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    GERMANY- Floh-Seligenthal
    WILHELM-PLASTIC GMBH & CO KG - Verified by Europages

    We are your partner for design parts and technologically advanced solutions, which we accompany from the prototype up to series production. Working since 1958 in the processing of synthetic...

    Supplier of: surface finishing of plastics | Rubber seals | plastics manufacturing | optical lenses | satellite dishes [+] injection moulding | moulded rubber parts | tool manufacturing | plastic injection moulded parts | assemblies for the automotive industry | steaming surfaces | plastics, printed | injection-moulded plastic parts | light guides, plastic moulded | metallisation of plastic materials

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    OERLIKON BALZERS COATING AG - Verified by Europages

    1978 marked the official beginning of the development and marketing of the BALINIT® PVD coating. In 1983, the first coating centre outside Liechtenstein was opened in Italy. The first centre in...

    Supplier of: surface finishing of plastics | Surface treatment - machinery and equipment | surface treatment | airtight components | spreading plastic materials [+] thermal processing | surface pretreatment | pvd coating machine | pvd coverings | surface treatment systems | spray techniques | surface treatment of metals | plastic metallization | plasma treatment | metallization

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  • HA-WI Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG in its present form was formed in 1998 by the merging of KURI Kunststoff Verarbeitungs GmbH, founded in Bonn in 1959, and HA-WI Kunststoffe GmbH, located in Bad...

    Supplier of: surface finishing of plastics | Plastics - industrial products | technical-grade plastic parts | plastics manufacturing | coat racks [+] plastic cover caps | plastic spacers | injection-moulded plastic parts | plastic threaded plugs | plastic edge protection profiles for packaging purposes | plastic moulded parts | plastic moulded parts, reinforced with glass fibre | plastic moulded parts, customer-specific | plastic precision parts | plastic injection moulded parts

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    SPAIN- Ibi

    Supplier of: surface finishing of plastics | Dyes and pigments, industrial - nonfood | plastic accessories for footwear | plastic resins processing

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  • ATSH
    FRANCE- Les Herbiers

    Supplier of: surface finishing of plastics | surface finishing, galvanic | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | metallization of plastic materials

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  • ...machines, round roller and much more ■ surface finishing (painting, hot-dip galvanising, chromating, sand and glass bead blasting, pickling and burnishing) and much more Take profit from our broad...

    Supplier of: Metals, precious and special | Turning - steels and metals | Folding - steels and metals | Milling - steels and metals | Industrial building construction [+] sound absorbing rooms | transport frames | robotised welding | plasma cutting | sheet metalwork | cryogenic media-blasting deflashing systems | cryogenic decoating systems | blasting media recovery machines | special high-pressure washing and drying systems | special machine construction, periphery and accessories

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  • ...and surface finishing for metals and plastics, project planning services and small cleaning plant construction for wire cleaning at intermediate and final stages have been part of this sector since 2004. Thanks to...

    Supplier of: surface finishing, galvanic | Strippers and abrasives, chemical | Electrolysis - surface treatment | inorganic acids | surface coating - steels and metals [+] industrial chemical products | chemical degreasers | lye | cleaning systems for wires and cables | strip finishing systems | chemicals for metal finishing | chemicals for surface cleaning | degreasing products for metals | development of specialist chemical products | development of specialist technical solutions

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    ITALY- Albairate
    AMBROPLAST S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    ...and printing on plastics, as well as surface finishing with screen printing on plastic, varnishing, plating and chroming, as well as pad printing and ultrasound welding. The company works out of via Gorizia 20,...

    Supplier of: Plastics moulding | Reinforced plastics - moulding | injection moulding | construction of moulds for plastic materials | pad printing [+] moulds | thermoplastics | assembly work | electrical appliances | lighting | automotive | contract plastic moulding | technical item moulding | moulding rubber articles

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  • ...desing, materials (laminated, surface finishing). No problem completation with metal, plastic, glass and elektro (LED lighting) pieces. Quality of our products is very hight. Delivery termins accordance of serriousness of products. We are...

    Supplier of: Furniture - restaurants, bars and cafés | shop furniture | shop fittings | wooden products | commercial interiors

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  • ...Wood Finishing & Printing, Marble Surface Treatment & Finishing, Automotive Industry, Glass, Plastics, Textile, Metal, Fiber Optic, Electronics, etc. Besides machinery manufacturing, our UV varnish production goes on since 2003...

    Supplier of: Woodworking - machinery and equipment | Coating machinery | machinery for wood finishing | glass coating | uv curing

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  • ...wall thickness, material choice, etc.) EDM surface finish Hot and cold runners Plastic gear, caps and closures manufacturing Small high resolution features Medical injection molding and precision injection molding parts...

