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  • ...products for kitchen and food industry hygiene: detergents, de-scaling agents and cleansers. Automatic hand-driers, paper and cloth towels, powdered, cream or liquid soap, toilet paper, industrial... Supplier of: production of industrial detergents | sanitizing detergents | washing detergents | natural detergents | industrial detergents [+] hand detergents | detergents for the food and canning industry | production of concentrated detergents | haccp detergents | production of degreasing detergents | production of disinfecting detergents | production of dishwasher detergents | detergents | Towel and soap dispensers | softeners
    ITALY - Settimo Milanese
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  • Ecochem is the result of extensive work by chemists, technicians and specialists in the detergent sector to create high grade technoclogical and environmentally-friendly cleaning systems in... Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | production of industrial detergents | organic detergents | detergents for the food and canning industry | ecological detergents [+] industrial detergents | floor detergents | swimming pool chemicals
    ITALY - Romano Di Lombardia
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  • customers in the washing product and detergent industry, hygiene industry and food industry. Thanks to our many years of experience and continuous improvement of our products, we are now among the leading manufacturers of single-use products such as wet... Supplier of: detergents | Cleaning and maintenance - equipment and supplies | Skin-care products | packaging to order | powder fillers [+] wipes | body care - products | individual wipes for glasses | wipes for glasses | antibacterial wipes | hand disinfectant | powder products for soft drinks | bath salts | rags | instant chocolate
    GERMANY - Ranstadt
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  • ...for the chemicals industry (cleaning products, detergents.. ) cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. To expand our range, we distribute on behalf of Esteryfil, the manufacturer of filtration equipment for wines and... Supplier of: Bottling and filling - machinery and equipment | Food canning and preserving - machinery and equipment | Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | Chemicals and pharmaceuticals - packaging machinery | Oenology - machinery and equipment [+] Beverage industry - machinery and equipment | Brewing - machinery and equipment | labellers | capper threader | pilferproof cap crimper | automatic bottle cap crimper | screw stopper turrets | distributors of closures and stoppers | stopper, capper, screw threading machine | bottling and packing line
    FRANCE - Nissan-Lez-Enserune
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  • Our company, HERMES® Fassadenreinigung, is based in Brachthausen near Kirchhundem in the heart of Germany's South Westphalia region. We are the experts to turn to for everything concerning cleaning... Supplier of: detergents | industrial cleaning products | Cleaning machines, industrial | Water purification - systems and equipment | façade cleaning [+] water treatment | watering hose winder | high pressure washes | effluent and wastewater treatment | wastewater treatment products | water jet nozzles | cleansing-disinfecting cleaners | facade cleaning equipment | facade cleaners | facade protection
    GERMANY - Kirchhundem
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  • BIOSID is characterised by ecologically clean manufacturing processes and products with the highest standard of quality and effectiveness. The use of innovative technologies and a clear orientation... Supplier of: Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | detergents for motor vehicles | detergent for machines | land reclamation works | disinfection agents [+] range of ecological cleaners | anti-graffiti coating (service) | anti-graffiti coating agents | machines for cleaning and disinfection | biopolymers | disinfectants for the beverage industry | disinfectants for the food processing industry | disinfectants for agricultural operations | disinfectant dispensers | facade cleaning equipment
    GERMANY - Berlin
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  • We manufacture generators and accessories for ultrasonic technology and induction heating and have been known as a reliable partner for industry and trade since 1990. Our products are developed,... Supplier of: industrial detergents | manufacturer of janitorial products for industrial premises | Cleaning machines, industrial | ultrasound washing | ultrasound cleaning equipment [+] pipes cleared | cleaning | industrial washer | constructor of drying machinery | oscillating elements | induction heating systems | ultrasonic homogenisers | ultrasonic transducers | ultrasonic cleaning systems | ultrasonic module generators
    GERMANY - Karlsbad
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  • Welcome to Ravensberger Wachs-Chemie B. Seidel GmbH u. Co KG! Thank you for your interest in our products. We will be happy to answer your questions. Just get in touch! Our production range of... Supplier of: Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | industrial detergents | Seals and packing material | Cleaning and maintenance products, household | polish, household [+] industrial glues | small tubes for packaging | putties, glues and silicones | cleaning products for hands | industry cleaner | hand-basin | chemical solvents | floor care products | contract filling of tubes | floor cleaner
    GERMANY - Werther
