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  • PROGRESS SILICONES has been specialised in the manufacture of silicone parts and other elastomers for industry and the medical sector since 1985. PROGRESS SILICONES designs, manufactures and sells...

    Supplier of: Silicones | Rubber - technical items for industry | Rubber and plastic - processing | Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | Extrusion of rubber and plastic [+] Rubber - medical articles | Rubber and plastic cutting operations | cleanroom production environment | elastomer parts produced from drawings | silicone injection and compression | manufacture of silicone joints from drawings | inflatable silicone joint | elastomer parts for industry | silicone parts for the nuclear industry | silicone parts for cosmetics

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    GERMANY- Weinheim
    MVQ SILICONES GMBH - Verified by Europages

    MVQ SILICONES develops technical solutions with silicone products for every industrial sector, from the automotive, astronautical and aeronautical industries through to the pharmaceutical and food...

    Supplier of: Rubber seals | seals | silicone seals | special seals | Rubber - technical items for industry [+] Silicones | Inner tubes | silicone | silicone gaskets | silicone extruded | silicon pipe | silicone belts | silicone sheets | silicone foam rubber | silicone foam items

    • Silicone Seals, Washers and Gaskets Silicone Seals, Washers and Gaskets Silicone Seals, Washers and Gaskets
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  • DEME
    FRANCE- Beauchamps
    DEME - Verified by Europages

    Manufacturer of standard and bespoke joints (disc or shape and products to plan made from all flexible materials. We provide a wide range of cut products, from simple fibre fitting joints to complex...

    Supplier of: Seals | gas seals | plumbing connector seals | gas fittings and seals | hose seals [+] synthetic fibre seals | cutting of standard seals | flat seals for gas meters | gas meter seals | watering hose joints and seals | flat gas seals | flat meter seals | flange seals | waste trap seals | Rubber and plastic cutting operations

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    GERMANY- Bottrop
    IBK WIESEHAHN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Quality is the best connection. IBK WIESEHAHN GMBH is a family company and has been committed to finding contemporary solutions in industrial engineering for 50 years – supported by experience and...

    Supplier of: Seals | Rubber seals | metal seals | fibrous material seals | Compensators [+] plastic materials | hydraulic hoses | spiral wound gaskets | taps and fittings | metal hoses | industrial gaskets | stainless steel corrugated hoses | metal equalisers | stainless steel hoses | flat gasket

    • PTFE Sealings PTFE Sealings PTFE Sealings, PE-TE-Flex Sealing Tape
    • Graphite seals Graphite seals Graf-Flex-SP2 seals, Graf-Flex smooth sheet seals, Graf-Flex foils/plates
    • Gasket / Seal Gasket / Seal Profile overview
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    GERMANY- Mengerskirchen
    HEINZE & STRENG GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 1994, Heinze & Streng sees itself as an internationally operating and innovative trading company with many years of experience and interdisciplinary expertise in the wire and cable...

    Supplier of: Seals | Chains | copper pipes | high-performance ceramic | straps [+] lubricant | encoders | flyer bows, stranding bows, carbon bows | nickel bands, copper bands, nickel rings | contact tubes/nickel tubes for annealing | annealer tubes | annealer rings, contact rings, copper rings | drawing tools, drawing cones, drawing rings | carbide-coated drawing rings | ceramic-coated drawing rings

    • Seals, Axial face seals, Lamellar rings Seals, Axial face seals, Lamellar rings Seals, o-rings, shaft seals, acid-resistant design, mechanical seals
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    GERMANY- Medebach
    WINTERBERG & KNAPP GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Winterberg & Knapp GmbH stands for over 25 years' experience in working with sealing components with vulcanised rubber, dust caps and plastic articles for fastening elements to roofs, on façades and...

    Supplier of: Rubber seals | Seals | sealing washers | Hardware, building construction | rubber-metal connections [+] tool manufacturing | façade building | façade engineering washers | fasteners | fastening tools | punching technology | hanger bolts | plastic cover caps | flat gaskets

    • Fastening plate Fastening plate
    • Seals Seals
    • Sealing discs Sealing discs
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  • manufacturing and trading in the following seals: Axial face seals, compression gland packing, stamped flat seals, PTFE (Teflon®), graphite seals, as well as spiral seals, and we additionally stock flat gasket...

