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  • For over five decades, the name Rübsamen & Herr has been synonymous with reliability and the "Made in Germany" quality standard. What began in 1964 as an electrical control construction company has... Supplier of: refrigeration equipment | Heat exchangers | thermostats | thermoregulators | filtering mattresses [+] filter fans | exhaust filters | internal fans | enclosure heaters | fans | fan units | roof-mounted fans | cooling units for enclosures | dehumidifiers | filter fan shrouds
    GERMANY - Neunkirchen
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  • BELKI teknik was founded in 1888 as a small village smithy. The old smithy is still fully functional and now serves as a museum. In 1945, the company was acquired by K. Skjellerup, the father of... Supplier of: oil separators for refrigeration plants and equipment | Water retreatment - equipment and installations | Waste water recycling | water treatment | filter systems [+] water-oil separators | belt filters | activated carbons for sludge filtering plants | magnetic filters | air-oil separators | water treatment equipment | water treatment accessories | filter systems for cooling lubricants | magnetic filter systems | tramp oil separators for emulsions
    GERMANY - Heinsberg
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  • INFICON is a leading provider of innovative measuring equipment, sensor technologies for critical processes and advanced process control software that enhance productivity and quality in... Supplier of: tools for air conditioning/refrigeration technology for houses and vehicles | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Vacuum pumps | airtightness control device | vacuum systems and components [+] high vacuum pumps | metrology | control engineering | rf sensor systems | vacuum measuring equipment | vacuum measuring equipment controller | vacuum feed-throughs | verification and monitoring of chemicals (gcms/gc/ir) | software for fab-wide fault detection and classification (fdc) | residual gas analysers (rga) and mass spectrometers
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  • It's great that you're here to find out about our company. With our employees' expertise and more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of glass apparatus, we represent proven quality,... Supplier of: Glass hollowware, laboratory and technical | Vacuum pumps | liquid pumps | microscopes | spectroscopes [+] dropper | distillation units | general laboratory supplies | laboratory equipment | laboratory equipment | bowls and crucibles | reaction tanks | tubes and connectors | cleaning and disinfection | glass laboratory instruments
    GERMANY - Göttingen
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  • Our medium-sized family business, DGS, has been successfully manufacturing a wide range of knitted wire mesh for many years: To us, quality is tradition! DGS customers include companies from all... Supplier of: liquid separators for refrigeration plants and equipment | Steel | grease separators | filters and filter elements | sleeve filters [+] air filters | air-oil separators | drop separators | emulsion separators | micro filters | fluid separators | filter wire cloths | knitted mesh | knitted wire mesh | knitted wire mesh filters
    GERMANY - Ellingen
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  • Many companies have a fascinating history, and some have even written history – but you will not find any other company that has influenced the history of international ice rink and solar absorber... Supplier of: refrigeration technology (refrigeration machines and systems) | Skating rinks - installations and equipment | dasher boards for ice hockey rinks | cooling systems for ice sports facilities | accessories for artificial ice rinks [+] solar absorbers | ice rinks for curling | ice rinks for ice shows | ice rinks for film sets | mobile ice rinks | ice landscapes


    GERMANY - Neu-Isenburg
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  • Sigma Laborzentrifugen GmbH is one of the world's leading manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges. Centrifuges are standard equipment in any laboratory and are practically indispensable in separation... Supplier of: refrigerated centrifuges | Chemistry - laboratory products | laboratory certifuges | adapters | blood centrifuges [+] centrifuges for research | centrifuges for medical purposes | centrifuges for the chemical industry | centrifuges for the pharmaceutical industry | fixed angle rotors | swing-out rotors | drum rotors | tools for centrifuges | sanitary products for centrifuges | spare parts for centrifuges
    GERMANY - Osterode
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  • Our products carry a special seal of quality: "Quality Made in Germany". There are good reasons why thousands of customers around the world rely on us: We know the industry and offer concrete... Supplier of: refrigeration equipment | Air conditioning equipment | fans | grain cooling units | air-conditioning systems for vehicles [+] crane-cab air-conditioning systems | cooling units for containers | switching cabinet cooling equipment | temperature control units | dehumidifiers – heat pumps | crane cooling units | air cooling units | dehumidifiers | insect heat treatment | snow cooling units