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  • Manufacturer of chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting. Products for the hotel industry, automobiles and the industrial sector in general. Floor treatments, floor washing, scouring and waxes. At... Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | industrial chemical products | cleaning products | paint removers for wood | degreasers [+] sanitisers | chemicals for cleaning | car cleaning
    SPAIN - Vacarisses-Barcelona
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  • Spanish company specialised in the manufacture and distribution of cleaning products for the public and private sectors. We supply industrial cleaning solutions. We have over 30 years experience in... Supplier of: Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | purifying detergent | production of degreasing detergents | multi-surface purifying products | hand soap [+] all-purpose degreaser | professional cleaning products | deodorants
    SPAIN - Guitiriz (lugo)
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  • Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | Cleaning and maintenance - equipment and supplies | Protective and work clothing | dishcloths
    FRANCE - Aubagne
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  • Supplier of: Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | detergents | Lubricants, graphite | Disinfectants, non-medical | drain clearing products
    GERMANY - Kamen
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  • Supplier of: Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | detergents and degreasing - professional | Scouring - steels and materials | Disinfectants, non-medical | manufacturer of cleaning products
    GERMANY - Grevenbroich
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  • ...chemical detergents doe commercial and industrial application sector, led by two generations of our family. In 2001, we were certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN 14001 (quality and environmental management). We consider ourselves a... Supplier of: Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | detergents | organic detergents | industrial detergents | industrial detergents [+] industrial cleaning products | detergent for stainless steel | detergent for industrial washing systems | detergent for machines | detergent for metals | special detergent | Glass and mirrors - cleaning products | industry cleaner | hydropolishing machines for industrial cleaning | cleaning methods
    GERMANY - Heilbronn
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  • ...cosmetic, detergent and cleaning agent industry in Wahlstedt, located in the Segeberg district of Germany. After initially focusing on contract manufacturing/production, Davimed has since concentrated on... Supplier of: raw materials for soaps and detergents | Perfume | flavourings | biological oils | perfumed oils [+] fragrances | essential oils | flavourings for oral hygiene products | flower essences | fragrance products for interiors and cars | fragrances for the wellness sector | cosmetic skincare products | special cosmetic products | microencapsulation for fragrances | perfume oils
    GERMANY - Bad Segeberg
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  • ...foodstuffs including beverages and nutritional products. We are the specialists for high-quality and sustainable FMCGs with USP and we also relaunch your recipes for success according to ecological standards. We ensure the quality of your... Supplier of: development of detergents | Development and research strategy | Outsourcing - product development | Drinks | development and manufacture of cosmetics [+] management consultancy | raw materials | development of business segments | innovations | structure reforms and process optimisation | chemical consultancy services for companies | development of specialist chemical products | product development, technical, of food products | counselling | cosmetic products
    AUSTRIA - Salzburg
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  • ...for the perfume industry, cosmetics and detergent products. Supplier of: fragrances, essences, perfumes, for distributors of chemical products and manufacturers of perfumes, cosmetic, scented candles, air fresheners, household... Supplier of: fragrances for detergents | Essences and fragrances - nonfood | Perfumes - essences and scents | fragrances for candles | scents and essences - perfume [+] fragrances | manufacture of essences | manufacture of fragrances | export of essences | export of fragrances | fragrances for candles | essences for candles | ambient fragrances | essences for ambient scenting | fragrances for aromatherapy
    SPAIN - Gandía-Valencia
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  • ...of supplementary products and industrial hygiene material. Over 1, 000 items. Detergents, washing-up products, graffiti removal products, air-fresheners, disinfectants, hand gel, grease removal products and... Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | detergents | Cleaning, industrial | Cleaning machines, industrial | Insecticides [+] cleaning articles | waste baskets for garbage | degreasers | scale-removers | proportioning devices | abrasive and polishing products | cleaning products | non-fabric fabric napkins | paper napkins | cleaning machines
    SPAIN - Cheste-Valencia
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  • ...and the reliability and value for money of our products and services. GELLO stands for Gel Logistics. The gel technologies of GELLO® GmbH encompass expert implementation of gels for wide-ranging applications. While... Supplier of: Disposable medical and surgical articles | Refrigerated transport | conducting gel | products for medical analyses | disposable articles [+] warm/cold compresses | ultrasound gel | medical compresses | technical gels | ecg consumables | gels | electrode spray | compresses | biomedical engineering products | transport coolpacks
