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    FRANCE- Lardier Valença
    HERBIOLYS LABORATOIRE - Verified by Europages

    Herbiolys Laboratoire was founded in 2004 by the coming together of botanists, ethnobotanists and pickers who were passionate about the plant world. Specialists in fresh organic plant extracts from...

    Supplier of: Herbs for medicines and cosmetics | Plants and herbs, medicinal | medicinal plant extracts | Organic cosmetics | Phytotherapy products [+] Food supplements | propolis | organic gemmotherapy laboratory | gemmotherapy | fresh bud glycerine macerate | organic phytotherapy | fresh organic plant complexes | organic flower essence | organic hive products | organic birch sap

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  • Phytoneering Extract Solutions GmbH specialises exclusively in plant extracts. We manufacture special extracts that are perfectly suited to the needs of our customers from various industries. In...

    Supplier of: Plants and herbs, medicinal | medicinal plant extracts | medicinal plant extracts | Extracts for pharmaceutical preparations | Condiments, extracts and spices [+] Extracts, food | vegetable extracts | botanic extracts | organic extracts | aromatic complements | aromatic products | raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry | biopharmaceutical products | parapharmaceutical products | distillates

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    ROMANIA- Suceava
    LUCAS WALD PRODUKTE - Verified by Europages

    Lucas Wald Produkte is a family business based in Bukowina, Romania. We are a producer of fresh, dried and frozen mushrooms and berries with over 10 years of experience in the business. We offer a...

    Supplier of: Berries | Crackers and snacks, salted | packed walnuts | walnut | candied fruit [+] walnuts | dried mushrooms | hazel nut pastries | spruce | black berries | frozen berries | boletus mushrooms | fresh mushrooms | mushrooms and berries | chanterelle mushrooms

    • Herbal Products Herbal Products
    • Spruce needles Spruce needles Dried spruce needles
    • Arnica flowers Arnica flowers Arnica Montana dried flowers
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    UNITED STATES- Cambridge, Ma
    KARALLIEF INC - Verified by Europages

    We are a US-based global researcher and distributor of scientifically-backed herbal extracts developed and manufactured by our partner business in India. Our partner business was founded in 1997 by...

    Supplier of: Plants and herbs, medicinal | herbs and herbal products | Food supplements | botanic extracts | beetroot extract [+] garlic extract | liquorice extract | herbal extracts | lemon balm extract | valerian root extract | rose hip extract | milk thistle extract | vitex negundo extract | horse chestnut extract | andrographis extract

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    RUSSIA- Omsk
    TORGINVEST - Verified by Europages

    The company “Tea World” is producers of tea and coffee products. We work for our consumers for 15 years and all these time we produce high quality products. Our products made a conquest of consumer...

    Supplier of: Plants and herbs, medicinal | Herb teas | medicinal herbs | Tea | Coffee and tea [+] Dietary and organic foods | tea, coffee and herbal teas | tea-based beverages | green tea | flavoured tea | tea serving | tea leaves | instant coffee | coffee production | sales of coffee

    Brands : SVAY Luxurious Tea Collection | SVAY Selective Tea Blends | ТМ TEAJOY’S | ТМ Tee Garten | ТМ Фруктовая линия ...

    • Green tea Green tea Tea "Fruit line" Assorted green. Classic. 25 sachets
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    RUSSIA- Goncharka
    IE MYTSYKOV V. M. - Verified by Europages of raw material processing: the plants are cut into particles sized 1.5-2 mm in order for the medicinal herbs to give all their advantages, taste and flavor to the beverage. The enterprise was founded in 2000 and has been creating the beverages of...