    GERMANY - Amtzell
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  • Technology, optimisation, localisation, process management, mechanical engineering and consulting. In a global, free market economy it is no longer enough to simply fall back on long-standing... Supplier of: refrigeration equipment | Compressors | Compressed-air installations | Air compressors | filters [+] compressed air filters | filters for compressors | components for screw compressors | cooler dryer | adsorption driers | screw compressors | oil separator | stationary compressors | oil-free compressors | compressors for industry and trade
    GERMANY - Wendlingen Am Neckar
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  • M-Pulse is an effective partner for matters relating to magnetisation as well as calibration and measurement of magnets and magnetic systems. Thanks to our many years of experience, cost-effective... Supplier of: refrigeration technology for magnetising devices | Magnets | magnetising spools | metrology | magnetometers [+] magnetising technology | impulse magnetising devices | magnetic calibration devices | rotorscan | individual measuring systems | fluxmeters + measuring coils | gaussmeters + hall probes | experimental devices/magnetisations | consultation on magnetisation | magnet testing devices
    GERMANY - Kierspe
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  • We have been serving industry and retail as a specialist in viscous gels since 1997. Our company's dynamic growth is the result of innovating strength, close customer relations, and the reliability... Supplier of: Refrigerated transport | Disposable medical and surgical articles | conducting gel | products for medical analyses | disposable articles [+] warm/cold compresses | ultrasound gel | medical compresses | technical gels | ecg consumables | gels | electrode spray | compresses | biomedical engineering products | transport coolpacks
    GERMANY - Ahaus
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  • For over 30 years, COMET-PUMPEN has been a leading German manufacturer of products for caravans, campervans and the leisure sector in Europe. Our product range comprises submersible and external... Supplier of: refrigerator fans | Submersible pumps | Plumbing, domestic | hose pumps | self-priming membrane pump [+] self-activating pumps | plastic rings for pressure fluids | cooker hood | caravaning - vehicles, parts and accessories | recreational vehicles - parts and accessories | accessories for campers | plastic tank | wash-hand basins | wall ventilator | small fans
    GERMANY - Pfaffschwende
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  • Pharmaserv Logistics provides customized logistics services and pre-wholesale solutions for the biotech and pharmaceuticals industries. The flexible and scalable Biotech Distribution Platform offers... Supplier of: refrigerated transports | Equipped offices and industrial premises - services | technical consultants in logistics and warehouse management | logistics advice-international project | facilities management services [+] logistic management consulting | technical consultants in logistics and warehouse management | pharmaceutical transport services | temperature-controlled transport services | customs clearing | packaging for the pharmaceutical industry | logistics for the pharmaceutical industry | frozen goods transport services | online shopping handling services | logistics advice
    GERMANY - Marburg
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  • KAG has been supplying sophisticated, customised and long-lasting reliable drive solutions for EC and DC motors from 2.5 W and over for 40 years. Kählig Antriebstechnik GmbH specialises in brushless... Supplier of: refrigeration cabinets | refrigerated cabinet | Medicine and surgery - apparatus and equipment | Medical electronics - apparatus and equipment | Warehouses - cold storage [+] Medical imaging equipment and instruments | climatic chambers | safe keeping cold room | climate chambers for scientific laboratories | air conditioning systems for protected crops | air-conditioning systems for it systems | air-conditioning systems for electric control cabinets | climatic chambers | it climatic chambers | cold-water sets
    GERMANY - Hannover
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  • Tiefkühlcenter (TKC) Bocholt GmbH and Tiefkühlcenter Everswinkel GmbH work in the field of temperature-controlled logistics, offering storage and a wide range of other services for cooled and frozen... Supplier of: industrial refrigeration | Warehouses - cold storage | Cold rooms | food packaging | frozen products warehouse [+] contract storage of food products | logistics for food products | logistics services | food packaging | packaging assistance | chilled goods storage | food packaging | freezer logistics | food product storage | cold stores
