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    ITALY- Lonato Del Garda
    RTG DI ROMANO & C. S.N.C. - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: sandblasting industrial paint | sandblasting | sandblasting of metals | Sand blasting - steels and metals | machining aluminium and iron

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  • Specializing in subcontractor work deburring cast parts (ductile, steel, aluminium). Full service capability includes machining. Finishing work on cast parts from 20 g to 5 T. Surface treatments...

    Supplier of: sandblasting industrial paint | Sand blasting - steels and metals | metal deburring | trimming

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    GERMANY- Köln

    Supplier of: sandblasting industrial paint | sandblasting of metals | Sand blasting - steels and metals | building sand blasting

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    ITALY- Tavullia

    Supplier of: sandblasting industrial paint | Sand blasting - steels and metals | Varnishing - steels and metals

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    ITALY- Ozzano Dell'emilia

    Supplier of: sandblasting industrial paint | sandblasting of metals | sandblasting | Sand blasting - steels and metals | gravelling

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    GREECE- Thessalonikh

    Supplier of: sandblasting industrial paint | Painting - contractors | paints for aluminum

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  • ZKM
    UKRAINE- Lvov

    Supplier of: sandblasting industrial paint | Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories | machines for metal spark-erosion

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    UNITED STATES- Houston
    JENESSCO INDUSTRIES, INC - Verified by Europages

    ...we have become the world´s largest producer of sandblast cabinet gloves and other blasting safety sundries. Jenessco offers : Sandblast gloves, Drybox and General purpose gloves. Our safety blasting apparel...

    Supplier of: sandblast capes | paint socks | sandblast gloves | Gloves | Protective and work clothing [+] nitrile gloves | neoprene gloves | blast cabinet gloves | blast suits | bullard | spray socks | dry box sleeves | aqueous blast cleaning | glovebox gloves

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    ITALY- Biassono
    BALLESTRACCI S.R.L. - Verified by Europages the sector of metal painting and sandblasting, with guaranteed innovative technologies allowing to obtain long-lasting results. Having at its disposal numerous and specific equipment and plants, such as industrial...

    Supplier of: sandblasting of metals | painting | Sand blasting - steels and metals | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Heat treatment of steels and metals [+] metal treatments | metal polishing | surface treatment of metals

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    FRANCE- Gretz-Armainvilliers

    ...Silver Plating, Gold Plating, Chrome Plating. Painting: Lamellar zinc spraying Deltaprotekt, Zintek, Primer, Epoxy, Powder, Heat Lacquering. Preparation and finishing: Stripping, Degreasing, Shotblasting,...

    Supplier of: sandblasting | Electrolysis - surface treatment | phosphating | coppering | gravelling

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  • increased portion of renewable components 4. Paints, glues, coatings: fillers to replace starch, calciumcarbonate and other conventional ingredients 5. Natural abrasives: for polishing, sandblasting and...

    Supplier of: Additives, dyes and pigments - industrial | abrasive and polishing products | cosmetic fillers | fillers | powder fillers

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Ellesmere Port

    ...with full C.E Certification. We provide sandblasting cabinets and shot blasting equipment for a wide range of industries including aviation, stone engraving, motor restoration and surface preparation. Our plastic media blasting...

    Supplier of: Blast cleaning equipment | Water degreasing - equipment and installations | engraving cabinets | degreasing washers | shot blasting equipment

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    TURKEY- Antalya in 2019. In addition to the existing painting, sandblasting, bending and insulated glass production lines, new CNC cutting line (HEGLA) and edge processing line (BUSETTI), drilling, and...

    Supplier of: Glass | turkey laminated glass | turkey tempered glass | turkey insulated glass

    Brands : Levent Cam

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    LATVIA- Adazi

    ...profile cutting, welding and milling, as well as sandblasting of metal parts, powder painting, galvanizing and other related services. We also provide control of welded joints, in accordance with the...

    Supplier of: Steel | cnc cut

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    TURKEY- Ankara

    ...drying booths since 1994. DURSTSAFA is procucing industrial plant’s surface treatment, phosphating, ktl, sandblasting, painting and drying booths. SAFAKABIN is a pioneer company in the sector with more than 1000...

    Supplier of: Surface treatment - machinery and equipment | shot-blasting machines | paint booth | paint spray booth | surface pretreatment

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    ESTONIA- Tallinn

    ...OÜ/Ltd. is offering painting and sandblasting services for metal industry. We carry out business with our experienced workers both as subcontractors and rental labor. Our painters are capable of performing...

    Supplier of: industrial painting | sandblasting | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating

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    GERMANY- Solingen
    INTEC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Innovative and individual We have been developing and engineering preservation and coating systems since the 1980s – and under the name inTEC since 1995. Make your individual projects a reality with...

    Supplier of: industrial painting booths | industrial paint drying ovens | paints | paint lines | Varnishing equipment [+] Paint drying ovens | Automatic piloting equipment | continuous-flow dryers | chain conveyors | paint line | anti-corrosion | varnishing | coating systems for tubes | paint-spraying equipment without compressed air atomization | continuous painting systems

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    GERMANY- Klipphausen

    TOPLAC is your capable partner for all matters relating to automotive and industrial paints, painting accessories, vehicle and boat care and the development and construction of individual painting...

