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  • Supplier of: plastic packaging | Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | Metal packaging machine | Food packaging | Strapping, metal [+] packaging equipment | automatic wrapping machine | stretch wrap | pricing guns | barrier films for food packaging | packaging films for the food processing industry | trays for food packaging | films for packaging | packing labelling machines | strapping equipment for packing
    BELGIUM - Lot
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  • DeVe-Pack was set up in 1990. Our company has prospered on the strength of its years of experience and expanded its business through international markets. The customers deliver the raw materials to... Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | transparent packaging | precut packaging | Packaging contractors | Custom packaging [+] Fabrics, packaging | subcontract single-portion packaging in sachets | organic produce packaging | dose packaging | twin sachets | shaped sachets | tablet packaging | powders in sachets | granulate packaging | powder packaging
    BELGIUM - Kruishoutem
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  • MIMA FILMS is your pallet wrapping partner. We offer a complete solution: from designing your pallet to producing the most suitable plastic wrapping film and including supply the appropriate... Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Films for packaging | Thermos packaging, plastic | Films, plastic | packaging products [+] Films and sheets, plastic | Plastics - industrial machinery and equipment | pallet wrapping machine | semi-automatic wrapping machine | flexible packaging | machines for packaging | pallet packaging | packaging films for the food processing industry | packaging films | stretch films and wrap
    BELGIUM - Latour
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  • The JEDI Kunststofftechnik GmbH is one of the leading international manufacturers of soft PVC rolls, panels and sheeting as well as strip curtains of various widths. The recipe to JEDI... Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Tubes and pipes, rubber and plastic | Plastics - semi-finished products | Structural shapes, plastic | Films and sheets, plastic [+] Plastics - industrial products | Plastics - household products | Plastic coatings and laminates | Plastic floor coverings | plastic profiles | rigid pvc sheets | pvc panels | plastic panels | plastic sheeting, semi-finished products | pvc rollers
    GERMANY - Eitorf/sieg
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  • ...for over 35 years. We provide specially designed plastic trays for ready-cooked dishes and caterers who want to enhance the value of their products. PLASTOBREIZ manufactures eco-designed, versatile, functional and easily... Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | double shell plastic packaging boxes | plastic packaging and plastic trays for meat | plastic packaging boxes bottoms and covers | thermoformed plastic packaging for the food industry [+] packaging for meat | packaging for fish | packaging products | biodegradable packaging | fruit packaging | Food packaging | Food - import-export | plastic food containers | food-grade trays | packing
    FRANCE - Auray
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  • We have been active on the German and European packaging markets since 2005 with steadily growing success. This is largely thanks to our many satisfied customers. We provide films and bags 'à la... Supplier of: Flexible packing | Plastic packaging | textile packaging | vegetable packaging | fruit packaging [+] biodegradable packaging | packaging films | labels | flap pouches | bags with adhesive sealing | header bags | aluminium compound foil bags | envelopes, transparent | polybags | flat pouch
    GERMANY - Lübeck
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  • Transport packaging: Workpieces which have to be transported from workstation to workstation - or even out of the company for further processing - are at risk of damaging each other. Your components... Supplier of: Films, plastic | Plastic packaging | customised plastic packaging | plastic foldable packaging | plastic packaging for the food industry [+] plastic packaging materials | pet packaging | Forming - steels and metals | Plastics - industrial raw materials | Plastics - industrial machinery and equipment | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Plastics - semi-finished products | Blow moulding of rubber and plastic | bubble wrap films | plastic housings
    GERMANY - Offenburg
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  • ...a specialist in the sector of plastic packaging of every kind, we have focused on the production of round and rectangular plastic containers, plastic bowls, buckets for packaging, as well as sealed containers and rectangular buckets. We produce plastic packaging... Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | packaging material | Food packaging | covers for packaging | plastic boxes [+] plastic pails | plastic buckets | plastic trays | sealing bowls | lids for sealing bowls | packaging bucket | round plastic buckets | rectangular plastic buckets | square shaped plastic buckets | plastic bucket with handle