    GERMANY - Bocholt
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  • Development: We develop and manufacture high quality control cabinet components necessary for the safe and practical functioning of a controller or control system. This includes equipment as well as... Supplier of: Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial | Hi-fi, television and video accessories | Electricity - distribution equipment | Electrical components and parts | Electrical systems and equipment [+] Passive electronic components and printed circuits | Active electronic components | Domestic appliances - large | Domestic appliances - small | Industrial equipment hire | De-humidifying equipment | heating devices for electrical control cabinets | electricity cabinets | filter fans | air conditioning units
    GERMANY - Liebenscheid
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  • The Felss Group produces both metalworking machinery and components for various industries such as the automotive industry under the brand name Felss Shortcut Technologies. The company's technical... Supplier of: spare parts for refrigeration | Mechanical engineering - custom work | Presses, hydraulic | Prototypes, industrial | industrial cooling [+] transfer of complete production lines | car seat replacements | motorbike parts and components | replacement parts for diesel engines | pipe processing | mechanical engineering | components for air conditioning and ventilation systems | brake pipes | seat adjustment systems for vehicle seats | diesel injection pipes
    GERMANY - Königsbach-Stein
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  • GICAR designs and produces high-tech electronic solutions, both standard and to customer specifications. Gicar proposes innovative products and actively works together with each of its customers to... Supplier of: device for refrigerated counters | Automation - systems and equipment | Electronics - import-export | Automatic dispensers | Medical electronics - apparatus and equipment [+] industrial machines | volumetric counters | electronic device for washing machines | electronic device for industrial dishwashers | device for gastronomy ovens | electronic system for industrial driers | electronic system for medical sterilizers | electronic decanting device | temperature controls | regulators and sensors for coffeemakers
    ITALY - Merate
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  • TWS looks back on 30 years in the business of renting tank containers for liquid products to clients in the chemical and food industries. The modern fleet and innovative solutions offered by TWS... Supplier of: refrigerated containers for storage | Containers | containers for hazardous goods | store containers | fire-fighting water supplies [+] tank containers | containers for liquid food | stainless steel tanks for chemicals | stainless steel transport containers | tank hire | heating systems, mobile | container leasing | collecting trays for water pollutants | stainless steel transport containers for liquids | special containers
    GERMANY - Vellahn
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  • With an extensive program BEKO TECHNOLOGIES stands for compressed air technology "at its best". For more than three decades, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has developed, manufactured and sold high-quality,... Supplier of: domestic refrigerators | Pneumatic systems and tools | Filtering equipment and supplies | Compressed-air installations | Gas, compressed [+] Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Air treatment - equipment and systems | Gas filters | desiccation | metrology | compressed air filters | compressed air systems and equipment | condensers | membrane filters | filtering membranes
    GERMANY - Neuss
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  • Kreuzer International GmbH is one of the top hotel suppliers for the European hotel industry. From its headquarters in Austria and its subsidiaries in Germany and Italy, the company supplies to... Supplier of: refrigeration equipment | Hotels - furniture | Shower cubicles | taps and fittings | garden furniture [+] tables | padded furniture | bathroom radiators | lighting for hotels and restaurants | catering supplies (non-food articles) | hotel and gastronomy equipment | hotel rooms minibars | bathroom fixtures | safes for hotels and restaurants | climate control wine cabinets
    AUSTRIA - Pasching
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  • Welcome to Eumet Metallhandel GmbH! Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Outstanding product quality combined with high availability and fast service form the foundations of our company. Our... Supplier of: tubes for refrigeration technology | Pipes and tubes, aluminium | aluminium profiles | copper pipes | brass pipes [+] aluminium rods | copper sheets | brass bars | seamless aluminium tubes | fine copper tubes | copper nickel tube | titanium tubes | aluminium profiles, extruded | condenser pipes | brass plates