    Supplier of: Herb teas | Herbs for medicines and cosmetics | Plants and herbs, medicinal | medicinal herbs | sale of medicinal herbs [+] storage of medicinal herbs | Dietary and organic foods | Drink additives | ORGANIC FARMING | organic tea | calendola | stinging nettle | mint | infusions and herbal teas | natural foods

    • Herbal Bidens phytotea Herbal Bidens phytotea
    • Oak Bark phytotea Oak Bark phytotea
    • Creeping Thyme Herb phytotea Creeping Thyme Herb phytotea
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    AUSTRIA- Vienna
    RASIN IT GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...ANURAS is a supplier of Medicinal Herbs and Plants, Spices, Natural and Plant resins, Seeds and dried fruits since 2017. Our product range includes Saffron, Caraway seeds, Rosa Damascena buds, Galbanum,...

    Supplier of: plants and herbs, medicinal | medicinal herbs | Dried fruits | saffron | caraway [+] seeds | spices | natural resins | plant resins | natural gums | galbanum | asafoetida | damask rose buds | hoary basil seeds

    • Maidenhair Fern Maidenhair Fern
    • Henna Henna
    • Lemon Verbena Lemon Verbena
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    UNITED KINGDOM- Stockport
    ASCOT INTERNATIONAL - Verified by Europages

    Since 1996, ASCOT INTERNATIONAL is a well established supplier of raw materials. Our wide product range includes hygiene and dinsinfectants raw ingredients, ingredients for personal care products...

    Supplier of: Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | oral hygiene products | personal care and hygiene products | vitamins | chemicals for the cosmetics industry [+] chemical and pharmaceutical | organic and essential oils | disinfectant raw ingredients | cosmetic ingredients | sports nutrition ingredients | ingredients for health products | ingredients for the personal care industry | chemicals for health and nutrition products | hygiene raw ingredients

    • Methylsulfonylmethane Methylsulfonylmethane MSM 'The natural solution for pain'
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  • Abnaa Sayed Elobied Agro Export, established in April 2010, is an Agro Export company designed to make use of Sudan’s huge agricultural knowledge by exporting high quality agricultural proceeds to...

    Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | arabic gum | sesame seeds | senna pods | roselle [+] groundnuts | watermelon seeds | frankincense

    • SENNA PODS SENNA PODS A herb used widely in traditional medicines & modern drugs industry
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    POLAND- Busko-Zdrój
    ZIELPOL - Verified by Europages

    Manufacturer and distributor of dried herbs, fruits and mixtures for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Rich raw material resources extracted from the natural state from contracted,...

    Supplier of: Plants and herbs, medicinal | medicinal plants | medicinal herbs | dried herbs | organic herbs (bio) [+] Dried fruits | herbal products | herbal raw materials and natural resources

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  • A drying plant for vegetables and herbs with 40 years of tradition. The main product is leaf parsley, but the offer also includes: peppermint, lemon balm, lovage and pharmaceutical artichoke. We also...

    Supplier of: Herbs for medicines and cosmetics | aromatic herbs | drying of herbs and vegetables | herbs and spices | dried vegetables [+] packaged parsley | herbal teas | dried parsley

    • PEPPERMINT AND LEMON BALM PEPPERMINT AND LEMON BALM Mentha × piperita, Melissa officinalis
    • PARSLEY PARSLEY Petroselinum crispum
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  • Sino-Nature International Co., Ltd is a famous raw material supplier of botanical products in Europe. Our products include Chinese herbs, health food material, herbal tea material, spice and tea....

    Supplier of: Plants and herbs, medicinal | Spices | Condiments, extracts and spices | Coffee and tea | infusions and herbal teas

    • Eleutherococcus root Eleutherococcus root Powder
    • Licorice root natural Licorice root natural Powder
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    EGYPT- Alexandria

    *Egyptian Herbarium is a producer, processor, trader and exporter of fine quality (Organic & Conventional): Essential Oils, Culinary, Medicinal , Aromatic Herbs & Spices. Our product range includes:...