    GERMANY - Cuxhaven
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  • ...challenge to find the perfect plastic packaging for your goods. For over four decades, we have supported our customers in creating packaging solutions from plastic. Plastic packaging is a whole system which includes a sealing mechanism, decoration,... Supplier of: Plastic packaging | plastic packaging materials for the food industry | customised plastic packaging | plastic liquid packaging | r-hdpe bottles [+] marine plastic bottles | round containers | plastic canisters, drums and butts | buckets and beakers | adblue | closures | r-pet bottles | bottles for the drinks industry | dangerous goods packagings | pet plastic bottles
    SWITZERLAND - Pratteln
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  • ...of large-size plastic tare and packaging. Using innovative technologies I-Plast produces the unique kinds of polymer tare and packaging. The wide range of I-Plast products includes a few hundreds of titles such as large-size... Supplier of: Crates, plastic | Boxes, plastic | Plastic packaging | plastic packaging items | recyclable plastic packaging [+] Containers | Dustbins, waste bins | Sheets, plastic | packaging boxes | packing cases | packing and packaging containers | plastic packing accessories | plastic pallets for packing | plastic covers for packing | plastic containers
    RUSSIA - Republic Of Tatarstan
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  • YOUR PARTNER FOR: - PACKAGINGS - MOULDED PARTS - PRE-CUTS Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | containers, temperature insulating | eps packaging | rigid foam packaging | foam packaging [+] eps thermal packaging for food | moulded parts made of styrofoam® | bottle packaging made of eps
    GERMANY - Grünstadt
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  • From the very beginning, it was all about team work – in 1970, that meant Schmidt and Tabrizi. Until his departure in 1990, Peter Schmidt (+) and Mahmoud Tabrizi worked together to create the... Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Plastics - semi-finished products | Plastics - industrial products | Plastic floor coverings | Shop fittings [+] custom displays | esd workplace systems | laser cut-outs made from acrylic glass | protective covers for machinery | acrylic glass processing | development and design | component optimisation | material selection consultation | demand-based product development | acrylic glass containers
    GERMANY - Fürth
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  • iMed is an expert supplier of technical precision parts and assemblies made from plastic in small-, medium- and large-scale series for use in key industries. As a system supplier, iMed can look back... Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Moulds and patterns | Hand tools, non-power | Portable power tools | Rubber and plastic - processing [+] Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | Plastics - industrial raw materials | Plastics - industrial products | Plastics - household products | Plastic floor coverings | quick prototyping | die-cast tools for metals | large milled parts | plastic injection-moulded parts for small batches | rapid tooling (for prototype initial samples)
    GERMANY - Köln
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  • DENTIS srl mechanically recycles used PET bottles with its long experience enabling it to obtain a very high quality final product comparable to that of virgin polymer. Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | steel packaging | plastic | Processing and recycling of waste | recycled polyethylene terephtalate [+] collection of plastics | recycling of pet bottles | mechanical recycing of pet | rpet flakes | sorting recovery and recycling | polyester flakes | plastic recycling | pet flakes | pet packaging | polyethylene terephtalate
    ITALY - Sant'albano Stura
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  • 1999 by a group of industrialists from the world of recycling in order to set up a partnership adhering to the required standards in waste collection and processing and plastic PET packaging. Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | steel packaging | Processing and recycling of waste | collection of plastics | recycling of pet bottles [+] mechanical recycing of pet | pet flakes | polyester shavings | plastic recycling | pet flakes | selection of plastic materials | recovery of plastic materials | recycling of lpde | recycling of hdpe | recycling of pvc
    SPAIN - Chiva