    GERMANY - Berlin
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  • Tastvin will custom create your wine cellar. One-off cellar custom made using exclusively high-performance environmentally-friendly materials, precise thermal control, digitally-controlled... Supplier of: Refrigerated display units and windows | wine refrigerator | wine case | wine cellars for ageing | modular wine racks [+] air-conditioned cabinets for wine | bespoke wine cabinets | wine rack | high capacity wine cellar organisation | bespoke wine cellar creation | large volume designer wine cellar | bespoke professional wine cellar | wine cellar with led lighting | french wine cellar manufacturer
    FRANCE - La Ciotat
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  • JNPF is an established holding and parent company with several subsidiary operations, primarily involving all aspects of transport and transport-related services. Whether in Europe or anywhere else... Supplier of: Refrigerated transport | Road transport | Road transport - logistical services | Transportation of goods by road - international | International transport agents [+] International couriers and delivery services | Express delivery services | Warehouses and bonded warehouses | Containers - maritime transport | Groupage services | express delivery service | express international mail | parcel shipment | urgent deliveries
    BELGIUM - Eppegem/ Zemst
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  • Chemogas fills gas bottles, blends, sells and distributes chemical gases all over the world. Chemogas supplies a wide range of gases, for example for sterilizing medical equipment, metal annealing,... Supplier of: Gases, compressed and liquefied | Liquid gas | Gases, medical | Gas mixtures | Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives [+] polyethylene | liquefied gases | ammonia | chemical gases | sterilizing gases | propylene oxide supplier | ethylene oxide supplier | methylamines supplier | hydrogen chloride supplier
    BELGIUM - Grimbergen
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  • Canis offers forwarding, transport and logistical services, and our company currently sells and carries goods of any weight and dimensions, also by express delivery. We easily adapt ourselves to new... Supplier of: refrigerated transport | Transportation of goods by road - international | transport services | express mail service | international forwarding [+] transport by tankers | carriage of goods | adr transport | national and international shipping | pallet transport | fuel tanks | transport | trucks | chemical and food transport
    POLAND - Cieszyn
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  • We design and manufacture extrusion moulds and offers different types treatments to profile sections and thermoplastic parts of various types: cutting, special treatments in collaboration with the... Supplier of: profiles for refrigeration | Structural shapes, plastic | Plastics - industrial products | Hoses, pipes and tubes - plastic | Plastic products for the farm-produce industry [+] pvc pipes | pvc profiles | polycarbonate profiles | abs profiles | plastic profiles | pmma items | plastic drawn items | door and window profiles | profiles for lighting
    ITALY - San Biagio Di Callalta
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  • We are constantly looking for new, avant-garde solutions for cooking, preparing and storing food, and we guarantee to provide the very highest levels of reliability and efficiency, coupled with... Supplier of: refrigerated counters for institutions | refrigerators for communities | Catering - machinery and equipment | cooking grills for communities | industrial kitchens [+] cookers for communities | machines and equipment for hotels, catering and public premises | freezers for communities | white goods for institutions | fryers for institutions
    ITALY - Vazzola
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  • Production and creation of small turned brass parts. Company specialised in precision turning and machining for plumbing, hydraulic valves, fittings and connectors. Supplier of: SMALL METAL PARTS | Gas fittings | turned small metal parts | brass rings | turned brass fittings [+] turned brass parts | brass parts | precision turning | metal turning | brass turning
    ITALY - Lumezzane
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  • International transport services. Correspondents: France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, UK, Greece, Austria, Spain, USA, China, Morocco, Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Barcelona, Bilbao,... Supplier of: Refrigerated transport | Road transport | Road transport - logistical services | transport | international road haulage [+] national courier | goods transport by sea | transport services in germany | transport to belgium | transport to spain | transport to holland | transport services in italy | transport to portugal | transport to france
    SPAIN - Badajoz
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