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  • Wilhelm Modersohn GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1970 by Wilhelm Modersohn sen. The main activity at that time was the production and sale of anchors for precast concrete facades. Today the company...

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | Rods, threaded | Screws | winding anchors | heavy-duty dowels [+] stainless steel cuts | duplex steel, stainless | special stainless steel constructions | facade substructures | air layer anchors for masonry | anchor rails | support brackets for faced masonry | bracket anchors | panel anchors | facade panel anchors

    • Screws, Nuts, Washers Screws, Nuts, Washers
    • MOSO® Gallow anchor MOSO® Gallow anchor
    • MOSO® restraint anchor FB-DZA MOSO® restraint anchor FB-DZA
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  • Today, Marinetech is one of Europe's largest providers of rust-proof boat and yacht accessories and stainless steel fasteners. The company was first set up in Bremen in 1989 as the sales department...

    Supplier of: stainless steel screws and nuts | stainless steel nuts | stainless steel screws | Pleasure craft furnishings | Coupling screws [+] Chains, iron and steel | Hinges | stainless steel wire ropes | accessories and equipment for ships and sailboats | stainless steel accessories | snap hooks | yacht accessories | plumbing fittings - ferrous metal | lighting technique | propeller

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  • We have many years of experience and guarantee that our products will provide secure support for all your applications. We operate as a global system supplier for industrial companies from our sites...

    Supplier of: stainless steel screws and nuts | Nuts and bolts | Fastening devices | Nuts | Studs and bolts, fastening [+] fastening parts | special screws to spec | nuts | screws | special screw | logistics services | washers | clamping systems | bolts | pins

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    GERMANY- Medebach
    JÄGER & FRESE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Manufacturing and distribution of connecting elements with a 3600 square metre production and warehouse area. Our customers include the furniture industry, the woodworking industry and staircase...

    Supplier of: stainless steel screws and nuts | threaded nuts and screws | special steels, welding, screws, nuts | Mechanical transmission - components | Nuts [+] Nuts and bolts | Hardware for furniture | support feet | furnishing accessories | bent wire parts | stamping parts | automatic lathe parts | self-tapping screws | cnc punched parts | plastic injection stopper caps

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    GERMANY- Ennepetal
    LEDERER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...of the leading providers of stainless steel connection elements for over 50 years and offers more than 60, 000 different articles directly off the shelf: - Screws, bolts, nuts, rings, washers, etc. - Made of...

    Supplier of: stainless steel screws and nuts | stainless steel nuts | special steels, welding, screws, nuts | stainless steel screws | stainless steel safety screws [+] Screws | clamping systems | stainless steel rings | rings for building trade | elastic washers | snap hooks | threaded bars | threaded dowels | threaded parts | lifting screws

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    ITALY- Zibido San Giacomo
    PRESSVIT S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    PRESSVIT S.r.l. is specialised in the production of special cold mould parts made by custom design or according to the product's final purpose. We manufacture a wide range of screws, including screws...

    Supplier of: stainless steel screws and nuts | stainless steel screws | self-locking screws and nuts | Screws | special screws [+] screws | special self-tapping screws | screws | self-tapping screws | customised special screws and bolts | brass screws | metal security screws

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    CHINA- Jiaxing City, Zhejiang
    HAIYAN HONGYU METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD - Verified by Europages

    ...washers. Moreover, we supply several types of screws such as type F thread cutting machine screws, furniture screws, drywall screws and concrete screws. We also produce CNC turning parts including threaded pins, flange joints...

    Supplier of: stainless steel screws and nuts | Nuts and bolts | cnc turned parts | threaded pins | special nuts and bolts [+] hexagonal bolts | steel washers | concrete screws | special self-tapping screws | wood screws | chipboard screws | drywall screws | tactile indicators | hdg guardrail bolts

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    TURKEY- Adana

    Supplier of: stainless steel screws and nuts | Studs and bolts, fastening | customised special screws and bolts | threaded stays | special self-tapping screws

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    TURKEY- Orhanli

    Supplier of: stainless steel screws and nuts | Nuts and bolts | Screws | steel bolts | metal fibre

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    GERMANY- Öhringen
    SCHÄFER + PETERS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...sheet metal screws, washers, nuts and products including heavy-duty fasteners, security screws and solar fasteners as well as special and made-to-order parts in a range of different designs. We maintain solid...

    Supplier of: stainless steels | Screws | Chains | Washer fastenings | Rods, threaded [+] Rivets | pins | self-tapping screw | hexagonal nuts | self-tapping screws | fasteners | rust-proof | nuts | disks | wood screws

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Oswestry

    ...brass, copper, high tensile, stainless steel and mild steel. We can also colour stainless steel nuts, bolts, screws, washers and customer components in red, blue, black, green, brass and copper...

    Supplier of: bolts - tie rods - screws - nuts - fasteners- | Fasteners, metal | Nuts and bolts | bolts, tools, fasteners, pvc tubes | allen screws

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    INDIA- Mumbai

    ...manufacture Fasteners using stainless steel raw materials in compliance with industrial quality standards. Infrastructure We have a well-spread manufacturing facility sprawling over an area of 60, 000 sq. ft. We have our manufacturing unit based at Vasai...

