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  • Supplier of: Additives, cement and mortar | Electricity - import-export | Building materials, manufacture - machinery and equipment | Carwash systems | Cables - accessories
    POLAND - Szczecin
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  • Supplier of: Additives, cement and mortar | Laths, plaster-base | Sections and bars - non-ferrous metal | Sections and bars - ferrous metal | Plaster and plaster products
    RUSSIA - Moskovskaya Oblast
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  • Supplier of: Cement and additives | Mortar for construction industry | Sections and bars - ferrous metal
    RUSSIA - Orenburg
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  • Concrete Mnfrs & Distributors, Manufacture of ready-mixed concrete Supplier of: Cement and additives | Bricks | Pipes and tubes, steel
    UNITED KINGDOM - Glasgow
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  • Concrete Products, Manufacture of concrete products for construction purposes Supplier of: Cement and additives | Bricks | Pipes and tubes, steel
    UNITED KINGDOM - Sandhurst
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  • At the moment we are capable of producing high-quality copper cables and wires products for oil, gas, petrochemical, power station companies and also constructions projects, and along our... Supplier of: Import-export - energy and raw materials | Copper wires and cables | zinc ingots | copper | zinc
    GERMANY - Cottbus
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  • Flake manufacture: RPET and HDPE post-consumption containers. Production LPDE, HDPE granules and polyolefinic mix from post-consumption plastic packaging. Recovery and recycling industry. Production... Supplier of: Additives, cement and mortar | Mortars and cements, refractory | Energy - renewable | Granules for plastics | Plastics - recovery and recycling [+] Bulk materials for construction | Plastics - industrial raw materials | Plastics - construction industry | plastic materials in pellet form | products for the textile industry | waterproofing geomembranes | renewable energy sources | manufacture of hdpe granules | manufacture of pet flakes | plastic material recycling

    Brands : GEOMONT

    ITALY - Montello
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  • We are a manufacturer of chromate reducers, tin products, defoamers, ventilators, superplasticisers, interior and exterior paints, varnishes, special goods for the pulp and lignin industry and... Supplier of: Additives, cement and mortar | construction chemical additives | chemical additives | cement additives | concrete mortars [+] Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | building chemicals | chemicals for the construction industry | chemicals for construction work | building gravel | dessicant manufacturers | paint plaster and enamel | concrete admixture | protective coatings | screed additives
    GERMANY - Salzkotten
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  • Tillman is present throughout the entire world thanks to a network of subsidiaries in Belgium, Germany, France and Luxembourg. Tillman Building Materials & Chemicals is a world leader on the... Supplier of: Additives, cement and mortar | accelerators for concrete and mortars | setting retarders for concrete and mortars | mortars for construction work | plasticizers for concrete and mortars [+] epoxy resins | admixtures for concrete and mortar | antifreeze for concrete and mortar | sealing mortar | repair mortar | formwork oil | primer | cement-based adhesive | producer of additives
    LUXEMBOURG - Mamer
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  • GCP Italiana offers a vast range of innovative and specialized materials and chemicals for the building trade including: technologies and fibres for concrete, products for exposed concrete, liquid... Supplier of: Cement and additives | Cements, special | concrete mix additives | cement | cement mortars [+] fibre-cement bricks | chemical additives | concrete | building materials and products | fire-prevention protection | waterproofing products | chemical resins
    ITALY - Passirana-Rho
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  • The company's main areas of expertise are the development and production of active and passive seals for water-impermeable structures in structural engineering, civil engineering and tunnel... Supplier of: cement additives | waterproofing agents for concrete and mortars | Construction Materials | Lightning conductors | Coatings, putties and sealing products [+] water proofing systems | pressurised water-impermeable service ducts | coated sheets | construction joint sealing material | concrete seals | lightning protection material | floor drains | wires for lightning conductors | joint sealing tapes | casing
    GERMANY - Oberhaid
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  • Family company founded in 1885, specialised in the manufacture of lime and slaked lime, distribution and marketing of products for export. Supplier of: cement | cement mortars | Lime | Limestone, industrial | Flame retardant construction materials [+] hydraulic lime in lumps | quick lime | slaked lime | lime | air-slaked lime | fast-setting concrete | ordinary and slaked lime | manufacturer of lime
    SPAIN - Paterna-Valencia
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  • Manufacture of cement glue, staff glue, mortar glue and all types of additives and glues for the building industry. Supplier of: Mortars and cements, refractory | Mortar for construction industry | adhesive glues for construction work | cement glues | staff glue [+] glues for the building industry | mortar glue | earthenware tiles
    SPAIN - Valladolid
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