    Supplier of: Plants and herbs for perfumery | bio certified essential oils

    • Essential Oils Essential Oils essential oils, concretes, absolutes, extracts, hydrolates, botanical waxes
    • Basil Leaves, (Ocimum bsilicum , L.) Basil Leaves, (Ocimum bsilicum , L.) Prime quality, hand-picked air dried leaves of Sweet Basil
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    GEORGIA- Tbilisi

    Ltd Georgian Herbs has been established in 2012 by experienced wild harvesters and exporters of medicinal herbs. We specialize in collection, drying, production and export of natural wild berries,...

    Supplier of: Plants and herbs, medicinal | Liquorice | Dried fruits | Spices | mushrooms and berries

    • Nettle - Urtica Dioica Nettle - Urtica Dioica
    • Primrose roots - Primula Veris Primrose roots - Primula Veris
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    FRANCE- Manosque

    ...herb product (herbs and medicinal plants) and essential oil trading company. Alp’erbo is one of the three main wholesale companies for lavender and lavandin bouquets. Sales of these products...

    Supplier of: Herbs for medicines and cosmetics | Plants and herbs, medicinal | medicinal plants | Oils and resinoids | bio certified essential oils

    • Medicinal plants Medicinal plants Ginseng root (radix ginseng)
    • Medicinal plants Medicinal plants Rose petals (flores rosae)
    • Medicinal plants Medicinal plants Hawthorn (crataegus)
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    TURKEY- Istanbul

    RAHEB LTD - Afghanistan Licorice Exporter Company. Established as a trading company in 2006 in Mazar e Sharif, Afghanistan , Raheb LTD currently holds a premier and reputable position in exporting...

    Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | licorice roots | meyan kökü | afghanistan licorice roots | ratanjot

    • licorice roots licorice roots For Extract And Powder making
    • licorice roots licorice roots small sorted cuts
    • licorice root licorice root two inches cuts
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  • Our company, Myrtus Laurus Foreign Trade, was established with the aim of Agricultural Production – Industry Integration. It makes essential oils by steam distillation technique from medical and...

    Supplier of: Oils and resinoids

    • bay leaf pure essential oils bay leaf pure essential oils ready for sale 500 kg bay leaf pure essential oils
    • bay leaf pure essential oils bay leaf pure essential oils ready for sales 500 kg bay leaf pure oils
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    NETHERLANDS- Maastricht

    We are A.S.M. Trading Co. and our company head office is in the Netherlands and we are exporting most our products to the Europe and all over the world about 20 years. We are supplier of premium...

    Supplier of: medicinal herbs | Organic food | dried fruit | saffron | pistachio

    • Peppermint Oil Peppermint Oil Premium Quality Peppermint Oil
    • Damask Rose oil Damask Rose oil
    • Rose Water Rose Water Premium Quality Rose Water
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  • Ever since our beginning in 1968, Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation has continued the proud heritage of extracting alginate from seaweed. Today we grow to be one of the largest manufacturer and...

    Supplier of: Extracts, food | sodium alginate | fucoidan | alginate oligosaccharides | potassium alginate

    • fucoidan extract powder fucoidan extract powder laminaria japonica extract powder 85%
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    ADDFIELD are worldwide industry leaders in the design and manufacturing of animal, medical, aquaculture, mobile and bespoke incinerators. The original ADDFIELD Incinerator/Cremator was both designed...

    Supplier of: Waste and refuse incineration - plants | incinerators | animal waste incinerators | marine waste incinerators | medical waste incinerators

    • Addfield Medical Waste Incinerator Addfield Medical Waste Incinerator MP100
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    ALBANIA- Elbasan

    CELAHERBAL l.t.d company is established since 1995 like an organization which handles and trades with collecting, processing, storing, and wholesaling aromatic dried herbs. This company it's founded...

