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  • ...unts, units without TN-BT cycle compressor, units with TN-BT cycle compressor, refrigeration plants, chiller units, electrical control panels, technical gas and oils, air conditioning and heating. Supplier of: Compressors | Piston and screw-type compressors | air conditioning compressors for industrial use | compressors for air conditioning | refrigerating system and equipment compressors [+] Heating and air conditioning - works | air conditioning systems
    ITALY - Roma
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  • ...for the initial equipment of the major motor, compressor, generating set, automotive, sweeper manufacturing companies and in many other applications in the farming, property, mining and industrial sectors. Supplier of: air intake filters for air conditioning compressors | air filter compressors | filters for compressors | Filters for cars, lorries and construction machinery | Filtering equipment and supplies [+] self-cleaning filters | filtering cartridges | industrial filters | air conditioning filters | air cartridges | dry air filters | virolite filters | oil filters | compressed air filters | filters for air purification systems
    ITALY - San Giorgio Delle Pertiche
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  • ...quick-release couplings, and tools. The air compressors, vacuum pumps and liquid pumps are ideally suited for analysis, medical technology and measuring technology, for example. Our patented aeration compressors are... Supplier of: Compressors | Pumps | Vacuum pumps | Coupling, pneumatic | Clutches [+] Hand tools, non-power | Portable power tools | Hand drills, power | Drill bits and countersinks | Tools & Hardware | Electric tools | Metalworking - portable power tools | Industrial tools | Stamping - machine tools | Machine tools - metal machining
    GERMANY - Steinenbronn
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  • ...and trade. We also produce high-performance compressors, compressed air tools and a wide range of accessories – all from a single source. We are on hand to answer all your questions when you are looking for commercial compressed... Supplier of: Compressors | compressors for industry and trade | screw compressors | screw compressors, frequency-controlled | compressors, oil-free [+] Compressed-air installations | compressed air | conduits | compressed air blow guns | compressed air pipes | compressed air pipe systems | compressed air distribution
    GERMANY - Burladingen
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  • ...control transmissions; lubricants for gears with or without housing; oils for guide rails and machine tools; oils for pneumatic equipment and for lubrication; mineral oils for air compressors, etc. Supplier of: Lubricants, industrial | lubricant for motorcycles | differential and gear box lubricant | moulding lubricants | speciality lubricants [+] petrol car lubricant | turbo diesel car lubricant | agricultural lubricants | grinding oil | synthetic industrial oils
    ITALY - Milano
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  • ...areas, turbines for sanding, compressors and compressed air systems, as well as the design and manufacture of turnkey body shops, enabling us to become a leader in the bodywork shop equipment sector. Supplier of: Car body repair shops - services | Varnishing equipment | painting booths for vehicle bodywork | systems and equipment for automobile body shops | endothermic booths for automotive painting [+] automotive painting systems | painting systems for body shops | automotive spray booths | supplies for bodywork shops | paint booths for body shops | vehicle bodywork equipment | endothermic paint booths | heating panels | endothermic panels
    ITALY - Arluno
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  • ...rims, wheels, air suspension struts, compressors, heat exchangers and coolant lines as well as test benches for cast parts, valves and fittings along with other lifting equipment and handling... Supplier of: Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Lifting equipment - accessories | Seals | airtightness test device for industry | checking pipe seals [+] airtightness control device | system impermeability tests | welded construction made from aluminium | seals | densimeters | leak testing systems for high-pressure die-cast components | leak testing systems for vehicles | leak testing instruments | leak testing systems for series parts | leak testing systems for gas pipes
    GERMANY - Stade
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  • Industrial bearings and supplies, compressed air, compressors, dryers, coolers. Supplier of: Compressors | Mechanical transmission systems and components | Bearings - ball, needle and roller | power drives | industrial bearings [+] industrial supplies | compressed air | electric tools | roller transport | roller chains for transmissions | hydraulic cylinders | track rollers | pneumatic tools | o-rings
    SPAIN - Albolote-Granada
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  • ...we specialise in the air and gas compressor business; we are a point of reference for all requests. We provide a wide range of products for all requests, air and gas compressors, medical air,... Supplier of: Air compressors - Tools and accessories | we sell compressors | overhauling of compressors | zr compressors | atlas copco oil free compressors [+] zt compressors | nitrogen generators | spare parts for atlas copco
