | disposable pallets | standard pallets | wooden pallets [+] wooden pallets manufacture | pallets for the food industry | wooden pallets for packing | standard wood pallets | pallets delivered | Wood products | Fuels, solid | Wood treatment products | Firewood | heater fuels

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    GERMANY- Nordhorn
    VARIOTECH GMBH - Verified by Europages

    As a quality market leader in the field of workpiece carriers for automated production, we produce high-precision plastic carrier systems on which assemblies are transported and processed. Certified...

    Supplier of: Packaging | deep-drawing films | blister packaging | plastic trays | plastic packaging materials [+] plastic moulded parts | workpiece carriers | plastics – raw materials, industry | handling systems | plastic workpiece carriers | multilayer plastic containers | plastic packaging | plastic semi-finished products | thermoform packaging | thermoformed packaging

    • Iso Pallet 1200 X 1000 Iso Pallet 1200 X 1000
    • Iso Pallet 1200 X 1000 Iso Pallet 1200 X 1000
    • Euro Pallet 1200 X 800 Euro Pallet 1200 X 800
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    GERMANY- Reutlingen
    VERPACKUNG24 GMBH - Verified by Europages

    verpackung24 GmbH is a wholesaler in the area of packaging, packaging materials, transport packaging, films, bulk bags for mineral fibres and the disposal of asbestos. verpackung24®, a European...

    Supplier of: pallets | pallet wrap - stretch film | presswood pallets | pallet wrapping machine | pallet boxes [+] Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | cardboard boxes | bubble wrap | ffp2 masks | bulk bags, tonne bags fibc | polythene bags | woven sacks | ice packs bricks | ice packs gel packs | polystyrene cooler boxes eps

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    GERMANY- Herzebrock-Clarholz
    CRAEMER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The Craemer Group International orientation – regional roots The Craemer Group is an internationally active family company specialised in metal forming, plastics processing and tool making. Their...

    Supplier of: Pallets | pallet | plastic pallets | industrial plastic pallets | pallet boxes [+] plastic box pallets | epal pallets | containers and plastic pallets | hygiene pallets | heavy-duty pallets | reusable pallets | industrial pallets | half-pallets | eur-pallets | conductive plastic pallets

    Brands : Craemer

    • Pallet lid Pallet lid Plastic Pallet Lid, HDPE pallet lid for plastic Euro pallet
    • TC3 / TC3-5 TC3 / TC3-5 Plastic pallet, Euro pallet, Heavy duty pallet, Closed deck pallet
    • CR3 ECO / CR3-5 ECO CR3 ECO / CR3-5 ECO Plastic pallet, Industrial size pallet, Perimetric recycling pallet
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    POLAND- Trzebiatow
    KOR-PAL - Verified by Europages

    The Kor-Pal company was founded in 1991. Its main activity includes manufacturing pallets made of coniferous wood and hardwood. Our offer includes: pallets of width 600 to 800 tie plates, firewood,...

    Supplier of: Pallets | wooden pallets | production of pallets | pallet manufacturer | specialised pallets [+] manufacturer of wood pallets | cheap pallets | non-standard pallets | wood pallets per order | euro pallets | pallet sales | specialized pallets | pallets tailored to individual needs | latest technology in pallet manufacturing | delivery of pallets with our own transport

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    GERMANY- Schwäbisch Hall

    Special pallets, stacking frames, special load carriers, tubular frame pallets, wooden pallets, steel pallets, plastic pallets, storage and transport pallets, pallet cages, post ballets, handle...

    Supplier of: Pallets | plastic pallets | stacking frames for pallets | disposable pallets | specialised pallets [+] wooden pallets | pallets made from recycled plastics | steel pallets | pallet superstructures | pallet cages | cage stacking frames for pallets | handling trays | cargo carriers | special load carriers | transport frames for industry

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  • ARGUS SP. Z O.O.
    POLAND- Zielona Góra
    ARGUS SP. Z O.O. - Verified by Europages

    Argus, a manufacturer of industrial pallets is a company founded in 1995. Our warehouse and workshop are located in Świdnica near Zielona Góra. Here, we process wood to produce pallets for private industrial plants or public insitutions. The whole process is based on ecological solutions in the...

    Supplier of: Pallets | wooden pallets | production of pallets | disposable pallets | pallet boxes [+] special-purpose pallets | custom-sized pallet manufacturing | box pallets | transportation of pallets | ippc pallets | industrial pallets | transport pallets | furniture pallets | transport boxes

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    LITHUANIA- Klaipeda District
    GRENSENA, UAB - Verified by Europages

    UAB Grensena is a wood processing company. Areas of activity: construction wood and its processing, finishing wood, manufacture of wooden trays, manufacture of wooden houses from solid wood, wood...

    Supplier of: Pallets | Prefabricated houses | Cabins, cottages and chalets, prefabricated | Buildings, prefabricated | Wood - sawn and treated [+] Wood, undressed | Timber | Timber, planed | Timber, unplaned | Wood products | Wood - packaging | Garden sheds | Furnishings, wooden | Fences

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    GERMANY- Südlohn
    BAUER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Bauer GmbH not only develops and manufactures attachments for the fork-lift truck, products for the environmental sector and recycling and waste containers. Founded in 1966, today the company...