    Supplier of: Plants and herbs, medicinal | aromatic and medicinal plants | medical herb seeds | herbs and herbal products | aromatic and medicinal plant

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    UKRAINE- Novograd Volynsky City

    ...(washing, drying, cutting) of Medicinal plant/ herbs raw materials in Ukraine. The list of products: - Chamomile (Matricāria chamomīlla), flower, grass, scree. - Herba Hyperici (Hypericum perforatum), grass. - Thyme (Thýmus...

    Supplier of: Herbs for medicines and cosmetics | Plants and herbs, medicinal | Plants and herbs for perfumery | herbs and herbal products | raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry

    • Chamomilla Flowers Chamomilla Flowers
    • Chamomilla, harvest 2020, Ukraine Chamomilla, harvest 2020, Ukraine Chamomilla Flowers
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    We are a family farm that cultivate organic helichrysum italicum in its natural habitat where it grew years ago. Immortelle plants from this area produce high quality essential oil because of the...

    Supplier of: Plants and herbs, medicinal | essential oils | 100% natural essential oils | helichrysum | helichrysum italicum essential oil

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    CROATIA- zagreb

    Our Pharmaceutical Innovation Company in primary preventive healthcare ORANGE & GREEN is focused on our natural/organic products that can help people stay healthy and active for a longer time....

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | healthy and natural food | items for pharmacies | goat milk and medical herbs

    • Imunoalfa-innovative formula that boosts the immune system Imunoalfa-innovative formula that boosts the immune system International gold medal for innovation of a high quality natural supplement
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    RUSSIA- Astrakhan

    LLC Russolod is a young, vigorously developing company, which was created in August, 2012. The main activity of the company is production and export of a licorice root. The licorice root is widely...

    Supplier of: Plants and herbs, medicinal | medicinal plant extracts | aromas and essences for the confectionery industry | herbal cosmetics | therapeutic pharmaceutical products

    •  Licorice root Licorice root Licorice root (Glycyrrhizaglabra L)
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    GERMANY- Schöneck

    Bm Ingredients Europe GmbH integrates technology with the nature to ensure the supply of premium-quality plant extracts, herbs and oleoresins for Pharmaceuticals, Perfumery, Food and Dietary...

    Supplier of: Plants and herbs, medicinal | medicinal plant extracts | plants extracts herbs and oleoresins for food supplements | plant extracts and derivatives for perfumery industries | plant extracts and derivatives for cosmetic industries

    • Plant Extracts, Herbs and Oleoresin Plant Extracts, Herbs and Oleoresin Your Trusted supply source for Medicinal Plant Extracts, Herbs and Oleoresin
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    Company got its name from place where it comes from - Vitina. It is small and yet beautiful village in south-west Bosnia and Herzegovina, only 5 km from Croatian border. Vitaroma is a family-owned...

    Supplier of: Oils and resinoids | helichrysum italicum | immortelle | pure essential oil | organic certified

    • Essential oil Essential oil Helichrysum Italicum (Immortelle)
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    BULGARIA- Kazanlak

    Vesselino Ltd. is one of the leading Bulgarian exporters of a great variety of essential oils, floral water, dry herbs and spices. We are offering flexibility and possibility to negotiate each step...

    Supplier of: Plants and herbs, medicinal | Food supplements | essential oils | botanic extracts | bulgarian rose water for drinking

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    CROATIA- Hreljin

    We are a small company from Croatia that cultivates Helichrysum Italicum on an area of 4 hectares (a bit over 8 acres). We have started forming our plantation two years ago by preparing the terrain....

    Supplier of: Skin-care products | essential oils | 100% natural essential oils | helichrysum italicum | immortelle

    • Helichrysum italicum essential oil Helichrysum italicum essential oil 100 % pure, organic essential oil, steam distiled
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  • Hunan Huacheng Biotech, Inc. ( Huachengbio ) contribute to extraction, seperation, purifying of Herb Active Ingredients Extracts, strive to be an innovative and value added provider with fully...

    Supplier of: Plants and herbs, medicinal | plant extract | luo han guo extract | bio chemistry | botanical extract

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