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    ROMANIA- Baia Mare
    COLORICIO.SRL - Verified by Europages

    ...salt, salt tablets and industrial salt, edible salt and pharmaceutical salt. We carry out strict controls to ensure the quality of our products and are proud to be certified according to IFS, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and GMP...

    Supplier of: Salt, industrial | industrial salts in tablet form | table salt | food salt | edible salt [+] road salt | de-cing salt | salt tablets | kitchen salt | Steel | Pipes and tubes - ferrous metal | Pipes and tubes, steel | Seamless pipes and tubes - ferrous metal | Pipes and tubes - non-ferrous metal | Pipes and tubes, aluminium

    • Salt Tablets & Industrial Salt Salt Tablets & Industrial Salt
    • Edible Salt (Table Salt / Kitchen Salt) Edible Salt (Table Salt / Kitchen Salt)
    • High-Purity Pharmaceutical Salt High-Purity Pharmaceutical Salt
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  • supplements, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and under the brand Lohtragon® for industrial applications all over the world. The consistently high quality of mineral salts, continuous innovations in production processes...

    Supplier of: Salt, industrial | mineral salts | Pharmaceutical products | Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products | iron [+] zinc | magnesium | copper

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  • NUWEN, a subsidiary of the Roullier group is an international specialist working for industrialists. We produce and import mineral raw materials in the field of water treatment and industries. We...

    Supplier of: Salt, industrial | Water treatment products | Water softeners | Natural polymers | Treatment of industrial waste water [+] swimming pools - water treatment | calcium carbonate | alginates | import-export of raw materials | calcium carbonate producer | supplier of water treatment solution | natural water softening solution | natural swimming pool treatment solutions | lithothamnion | natural raw material for water treatment

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  • Life without salts is unthinkable; we encounter them wherever we go. They make floor coverings hard, textiles soft, streets safe, cellars dry and even regulate the level of acidity in your stomach....

    Supplier of: Salt | Salt, industrial | de-icing salts | sodium chloride | calcium chloride [+] bath products | magnesium chloride | sodium nitrate | brine | calcium chloride hexahydrate | plastics recycling | magnesium chloride hexahydrate | grit for winter road maintenance | tanker transport | tank hire

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  • Production of high-purity salts. Here, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride play a key role. In addition, we also dissolve, crystallise, dry, pulverise, pre-pack and repack for you. Our entire...

    Supplier of: Salt, industrial | Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | calcium chloride | sodium sulphate | magnesium sulfate [+] inorganic chemicals | inorganic chemistry - acids | alkalis - inorganic chemistry | chemicals for the cosmetics industry | chemical products for the pharmaceutical industry | chemical additives for the food and canning industry | inorganic acids | potassium and derivatives | ammonium chloride | potassium chloride

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  • Supplier of: Salt, industrial

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  • Supplier of: Salt, industrial | road salt | table salt | gem salt

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  • Supplier of: Salt, industrial

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  • Nowadays, the metallurgy industry is facing new challenges that require us to provide a comprehensive, committed and sustainable response. At Insertec we respond to these changes by adapting our...

    Supplier of: Smelting furnaces | industrial furnaces | refractory materials | aluminium recycling | aluminum recycling plant

    • Refractory solutions Refractory solutions Refractory Engineering - Efficiency - Safety
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    We at UKBCC Ltd are a marketing, Trading and consultancy company which works to develop products and business in the international markets. 1.We are licensed UK and EU suppliers of: Medical and...

    Supplier of: road salt | Medical and surgical optics - instruments | Fruit, frozen and deep-frozen | interior design products | designer carpets

    • Rock salt for snow removal  (road) Rock salt for snow removal (road) Rock salt for snow removal
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    From our strategic facilities in both Belfast harbour, Northern Ireland and Belview Harbour in Waterford, Republic of Ireland, Wilson Salt stock, manufacture, pack and deliver a wide range of salt...

    Supplier of: road salt | Import-export - chemicals and pharmaceuticals | large grain washed sea salt | water softener salt | fine grain washed sea salt

    • PDV Water Softening Tablets PDV Water Softening Tablets Size, Category
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    ...Salt Those forms are used for De-icing, industrial uses for the petrochemical industry, the water softening industry and for the food industry. We are ready to send a sample of our salt for you to check the purity and moisture content. As Siwa salt company we are looking to establish a strong partnership in marketing and...

    Supplier of: Salt | industrial salt | siwa salt | high quality | biggest salt distributer in the middle east

    • Tablet Salt (Water Softener) Tablet Salt (Water Softener) Suitable for all water softening systems
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    EGYPT- Cairo

    Dear Sir, - We would like to introduce our Company "Omega Line Egypt" as An Exporting Company for all Types of Salt - Omega Line Egypt " is one of the leading companies which is working...

    Supplier of: Salt, industrial | vacuum salt | washed salt | raw salt

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  • ... - Agriculture. - Manufacturing and other industrial processes. - Crude Salt. Our Rock Salt Specifications: - Product Type: Rock Salt. - Place of Origin: Siwa, Egypt. - Form: Solid. - Purity:...