    Supplier of: Plastics moulding | small plastic precision parts | injection mould | micro plastic injection

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    LITHUANIA- Verbiskes, Moletai
    HODA, UAB - Verified by Europages

    HODA, UAB is a company based in Lithuania specialized in plastic injection moulding since 1993. Over the years we became one of the biggest plastic injection moulders in the Baltic states with...

    Supplier of: semi-finished plastic products | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | Plastics - industrial products | Plastics moulding [+] plastic components | injection moulding | plastic products for the food industry | plastic parts | plastics manufacturing | injection moulding of plastics | plastic injection mould | injection moulds | automotive plastic

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  • ...KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik is a leader in surface technology and treatment with a focus on the machine construction, automotive and medical industries. We continue to impress our customers at national and international...

    Supplier of: semi-finished plastic products | plastic coating of pc (polycarbonate) surfaces | Coatings, plastic | Printing - digital | Silk-screen printing [+] painting | acrylic glass | plastics manufacturing | polycarbonate | laser cutting | transparent plastic | plexiglass | screen printing on acrylic glass | polycarbonate sheets with scratch-proof coating | coating, scratch-proof, of transparent plastics

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  • ...(plastic stops, plastic caps, sleeves and covers) to protect your parts during transport, surface treatment and finish (handles, nozzles …) and wiring management (cable glands, grommets, covers, clips and rivets…).

    Supplier of: Stoppers and caps, plastic | technical moulding of plastic parts | plastic injection | technical-grade plastic parts | plastic hose clamps [+] cable conduits made of plastic | plastic washers | plastic parts | smooth plug for threading | screw plugs | stopping plug | wing-tip stop | lubricating protective stop | plastic cover | conic modelling cap

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    FRANCE- Annecy
    SADEVTEQ - Verified by Europages

    ...and treatments (surface, thermal, finish, assembly) 2/ A multilingual sales force 3/ Integrated quality control service (ISO 9001 and EN 9120 certification) 4/ a logistic platform with major storage capacity 5/...

    Supplier of: Steels and metals - machining | Heat treatment of steels and metals | milling | number control turns | metal treatments [+] eccentric lathes | bar turning steel and metals | micro-turning | connector technology | turning | steel turning | aluminium turning | bronze turning | copper turning | high precision turning

    Brands : Escomatic

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  • ...control in the automotive, steel, furniture, plastics, ceramics and paper industries as well as in all branches of industry for surface coating and surface treatment worldwide for more than 20 years. We design and develop lighting systems according...

    Supplier of: Testing of products and materials | quality control | automotive industry | surface treatment | colour sampling booths [+] lighting systems for visual quality controls | surface control booths | colormatching | colour sampling | surface control | surface inspection | workplace illumination | tabletop booths | mobile stands | automatic controls for lighting systems

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  • ...of injection-moulded parts, made in Soltau with surfacing and processing, and large series of parts, made in the Czech Republic, in the following sectors: automotive engineering, aircraft manufacturing, medical technology...

    Supplier of: Plastic material processing | pressure moulding | ultrasound welding | tool manufacturing | high-pressure zinc die-casting [+] training | aluminium die-casting | plastic injection moulding | module assembly | design work (service) | plastic injection-moulded parts | metal precision parts | injection-moulded parts, technical | pressure-die casting suitable for welding | pressure die-cast structural components

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    GERMANY- Diedorf
    HÄFNER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...companies with coating and surface finishing of manufactured parts. We install assemblies and take on sorting and testing work for plastic and rubber parts for you – by hand and as custom work.

    Supplier of: Folding - steels and metals | laser cutting | cnc punched parts | welded structures | checking operations [+] industrial service | stamping and converting | edging work | welding work | vibratory finishing | barrel finishing | stamping and nibbling | edging work | sheet metal stamping | steel structures

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    GERMANY- Simmern
    PFEFFERKORN & CO. GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...differing properties, for example to improve the surface feel using a soft-touch finish. We process thermoplastic polymers (with the exception of PVC) with an injection weight of up to 600 g and a mould...

    Supplier of: Plastics - industrial products | tool manufacturing | brioche moulds | machining of metals | plastic plugs [+] soft end covers | champagne stoppers | pourers | champagne bottle closures | top caps | decorative caps | technical plastic parts | two-component (2k) injection moulding | injection moulds | cnc metal machining

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  • ...coat. We are specialists in the professional finishing of a wide range of products and base materials: Iron, copper, brass, aluminium, zinc diecasting, aluminium diecasting. Other individual services available:...