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  • Rotofil has worked cutting plastic film since 1980. The company is based between the provinces of Cremona, Mantua, Reggio Emilia and Parma. It is in the business of converting plastic films for food... Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Films, plastic | flexible plastic packaging | Films and sheets, plastic | Food packaging [+] packaging films | micro-perforated film | co-extruded polypropylene | polypropylene packaging | packaging for foods | food-grade polypropylene packaging | co extruded plastic films | plastic cups | cutting of plastics | polyester for pallet wrapping
    ITALY - Casalbellotto-Casalmaggiore
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  • Welcome to JFILMS, a plastics processing company that has been based in Grandris in the Azergues Valley (Rhone) for more than 40 years. JFILMS specializes in making PROTECTIVE FILMS AND TARPAULINS... Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Custom packaging | plastic pails | pails | construction pails [+] low density polyethylene buckets | flexible polyethylene pails | heavy-duty polyethylene pails | graduated plastic buckets | plastic buckets for heavy-duty professional use | silkscreen marked plastic buckets | plastic buckets for harvesting fruit | plastic buckets for feeding cattle | plastic buckets for animals | plastic grain and cereal buckets
    FRANCE - Grandis
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  • Origin Pharma Packaging is a leading pharmaceutical packaging company in the UK, who work across the globe. We design and manufacture pharmaceutical packaging for global pharmaceutical packaging... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, plastic | plastic packaging | packaging | Custom packaging | Packaging, glass [+] packaging design | plastic containers | polypropylene bottle | safety closures for packing | pharmaceutical packaging manufacture | packaging for the pharmaceutical industry | packaging for the healthcare industry | hdpe bottles | ldpe bottles | pet bottles
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  • ...cakes, confectionery, fish, meat, ice-cream, dairy produce, soups, salads, herbs and medicines.Our plastic packaging can be hot-filled and is liquid- and air-tight, microwave-safe and BRC certified. Supplier of: Boxes, plastic | Plastic packaging | Packaging | Plastics - packaging | plastic packaging producer [+] plastic packaging for food processing | plastic packaging for medical applications | Food packaging | Custom packaging | Custom packaging - companies | packaging for the food-processing industry | food packaging | transparent packaging | industrial packing | plastic injection
    DENMARK - Randers Sv
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  • Kharkov Himprom Ltd. – a state-of-the art Ukrainian company specializing in the designing and manufacture of plastic containers for storage and transportation of liquid chemicals and food products.... Supplier of: Plastic packaging | Casks, barrels, drums and cans, plastic | plastic packaging for cosmetics | Food packaging | airtight packaging with tamper proof closure [+] canisters | containers for hazardous goods | oil containers | plastic containers | plastic containers for cosmetic uses | plastic containers for food-related uses | plastic containers for foods | plastic containers for pharmaceutical uses | plastic work | flexible containers for liquid fertilisers
    UKRAINE - Vasyshchevo, Kharkov Region,
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  • This is made possible by in-house tool manufacturing and a flexible team. You can respond to new trends and implement completely new innovations. We will help you to do this – quickly, reliably and,... Supplier of: Boxes, plastic | Bottles and jars, plastic | Packaging | Plastics - packaging | Tubes and pipes, rubber and plastic [+] Plastics - industrial raw materials | Plastics - industrial products | Plastics - household products | Plastic coatings and laminates | Plastic floor coverings | Packaging materials - paper and cardboard | Industrial equipment hire | production of tools | bottles and jars for pharmaceuticals | pots for the cosmetics sector
    GERMANY - Rotenburg
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  • Flat film, half tubes, flap pouches, header pouches. maropack has been manufacturing high-quality, highly transparent flat pouches, header pouches, bottom folding pouches, half tubes and rolls of... Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | envelopes and bags for packing | printed film | taping | semi-tubular films [+] polypropylene film | copolymer | minitickets | flat pouch | greetings card packaging | flap pouches | polypropylene pouches | dispenser film | film blank cuts | flat films
    GERMANY - Andernach