    Supplier of: painting | industrial painting booths | air filters for paint mist filtration in paint spray booths | Paints and varnishes | painting and enamelling articles [+] spray guns for painting | suction cases | painting booths for vehicle bodywork | water paints | paint for special environments | paintpots | vehicle paints | corrosion protection paints | paint shop requirements | spray booths for motor vehicles

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  • RGENAU INDUSTRIES KG, a medium-sized company from Saxony with an international orientation, offers a comprehensive portfolio of services in various sectors. The company focuses in particular on...

    Supplier of: Industrial paintings | painting (service) | Silk-screen printing | Pad printing | wet painting [+] industrial design | furniture painting | plastic components for medical technology | plastic powder coating (service) | rim-moulded polyurethane parts | leaf gilding | cnc machining in wood | design varnishing | final fitting for yachts | large part painting

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  • Radar Company was established in 1993 as a small research and production enterprise. From the very beginning we have been manufacturing powder coating spraying equipment under the “START” brand. For...

    Supplier of: Industrial paintings | Industrial sprayers for surface treatment | Paint spray guns and accessories | Painting machinery and equipment | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating [+] Paints and varnishes | Painting - contractors | rustproofing paint | painting and enamelling articles | booths for powder painting | oven drying paints | paints for metal | paint spraying for the building trade | systems and machinery for painting metals | equipment for surface treatment

    • Portable powder coatings spray complex Portable powder coatings spray complex DemoCoat
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    RUSSIA- Nevinnomyssk
    HIMPRODUCT, LLC - Verified by Europages

    KhimProdukt LLC manufacturing company was founded in 2006. Its main activity is the production of paint materials: - waterborne paints, - alkyd paints, - acrylic primers, - anti-fungus, -...

    Supplier of: paints | paint for industrial use | Paints and varnishes | Solvents and thinners | Disinfectants, non-medical [+] Paints, oil-based | Emulsion paints | washable paints | paints for iron | antiseptics | wall painting | wholesale of paints | technical solvents | cooking vinegar | paints - production

    • Paint for wet rooms Paint for wet rooms
    • Facade paint Facade paint
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    ITALY- Bassano Del Grappa
    ADESIV  SRL - Verified by Europages

    Adesiv was founded in 1971, producing adhesives for various industrial sectors. Over time, Adesiv's constant commitment to research resulted in products that, thanks to their level of quality,...

    Supplier of: paints | paint for industrial use | Glues, adhesives and applicators | Varnishes | glues and sealants [+] adhesives for special applications | adhesives for furniture factories | primer | special paints | floor protection systems | water paints | insulating paint | adhesives for wood flooring

    Brands : ADESIV

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    PORTUGAL- Maia
    BLASQEM, LDA. - Verified by Europages

    BLASQEM is the specialist in shot blasting, abrasives and surface treatment equipment. The company provides its services to professionals in the most demanding industries. Her know-how helps to...

    Supplier of: Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Metallurgy and iron and steel industry - machinery and installations | equipment for surface treatment | shotblasting equipment | metal surface treatment - machines and equipment [+] pickling booth and tank | metal, stainless steel and steel pickling | abrasive sanding equipment | abrasive manufacturer | shot blaster manufacturer | pickling room manufacturers | shot blasting and abrasives | sand jet cleaning - steel and metal | water jet cutting systems

    • Glass shots and abrasives Glass shots and abrasives Glass microbeads Abrasive
    • Glass shots and abrasives Glass shots and abrasives Glass beads Abrasive
    • Vegetal shots and abrasives Vegetal shots and abrasives Walnut Shells Abrasive
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    GERMANY- Bräunlingen-Döggingen
    FREILACKE     EMIL FREI GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    FreiLacke has stood for innovative paints and coatings since 1926. The family-owned company has already entered its third generation and develops customised solutions for clients from the wheel and...

    Supplier of: Industrial paintings | paints | Plastics - industrial raw materials | industrial lacquers | composites [+] coatings | anti-corrosion | varnishing | liquid paints | powdered lacquer | electrocoating | system coatings | powder coating | lacquer manufacturers

    • System-coatings System-coatings System coatings – various coating systems, one look
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  • Verniciatura Fabbri Srl Divisione Liquido is a company that handles industrial painting and liquid painting. Whatever your need, you'll always in us a reliable partner that can give you the answers...

    Supplier of: Industrial paintings | painting | Varnishing - steels and metals | spray paints | liquid painting [+] plastic material painting and varnishing | third party painting

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  • AJKA F.P.H.
    POLAND- Siepraw
    AJKA F.P.H. - Verified by Europages

    We specialize in the manufacture of paintbrushes, brushes and brooms for sweeping and distribution of painting and construction tools. Modern machinery. Paint brushes and brushes are made in series...

    Supplier of: building industry chemicals and paints | building industry foil and paint foil | Brushes and paint brushes | Paint brushes and rollers | Building hand tools, non-power [+] brushes | manual tools for the building industry | paper tapes and painting tapes

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    ITALY- Gualdo Cattaneo
    M.B. MECCANICA BORDONI - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Industrial paintings | industrial painting booths | Painting machinery and equipment | equipment and machinery maintenance for painting on metals | automated painting systems

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    ITALY- Ozzano Dell'emilia

    Supplier of: Industrial paintings | industrial painting | Varnishing - steels and metals | spray paints | painting of tanks

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    ITALY- San Felice Sul Panaro
    SABVERNICIATURA S.R.L - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Industrial paintings | painting | Painting machinery and equipment | booths for painting systems | liquid painting systems and machinery

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  • Supplier of: Industrial paintings | industrial painting booths

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