    Supplier of: Seals and packing material | Sealing rings | Seals, mechanical | Seals | seals [+] gaskets and seals | rubber sealing rings | manufacture of seals | pure graphite seals | mechanical seal repairs | thread seal tape | sealing technology | Joints, hydraulic | rubbercloth gaskets | metal ring joints

    • Mechanical Seals Standard Mechanical Seals Standard
    • Compressor Mechanical Seals Compressor Mechanical Seals
    • Mechanical seals for the shipping industry Mechanical seals for the shipping industry
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    GERMANY- Hammelburg
    SCHMITTER HYDRAULIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We are a prominent German supplier of fluid-related systems and components, with a focus on hydraulics and pneumatics. In these areas, we provide specialised high-quality services. Our national and...

    Supplier of: seals | Hydraulic equipment | Manometers | adapters | hydraulic filters [+] hydraulic units | hydraulic clutches | hydraulic pumps | hydraulic hoses | hydraulic cylinders | industrial hoses | ball valves | metrology | tube clamp staves and rings | pipe unions

    • Seal-Set for Oilmotor MR-B Seal-Set for Oilmotor MR-B Sealing kit
    • Seal-Set for Oilmotor MR-B Seal-Set for Oilmotor MR-B Sealing kit
    • F 4/8 fibre gasket F 4/8 fibre gasket Sealing rings
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    GERMANY- Taunusstein
    BEKU DICHTUNGSELEMENTE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...since specialised in the CNC manufacturing of seals and sealing elements, predominantly in the area of hydraulics. However, we also supply seals for pneumatics and general mechanical engineering applications. We are in a...

    Supplier of: Seals | piston seals | rod and piston seals (lip seals) | rotor seals | tduo double cup seals [+] special seals | shaft seals | sealing rings | sealing washers | v-j945rings | sheared gaskets | plastic balls | hydraulic accessories | scrapers | support and guide rings

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    GERMANY- Bruchköbel
    EPA GMBH - Verified by Europages

    As a specialist in the field of electronic drive technology, we see ourselves not only as a component supplier, but also as a systems provider. Starting with engineering, through consultation and...

    Supplier of: Seals | Filtering equipment and supplies | filters | frequency regulators | inductance [+] sheared gaskets | air filters | air filters | power chokes | starters | protective wire testing instruments | testing instruments | sine filters | emc filter | development of inductive construction components

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  • For over 50 years, KNAPP Wälzlagertechnik GmbH has been a market leader in the procurement and provision of roller bearings and linear components. We are a development-oriented specialist for roller...

    Supplier of: Sealing rings | Seals | gaskets and seals | shaft seals | shaft seal rings [+] Plain bearings | spherical plain bearings | bearings, ball | needle roller bearings | needle roller bearings | articulated heads | ball-type nipples | linear guides | cpm bearings | slewing rings

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    GERMANY- Mittenaar-Ballersbach
    HAARMANN GMBH  & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    Hose and sealing technology. Haarmann has been handling the distribution products from the broad main areas of tubing and sealing technology since 1994. Our customers come from a wide variety of...

    Supplier of: Coatings, putties and sealing products | Seals | Seals and packing material | joint sealing tapes | sealing profiles [+] silicone sealing products | Inner tubes | Industrial equipment hire | rubber tubes | high-temperature insulation products | silicon moulds | silicone sealants | silicone rubber | symmetrical flexible hose couplings | plastic pipes for air ducts

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  • DMH SYSTEM provides a seamless single-source system from the customer request through to the finished seal, in order to fulfil the customer's request simply and quickly. It is the interplay between...

    Supplier of: Seals | sealing technology | lathes for manufacturing seals | large seals | Machine tools - metal shaping [+] Wire drawing and wire rod working machines | Machine tools, metal shaping - parts and accessories | cnc turned parts | c.n.c milling | moulded rubber parts | o-rings | cnc processing | cnc boring | cnc cut | cnc turned titanium parts

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    GERMANY- Hoisdorf
    ZMO GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ZMO GmbH is a service provider for the printing industry with its headquarters in Hoisdorf, Schleswig-Holstein. We manufacture and repair spare and wear parts for printing machines and folding...

    Supplier of: Printing and setting - machinery and equipment | products made from vulkollan® | cutter bars for paper cutting machines | spare parts for packaging machines | plastic moulded parts, customer-specific [+] moulded parts made from vulkollan® | spare parts for typographical machines | plastic moulded parts | plastic precision parts | metal-plastic compounds | precision parts for special mechanical engineering | custom-made plastic products | plungers, flexible | specialised mechanical engineering | precision parts

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    GERMANY- Weil Im Schönbuch
    OVE PLASMATEC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    OVE specialises in the activation of plastic parts and the coating and treatment of surfaces of elastomers, moulded parts and O-rings used in industry. Our specialist knowledge of how to reduce...