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  • A name that has sounded good since 1885. It is not a sheer coincidence that Bechtold & Sohn can look back on a long and successful history. Now in its fourth generation, the family-run company will... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, plastic | plastic packaging | Biochemistry - products | injection moulding | biotechnology [+] sealants | plastic boxes | plastic bottles for laboratories | medical systems | plastic material processing | plastic articles
    GERMANY - Beerfelden
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  • Wild design is a leading manufacturer of packaging and displays for watches, jewellery, pens, coins and medals, as well as medical and dental equipment. Since 1924, the company has provided an... Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Clock and watch supplies | Holders and cases - custom packaging | display | jewellery display cases [+] jewellery boxes | can | holster | watch cases | plastic boxes | plastic box | plastics manufacturing | packing boxes | custom boxes | packaging boxes
    GERMANY - Lichtenau
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  • Welcome to Oskar Pahlke GmbH. Thank you for your interest in our products. We will be happy to answer your questions. Please contact us. Our products include: • Laminated foams • Technical foams •... Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Sponges | Rubber and plastic - processing | polyethylene | polyurethane foaming [+] gasket padding | working of foamed plastic filtering elements | sponges for cleaning jobs | polyurethane scenery accessories | viscose | laminated foams | technical foams | foam polishing wheels | tiling sponges | foam rubber case inserts
    GERMANY - St. Katharinen
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  • INDE PLASTIK has been providing plastic processing services for over 30 years. As an important producer and processor in the fast food segment, we have earned ourselves an excellent reputation as... Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | plastic foldable packaging | eps packaging | pet packaging | packaging for gastronomy [+] plastic food containers | tray sealers | polystyrene foam packaging materials | disposable forks | single use spoons | single-use knives | disposable thermal meal trays | fast food packing | plastic disposable cutlery | eps thermal packaging for food
    GERMANY - Aldenhoven
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  • JSC „LITCHEMA“ is Lithuanian capital company, which was established as a globally oriented plastic raw materials: Polyethylene (LLDPE LDPE HDPE MDPE), Polypropylene, Polystyrene (HIPS and GPPS),... Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Polymers | Granules for plastics | Import-export - rubber and plastic products | Plastics - industrial raw materials [+] Polystyrene | Polyethylene | Plastics - semi-finished products | Plastics - industrial products | polypropylene | ldpe and hdpe bags | polyvinylchloride | polyethylene granules and pipes | suspencion pvc
    LITHUANIA - Kaunas
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  • ...Lindner Companies stand for innovative plastic packaging that is processed by extrusion blow moulding and injection moulding. In our printery we are embellishing plastic bottles and other plastic components using the screen... Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Plastics - industrial products | Silk-screen printing | nebulisers-atomisers | canisters [+] spraying systems, industrial | synthetic caps | plastic boxes | nebulizer pumps | bottle caps | laminated sachets for liquid substances | plastic bottles for laboratories | childproof caps | scrap materials | soap dispensers
    GERMANY - Augsburg
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  • ...1 supplier of high-quality hard plastic packaging for the tooling industry. Plastic packaging from rose plastic protects your products optimally and combines functionality with sales-promoting product presentation. Our... Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Plastic packaging | Packaging | plastic packaging | customised plastic packaging [+] plastic packaging materials | tool packaging | packaging for tools | packaging sleeves | development of packaging | primary packaging | plastic case | flexible packaging | packing chains | packing containers
    GERMANY - Hergensweiler
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  • Kunststoff-Extrusion Lehmann GmbH is a new, young and innovative family company, but its experience and knowledge is a tried and tested process that has continually developed over decades. We produce... Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Extrusion, plastics - machinery | Seals and packing material | Rubber products | Tubes and pipes, rubber and plastic [+] Plastics - construction industry | Structural shapes, plastic | Plastics - industrial products | Plastic coatings and laminates | Plastic floor coverings | plastic gaskets | plastic profiles | extrusion of plastic profile sections | coextruded plastic profile sections | plastic profiles, extruded
    GERMANY - Blankenfelde-Mahlow
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