    Supplier of: Machine tools - metal machining | Basket lifts | accessories for forklifts | metal tipping bins | stacker attachments [+] attachments for forklift trucks | chip containers | snow clearance tools | load lifting equipment | barrel handling | hazardous materials storage | hazardous materials containers | material containers | environmental storage technology

    • Fork Palett Type GZP Fork Palett Type GZP Safe storage and handling of forks
    • Gas cylinder pallets type SFP Gas cylinder pallets type SFP The safe way to transport up to 8 gas cylinders with less effort
    • Retention basin type ECO 2/200 Retention basin type ECO 2/200 Storage of 2 x 200 litre drums
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    NETHERLANDS- Helmond
    FLEXXPANEL B.V - Verified by Europages

    Flexx Panel BV is a Dutch company that is an expert manufacturer and supplier of high-quality wood and timber products. Our company has been offering services and manufacturing high-quality products...

    Supplier of: Pallets | spruce/pine epal pallet | Charcoal | baby foods | spruce logs [+] copper wire scrap | wood shaving; sawdust | pine wood epal pallez | spruce logs | pine logs | bbq charcoal | disposable diaper | soft drinks | milk powder

    • Pine Wood Epal Pallet Pine Wood Epal Pallet NEW SPRUCE /PINE EUR-EPAL Pallets For Sell
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  • MCZ S.C.
    POLAND- Pińczów
    MCZ S.C. - Verified by Europages

    ...We operate a plant in which we manufacture Euro-pallets. Our offer includes wooden pallets of standard dimensions used in transport and storage throughout Poland and Europe. At the Customer's request, we can manufacture wholesale quantities of custom-size pallets. We also provide crate...

    Supplier of: Pallets | wooden pallets | production of euro-pallets | manufacturer of euro-pallets | euro-pallets [+] crate pallets | purchase of used pallets | repair of pallets | renovation of pallets | rental of pallets | transport of pallets | sale of pallets | maintenance of pallets | industrial pallets

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    LUXEMBOURG- Ehlerange
    TERCIEL - Verified by Europages

    TERCIEL is specialised in developing company management software. From packaging to distribution and palletisation, warehousing, loading and logistics, Terciel software simplifies your work so to as...

    Supplier of: Software - business management | Software | stock management software | logistic flow management | palletisation software [+] lorry loading software | packing software | logistic process optimisation software | cost optimisation | packaging optimisation | warehouse management software | packaging software | warehousing software | logistic traceability software

    • Packsoft English Packsoft English The software for clever packaging and palletising optimisation
    • Packsoft pilots Packsoft pilots Packsoft pilots your loading and palletizing robots.
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    POLAND- Cieszyn
    CANIS - Verified by Europages

    International transport and forwarding. Clients: companies, state and local government institutions and others. Scope: pallet transport; refrigerated / frozen food transport; express transport;...

    Supplier of: transport of cargo on pallets | Road transport - tankers | Refrigerated transport | Transportation of goods by road - international | Express delivery services [+] refrigerated transport | cargo transport with tankertrucks | international road haulage | national and international expeditions | transport of heavy and bulky goods | special international transport | adr transport | specialing automotive transport | international express transport

    • pallet pallet Transport type
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  • Planning, implementation, project management, service - from joint planning through commissioning and beyond we provide you with the experience of our engineering and installation teams. Our conveyor...

    Supplier of: Goods handling systems, continuous | Transportation chains | vertical conveyors | automation | materials handling [+] rinsers | circulating coolers | storage systems | puffing systems | aligning station | material handling | palletisation | line optimisation | drive elements

    • Gronemeyer Palletizing/depalletizing Gronemeyer Palletizing/depalletizing Depalletizer is an economical alternative to a completely automatic machine
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    SPAIN- El Tablero-Santa Cruz De Tenerife
    MADYPLAS - Verified by Europages

    MADYPLAS, ISLAS VERDES RECICLAJES, S.L., specialises in recycling wood and plastics in a variety of different ways: wooden pallets purchased and sold, wooden pallets repaired, kindling production,...

    Supplier of: pallets | wooden pallets | used pallets | custom pallets | production of pallets [+] pallet repairs | Palletising machinery | briquetting machines for industrial wood waste

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    SPAIN- Xativa-Valencia
    TRANSPACK S.A. - Verified by Europages

    Grupo Transpack is a group of companies specializing in the production of packaging in cardboard and complex laminates. For Grupo Transpack, the aim is to provide clients with optimal protection for...

    Supplier of: Packaging materials - paper and cardboard | protective packaging | cardboard tubes | spindles | cardboard corners protectors

    • Edgeboards Edgeboards Edge boards or corner protection made of cardboard
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  • The company began in 1976 based on an idea by Adriano Scalfi. It very quickly conquered the packaging market by producing pallets and semi-finished products, and high quality and long-lasting wooden...

    Supplier of: Pallets | wooden pallets | euro-pallets | Wood - packaging | wooden boxes [+] packing cases | wooden crates | slotted corrugated containers

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    SPAIN- Martos-Jaén
    PULIDO Y CARDOSO - Verified by Europages

    We are a company committed to the environment and our sole activity is the recycling of pallets, cardboard and non-engineering plastics. We have our own fleet of vehicles that provides a recovery and...

    Supplier of: pallets | wooden pallets | pallets bought and sold | plastic pallets | pallet recycling [+] Wood products | crates | plastic boxes

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