    Supplier of: industrial salt | deicing salt - snow melting salt | rock salt | raw salt - crude salt | Inorganic bases and compounds

    • Industrial & Deicing Rock Salt Industrial & Deicing Rock Salt Rock Salt - Industrial Salt - Deicing Salt
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  • PAG 91 D.O.O.
    CROATIA- Pag

    ...production facilities are located in important industrial towns, Rijeka (in the Grobnik area) and Split (in the northern sea port). At our production and storage facilities, we organize the complete salt production and...

    Supplier of: Salt, industrial | Salt | food salt | table salt | road maintenance salt

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    CYPRUS- Aradippou, Larnaca manufacturing plant, located in Larnaca Industrial area. The company's products are more than simple salt, as the company constantly identifies new local and global trends and needs. SAILOR salt 1kg nylon bag sea...

    Supplier of: Salt | industrial salts | table salt | iodised salt | refined sea salt

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  • ...offer a comprehensive range of services in the industrial, pharmaceutical and food industries. Our products are sourced from leading manufacturers worldwide, and therefore provide maximum quality. We provide a...

    Supplier of: Salt, industrial | Minerals | potassium ores | potassium and derivatives | magnesium

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    TURKEY- Eskisehir

    ...salt company of production and sales of industrial salts in Turkey. • We have 3 different production plants located in 3 different areas. • 10.000 MT production capacities as monthly • ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificates • In addition to our...

    Supplier of: Salt | industrial salts | industrial salts in tablet form | table salt | retail salts

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    TURKEY- Istanbul salts for water conditioning, industrial, de-icing, animal nutrition, swimming pools, food and health and beauty applications. Our range of products includes block salt, tablet salt, industrial salt, deicing salt , gourmet salt and...

    Supplier of: Salt, industrial | vacuum salt | dishwasher salt | water purification and treatment | all types of salt

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  • ...manufacturing enterprise, located in the industrial area of Larnaca - Cyprus, with a factory area of 10, 000m2. Various sea salt products in different product package. It is worth mentioning that we produce different kind of salt accordingly with the...

    Supplier of: Salt | industrial salts | table salt | sea salt flakes | organic sea salt

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    CYPRUS- Aradippou manufacturing plant, located in Larnaca Industrial area. The company's products are more than simple salt, as the company constantly identifies new local and global trends and needs. The increase in demand for natural products has led us to join forces with SALINITY...

    Supplier of: Salt | industrial salts | flakes salt | water softener salt | cyprus sea salt flakes

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    LIBYA- Tripoli

    Good day, We are a Libyan company in the field of salt Our company is REEFALSALT TRİPOLİ LİBYA SEDY ALMASRY DİSTRİCT We own the biggest pond in the country Our annual production is over two milion...

    Supplier of: Salt, industrial | exporting salt in bulk | exporting tablet salt | exporting commercial salt | exporting deicing salt

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    SWEDEN- Gothenburg

    Worldwide SALT Distribution Company EUROSALT mission is to supply high quality SALT to the required specification, at the most competitive price Our team is specialised in offer you the best salt option for your needs -Welcome to Eurosalt - Smart Salt Solutions As an...

    Supplier of: Salt, industrial | rock salt | de-icing | worldwide salt distribution company

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    SPAIN- Granollers-Barcelona, water softening, swimming pools or industrial salt , our range of technical specifications, types of salt (marine or mineral) and available packaging (bulk, big bag, 25Kg and 10Kg bag) will bring you for sure a complete satisfaction. Specialties rock salt,...

    Supplier of: Salt, industrial | rock salt | road salt

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    TURKEY- Istanbul

    Our company authority, examines your salt plants and systems in the place and offers you the most suitable , dynamic and functional solutions as a special.According to this understanding we developed...

    Supplier of: Salt, industrial | food salt | salt machines

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  • ISO international quality certificate.EUR reach certification. SHIJIAZHUANG XINGHAIGAOKE NON-METALLIC CO., LTD. is a private joint-stock enterprises with the major product of mica powder and barium...

    Supplier of: Salt, industrial | barium sulphate | mica powder

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  • Shifang Kanglong Chemical Co., Ltd is a professional phosphate chemicals manufacturer. The company has independent import and export rights, the products are exported to Europe, America and...

    Supplier of: Salt, industrial

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  • Snow melting/road deicing salt and industrial both are produced on most modern and state-of the -art machinery.Raw rock, lake and sea salts are processed, refined, additives added and than packed for shipment worldwide.Deicing...

    Supplier of: industrial salt | deicing salt | Chemicals - import-export

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    EGYPT- Cairo

    Capleo United is a leading company in exporting of egyptian Salt based in Cairo, Egypt.We are engaged in offering a wide variety of salts such as Raw Salt, Crushed Sea (Marine) Salt and Rock Salt.Our...

    Supplier of: industrial salts | Chemicals - import-export | road maintenance salt and sand

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    EGYPT- Damietta

    Dear all We are company produce rock and sea salt both from our land very clean washed in our land to sure that very clean from sand or any impurities and to increase the specifications rock salt...

    Supplier of: Salt, industrial | deicing salt

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