    Supplier of: Nuts | Nuts and bolts | Nuts and bolts, custom-made | protected nuts | metal nuts

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    INDIA- Mumbai

    ...of Duplex Steel Fasteners, Hex Cap Screws, Stainless Steel Bolts nuts, Eye Bolt, etc. We specialize in Manufacture and Supply of stainless steel fasteners, special Fasteners, High tensile Fasteners Mild steel bolts &...

    Supplier of: Studs and bolts, fastening | Nuts and bolts | fastener | bolts | screws

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Tadworth

    ...and bolts, abrasives, woodscrews, machine screws, drill bits, resin anchors/fixings, cutting & grinding discs, cavity fixings, bolts, setscrews, stainless steel screws, nuts, washers, SDS Drill bits, safety gloves, glasses, magdrill cutters, self tapping screws, resin studs, grub...

    Supplier of: Nuts and bolts | metal anchors for fastening | nuts and bolts

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    FRANCE- Fontaines Les Gres
    NORELEM FRANCE - Verified by Europages

    Every success story starts with an idea. From standardised components to tooling systems, norelem offers its expertise to meet your machine construction and installation objectives. For over 60...

    Supplier of: Transmission elements | Industrial maintenance | zippers | tube assembly | standard mechanical components [+] product innovation | precision mechanical tools and industrial supplies | industrial subcontracting work | modular clamping system | pneumatic clamping system | vices for clamping system | tooling system | flexible standardised parts system | aluminium profile mounting components | systems for machinery and plant construction

    • Locating Pins With Flattened Ball-end. Form C Locating Pins With Flattened Ball-end. Form C Spring plungers Indexing plungers Stops Centring/positioning components Ball loc
    • Locating Pins With Ball-end, Form A Locating Pins With Ball-end, Form A Spring plungers Indexing plungers Stops Centring/positioning components Ball loc
    • Locating Pins, Removable, Form B And D Locating Pins, Removable, Form B And D Spring plungers Indexing plungers Stops Centring/positioning components Ball loc
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    GERMANY- Düsseldorf
    KS FASTENERS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    KS Fasteners GmbH was founded as a wholesaler for special fasteners and related parts by Mr Kevin Sievers in Düsseldorf-Stockum, Germany in 2011. As we have very close partnerships with leading...

    Supplier of: stainless steel nuts | stainless steel screws | Screws | Washer fastenings | set-screws [+] spindles | headless screws | hexagonal nuts | special nuts and bolts | threaded stays | special screws to spec | special materials | cnc turned titanium parts | brass turned parts | titanium screw

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  • Goebel is a family-run, internationally active group of companies for fastening and installation technology. We consider ourselves specialists for developing innovative and high-quality fastening...

    Supplier of: stainless steel screws | stainless steel blind rivet nuts | Protective and work clothing | Screws | self-tapping screw [+] quick closing mechanisms | toggle latches | work gloves | protective gloves | blind rivet nuts | blind rivets | blind rivets, air- and water-tight | studs | drill bits for machining metals | insulation accessories

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    GERMANY- Rietberg
    REKER-NUTS HANDELS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    From DIN or made-to-order parts, steel or stainless steel nuts, to bare or special surfaces, we deliver what you need – provided we can import the required quantities. By specialising in "only nuts",...

    Supplier of: self-locking screws and nuts | stainless steel hexagonal nuts | Fastening devices | Screws | Nuts [+] nuts | fasteners | special parts, tailor-made | square nuts | hexagonal nuts | screws made to order | nuts made to order | rust- and acid-resistant nuts | flange nuts | locking nuts

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    GERMANY- Lüdenscheid
    OTTO EICHHOFF GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    A company with over 100 years of experience. With our experience in the production and wholesale of fastening elements, we can help you a lot more than many other companies. Please feel free to call...

    Supplier of: Nuts and bolts | turned small parts | plastic screws | spindles | special screws [+] welding staves | microscrews | abnormal bolt joints | rivets | cold formed parts | formwork sleeve | spacing sleeves | self-clinching studs | screws made to order | press-fit nuts for sheet and soft metals

    • Machining Screws Machining Screws Economical production of medium-sized and large series
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  • LBI
    FRANCE- Amneville
    LBI - Verified by Europages

    LBI (Les Bronzes d’Industrie) is a foundry that provides centrifugal (spun) casting. We have the capacity to handle a wide range of diameters, from 80 to 5000 mm and up to 20 tonnes, with many...

