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  • Factory for gear, open and full band hexagonal head clamps. Endless fastening band with clips. Endless open belt. Single or double loop clip rings. Standard and stainless steel collars for tight... Supplier of: sealing ring | Hardware, building construction | cabling for electrical systems | fitting | pipes for watering systems [+] water pipes | plastic fittings | nylon tube clamps | systems and equipment for watering gardens | connectors for metal tubes | pipe | openwork band | nylon | belt with raised edges | tube fittings
    ITALY - Menzago-Sumirago
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  • Badische Bautechnik GmbH was founded in Offenburg in 1968 and has had its head office in Willstätt since 1984. Here, it has built a name for itself amongst industry specialists as a leading... Supplier of: Concrete preparing - machinery and equipment | Concrete mixers | Concrete pumps | Building materials, manufacture - machinery and equipment | Construction machinery [+] Concrete constructions | pipes | cleaning accessories for concrete pumps | scraping paddles for concrete mixers | cement mixers | concreting - equipment and materials | manufacture of cement pump and cement mixer spare parts | truck mixer parts | couplings for concrete conveying pipes | connection systems for adapting pipes
    GERMANY - Willstätt (eckartsweier)
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  • Manufacturer of standard and bespoke joints (disc or shape and products to plan made from all flexible materials. We provide a wide range of cut products, from simple fibre fitting joints to complex... Supplier of: Seals | gas seals | plumbing connector seals | gas fittings and seals | seals cut to order and specifications [+] hose seals | synthetic fibre seals | cutting of standard seals | flat seals for gas meters | gas meter seals | watering hose joints and seals | flat gas seals | flat meter seals | flange seals | seals for butane/propane flexible pipe
    FRANCE - Beauchamps
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  • For over 100 years, we have been an international specialist in metal hoses, metal bellows and expansion joints. We develop and produce components and systems for industrial applications. Since 1994,... Supplier of: seals | Compensators | hydraulic hoses | exhaust gas compensators | exhaust gas tubing [+] exhaust air tubing | extraction hoses | plumbing | chemical tubing | steam hoses | sealants made of polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) | compressed air tubing | stainless steel valves | stainless steel compensators | stainless steel hoses
    GERMANY - Kassel
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  • Steinhauser Formenbau started life as a traditional mechanical engineering company – today, it has evolved to specialise in precision mould construction complete with its own technical centre. We are... Supplier of: Seals | moulded seals | silicone seals | seals for motor vehicles | sealing profiles for vehicle construction [+] silicon emc seals | liquid silicone rubber (lsr) | prototype construction | precision moulded liquid silicone parts | silicone moulded parts | silicon/thermoplastic two-component moulded parts | injection moulds for liquid silicone | injection moulded silicone parts | silicone o-rings | silicone moulded parts for electronic equipment
    GERMANY - Laberweinting
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  • Our company works in the area of technical articles made to customers' drawings and O-rings in all types of elastomer: NBR, EPDM, silicone and Viton. Our production programme also includes... Supplier of: Rubber seals | Seals and packing material | seals | membranes | technical articles in rubber [+] o-rings | industrial technical gaskets | v-j945rings | exchanger gaskets | viton collars | frames | viton glt aed | washers | rubber and metal parts
    ITALY - Paratico
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  • LERAT SPRL is specialised in security seals, lead seals, classical seals with different diameters or made from plastic in different colours. Locking pliers, sealing pliers. Vast range of twisted sealing wire with... Supplier of: Sealing wire | Seals - custom packaging | security seals | high-security seals | engraved lead seal for meter [+] counter seals | sealing pliers | sealing pliers | cutting sealing | security seal for electric meter | lead | lead ingots | lead work | punching pliers | lead wire
    BELGIUM - Uccle