    Supplier of: surface finishing, galvanic | Electroplating - machines | aluminium die casting | galvanic coating of aluminium | high-pressure zinc die-casting [+] plating metals | chrome-plating (service) | gloss nickel-plating (service) | contract polishing | metal treatment | surface treatment of metals | surface coating, chrome (vi) free | surface engineering | gilding (service) | nickel plating (service)

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    PORTUGAL- Maia
    BLASQEM, LDA. - Verified by Europages

    ...CERAMIC BEADS, SILICON CARBIDE, GARNET, PLASTIC ABRASIVES and others. Depending on the requests, we select the best solutions for surface treatment, such as BLASTERS, SANDBLASTING CABINETS, BLASTING TANKS, SPARE...

    Supplier of: Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Metallurgy and iron and steel industry - machinery and installations | equipment for surface treatment | shotblasting equipment | metal surface treatment - machines and equipment [+] pickling booth and tank | metal, stainless steel and steel pickling | abrasive sanding equipment | abrasive manufacturer | shot blaster manufacturer | pickling room manufacturers | shot blasting and abrasives | sand jet cleaning - steel and metal | water jet cutting systems

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    BULGARIA- Kostinbrod
    POLYCART LLC - Verified by Europages

    ...wet and thermal lamination, security effects, surface coatings. We can process all types of materials: •white, recycled kraft paper 30-180 gsm •white, recycled kraft cardboard – 170-800 gsm •self-adhesive paper and...

    Supplier of: Custom packaging | printed paper bags | custom stationery | online shopping envelopes and pockets | printed promotional packaging [+] printed custom boxes | printed cardboard packaging | printed advertising materials | printed binders and stationery | printed luxury boxes | premium rigid boxes | printed shipping boxes | mail packaging and printed mailing materials | paper and cardboard envelopes

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    ITALY- Carugate
    CROMOSTAMP ITALIA SRL - Verified by Europages

    ...that operates in the field of surface finishes relating to several industrial sectors: mechanical, paper goods, textile, moulding, and plastic and rubber extrusion. The company specialises in thick hard...

    Supplier of: Chrome plating | Nickel plating | chromium plating to thickness | polished chrome plating | grinding work [+] sharpening | aluminium chrome plating | chromium plating of moulds

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    SERBIA- Bačka Topola

    ...technical foams (MVSS 302, UL94, DIN 4102 B1), surface protection applications, cut plates of sponge foam, laminated boards, mattresses, industrial self-adhesive tapes, profiles for protection of corners and edges,...

    Supplier of: Foams, plastic | self-adhesive tapes | foam polyethylene or polyurethane packing inserts | epdm | rubber foam and synthetic foams

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    IRELAND- Mallow

    ...test laboratories for testing materials and finished parts. Quality Control All suppliers fully approved to match customer requirements. Parts fully checked at the production stage. All parts fully checked before...

    Supplier of: Outsourcing - product development | accessories, parts and components for industrial equipment and plants | hydraulic cylinders & components | contract cnc manufacturing and machining | 3- and 5-axis cnc machining

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    HUNGARY- Retsag

    ...product, including required machining and surface treatment. We cooperate with certified European toolmakers and other suppliers to keep high quality and reasonable prices. 30 years ago our engineers invented...

    Supplier of: Forming - steels and metals | powder metallurgy | metal components | metal injection molding

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    FRANCE- Nantes Cédex 4

    ...are AlSi12 and AlSi7Mg0.6. Proficiiency in modelling, prototyping and digital simulation processes. Manufacture and assemby of aluminium subsets, surface treatments and electrostatic liquid paint finishing.

    Supplier of: Seals - custom packaging

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  • ... Also We could provide the Surface Finishing Like: Sand Blasting, Powder Spraying, Electroplating, Anodizing, Silk-Screen, Transfer Printing, Laser Etching, Coating etc., #Manufacturers...

    Supplier of: Injection, plastics - machinery | 3dprinting and vacuum casting service | 5 axis cnc machining service | rapid prototyping technology service | sheet metal forming and stamping

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Prescot’s leading surface preparation and finishing company. We pride ourselves on manufacturing the best and widest range of shot blasting, shot peening, mass finishing and washing equipment, consumables and related equipment.Established for...

    Supplier of: machines and equipment for finishing plastic products | Mechanical surface treatment - machinery | Polishing equipment and materials | abrasive and polishing products | shot-blasting machines

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  • DBN

    ...DBN provides: the technical follow-up for surface treatment and thermal treatment, precision finishing with interior / exterior rectification, centerless and plane, running in, deburring, hard...

    Supplier of: Machine tools - metal machining | precision mechanics | machining of steel and metals - high-precision | precision engineering constructions | metal lapping

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