    ITALY - Cinisello Balsamo
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  • Rotair works in the field of air compressors and motocompressors for the civil engineering, building and road construction sectors. Electrocompressors and compressed air plants for the industrial... Supplier of: Compressors | accessories for compressors | reciprocating compressors | earthmoving machinery and equipment | mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment [+] hydraulic pumps | machinery and equipment for demolitions | building machinery and equipment
    ITALY - Caraglio
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  • On customer request, we can furnish our equipment with grinders, air compressors, cooling equipment as well as with a stacker unit. Supplier of: Thermoforming, plastics - machinery | vacuum foaming machine | packaging machines | blister-packing | moulds [+] thermoforming | trays | plastic tray
    UKRAINE - Kharkiv
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  • .../ Air Pump), Oil Changer and Spring Compressor for automobile repair and maintenance equipment industry. Our products include Hydraulic Press, Manual Hydraulic Press, Automatic Hydraulic Press, Oil Changer, Oil Gun, Flow Meter, Exten Pipe,... Supplier of: Presses, hydraulic | grease guns
    TAIWAN R.O.C. - Taichung
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  • ...piston compressors for gas and air. Gallen, oil-free piston compressors are developed and manufactured with the highest quality and reliability. We offer individual gas compressors and air compressors, engineering, consultancy, services and spare parts - all from one source. Our... Supplier of: oil-free gas compressors | gas-tight gas compressors | oil-free piston compressor | Gas, compressed | oil-free oxygen nitrogen helium natural gas sf6 compressor
    SWITZERLAND - St. Gallen
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  • ...Vacuum Dental Suction unit, Oilless Air Compressor, LED Curing LIght , Film Viewer, Intraoral Light , x-ray Film viewer and soon on , with excellent quality advance technology reasonalbe price... Supplier of: oilless air compressor | Import-export - medical and surgical equipment | dental product | dental suction | led curing light
    CHINA - Foshan
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  • ...Supply, Automatic Transfer Switch, Air Compressor, Solenoid Valve, Flow Meter, Phase Converter, Contactor, Voltage Stabilizer, Digital Counter, Digital Panel Meter, Load Cell, Displacement Sensor,... Supplier of: Automation - systems and equipment | automation system components | industrial automation | process control and industrial automation systems | automation and instrumentation
    UNITED STATES - Los Angeles
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  • ...piston compressor systems for air, natural gas and technical as well as industrial gases (process gases) for the performance range of 20 to 6200 kW and pressures of up to 700 bar. With over 60... Supplier of: Piston and screw-type compressors | Compressors | piston compressors | reciprocating compressors | machine building
    AUSTRIA - Leobersdorf
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  • ...HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generators), Steam turbines, Used steam boiler plants, (process and/or power plant equipment), Air compressors, Medium Voltage(MV) Systems, (from different manufacturers.) Supplier of: Machinery and equipment, used and reconditioned | construction of gas-fired power plants | used generator units | international trade | energy
    TURKEY - Izmir
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  • ...( air, nitrogen, oxygen turbo compressors; reciprocating compressors; membrane compressors; expansion turbines; cryogenic pumps; blowers; steam turbines) montage, service, maintenance and... Supplier of: Gas and oil pipelines - installations | foundation works for civil and industrial use | industrial installation montage and repair | dynamic equipments | electrical installation and automation
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  • We produce air screw compressors, air piston compressors, compressed air dryers and line filters and high pressure washers in Izmir Turkey. Our product range is for Air screw compressors from 3 kW to 315 kw,... Supplier of: Piston and screw-type compressors | air piston compressors | air screw compressors | pressure tanks | heatless desiccant air dryers
    TURKEY - Izmir
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  • ...and have over 20 years of experience in the air compressor industry. Picking the right one for you can be a minefield.Whatever your need we can offer an air compressor to suit your requirements. Whatever you require, a light duty piston air compressor for a small workshop,... Supplier of: Air compressors - Tools and accessories | air compressors wales | air compressors cardiff | air compressors swansea | air compressors newport
    UNITED KINGDOM - Newport
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  • MAC3 designs, manufactures and sells air compressors and pneumatic hammers and breakers, offering compressed air solutions to industry and the construction sector. Construction and civil engineering applications: * Pneumatic hammers... Supplier of: Air compressors - Tools and accessories | Compressors | Air hammers | Compressed air tools and systems | pneumatic tools
    FRANCE - Saint Cyprien