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  • Our underlying concept: - Combining high-grade materials with cutting-edge processing technology - Customer-oriented advice - Implementation of special specifications and requirements of our users -... Supplier of: Seals and packing material | Seals | seals, asbestos-free | seal systems | threaded seals [+] mechanical seals | graphite sealing panels | Weatherproofing contractors | spiral wound gaskets | industrial waterproofing | custom packages | sealants made of polytetrafluorethylene (ptfe) | gasket sheets | flat gaskets | degreasers
    GERMANY - Sauerlach
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  • Manufacture and sale of cellular elastomers in the form of stamped parts, cut-outs, self-adhesive rolls, etc. We are a medium-sized family business manufacturing all products from cellular rubber,... Supplier of: Seals | sealing strips | Rubber - transformation into semi-finished products | plastic, expanded | foams, synthetic [+] silicone foam items | cnc punched parts | stamping parts | silicone rubber | natural rubber | rubber items for industry | rubber transformation | cellular rubber | cellular rubber sheets | foam rubber
    GERMANY - Siegen
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  • ZMO GmbH is a service provider for the printing industry with its headquarters in Hoisdorf, Schleswig-Holstein. We manufacture and repair spare and wear parts for printing machines and folding... Supplier of: Printing and setting - machinery and equipment | products made from vulkollan® | cutter bars for paper cutting machines | spare parts for packaging machines | plastic moulded parts, customer-specific [+] moulded parts made from vulkollan® | spare parts for typographical machines | plastic moulded parts | plastic precision parts | metal-plastic compounds | precision parts for special mechanical engineering | custom-made plastic products | plungers, flexible | specialised mechanical engineering | precision parts
    GERMANY - Hoisdorf
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  • W. v. d. Heyde GmbH (-vdh-) from Stade in northern Germany develops, designs and produces special machines customised for customer requirements for the global market. These include industrial leak... Supplier of: Seals | seals | checking pipe seals | seal testing | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments [+] Lifting equipment - accessories | airtightness test device for industry | airtightness control device | system impermeability tests | welded construction made from aluminium | densimeters | leak testing systems for high-pressure die-cast components | leak testing systems for vehicles | leak testing instruments | leak testing systems for series parts
    GERMANY - Stade
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  • The name emico is a registered trademark. This trademark is known for selling standardised parts, as well as plastic and metal connecting elements. Founded in 1991, it has now grown into a wholesaler... Supplier of: Rubber seals | Seals | Fasteners, metal | fixing material | stamping parts [+] threaded bars | plastic screws | fastening parts | suction cup | plastic stopper | fastening technology | fasteners | knurled screws | plastic parts for high-temperature applications | lamellar plugs for pipes
    GERMANY - Amberg
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  • What does Haarmann GmbH & Co. KG actually do? Haarmann has been handling the distribution products from the broad main areas of tubing and sealing technology since 1994. Our customers come from a... Supplier of: Coatings, putties and sealing products | Seals | Seals and packing material | joint sealing tapes | sealing profiles [+] silicone sealing products | Inner tubes | Industrial equipment hire | rubber tubes | high-temperature insulation products | silicon moulds | silicone sealants | silicone rubber | silicone rubber products | joint sealants
    GERMANY - Bischoffen
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  • In 1919, Hans Langguth founded a business as a supplier of flat gaskets. Today, smart growth has established this business as one of the leading providers of sealing and insulation technology, as... Supplier of: Sealing rings | Seals | rubber sealing rings for construction machinery | building grade seals | asbestos-free joints [+] ptfe gaskets | sheared gaskets | flat joints | rubber gaskets | heat engineering spare parts and insulation | washers | flange gaskets | insulating elements | insulating foil | foam rubber
    GERMANY - Deizisau