    Supplier of: Foundries - copper, bronze and brass | Casting of special and high-grade steels | aluminium foundries | stainless steel metalwork | forging metals [+] steel ring rolling | stainless steel embossing | welded rolled pipe | small parts forged | large parts cast | large dimension machining | friction sleeve | continuous cast bronze moulding | corrosion-resistant metals

    • Castings in stainless steels and Ni-based alloys Castings in stainless steels and Ni-based alloys centrifugal castings in ferritic, austenitic, martensitic, duplex, super duplex
    • Pot roller for hot dip zinc & stabilizing roller Pot roller for hot dip zinc & stabilizing roller Steel industry - hot-dip galvanization
    • Decanter drum Decanter drum Chemical industry
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    ITALY- Besana In Brianza
    MINSAVIT - Verified by Europages

    Minsavit srl is specialised in producing small metal parts and special stamped bolts and screws made from brass, aluminium, stainless steel and copper. They can be made to design or to sample, in...

    Supplier of: self-locking screws and nuts | stainless steel screws | Screws | screws | special screws [+] customised special screws and bolts | special self-tapping screws | trapezoid screws

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    GERMANY- Dinslaken
    ARA-T ADVANCE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...products, components, films, round bars, wires, screws, nuts, Ti-AMS 4911, tantalum, zirconium, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum, copper, nickel, stainless steel, alloys, sintered alloys).

    Supplier of: Pipes and tubes, titanium | titanium wire | titanium screw | cnc turned titanium parts | titanium threaded mandrels [+] deep-drawn metal parts | titanium strip | sheets made from titanium and titanium alloys | titanium cnc milled parts | titanium | titanium self-tapping screws | small tubes made of titanium | titanium threaded bolts | laser cutting of titanium | titanium precision turned parts

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    ITALY- Sovico
    ARTAFAST SNC - Verified by Europages Sovico (MB) has specialised in the manufacture of M3 to M12 stainless and tempered steel captive nuts. The firm also makes square captive nuts for ground continuity, captive wing nuts and screws.

    Supplier of: Nuts and bolts | Nuts | Nuts and bolts, custom-made | Screws | metal products and small parts [+] lock washers

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    ITALY- Ozzano Dell'emilia
    RIVIT FASTENES & TOOLS - Verified by Europages

    ...welding studs, lockbolts, cage nuts, screw products, closures), as well as the corresponding tools (pneumatic hammers for rivets and inserts, welding machinery). The complete Rivit range includes the whole series...

    Supplier of: Rivets | Fasteners, metal | beading machines | rivet strips | full rivets [+] semi-drilled rivets | studs | riveting machines for rivets | riveting machines for inserts | presses | folding machines | fixings - metal hardware | shears | self-clinching fasteners | staplers

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  • ...Cold & Hot Forged Parts from Stainless Steels, Carbon steels, Brass & Copper, Aluminum Alloys. And produce Plastic injection molded parts, Plastic extrusion profiles and tubes. We are working metal parts & plastic parts for various...

    Supplier of: Turning - steels and metals | Sheet metals - stamping | gas springs | plastic parts | deep-drawn metal parts [+] extruded profiles | forming - steels and metals | metal stamping parts | steel parts | cnc turned parts | plastic injection molding | machining aluminium parts | steel turned parts | machined parts | plastic extrusion profiles

    • Stainless Steel Forged Guide Ring Stainless Steel Forged Guide Ring Hot Forging Stainless Steel Parts,Guide Ring,Forged Flanges,Forged Rings
    • Automobile Hub Nuts & Screws Automobile Hub Nuts & Screws China cold forging parts Manufacturer sell Quality Automobile Hub Nuts & Screws
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  • ...and sockets. We are located in Valls. We manufacture: Nuts and sockets. Nuts for cars. bolts. special screws. special bespoke screws and bolts. Stainless steel screws. Washers. Chrome-plated washers.

    Supplier of: stainless steel screws | Screws | Nuts and bolts | special screws | customised special screws and bolts [+] screws | washers | nuts

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  • ...Tapping Attachments, Bar Pullers, Bar Stoppers, Screw Die Attachments, Collet Holders, Power Chucks, Measurement Stands etc. We also work as a supplier of some native and foreign companies. Nursan also specialize in...

    Supplier of: Machine tools, metal shaping - parts and accessories | cnc tools | tool manufacturing | tailstocks | collet chucks

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Stoke-On-Trent

    ...cap screws, chemical anchors, washers, nuts and many more fasteners. Metric and imperial sizes including BA, BSF, BSW, UNC and UNF. Materials and finishes including Self Colour, ZInc plated, Stainless...

    Supplier of: Fasteners, metal | Nuts and bolts | abrasives | stainless steel fixing items | ppe equipment

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  • ...Parts as follows: Such as special fasteners, nuts, screw, bolts, pins, standoffs, studs, inserts, bushings, spacers, connectors, Rods... Our service: Screw Machine Parts, CNC Turning parts & Milling parts, Stamping parts etc.....

    Supplier of: SMALL METAL PARTS | screw machine parts | turning parts | custom parts | cnc machined parts

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  • ...sectors. Manufacturing from stainless steel, iron, brass, copper and aluminum materials according to customer demand, UGC produces screw, bolt, nut and rivet products with many yearsof experience...

    Supplier of: stainless steel fastener production chipboard screw machine | tapping screws window screws bolts nuts steel screws | Screws | production of screws bolts fasteners | turkey screw machine cold heading thread rolling

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