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  • ...has 6 basic products in production which are Rotary Screw Air Compressors, Air Boosters, Mount on Tank, Reciprocating Air Compressor, Refrigerated Air Dryer, Absorption Air Dryer and supplying all the spare parts to the markets. Supplier of: oil-free air compressors | screw compressor | scroll compressor | compressor | Compressed air tools and systems
    TURKEY - Ankara
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  • Electric Rotary Screw Air Compressors, Electric Variable Speed Drive Rotary Screw Air Compressors, Electric Water Injected 100% Oilfree Rotary Screw Air Compressors, Portable Diesel Rotary Screw Air Compressors, Electric Turbo Air Compressors, Electric... Supplier of: Air compressors - Tools and accessories | screw compressors | piston compressors | screw compressor maintenance | compressed air systems and equipment
    TURKEY - Adana
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  • ...Machine, Bench Polisher Machine, Air Compressors, Heavy Duty Air Compressors, Single Stage Air Compressors, Double Stage Air Compressors, Multi Stage Air Compressors, Electricity Generators, Silent Generators,... Supplier of: 1hp 200 pound air compressor | Electric motors - dC | 3 phase electric motors | silent generators | bench grinders
    NEW ZEALAND - Ludhiana
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  • ...Technology, the leading brand of oil free piston compressors and vacuum pumps in China. Pransch Air Technology is committed to provide a comprehensive line of versatile and flexible air-moving solutions that meet our customers' toughest requirements of... Supplier of: twin piston oilless oilfree air compressor | Vacuum pumps | oil free air pump | vacuum pumps for laboratory applications | rocking piston twin oilless pump
    UNITED STATES - Langly
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  • This great value for money applies especially to these 3 product lines: compressed air (compressors and accessories), welding equipment and generators, including unique Nanomag technology. Supplier of: Welding, soldering and brazing - equipment and supplies | machining of metals | welding equipment | electric generators | motorcycles
    BELGIUM - Kalmthout
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  • ...Our air systems, medical air compressors, air processing and medical vacuum units, and our oxygen supply systems are installed at hundreds of sites worldwide. Air, vacuum and oxygen, on-site and workshop... Supplier of: Vacuum pumps | lobe pumps
    FRANCE - Genas Cedex
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  • ...Panels, Filters, Regulators, Air Compressors, Air Dryers, & more.Brands: Aircom, Abex Mead, Atlas Copco, Arco, Bosch, Burket, Compair, Danfoss, Deltech, Enots, Fairchild, Festo, Hoebiger,... Supplier of: Pneumatic systems and tools | Fittings, pipe, tube and hose - plastic | air valves | flow regulators | cylinder
    UNITED KINGDOM - Bradford
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  • ...units, forklifts, wheel excavators, road rollers, bulldozers, wheel loaders, Cummins head gaskets, diesel fuel injector nozzles, truck air compressors, air conditioning belts, trailer suspensions. Supplier of: Forklift trucks | dump trucks | field marking trucks | auto trailers | boat trailers
    UNITED STATES - Xiamen
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  • ...tanks, air pressure vessels, compressor tanks, ammonia tanks, vacuum tanks, fire extinguisher tanks, water storage tanks, LPG Tanks, galvanized tanks, stainless steel tanks, pressure oxygen cabin,... Supplier of: compressor tanks | Gas, compressed | air tanks | pressure vessels | lpg tanks
    TURKEY - Istanbul
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    Medium Pressure...
    Minimizing spillage during disconnection keeps workhops clean. Specifications Applicable Fluids:... See product
  • Pick-up attachment 14 DA
    Slotting attachment 14...
    Tooling number: 43 for Tornos M7/MS7/R10 See product
  • Oil injected screw compressors
    Flexi 11
    The professional for energy saving Our compressors in our Flexi range are first class in energy... See product
  • Hydraulic Pumps
    10000 -12500 PSI...
    10000 -12500 PSI Hydraulic Pumps for Single Action Tools See product
  • Compressed-air-and-heat system
    In most companies, the supplies of compressed air, heating energy and process heat represent a... See product
  • Compressed-air dryers
    The portfolio comprises...
    In addition to filtration, compressed-air drying contributes significantly to an increase in... See product
    Electrical options
    Electrical connections between motor, control cabinet air dryer and water pump. Specific electric... See product
  • Vacuum Pump
    DP-40V– Oil less Rocking...
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  • Flexible shaft machine
    Flexible shaft machine
    Working for the Industry as devel-oper and producer we must know what is needed. We have to ... See product
  • Brush sander - KGE 18 L
    Brush sander - KGE 18 L
    Prolonged straight handpiece (233 mm). To be used with flexible shafts with claw 18 connection. See product
  • Compressed air safety...
    Series 32
    Well-proven and solid safety coupling with automatic lock, which is disconnected with a button. The... See product
  • FireRex® - blind rivet nut...
    Hydropneumatic blind...
    With the GESIPA® FireRex® it is possible for the first time to set huge numbers of blind rivet nuts... See product
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