    Supplier of: Seals | elastomer seals | coated seals | Coatings, plastic | elastomer-coated fabrics [+] spreading plastic materials | coatings | plasma treatment | surface treatment | spray techniques | elastomer coatings | coating with lubricating paints | surface coatings | surface coating with teflon® | contract coating of plastics

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  • Our underlying concept: - Combining high-grade materials with cutting-edge processing technology - Customer-oriented advice - Implementation of special specifications and requirements of our users -...

    Supplier of: Seals and packing material | Seals | seals, asbestos-free | seal systems | threaded seals [+] mechanical seals | graphite sealing panels | Weatherproofing contractors | spiral wound gaskets | industrial waterproofing | custom packages | sealants made of polytetrafluorethylene (ptfe) | gasket sheets | flat gaskets | degreasers

    • Regulation and Monitoring System Regulation and Monitoring System for Sealing Water Characteristics
    • Fabric seals Fabric seals
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    GERMANY- Wuppertal
    HUEHOCO GMBH - Verified by Europages

    HUEHOCO. Experts in coil coating. With over 90 years of experience, HUEHOCO is a driving force within this sector. Thanks to our extensive history, our customers benefit from the expertise of a...

    Supplier of: Seals | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | coil coating | coil coating | rubber-metal parts [+] shims | adhesion promoters | decorative coating | adhesive-coated tape | adhesive-coated punched parts | rubber-metal joints | rubber-metal bearings | bearing | vibration absorption | coated slotted bushes

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    GERMANY- Kassel
    SENIOR FLEXONICS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    For over 100 years, we have been an international specialist in metal hoses, metal bellows and expansion joints. We develop and produce components and systems for industrial applications. Since 1994,...

    Supplier of: seals | Compensators | hydraulic hoses | exhaust gas compensators | exhaust gas tubing [+] exhaust air tubing | extraction hoses | plumbing | chemical tubing | steam hoses | sealants made of polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) | compressed air tubing | stainless steel valves | stainless steel compensators | stainless steel hoses

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    GERMANY- Heimstetten
    CHETRA DICHTUNGSTECHNIK AG - Verified by Europages

    ...high quality and high capacity mechanical seals. Our products and solutions meet the most demanding technical requirements. CHETRA offers wide-ranging expertise and experience covering the main branches of industry, while guaranteeing...

    Supplier of: Seals, mechanical | seals | sealing elements | pure graphite seals | seals, mechanical, for pumps [+] seal systems | sealing technology | threaded seals | mechanical seals | radial shaft sealing rings | seals for the gas supply | seals for the food industry | seals for plate heat exchangers | graphite sealing rings | shaft seals

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  • EMFI
    FRANCE- Haguenau
    EMFI - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 1965, EMFI is located in Haguenau in Alsace. The company specialises in the production of adhesives and mastic for industry, construction and transport. EMFI produces polyurethane mastic,...

    Supplier of: Seals | Coatings, putties and sealing products | Glues, adhesives and applicators | Building glues | Putty [+] Applicators for adhesives and glues | vinyl glues | mastics for construction work | parquet glues | industrial glues | glue gun | expansion joints | glue applicators | spray adhesives | industrial glues

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    GERMANY- Bondorf
    BUCK GMBH & CO KG - Verified by Europages

    Be it technologies, products or materials, Buck is here to help with a special range of services: Thanks to our own mechanical engineering, we can offer you highly attractive solutions with our...

    Supplier of: Seals | seals for extreme applications | Technical textiles | drop separators | basalt [+] fibre composite materials | technical grade textiles | oil mist collectors | vibration measuring technology | vibration dampers for pipelines | carbon-fibre-reinforced plastics (cfrp) | carbon products | damping systems for machinery | knitted wire mesh | emc shielding

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  • Manufacture and sale of cellular elastomers in the form of stamped parts, cut-outs, self-adhesive rolls, etc. We are a medium-sized family business manufacturing all products from cellular rubber,...

    Supplier of: Seals | rubber silicone seals | sealing strips | Rubber - transformation into semi-finished products | Wadding material, waterproof [+] plastic, expanded | foams, synthetic | silicone foam items | cnc punched parts | stamping parts | silicone rubber | natural rubber | rubber items for industry | rubber transformation | silicone rubber gaskets

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    GERMANY- Pulheim
    RISIUS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    At Risius GmbH, we set ourselves the task of proficiently solving technical challenges in the high-temperature and sealing technology sector, as well as providing our customers with expert...