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  • AGK® manufactures individual components for thermal and electrical insulation. Based on drawings, we manufacture one-off parts and small lots using CNC; insulation parts are manufactured up to a size... Supplier of: Seals | high-temperature withstand seals | high performance plastic material | high-performance ceramic | heat resistant fabrics [+] cnc turned parts made from insulating materials | cnc milled parts made from insulating materials | electric insulation materials | sliding materials | mica components | graphite components | high-temperature slide bearings | high-temperature slide rails | high-temperature adhesive | insulation components
    GERMANY - Dortmund
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  • Gummi-Welz GmbH und Co. KG was founded in 1945 by Hans Welz. Until mid-2006, it was run as a family-owned company by his daughter and son-in-law. In June 2006, not only did the company come under new... Supplier of: Seals and packing material | Seals | Rubber seals | seals | Rubber products [+] gaskets | rubber gaskets | moulded rubber parts | rubber profiles | trapezoidal belts | trapezoidal rubber belts | o-rings | silicone tubes and hoses | toothed belts | rubber cog belts
    GERMANY - Neu-Ulm
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  • ReBe GmbH in Velbert. Your specialist for control cables, levers and switching devices in Germany. ReBe GmbH stands for expertise and quality in the production of shifters and cables. Thanks to the... Supplier of: seals | Cables - accessories | bowden cables | wire ropes | bowden cables [+] helix cables | wire ropes | remote controls | bellows | connecting parts | brake cables
    GERMANY - Velbert
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  • OHRMANN MONTAGETECHNIK combines seal assembly and automation. OHRMANN MONTAGETECHNIK specialises in equipment, stations and machines, as well as fully automated solutions, for feeding and installing seals. Since the company was founded in 1986, OHRMANN... Supplier of: Sealing rings | seals | seal assembly | equipment for manual seal assembly | semi-automatic seal assembly machines [+] semi-automatic seal assembly | automatic seal assembly | integration modules for sealing ring assembly | assembly of moulded seals | automation | assembling machines | rotary table systems | line transfer systems | robotic units | o-rings
    GERMANY - Möhnesee
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  • Welcome to Carl Croonen GmbH. Thank you for your interest in our products. We will be happy to answer your questions. Come and speak to us! Supplier of: seals | Diesel-engined boats - spare parts | Plain bearings | replacement parts for diesel engines | marine engine spares [+] intercooler | tachometers | compressors | gear pumps | pistons | cylinder liners | air filters | temperature probes | thermostats | gas engines
    GERMANY - Hamburg
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  • We are a complete service provider in sealing technology and have diversified into many fields such as mechanical engineering, stationary and mobile hydraulic systems, drive technology and electrical... Supplier of: Seals | piston seals | piston rod seals | rod seals | shaft seals [+] radial shaft seal | v-j945rings | flat gaskets | grooved rings | o-rings | back-up rings | x-rings | guide rings | rectangular rings | dairy pipe screw connections
    GERMANY - Sindelfingen
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  • ...since specialised in the CNC manufacturing of seals and sealing elements, predominantly in the area of hydraulics. However, we also supply seals for pneumatics and general mechanical engineering applications. We are in a... Supplier of: Seals | rod and piston seals (lip seals) | rotor seals | shaft seals as per din 3760 | tduo double cup seals [+] sealing rings as per din 7603a and c made from aluminium | sealing rings as per din 7603a and c made from copper | sealing rings as per din 7603a and c made from vulcanised fibre | sealing rings as per din 7603a and c made from soft iron | special seals | v-j945rings | scrapers | support and guide rings | flat gaskets | o-rings as per din 3771
    GERMANY - Taunusstein
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  • Guarnitex Srl specializes in PTFE processing. Its vast output includes tapes, rings, non-sintered P.T.F.E., professional grade PTFE TEFLON rolls, PTFE TEFLON soft adhesive strap and piston rings. The... Supplier of: Seals and packing material | Seals | seals | industrial seals | tap gaskets [+] ptfe gaskets | packing rings | val-fluor | val-tape | val-flon | mini-val | expanded ptfe gaskets | ptfe tapes | flat ptfe gaskets
    ITALY - Credaro
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  • OVE specialises in the activation of plastic parts and the coating and treatment of surfaces of elastomers, moulded parts and O-rings used in industry. Our specialist knowledge of how to reduce... Supplier of: Seals | elastomer seals | coated seals | Coatings, plastic | elastomer-coated fabrics [+] spreading plastic materials | coatings | plasma treatment | surface treatment | spray techniques | elastomer coatings | coating with lubricating paints | surface coatings | surface coating with teflon® | contract coating of plastics