    GERMANY - Ahaus
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  • ...basic products to the paper and board industry, as well as detergents, ceramics, concrete, flame retardants and other specialist industries. Mare takes pride in being a supplier than understands its... Supplier of: industrial chemical products | Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | chemical additives | glues | glues for paper manufacturing [+] chemicals for the textile industry | adjuvants for water treatment | cmc (carboxymethylcellulose)
    ITALY - Milano
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  • ...IMPORTING AND EXPORTING FISH PRODUCTS FROM MOROCCO, TUNISIA AND EGYPT. IT ALSO DISTRIBUTES AND EXPORTS INDUSTRIAL DETERGENTS, DEGREASING AGENTS AND COSMETICS. SKILL AND PROFESSIONALISM. CONTACT US! Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | Fish, frozen and deep-frozen | Food specialities | Fish, tinned | fish product [+] wholesale of frozen fish | frozen butchered products | frozen fish products
    ITALY - Polla
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  • ...oil and lubricants, urine and detergent products. The 40 years of professionalism with which we have design and researched technical innovations has cemented our place as a benchmark in our industry. Supplier of: Engines & Parts | Generating units | marine caps | motorcycle caps | petrol caps [+] fuel caps | caps with key | tanks caps | level indicators | diesel caps | filler caps | fuel tank caps | protective fillers | flush-fit fillers
    ITALY - Castel Maggiore
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  • ...adhesives, paints, textile & plastic industry. Product details available in catalogue comprising triacetin, citric acid, phosphonates, GLDA, TAED, STPP... Distribution of post-consumer PVB for the injection, extrusion & molding... Supplier of: Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | Chemistry, organic - raw materials and derivatives | Chemical waste - collection and recycling | carpet and artificial grass compounds | phosphonates [+] triacetin | citric acid and salts | apg (alkyl polyglycosires) | glutaraldehyde | glda (glutamic acid, n,n-diacetic acid, tetrasodium salt)
    BELGIUM - Waregem
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  • ...local authorities. We sell industrial detergents for dishwashers, cleaning companies and vehicles, products for packing and shipping, cleaning machines and equipment. Giuliattini also offers a hire service... Supplier of: Detergents and soaps - professional | Cleaning machines, industrial | machines for industrial cleaning | hydropolishing machines for industrial cleaning | floor washers for industrial cleaning [+] vacuum cleaner for industrial use | floor cleaners and driers | floor cleaner hire
    ITALY - Viciomaggio-Civitella In Val Di Chiana
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  • ...and sells civil and industrial detergents and cleaning products, as well as equipment for daily use, automatic detergent dosing systems for dishwashers and a complete line of paper for hygiene and... Supplier of: Water treatment products

    Brands : 3M | CUKI | HOOVER | VDM | VILEDA ...

    ITALY - Roma
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  • 1983, with 100% private investment,  in Industrial Zone of Semnan province, I.R. Iran. CCPC began its activity as the first private company producing chlorine and its derivatives with the benefit of modern technology in the Chlor-Alkali industry. Currently our Company, with the development of... Supplier of: Inorganic bases and compounds | caustic soda naoh flake | soda caustica | soda caustica rivenditorie
    ITALY - Verona
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  • ...miner, cabinets, trolleys) for the electronic industry TRESTON GROUP ( FINLAND)and ER-SA ELEKTRİK get along with being agent. At the year 2007 with AIDACOM (FAR EAST ) company, every kind of ESD product to the electronic... Supplier of: Welding, soldering and brazing - equipment and supplies | de-soldering apparatus for the electronic sector | soldering - irons and guns | soldering equipment for electronics | pcb assembly
    TURKEY - Istanbul
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  • ...end user's demands and have served the following industries such as: PVC Pipes and Sheets Manufacturing, Plastics and Polymers, Paints and Coatings, Rubber Industry, Agricultural (Fertilizers), Solvents, Foam and Resin Industry, Soap and Detergents,... Supplier of: Granules for plastics | supplier of chemicals polymers and fertilizers | sourcing procurement logistics supply | polymers and chemicals | raw material ldpe hdpe lldpe hdpe
    AUSTRALIA - Hammond Park
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  • ...liquid soaps, shower gels, shampooings, liquid detergents, hand cremes, conditioners, surface cleaners, glass cleaners, air fresheners, paper napkins, paper towels and toilette papers for home and industrial usage . We have a wide range of products... Supplier of: Hygiene and beauty articles | personal care and hygiene products | wet wipes | cosmetic | sanitary paper
    TURKEY - Sultanbeyli
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  • ...natural light — eliminating the need for heavy detergents, surfactants and acids. Our coatings remove pollutants like nitrogen oxides from the air, helping to reduce smog and related acid rain. NanoPhyll's... Supplier of: Industrial resin coatings | self cleaning and self sterilizing coatings | anti-microbial coating for ceramics | self-cleaning cement | roof and infrastructure coatings
    CANADA - Montreal
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