    Supplier of: Seals and packing material | Seals | seals | fireplace seals | sealing sleeves [+] sealing technology | Wadding material, waterproof | Asbestos-replacement products | bands for technical uses | fibreglass fabrics | glue | mats | paper | ceramic fibers | woven glass tape

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    GERMANY- St. Katharinen
    OSKAR PAHLKE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Welcome to Oskar Pahlke GmbH. Thank you for your interest in our products. We will be happy to answer your questions. Please contact us. Our Products: • Industry and engineering > Sound...

    Supplier of: foam seals | Plastics - packaging | Sponges | Rubber and plastic - processing | polyethylene [+] polyurethane foaming | gasket padding | working of foamed plastic filtering elements | sponges for cleaning jobs | polyurethane scenery accessories | viscose | foams, synthetic | protective packaging | plastic foam | laminated foams

    • Technical applications products Technical applications products Seals / vibration and shock absorbing parts
    • Technical applications products Technical applications products Seals made of PUR or PE foam
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  • The bdp Group, founded in 1992 and comprising 150 employees, is based in Berlin with over 14 further offices in Bulgaria, China, Germany, Poland, Spain and Switzerland. The subsidiary bdp Mechanical...

    Supplier of: Copper and copper alloys | automotive, light and heavy-duty | quality management, supplier audit | model development for industrial products | locking sleeve, egr components [+] drive, brake system and absorption parts | die casting; high and low pressure | chill casting, die casting | die-cast aluminium, aluminium alloy | zinc, zinc alloy | rail; absorption parts, brake system parts | e-mobility; cast aluminium, such as battery holders | energy, gas and liquid transport | valve components; housing, lid | investment casting and precision casting; steel, stainless steel

    • Sealing Sealing For valve
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    GERMANY- Aalen
    FRANKE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Manufacturing and distribution of custom bearings as bearing elements, thin section bearings, slewing rings, angular contact ball bearings and linear systems made of aluminium. Our products include:...

    Supplier of: Bearings, antifriction | Bearings, ball | linear guides | linear systems | cpm bearings [+] round tables | storage solutions | bearings for robotics | wire race bearings | bearing elements | large gears | ball bearings made of stainless steel | linear units | roller linear guides | maintenance-free linear guides

    • Seals Seals Accessories
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    GERMANY- Bad Kreuznach
    FRANK EUROPE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    - The patented FRANK showcase system - The FRANK showcase system features our unrivaled slide-in technology. It requires no screws or gaskets for dustproof and airtight storage and preservation....

    Supplier of: seals | silicon seals | compression seals | brush seal | Display windows [+] transparent partitions | dividers | design showcases | glass showcases for museums | glass display cabinets | wall-hung display cabinets | perspex objects | showcases | museum showcases | showcases for trade fairs and exhibitions


    • FE-03TK silicone hollow chamber seal transparent FE-03TK silicone hollow chamber seal transparent Silicone hollow chamber seal with self-adhesive spine, transparent-Oddy tested
    • FE-S2 - Brush seal FE-S2 - Brush seal Attachment to window edges - Oddy tested
    • FE-S1 Compression seal FE-S1 Compression seal Suitable for blunt connections - Oddy tested
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    SWITZERLAND- Egliswil
    KLINGER AG EGLISWIL - Verified by Europages

    Your specialist for high-temperature sealing laminate and rubber-coated sheets Klinger AG Egliswil, founded in 1980, is a company in the globally active KLINGER Group. It is the Group's centre of...

    Supplier of: Seals and packing material | Seals | sealing materials | Wadding material, waterproof | waterproofing covers [+] sealants | spiral wound gaskets | waterproofing | graphite | gaskets for motor vehicles | components for the automobile industry | joints | sealants for construction work | insulating joints | gaskets

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    GERMANY- Bünde
    J. SCHWARZ GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The company Josef Schwarz was founded in 1978. Thanks to a flexible market orientation and a needs-based focus, the range developed quickly from collapsible boxes to plastics processing and classic...

    Supplier of: Seals | heat-seal mylar | Plastic material processing | Printing - digital | Silk-screen printing [+] Pad printing | laser cutting | silk-screen printing on plastic materials | plastics manufacturing | laser cutting | acrylic glass | plexiglass | laser cut-outs made from acrylic glass | plastic milled parts | insulating foil

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  • Just like the people we collaborate with on a daily basis, each task and every one of their projects is complex and unique. This is why we at Knippenburg Armaturen have made it our top priority to...

    Supplier of: Seals | Plumbing, industrial | Cocks and valves | Compensators | Taps - adjustable controls [+] Screws | butterfly valves | motors for industrial valves | valve manufacture | percolator | solenoids | counter flange | welded structures | membrane valves | flue gas valves

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