    GERMANY - Weil Im Schönbuch
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  • As a specialist in the field of electronic drive technology, we see ourselves not only as a component supplier, but also as a systems provider. Starting with engineering, through consultation and... Supplier of: Seals | Filtering equipment and supplies | filters | frequency regulators | inductance [+] sheared gaskets | air filters | air filters | power chokes | starters | protective wire testing instruments | testing instruments | sine filters | emc filter | development of inductive construction components
    GERMANY - Bruchköbel
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  • manufacturing and trading in the following seals: Axial face seals, compression gland packing, stamped flat seals, PTFE (Teflon®), graphite seals, as well as spiral seals, and we additionally stock flat gasket... Supplier of: Seals, mechanical | Seals | seals | gaskets and seals | pure graphite seals [+] mechanical seal repairs | thread seal tape | rubbercloth gaskets | metal ring joints | gland collars | gaskets ready for delivery | spiral wound gaskets | compression gland packing | flat gaskets | flat gasket tape made of ptfe
    GERMANY - Rain
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  • DMH SYSTEM provides a seamless single-source system from the customer request through to the finished seal, in order to fulfil the customer's request simply and quickly. It is the interplay between... Supplier of: Seals | sealing technology | lathes for manufacturing seals | large seals | seals made from polychlorotrifluoroethylene (pctfe) [+] Machine tools - metal shaping | Wire drawing and wire rod working machines | Machine tools, metal shaping - parts and accessories | cnc turned parts | c.n.c milling | moulded rubber parts | o-rings | cnc software | plastic cnc turned parts | plastic cnc milled parts
    AUSTRIA - Timmersdorf
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  • Test equipment for measuring the deformation behaviour of seal materials, seals, graphites, graphite, mica, milam, polystrates. Supplier of: Seals and packing material | Seals | sealing materials | graphite sealing panels | Wadding material, waterproof [+] waterproofing covers | sealants | spiral wound gaskets | waterproofing | graphite | gaskets for motor vehicles | components for the automobile industry | joints | sealants for construction work | insulating joints
    SWITZERLAND - Egliswil
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  • Welcome to F. Gladtfeld GmbH Metallwarenfabrik. Thank you for your interest in our products. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us. Our products include: Sheet... Supplier of: seals | Shaping - steels and metals | Forming - steels and metals | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Cutting - steels and metals [+] Stamping - steels and metals | aluminium punched parts | stamps | personalisation with engraved marking | moulded, stamped and drawn parts | metal - forming and cutting | stamping parts | sheet metal labels | price holders | pressed parts
    GERMANY - Bünde
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  • IGW Ingenieurgesellschaft Weferlingen mbH – IGW is a certified manufacturer of functional prototypes and small batches made from plastics, elastomers and metals for the automotive industry, which can... Supplier of: Seals | moulded elastomer seals | pressure tanks | design engine covers | cylinder head hoods and housing covers [+] oil pans, oil baffle plates and oil intake manifolds | oil dipsticks and dipstick guide tubes | hybrid design products | suction intakes | intake air pipes | moulded intake air hoses | charge air pressure hoses | coolant hoses | connection elements and quick-release couplings | lines with connection elements
    GERMANY - Weferlingen
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  • – the official online shop of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. We offer a broad selection of Trelleborg seals in order to cover your requirements to the best of our ability. We stock a wide range of hydraulic... Supplier of: Sealing rings | Seals | hydraulic seals | hydraulic piston seals | hydraulic rod seals [+] seals and seal materials | rotary seals | static seals | online shop seals | shaft seal rings | Joints, hydraulic | o-rings | guide rings | scrapers
    GERMANY - Stuttgart
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