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  • Since 1879, the Thaëron family has extended its expertise and business. Today, the company sells oysters, mussels, shellfish (raw and coodked) and crustaceans (raw and cooked) as well as a range of... Supplier of: producer of brittany oysters | producer of flat oysters from brittany | producer of cupped oysters from brittany | packing of flat oysters for shipping | producer of packed breton oysters [+] producer of fine belon oysters | supplier of cupped belon oysters | thaeron: wholesale fish merchant and breton oyster farmer thaeron | supplier of shellfish and crustaceans from brittany | brittany seafood wholesalers | shellfish and crustacean wholesaler brittany | producer of cupped oysters riec-sur-belon | oysters, shellfish and crustaceans finistere | Shellfish and crustaceans | Fish - import-export
    FRANCE - Riec Sur Belon
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  • LM shellfish producer and shipper for 2 generations. Located in the heart of L'Anse de Carteau in the Camargue, by the lakes and lagoons around Port-Saint-Louis. We breed Perle de Carteau at sea at... Supplier of: oysters | carteau oysters | mediterranean oyster producer | diploid oyster producer | camargue oyster supplier [+] oyster farmer | camargue oyster farmer | bouches du rhône oyster producer | oysters shellfish 13 | fresh oysters packed in wooden crates | camargue oyster trays | oyster packing for shipping | camargue oyster producer | Shellfish and crustaceans | Fish - import-export
    FRANCE - Port St Louis De Rhone
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  • Oasi Gargamelle is an Oyster farm based in the natural Park of Gargano, in the south or Italy. Class A water quality and the peculiar lagoon salinity give our sea fruits a special flavour. All the... Supplier of: oyster producer | flat and cupped oysters | Shellfish and crustaceans | fresh shellfish
    ITALY - Cagnano Varano
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  • Supplier of: oysters | oyster producer | Shellfish and crustaceans
    FRANCE - Lège Cap-Ferret
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